V3C15: Plans chain

Translated by: RedLotus.

Plans chain.

“Lianxian, what’s wrong? The city gate is about to break, why do you look so anoxious?” Su family ancestor asked.

“It’s too easy, something is really not right, too easy.” Su Lianxian shook his head and wondered.

“What is too easy?” Su family ancestor asked, and the other Xiantian experts also looked at Su Lianxian.

“It’s too easy to attack the city. We are going to break into the city soon? It’s not like Zhong Shan’s style. He can’t be so easy to defeat.” Su Lianxian is shaking his head seemed to be very distressed.

“Easy? In order to enter the city, 50,000 people were killed. How easy is it?” One of the Xiantian experts asked inconceivably.

“Zhong Shan can’t be so bad, more people should die, at least 80,000 should be dead, now it is only 50,000, something is really not right.” Su Lianxian shook his head, his expression was tense.

When they heard that Su Lianxian say that it should be 80,000. How can everyone be awkward? How could this be? The death of 50,000 is already an excessive price to pay. How did Su Lianxian say it is not enough , but it should not be this easy?.

“Lianxian, maybe you think too much of it, Zhong Shan is not so fierce?” Su family ancestor immediately said.

“No, no, don’t underestimate Zhong Shan, you must not underestimate Zhong Shan.” Su Lianxian immediately said anxiously.

“Then wait and see, anyway, the city gate will soon be broken, as long as the city gate is broken, killing Zhong Shan should be enough.” Su family ancestor comforted.

“I hope so.” Su Lianxian nodded. But the brow is still tense.

Above the city wall, most of the ladders have been burned out by fire. There are only a few ladders, and they are still struggling to hold up the scorching, and the majority of the big arrows are once again were loaded. Only when all the big arrows are loaded, the city gate will be broken with the third attack wave.

Standing on the top of the tower, Zhong Shan took a deep breath with a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes: “Yinglan, the second plan.”

“Yes” Yinglan immediately responded, immediately took out a purple flag and swung it quickly.

Then, a large number of soldiers on the city wall quickly retreated from the tower and no longer defended the city walls.

And Zhong Shan also pat a slight slap on the railing of the tower, and turned to take Yinglan down from the tower, and the defense soldiers retreated following the both of them.

Zhong Shan retired? Zhong Shan retired?

Su Lianxian, sitting on the back of his horse on the opposite side of the shore, looked at this scene with a locked brow, Zhong Shan thought that he was going to be defeated. But why also the guards around the city wall withdraw? Why did he withdraw?.

“Haha, Zhong Shan knew that he is going to lose, so he escaped?” An Xiantian expert exclaimed excitedly.

The rest of the soldiers used the rest of the ladders, and slowly climbed over the wall top, holding a big blades, ready to sacrifice themselves for their own country, but they found that above the city wall, there is no one left.


The third wave of the big arrows, from the eight ox crossbows, shot at the city gate. With a loud noise, the door was finally unable to withstand and was completely destroyed.

Has the city gate been broken?.

This moment, there should be cheering, but no one did so.

An army of 250,000 soldiers used to siege the city, actually died more than 50,000, nearly 60,000, this is their loss, and on the other side, the death and injury is less than a thousand, the death is only a maximum of only one hundred. This is, in many years, the most vexed battle.

The army charged toward the city madly.

However, even with such a vexing battle, in the eyes of Su Lianxian, is too easy, too inconceivable, too easy. Something is wrong.

“Marshal, Xuan City guards have retreated to the other side of the inner river, and also destroyed the bridge behind the inner city.” A soldier quickly ran to report.

“Not good, Zhong Shan wants to escape from other city gate.” Su Lianxian suddenly panicked.

He quickly dismounted from his horse and headed to the other shore. Obviously, the other side has been occupied by his troops, and there will be no more archers of Xuan City guards. It can be quietly safe.

The other Xiantian experts, also quickly dismounted their horses, followed Su Lianxian to the other side using the wooden rafts.

After crossing the river, Su Lianxian suddenly said: “Remove half of the wooden rafts and go to fill in the inner river.”

“Yes,” the soldiers who followed the them immediately answered.

Su Lianxian took nine Xiantian experts and quickly rushed into the city gate, with corpses all around the area , passing through the broken door and rushing toward the inside.

The army also quickly dismantled the raft and prepared to move. Just as the soldiers dismantled the wooden raft, they discovered a weird phenomenon. This was a slightly muddy river. How suddenly did this turn black? And it was getting darker.

Su Lianxian rushed into the interior, and when he arrived at the river, the army was being blocked by the river. Can’t advance.

“Swim to the other side.” Su Lianxian ordered.

At this moment, not far from the other side of the river, Zhong Shan figure suddenly appeared .

Zhong Shan was calm and relaxed, followed by Zhong Tian, Zhong Zheng and Yinglan. The army also slowly emerged from the nearby houses and looked at the Xiantian experts on the other side.

“Zhong Shan.” Su Lianxian shouted.

