Immortal V4C78: Speaking a foreign language is really good.

Immortal V4C78: Speaking a foreign language is really good.

Translated by: Redlotus.

Three days later, 12 Black Wolves, with more than ten meters high, were shuttling through the mountains. In the lead, there was a nearly 20 meters high black wolf with a big sedan chair above its head, followed by 11 wolves with seven or eight people above the back of each one. everyone was looking at the big wolves under their feet that were rushing through the mountains, Monster Beasts?

Not long ago, everyone experienced it once, but it was not so exaggerated like this. Lu Jianping, who was on the last wolf, stared with wide eyes at the sedan chair above the head of the first wolf.

Because Zhong Shan was inside it. Lu Jianping sighed in his heart, it’s good to speak a foreign language, and sometimes it’s really very useful.

Although Zhong Shan just merely understood the Wolf language, the wolf understood the human language. Did he invite a group of Monster Beast to escort him? If it was in the past, they would have certainly turned around and run.

Above the first wolf head, in the sedan chair, Zhong Shan said: “To the north.”

Quickly, the wolf quickly took the sedan chair to the north. Shortly, there were some Great Yu soldiers flying over the place.

“To the west.”

Zhong Shan was sitting in the sedan chair and was unceasingly directing the leading wolf. Also the other wolves were following behind.

“Mister, why are these wolves listening to you?” Princess Qianyou who was sitting beside Zhong Shan, inconceivably said.

“My teacher once gave me a Wolf Token, and I also gave them the medicinal pills as a reward. So naturally, I can ask the Wolf Clan to help. Monster Beast is not bloodthirsty.” Zhong Shan said.

Wolf Token, Zhong Shan’s did have a Wolf Token. Previously, when he entered the wolf territory to invite Clay Bodhisattva, it was given to Bei Qingsi, and Bei Qingsi gave it to Zhong Shan in the end. However, to ask Wolf Clan for help, it was not the function of Wolf Token, but it was Zhong Shan himself.

“The treasures of Mister are really so many!” Princess Qianyou stared at Zhong Shan and exclaimed.

“So many can be regarded as treasures?” Zhong Shan shook his head and said with a smile.

Five days later, in the big tent of Giant Deer King.

“Scoundrels, bustards.”


The angry Giant Deer King overturned the tea set on the command desk and roared angrily at the general in front of him.

“King, we did our best!” The general who was kneeling said with an incomparable grievance.

“Did your best, bah, did you do your best? Eight million, eight million, Ah Da left, Ah Er left, the highest cultivation base of this group is only the Golden Core Stage, and there are more than eighty Xiantian and Houtian people. Such a bunch of old people, weak women and children walked through the army of eight million, and you didn’t even see one person. Did you say that you did your best? What you said, who do you want to believe it?” Giant Deer King said angrily.

“But, every time, the stoves they temporarily made are far away from each other. King, it is certainly not just one group of mortals. Certainly there are some people helping Princess Qianyou. They have already arranged for people to help Princess Qianyou.” The general immediately said.

“Helping? Ah Da and Ah Er never leave Princess Qianyou. They will not leave unless it is absolutely essential. If someone is helping them, he should be the one who is leading our army away, and they will only act at the end.” Wu’an said.

Giant Deer King took a deep breath, and stubbornly stared at the general in front of him.

“Eight million soldiers, if you can’t catch Princess Qianyou this time, can you tell me how can I explain it to His Majesty? I will be the laughingstock under the heavens, and the first one to be condemned will be you.” Giant Deer King stared and said.

“But King, to the west from here, is the border between Great Yu and Great Guang. If we continue to move to the west, wouldn’t this lead to a contradiction between the two dynasties?” The general said.

“Do you want to die, or want to continue searching?” Giant Deer King said angrily.

“Yes, we will proceed with the order of the search to the end.” The general obeyed the order and said immediately.

Great Guang Emperor Dynasty, near the border of Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, there was a big tent in the middle of the army.

A gray robed man, with a forty years old mortal appearance, long hair, and extremely free and easy, was sitting at the command desk. There were numerous generals sitting on the both sides. He was waiting for the report of the military officer in front of him.

“Reporting Great Commander, 8 million soldiers led by Great Yu Emperor Dynasty Giant Deer King are already near my Great Guang border.” The military officer said.

“Hahahahaha” The generals in the big tent laughed.

“Great Commander, eight million soldiers, with such a large scale search and for such a long time, but they didn’t even see the shadow of Princess Qianyou? This Great Yu army is too incompetent.” One general said with a smile.

“Yes, Great Commander, after this event, Giant Deer King must leave a good name forever. Eight million soldiers have been searching for a group of Houtian and Xiantian people for more than a month, almost two months, this, Great Yu is certainly going to fall.” Another general said with a smile.

“Great Yu, as long as Yi Yan is still there, it will never fall. You remember to never underestimate your opponent.” The grey robed Great Commander said with a dignified facial expression.

“Yes” The generals complied immediately.

“Great Commander, maybe that Yi Yan was dismissed by Nalan Piaoxue?” Another general asked.

