Immortal V4V61: Before Lu Residence.

Immortal V4V61: Before Lu Residence.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Ten days later, outside Sky City.

In the boundless mountains, a towering black mountain, Zhong Shan and Ah Da at this moment were standing on the top of that mountain.

Ah Da was standing behind Zhong Shan, and Zhong Shan was looking at a distant place, looking at the distant numerous mountain routes.

“Mister, those people are still following us.” Ah Da said with concern.

“They are still following us! They are not easy.” Zhong Shan said with a slight smile.

“But our traveling schedule has been discovered. What effect will this have after our withdrawal?” Ah Da said worriedly.

“It doesn’t matter, the route is already in my mind, but depending on where we stayed, they can’t correctly guess it, no, except for one person. But it doesn’t matter, I will arrange some routes and intentionally let him know them.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Yes.” Ah Da immediately complied.

After fifteen days, in the Great Commander Mansion.

There was a projection of the map of the numerous mountains and rivers. Yi Yan and Tie Xue were standing beside it.

“Great Commander, Zhong Shan, they stayed in these places. They haven’t discovered our people.” Tie Xue pointed to the projection in front of them and solemnly said.

“Hehe, have they stayed in these places? Haven’t discovered? They have already discovered them.” Yi Yan revealed a forced smile and said.

“How could it be possible?” Tie Xue said in disbelief.

“Forget it, you don’t need to follow them anymore. Withdraw your people back.” Yi Yan shook his head and said with a sigh.

“Yes.” Tie Xue immediately complied.

Two months later.

“Mister, 10,000 miles to the west is Qili Town, and eight thousand miles to the southeast is… ”Ah Da explained while referring to the map.

While explaining how to go to Qili Town, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrank.

Qili Town? Wasn’t it the home of Lu Jianping? The prison guard they had met previously at the Sky Prison? Lu Jianping whom he had a suspicion about him?

“Let’s go to Qili Town.” Zhong Shan said directly.

“Yes.” Ah Da nodded immediately. Riding the white cloud with Zhong Shan, they rushed toward the West.

Qili Town, it wasn’t huge like Sky City. The interior was like a mortal city in Great Zheng King Dynasty. There were walls around the town, but these walls were only a few tens of meters high, blocking some wild beasts and low-level Monsters.

There were large numbers of mortals in the town, as well as cultivators. The cultivators were mostly from some aristocratic families. The highest cultivation base was only around the Golden Core Stage.

If Zhong Shan and Ah Da entered the town, they would be the Experts of peak existence.

In front of the gate of the town, Zhong Shan and Ah Da descended from above the white cloud, and the imperial Guard in front of the town gate didn’t dare to block them.

Riding a cloud? That was at least Nascent Soul Stage. He was looking at the two people who suddenly arrived with an incomparable worship.

Zhong Shan and Ah Da ignored the vision of the others and walked into the town.

Zhong Shan was looking for Lu Jianping’s family, not to show off.

Entering the city, Zhong Shan inquired a little, inquired about where the family of Lu Jianping was.

Sure enough, it was in the Qili Town, and it was a newly emerging aristocratic family.

Forty years ago, Lu Family was an unremarkable family, just a mortal family, and was living at the lowest level of the town. No one thought that Lu Jianping would suddenly appear in Lu Family 40 years ago. Lu Jianping brought back some cultivation Techniques to the family, and the whole family because of Lu Jianping walked on the path of cultivation.

However, in Qili Town, it was still a small aristocratic family. Ten years ago, Lu Jianping was about getting married, but Lu Jianping suddenly left his fiancee and his whole family and disappeared.

Some people said that Lu Jianping died. Some people said that Lu Jianping went to Sky City to join an immortal sect. However, Lu Family, the highest cultivation base was only Xiantian Stage, who would dare to cross the endless mountains and rivers to go the mythical Sky City?

Zhong Shan used merely a Spirit stone to make the eyes of a lower level cultivator smoke, so he bowed his head and nodded to be a guide to lead Zhong Shan.

“Seniors, you came really at the right time, a person from Zhao Family said today he will go to Lu Family to carry off a girl to be his wife.” The guide said while leading the way.

“Zhao Family ? Carry off a girl to be his wife?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully as he walked.

“Yes, the first aristocratic family in Qili Town, except for the mayor, Zhao Family is the biggest, I heard that Zhao Family has three or four Golden Core Stage Experts. Young Master Zhao said that he will to snatch Lu Jianping’s fiancée today.” The guide said.

“Snatch Lu Jianping’s fiancee?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully.

“Yes, Lu Jianping is really lucky. He has disappeared for ten years, but his fiancee is still waiting for him without any regrets, and even lives in Lu Family as a daughter-in-law of Lu family. It’s just a pity for a woman, who has an appearance as beautiful as the moon, to painstakingly defend the empty chamber all day along. The matchmaker has the induction to flatten Lu family. Even the people of Lu family have no hope that Lu Jianping is still alive. For his fiancee, they will follow her wishes. If she wants to remarry, they will never stop her, however, if she doesn’t want to remarry, she will always be a person of Lu family, and Lu family will always protect her.” The guide said.

“Oh? Who said this?” Zhong Shan said surprisedly.

“Lu Family Patriarch, Lu Laozi.” The guide said.

“Lu Laozi?” Zhong Shan said surprisedly. This Lu Laozi really was a quite heroic person.

“Lu Laozi is praised by everyone in the town. He also has the decisive word in Lu Family. Unfortunately, this time, the Young Master of Zhao Family has a liking for her. Zhao Family Young Master is a tyrant in Qili Town, extremely lascivious, as long as he has a liking for a woman, he will snatch and marry her. However, I heard that the body root of Zhao Family Young Master is also very good, so the entire Zhao Family is favoring him. Today is the day of the scourge of Lu Family.” The guide said with a sigh.