“I was waiting for you to appear for a long time.” Zhong Shan suddenly coldly said.

After that, he took out a fire torch, and while the opposite side try to understand the situation, threw the fire torch into the river in front of him.

“ Bang …..”.

Everyone can’t understand what is going on, the big river, the big river caught on fire and burned up, the big fires skyrocketed up.

The blazing flame instantly extinguished the will of the soldiers to battle .

Before, under the order of Su Lianxian, several soldiers swam across the river, but as the fires burned up everyone let out pitiful screams .



The pitiful screams seem to tear the hearts of the soldiers.

“Not good, retreat.” Su Lianxian ordered anxiously.

However, when he turned around, he was shocked to find that the river outside the city gate also caught up fire as well.

The 60,000 army that first rushed in was so trapped.

Everyone panicked, what to do?.

Su Lianxian showed a mirthless smile on his face. Zhong Shan, Zhong Shan! Lost again, lost again!.

“Listen up , this attack on Xuan City is led by these ten evil people. As long as these ten people die, I can let the bygone be bygone. The Su family who rules the Great Kun Country, instigated the people to rebel. As a result the country changed, so the has no right to rule the Great Kun Country anymore. whoever kills these ten people will be rewarded with a great wealth” Zhong Shan solemnly shouted.

This saying has given everyone a heart-wrenching stimulus. Some bad-hearted soldiers have already turned their evil eyes to Su Lianxian and others.

“Hahaha.., Zhong Shan, you want to divert my army?. As long as my Su family emperor is still sitting on the throne, you can forget to command the Great Kun Country army.” Su Lianxian shouted from the opposite side of the shore.

“Is it?” Zhong Shan sneered.

At this time, outside the city gate, suddenly an enormous wailing sound echoed, and instantly caught everyone’s attention.

Everyone turned around to look at its source, but they saw a horse in the distance, the eunuch Wei Taizhong on its back, holding a human head in his hand.

A human head? It is the emperor of the Great Kun Country, Su Zhengde.

“De’er” Su Lianxian shouted with red eyes .

” Archers get ready.” not far from Su Lianxian, suddenly a general commanded.

With that command, a large number of archers pointed their bows and arrows at the ten Xiantian experts.

As the archers pointed their arrows, the other side of the shore quickly became in state of mutual hostility , some protected Su Lianxian and the others, while some began to follow the general prepared to rebel. Even the emperor died. Do we still have to be buried as well?

Satisfied to see that general in command, Zhong Shan knows that he is one on his own side, let him take the lead, no matter, it can not be any better.

“ Ancestor, the other side of the river, there must be a large number of archers, we have been defeated, and now we can only kill Zhong Shan. As long as Zhong Shan is dead, we can turn the situation around. Now, at the final moment, we can only rely on the ancestor.” Su Lianxian said.

“Good” Su family old ancestor also felt the serious situation at the moment. So he complied

Bloodline, Su Lianxian is the only one left from Su family bloodline.

The beforehand general suddenly ordered “release the arrows.”

Under the command, a large number of arrows rained toward the Xiantian experts. Since their facial skin has been torn apart, the soldiers will not hold anything back. Of course, there will be more soldiers guarding these important figures before the arrow rain.

But how long will it last?

Above the river, the fire is burning, but the Xiantian experts are not afraid, but they are not willing to take the lead. Now, they have been forced to take the lead.

Ten Xiantian experts, moved to the other shore across the river, they have to land on the surface of the river leading their feet to be stained with oil causing them to catch in fire. But, as long as they used their qi , the fire will be extinguished.

However, this is the moment which Zhong Shan has been waiting for a long time.

The ten major Xiantian are coming to kill him, and he has long waited for this moment.

“Release the arrows.” Yinglan suddenly ordered.


A huge rain of arrows seems to have been waiting for this moment to shot those who came from the opposite shore through the fire to cross the river.

However, because the flame is too huge so they cannot be aim too accurately.

The inaccurate arrow rain that was shot this time also caused five Xiantian experts from the four great families to fall into the burning river.

As the fire continued to rage, the five Xiantian experts screamed fiercely.


Under the high temperature, these early Xiantian experts could not resist for long and met their horrible death.

It’s cruel, it’s too cruel.

The other five Xiantian experts who managed to cross the river headed to the place of Zhong Shan.

However, the second round of the arrow rain has arrived, but also mixed with the eight-ox crossbow, powerful arrows quickly was shot at them.

The big arrow shot directly at the Su family ancestor, but the strength of the Su family ancestor seemed to be more powerful than the ancestors of the four families. The dozens of big arrows were only injured his left shoulder. The other four Xiantian experts on the opposite side, under the second round of arrow rain, three people were shot dead directly. Among them, Su Lianxian, who has been overseeing the whole plan.

Su Lianxian did not think that he would so vexed in his death. He was so carful about the archer attacks but he still got shot.
There were 15 arrows in his body and he was completely dead.

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