“Dismissed? In Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, no one can dismiss Yi Yan. Perhaps this is the idea of Great Yu Emperor Dynasty to confuse the enemy. As for the eight million soldiers of the Great Yu, this matter is not simple.” The Great Commander said with a frown.

“Great Commander, why?” The military officer who was standing in the center said.

“Regarding Princess Qianyou being chased by eight million soldiers, Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty did not respond, this is very unusual. Eight million army? How could the eight million soldiers not even find a group of mortals? This is also very unusual. Why is Giant Deer King leading the soldiers this time and not Yi Yan?” Great Commander said with a frown.

“Great Commander, you mean… ” A general was shocked and said.

“Great Commander, are you saying that Great Yu pursuing Princess Qianyou is a fake, and the real purpose is to attack my Great Guang Emperor Dynasty? And Giant Deer King is leading eight million soldiers to let us slack off. As for the pursuit of Princess Qianyou, Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty did not respond because Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty and Great Yu Emperor Dynasty reached an agreement and they are preparing to attack my Great Guang Emperor Dynasty together?” Another general suddenly stood up and said in panic.

In the big tent, everyone was looking at the Great Commander in panic, and the atmosphere in the big tent suddenly became extremely depressing.

“Now they still didn’t completely reach an agreement. His Majesty selected me as a Great Commander of the eastern side to make me guard against Great Yu Emperor. I have already mobilized the troops from four directions, and sent a report to His Majesty to prepare for meeting the enemy. As for whether there is a cooperation between Great Luo and Great Yu, it is still uncertain. During this period of time, you have to do your own duties and don’t make any careless mistakes.” Great Commander said.

“Yes.” The generals immediately complied.

Under a mountain, a group of carriages was moving slowly along a mountain road.

There were a large amount of goods on the first carriage, it was obviously a caravan.

At this moment, Zhong Shan and Lu Jianping were sitting on the second carriage.

“During this period of time, the Great Yu army should have already been attracted to the far north by our left stoves, but we also went deep into the territory of the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes, Sir wise.” Lu Jianping respectfully said.

Revealing a slight smile, Zhong Shan didn’t care too much about Lu Jianping’s praise, but said: “There are a lot of mortal gathering places like your former Qili Town in Great Guang. In every town, there is a large number of  people, it is nothing at all for ten people to suddenly appear in each town.”

“Yes.” Lu Jianping nodded.

“You saw all the previous five towns. Your people were placed in different places and they will be absolutely safe. As for the ten of you here, you will immediately enter the next town, then you will live in these six big towns. Using the disguise technique that I taught you, as long as you slightly add something to your face, your appearance will greatly change.” Zhong Shan said.

“Sir, do you want to lead the pursuing soldiers away?” Lu Jianping said with a frown.

“The princess and I will leave later to lead the pursuing troops away? In the Great Guang territory, there is no need to care whether there are pursuing troops or not. You don’t need to worry about that. You can gradually recover your original appearance after half a year. There are many people in your Lu Family, and with the medicinal pills I gave you, your cultivation will certainly be faster than the others.” Zhong Shan stared at Lu Jianping and said.

 “After you leave Sir, do you really trust me? Are you not worried that I will take my family and leave or join another Emperor Dynasty?” Lu Jianping stared at Zhong Shan and said.

“I believe in you and believe in the manner of your father, the Lu Family Patriarch.” Zhong Shan stared at Lu Jianping and his eyes were filled with firmness.

Seeing the trust in Zhong Shan’s eyes, Lu Jianping took a deep breath and his eyes were full of firmness: “Sir, you can rest assured, Lu Jianping promised to serve Sir for a hundred years. l will certainly keep my commitment for a hundred years. I will never renege on  that promise.”

“Good, you will wait in these towns. If there are environmental restrictions, you can go to the other three cities and 12 towns I marked earlier on the maps we bought previously. My people will come to find you at the appointed time.” Zhong Shan incomparably affirmed.

“Wait, Sir, how long do we have to wait?” Lu Jianping said with a frown.

“Ten years!” Zhong  Shan said affirmatively.

Ten years, it must be ten years, ten years can make slight changes to a few things, ten years can improve something, ten years can let everything be perfect, including Great Zheng King Dynasty.

“Ten year? These ten years……” Lu Jianping said with a frown.

“Naturally , these ten years will also be calculated in the hundred years. The beforehand medicinal pills, spirit stones and the other cultivation materials are also your salary for these ten years.” Zhong Shan said

“Salary?” Lu Jianping said with a frown.

“Yes, your ten-year mission is to wait for my people to come to find you.” Zhong Shan stared at Lu Jianping and said.

“Sir can rest assured that we will certainly wait for ten years. But ten years later, when someone comes to find us, how can we confirm what he says?” Lu Jianping said with a frown.

“At that time, he will contact you with a secret code, which is ‘Zheng’. Remember, as long as the word “Zheng” is specifically mentioned, he is definitely my person.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Lu Jianping complied immediately.

“Also, when you teach your family cultivation, the knowledge taught to you by Wu Wanli, don’t reveal it.” Zhong Shan said to emphasize once again.

“Sir can rest assured, I know this.” Lu Jianping nodded.

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