Immortal V4C77: Fearfully quite.

Immortal V4C77: Fearfully quite.

Translated by: Redlotus.

“What should we do?” Giant Deer King said with a frown.

“After searching a place, we leave some people behind to watch the four directions. if there is a movement, they will shoot a warning arrow. Like this, everyone else can leave and we do not need to search these places every time.” Wu’an thought for a moment and said.

“Ok, let’s do it like this.” Giant Deer King nodded and said.

In another mountain valley, Zhong Shan looked at Lu Jianping and said: “Have you prepared enough dried food?”

“Yes, what we prepared during these several days and what we had prepared before is enough, so we don’t need to use fire to prepare the food again for a long time.” Jianping said.

“Good, let the adults to eat the dried food. As for children, you have to use True Qi to heat it up for them.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Lu Jianping complied immediately.

Lu Jianping went back to inform his family members, and Zhong Shan also slowly walked back to the sedan chair.

“Mister, Mister is really like a God.” Ah Da said with great admiration.

Yes, there was no overlooked area, it was like an airtight inescapable fishing net, but still Zhong Shan led the people in this extremely dangerous situation and escaped from the gaps in the net. Even the net was not touched.

“Get ready to start off, head directly to the west.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Yes.” Ah Da and Ah Er called out excitedly.

Zhong Shan walked back to the sedan chair, entered to the inside and continued to drink tea with Princess Qianyou.

Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan with wide eyes and there was a flash of surprise in her eyes then said: “Mister, why do you know it so clearly? The arrangement of the Giant Deer King soldiers, even when they move and where they go, can you guess it correctly?”

“Just luck.” Zhong Shan shook his head and said.

Luck? Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan silently. The previous doings of Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou could guess the general idea. But now Zhong Shan was taking these people to leave, and this made Princess Qianyou wants to break her head, but still she couldn’t figure it out. It was unclear, she really did not understand it.

In the big tent of Giant Deer King.

Giant Deer King was listening to the report of the general who was kneeling on the ground.

“You are saying, they are not using fire to prepare the food, but eating dried food? And you still sent people to foolishly stay there? Then five days later, they lit the fire to prepare the food again at 800,000 miles away, and only then did the soldiers discover them?” Giant Deer King looked at the general in front of him, and asked with a puzzled facial expression.

“Yes.” that general immediately affirmed.

“Zhong Shan, they are leading dozens of mortals, just mortals, and you still can’t beat them, I don’t blame you for this, but you didn’t even see the shadow of a single person? And it was until they broke through the encirclement and walked to the edge of the encirclement, only then did you discover the fire they had?” Giant Deer King said angrily.

“King, we are doing our best. If we have the double number of the manpower, we will definitely find the group of Princess Qianyou.” That general said.

“Ok, I will transfer another four million soldiers from four directions. Don’t tell me that you can’t see anyone again.” Giant Deer King said angrily.

“Yes, we will definitely find Princess Qianyou this time.” The general immediately vowed.

“Go away.” Giant Deer King said.

The general immediately crawled to retreat, and he kept retreating backward until he left the big tent.

Looking at the general retreating, Giant Deer King was angry, extremely angry, four million soldiers, to catch a group of mortals, but they let them to escape under their noses, even they did not see a single person.


The angry Giant Deer King waved his hand and threw away the tea set on the command desk. Nearby, Wu’an opened his mouth but didn’t dare to interrupt.

“Mister, now there are eight million soldiers chasing us. This Giant Deer King must have gone mad with rage.” Ah Da said excitedly.

These past days, Ah Da already highly believed in Zhong Shan, there was nothing that Mister couldn’t handle it.

However, Zhong Shan at this moment was deeply frowning. Looking at the east, looking at the south, looking at the west, and looking at the north, he looked at all directions, but he was still deeply frowning. Because the Red Luan Pink Lotus in his forehead was blue in color. Previously, he provoked the killing desire of Giant Deer King who offered a reward of a million high-grade spirit stones for killing him. He put himself in a deathtrap but still he could fight to live. Previously, it would turn back to normal when he could see a safe route. But this time, it was not like before, indicating that they were utterly isolated and it was impossible to escape.

Sighing deeply, Zhong Shan suddenly closed his eyes to think.

Seeing Zhong Shan thinking, the others waited patiently.

Suddenly, Zhong Shan opened his eyes, stared at Ah Er and said: “This time, with these eight million soldiers, we are in danger. Ah Er, this time you will lead the pursuing soldiers away.”

“Mister, me?” Ah Er said doubtfully.

“Yes, go to the mountain peak 200,000 miles to the northeast, where we stayed before. You must let the army see you, and then continue to fly to the north. In three days, you must let the army see you every day.” Zhong Shan fixed his eyes on Ah Er and said.

“Oh, how can I find you after I come back, Mister?” Ah Er said with a frown.

“Find us? It will be difficult to find us. At that time you can try to find us, and it will be for the best if you can find us. If you couldn’t find us, go directly to Great Guang Emperor Dynasty and wait for me at the Sealing Spirit City. At the most, half a year later, we will certainly arrive there. At that time I will contact you using the contact method I told you before.” Zhong Shan said affirmatively.

