Immortal V4C75: Burden! More burdens!

Immortal V4C75: Burden! More burdens!

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Mister, is this Pure Snow Lotus?” Princess Qianyou unbelievably stared with her eyes wide opened.

“Yes.” Zhong Shan nodded, he had no intention to hide it.

“How many secrets does Mister still have and Qianyou doesn’t know about them?” Princess Qianyou stared at Zhong Shan and said with a smile.

“When the princess was about to die, she must protect Zhong Shan to leave. Zhong Shan is really grateful.” Zhong Shan said affirmatively.

“At that time, I just didn’t want Mister to fall into the hands of Yi Yan. Even without my protection, Mister should still be fine, right? ”Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

“Why are you saying this, Princess? If the princess is safe and well, I would only have been captured, but if the princess died, will the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty let me? At least assassins like Ah Da and Ah Er will often appear in front of to me. Therefore Zhong Shan’s gratitude, stems from sincerity.” Zhong Shan said affirmatively.

“Mister is really  a far-sighted person. Qianyou didn’t think about that at that time.” Princess Qianyou’s eyes sparkled and said with a smile.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan said with a slight smile: “No matter what, thank you princess for trusting me at the end.”

Trusting you? Princess Qianyou suddenly felt that the root of her ear became hot. When she was held in the arms of Zhong Shan, Zhong Shan’s lips touched her earlobe. That was a forbidden place.

“That blade is really fierce.” Princess Qianyou suppressed the panic in her heart and said.

“Lucky.” Zhong Shan shook his head and said.

“It’s not luck. You released the blade using a sword. At that time, I infused my strength into the sword. It was only the strength of Nascent Soul Middle Stage. Also Mister, you infused a strength of five times that of your normal strength. Even with the perfect fusion, it wouldn’t reach the strength of Nascent Soul Late Stage. However, the destruction caused by Mister’s blade was at least Body Fusion Middle Stage. General Yu was split into two halves by that blade! This, is it self-created Mister?” Princess Qianyou stared at Zhong Shan and said.

“Why do you think so, Princess?” Zhong Shan said with a frown.

“When we were in Unparalleled City, I saw Mister releasing it once, and the water of the pool fled to the two sides. At that time, it was not so strong. When Mister waved the blade at that time, maybe you didn’t grasp it well and it should be at the embryonic stage. But It became more mature now.” Princess Qianyou said.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan smiled and didn’t answer. This Princess Qianyou was too smart!

“Five times of strength, Mister should have used a secret technique, I do not know how are you now?” Princess Qianyou said worriedly. After all, there are after-effects for using a secret technique to increase the strength quickly.

“At that time, I used my full strength to strike, I turned the misfortune into blessing, and I finally reached the Golden Core Fifth Layer.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Golden Core Fifth Layer ? Mister was Golden Core Fourth Layer Peak before, you took a step further, congratulations Mister.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes, I took a step further!” Zhong Shan said in disappointment. A step closer to Nascent Soul.

“Mister, where am I now? ” Princess Qianyou asked.

“In a forest, this is a sedan chair.” Zhong Shan said.

“Sedan chair?” Princess Qianyou said doubtfully. She really didn’t understand why Zhong Shan had prepared a sedan chair.

“I prepared this for my wife.” Zhong thought for a while then said.

“Mister’s wife?” Princess Qianyou frowned slightly, there was an accidental flash in her eyes.

“She is Tian Ling’er who you met the previous time.” A recollection smile appeared on Zhong Shan’s face.

“Oh.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

There are some things you know well that you can’t ask too much about it. At least with the current relationship with Zhong Shan, there was no need to ask too much.

“Princess, how much strength do you have now?” Zhong Shan thought for a while and asked.

Qianyou smiled bitterly and said: “Now I am not different from a mortal, but after a few days I will be able to use some True Qi. Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm is a strange poison of Bliss Pure Land. Even with Pure Snow Lotus, it needs a hundred days to recover completely.”

“Then I will drive the princess’s poison out the for a few more days. After a few days, the princess will drive it out herself.” Zhong Shan thought and said.

“Mister, do you trust Qianyou so much?” Qianyou stared at Zhong Shan with her beautiful big eyes.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan smiled slightly and said: “I think the princess would not have a liking for my Pure Snow Lotus.”

“That may not be true.” Princess Qianyou’s eyes sparkled, and revealed a rare mischievous facial expression.

Giant Deer King Palace.

“How is the investigation?” Giant Deer King said with a frown.

“King, all the places where Princess Qianyou’s subordinates went to in the past few months and everyone they contacted, we have carefully checked them. But there is a group of people that suddenly disappeared.” Wu’an said respectfully.