Zhong Shan nodded and was led to the outside of a large house in the west of the city.

“Seniors, it is here.” The guide said.

“Ok, you can leave.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“Yes.” The man immediately complied . Although he still wanted to obtain some benefits, but he also knew that the two people here were extremely strong and naturally didn’t not dare to wait.

There were two big characters on the big house.

Lu Residence.

Found, Zhong Shan, after listening to the words of the guide, could analyze some things, bringing back the Cultivation Techniques 40 years ago, mysteriously disappearing ten years ago. For the ten years, there was no news? It was extremely unusual, even if working as a prison guard in Sky City, he still could take a leave for some time, unless there was something important in Sky City preventing him from leaving for ten years?

Outside the Lu Residence, at this moment, there was a large number of people gathered there.

At the entrance of Lu Residence, an old man with white hair and white eyebrows was standing at the forefront, followed by more than twenty men, each of them was revealing an angry facial expression and holding a sword, waiting for the old man to give the order to momentarily fight with all of their might.

Beside of the old man, there was a beautiful woman, at this moment, she was frowning with a worried facial expression.

The old man was obviously the Lu Family Patriarch. Also outside the door, there was also a large group of people. Half of them were dressed in black and holding swords, while the other half were dressed in red, carrying a sedan chair and holding a suona to escort the bride.

At the forefront, there was a man with an extremely sinister look, dressed in red, with a big red flower on his chest, and dressed up as the groom. He was Zhao Family Young Master.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Shan felt a movement in his heart. He stood in the corner, took out a memory crystal, and slowly started to record it. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, as if saying the heavens is really helping me. Truly, coming early is inferior to a coincidence.

“Old Mater Lu, I respect your manners. I am just taking the bride today, so make a way and I won’t make you feel embarrassed.” The groom Young Master Zhao said solemnly.

“Young Master Zhao, Du Na is the wife of my Lu Family, she is the person of my Lu Family. What is your reason for coming here today? The town law of Qili Town, could it be that you want to violate it?” Lu Laozi coldly said.

“My Zhao Family is the town law in Qili Town, Lu Laozi, as I see, by your age and the Houtian Peak cultivation base, it is not easy to cultivate your family to shock anyone, so don’t be shameless. Do you not believe that I will slaughter your Lu Family now?” Young Master Zhao coldly said.

“Do you dare?” Lu Laozi’s stared and said.

“Snort, what am I afraid of? Are you relying on Lu Jianping? There was no news from him for ten years. Maybe was already eaten by a Monster in a large mountain village. Otherwise, why hasn’t he come back until now? Snort, even what if he came? Even if he has a Golden Core Stage cultivation base, could it be that my Zhao Family would be afraid of him? Now that he is not here, you only have five Xiantian experts in Lu Family. There are ten Xiantian experts among the people I brought with me. The small Lu Family, do you want to be my enemy? Du Na is still an unmarried woman, how could she be your Lu Family’s wife?” Young Master Zhao coldly said.

“Snort, who enters into my Lu Family for a day, is the person my Lu Family. There is no one in the Lu Family who is afraid of death, was not afraid before, is not afraid now, will not be afraid in the future. You want to snatch the person of my Lu Family, you have to step on our body.” Lu Laozi said with extremely fierce eyes.

“You really don’t want to live?” Young Master Zhao said with extremely cold eyes.

“It’s not that I don’t want to live. Lu Family’s development for several decades, was because of Jianping. Now Jianping is not here, if Du Na is snatched by you, when Jianping returns, what face we have to see him? Come, Lu Family doesn’t have a person who is afraid of death. I am going to take a look today, how lawless Young Master Zhao is. The laws are clear, even after I die, I will turn into an evil spirit, and see how you will suffer from retribution.” Lu Laozi said in an extremely firm voice.

Lu Laozi’s cultivation base was insufficient, but this temperament and imposing manner were extremely aggressive. Even the dominant Young Master Zhao was still taken back by this imposing manner and revealed a timid look. However the people of Lu Family who were holding the swords, except for a few people who were afraid of death, mostly revealed their aggressiveness in the face of death.

After recovering, Young Master Zhao revealed an ashamed facial expression and said resentfully: “Kill, kill them all, leave none alive.”

The people behind Young Master Zhao were about to start.

“Wait.” For the first time, miss Du Na, behind Lu Laozi, suddenly called out.

Sure enough, this main character called out, so everyone looked at her together.

“What’s wrong? Is miss Du Na willing to follow me?” Young Master Zhao looked at her and said with an obscene smile.

“Daughter-in-law, you can rest assured that Lu Family is not afraid of death, we will block these people, as for the Lu Family, I have already made the arrangements, you leave immediately.” Lu Laozi solemnly said.

“Du Na, with eyes full of tears, looked at Lu Laozi, respectful bowed and said: “Father, daughter-in-law is an unfortunate person, just before the wedding, Jianping suddenly disappeared, his life and death is unknown, and today because of me, the Lu Family is about to be destroyed. I am unfair to Lu Family, I am unfair to Jianping, I can not see Lu Family being destroyed because of me. However, in the daughter-in-law heart, she has already been the wife of Jianping, alive is the person of Jianping, dead is the dead person of Jianping. Father, sorry, when you see Jianping, don’t let him to feel sad for me, he must live well. ”

When he heard the daughter-in-law, Lu Laozi knew that something was not good, and raised his hand to catch it, but it was too late. The fine sword in Du Na’s hand had already reached her throat in an instant and It was too late. It was too late for everyone here to save her. Moreover, the speed of the sword absolutely can’t be stopped, even if Du Na herself wanted to stop it, it wouldn’t work.

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