“Yes.” Ah Er complied immediately, and then left in an instant.

“Mister.” Ah Da was looking at Zhong Shan worriedly.

“Rest for tonight, we will set out tomorrow. Let Lu Jianping use the fire to prepare food and reserve dried food.” Zhong Shan said.

“Uh, yes.” Ah Da eccentrically responded.

“Mister.” After Zhong Shan’s instructions, Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan and said.

“Uh?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully.

“I have been thinking these days. How can you know the search arrangements of the Great Yu army? The 8 million army, we have passed from the clumps of these eight million soldiers and they couldn’t find us. I thought that Mister might have been looking at the stars in the night and then calculate. However, some of Mister’s decisions were made during the daytime, so Qianyou didn’t understand. I want to ask Mister to dispel my doubts.” Qianyou was staring at Zhong Shan with her beautiful big eyes like a curious baby.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan smiled slightly and said: “Princess, if I said that I guess, would you believe me?”

Guess? Princess Qianyou became speechless for a while then said: “Ok, since Mister doesn’t want to say, Qianyou will not ask.”

“Thank you Princess, regarding this skill of Zhong Shan, once he says it all, he will have no food to eat in the future.” Zhong Shan revealed a bitter smile and said.

“Pu Ci……” Princess Qianyou laughed for the first time because of losing self-control.

“Will Mister have no food to eat? I think that Qianyou may have no food to eat, but it is impossible for Mister not to have food to eat.” Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

In the big tent of Giant Deer King.

“King, we have found them. Our people saw Ah Er. I have already sent people to search.” A general in front of Giant Deer King said excitedly.

“Ok, I am not afraid of him being strong, I am afraid that he would not appear, pursue them, pursue them for me.” Giant Deer King said excitedly.

For three consecutive days, Giant Deer King was in the midst of his excitement, the good news was repeated, and the good news came every day. They found Ah Er.

In the past, this kind of good news, Giant Deer King wouldn’t even give it a glance. They couldn’t catch one person, but just seeing him once, was it worth to be excited like this? However, eight million soldiers, for a long consecutive time, could not even see the shadow of the opponent. Like this, no matter what, everybody was extremely depressed. Therefore seeing the figure of one person, naturally belongs to the good news, extremely good news!

But three days later, the depressing matter happened again, Ah Er was also gone.

Eight million soldiers were searching crazily. But half a month later, they still didn’t achieve anything, and only then did Giant Deer King knew that he was fooled.

Ah Er left, leaving only Ah Da who was constantly driving the white cloud.

The entire way was very smooth, and they didn’t encounter anyone.

The outside world looked extremely fierce, the birds were flying in the forest, the beasts were crazily jumping in the mountains, and the soldiers were crazily bustling around. But in the eyes of Lu Jianping and others, everything was fearfully quite. In this period of time, Zhong Shan was leading the way, they were like ghosts as they didn’t encounter anyone. As if while they walking all the way, the people of the entire Great Yu Emperor Dynasty were dead.

Looking at the deadly quite mountains and forests along the way, Lu Jianping was confused!

Lu Jianping was extremely suspicious of the news that Lu Jianping had forced out from the soldier a while ago. Was the Great Yu army really searching for them? How could they not see a single person. But this group of people walked to the east, walked to the west, walked in all directions, and sometimes, they even stayed in some places for a day and night, but still they didn’t see one soldier.

“Mister, it will not take a long time to reach the border of the Great Guang. We have been flying for nearly a month and half.” Ah Da said excitedly.

Ah Er didn’t come back, but it didn’t matter. As long as they reach the boundaries of the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty, they should be safe. At least the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty will not chase them to the end like Giant Deer King.

“Ah Da, we are in trouble again. This time I want you to lead the pursuing troops away, as the danger of the pursuing troops is imminent.” Zhong Shan shook his head and said.

“Oh? I will go? Then what will you do?” Ah Da immediately said worriedly.

“It’s no problem, we are not far from the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty. You said that there is a wolf valley not far in the front of us. I will use some medicinal pills to invite the Wolf Clan to help us. As for the remaining distance, the Xiantian people of Lu Jianping family will carry the sedan chair.” Zhong Shan said.

Ah Da frowned, his heart was full of doubts, and he turned his head to look at Princess Qianyou.

“Go. Ah Da, although I am still weak, but being carried in the sedan chair, it should not be a problem. Moreover, it has been a month and half already, I can use some True Qi now. You do what Mister said. With Mister here, we will definitely be able the Sealing Spirit City.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes.” Ah Da nodded.

Subsequently, Zhong Shan explained the way to lead away the pursuing soldiers, then Ah Da quickly left.

Ah Da left, the danger of the pursuing of the soldiers was solved once again, then Zhong Shan went to Lu Jianping.

“Lu Jianping, let some Xiantian people of your family to be responsible for carrying the sedan chair for the remaining time.” Zhong Shan said.

“The two seniors left? Wouldn’t it be difficult for us to go to the west on foot? ” Lu Jianping surprisedly said.

“Don’t worry about it, I will take care of everything.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Lu Jianping said accordingly.

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