“Oh?” Giant Deer King said doubtfully.

“Qili Town, Lu Family, there is not even a single person.” Wu’an said.

“Lu family?” Giant Deer King said doubtfully.

“Yes, this Lu Family has a person named Lu Jianping. I checked him. He used to be a prison guard at Sky Prison. He used to frequently bully Wu Wanli. However, on the day when Wu Wanli died, Lu Jianping suddenly disappeared. The subordinate suspects that he is related to Princess Qianyou.” Wu’an said.

“Disappeared? People can’t suddenly disappear, was the whole family exterminated?” Giant Deer King said doubtfully.

“No, according to the information collected from Qili Town, they bought a large amount of food and daily necessities, as if they wanted to escape. May be they will gather with Princess Qianyou.” Wu’an said.

“Gather with Princess Qianyou? What cultivation base do those people have?” Giant Deer King asked

“The highest is Xiantian Stage.” Wu’an said.

“Haha, Xiantian, where these people can run up to. This Lu Jianping is certainly related to Wu Wanli. Maybe he knows how to open Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror. Good, such being the case, then search to me, not only search for Princess Qianyou, but also search for Lu Family. These Xiantian Stage people, should be very easy to search for.” Giant Deer King said with a smile.

“Yes, just Princess Qianyou, and the others. What is King going to do?” Wu’an frowned slightly and said.

“What do you mean? Naturally, capture her to retrieve the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror.” Giant Deer King said.

“I mean that Zhong Shan.” Wu’an said.

“Zhong Shan? What about Zhong Shan?” Giant Deer King said doubtfully.

“King, I heard that the former Great Commander Yi Yan thinks highly of this Zhong Shan, even he invited Zhong Shan alone, and this Zhong Shan is indeed exceptionally intelligent.” Wu’an said.

“Good, what about this?” Giant Deer King frowned and felt that Wu’an was speaking mysteriously.

“King, Your Majesty has not chosen the new Great Commander yet…” Wu’ An said.

Wu’an spoke only the first half, but Giant Deer King stared and said: “You mean… ”

Subsequently, Giant Deer King walked back and forth in the hall. Yi Yan’s words, when he was about to pursue Princess Qianyou, were still resounding in his ear, bring Zhong Shan back, and do not injure Zhong Shan.

His Majesty was currently also very strange. Yi Yan already resigned from the position of Great Commander, but why didn’t he choose a new Great Commander? Could it be he was waiting for the recommendation of Yi Yin? Who will be recommended? Recommending Zhong Shan?

Thinking of this, Giant Deer King felt tight in his heart. Then he frowned and revealed a gloomy face.

“Wu’an, pass on my orders!” Giant Deer King frowned and suddenly said.

“Yes.” Wu’an immediately knelt on one knee and said.

“Search for Princess Qianyou, search for Lu family, search for Zhong Shan, and kill Zhong Shan. Who kills Zhong Shan, will enjoy 500,000 high-grade spirit stones.” Giant Deer King said.

“Yes.” Wu’an immediately complied.

Five days later. Although Princess Qianyou was awake, she was still weak. However, she could already release some True Qi. In this way, Zhong Shan can temporarily give the Pure Snow Lotus to Princess Qianyou to use it to drive out the poison.

While Princess Qianyou was driving out the poison inside the sedan chair, Zhong Shan went out to the outside.

“Mister, it’s not good. Now Great Yu Emperor Dynasty has dispatched the army to hunt us down everywhere, with the intention of capturing the princess, and, and…” Ah Da said with concern.

“What else?” Zhong Shan said with a frown.

“Also who kills the mister, will receive 500,000 high-grade spirit stones.” Ah Da said.

“Hehe, I never expected that my value is only 500,000 high-grade spirit stones.” Zhong Shan said with a slight smile.

“Mister, what should we do now? Previously, only the soldiers of the more than ten cities near Sky city were hunting us down, but now the entire Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s army is hunting us down. Also the soldiers of the eastern side and the southern side withdrew completely, and joined the soldiers of northern side and the western side to hunt us down. We are in the search scope. As we have been here recuperating for these days, the news has already spread to the farther cities. There are also more soldiers in the front waiting for us.” Ah Da said worriedly.

Upon hearing Ah Da, Zhong Shan frowned and said: “This explains that Mr. Shui Jing and the others should have already escaped to a safe place, so Great Yu wants to catch Princess Qianyou to exchange her for Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror. this is not the style of Yi Yan, he certainly wouldn’t do this. Also to anxiously kill me, hehe, Yi Yan was dismissed.”

“Mister, do you also know that?” Ah Da stared with wide eyes.

“Oh? Do you know it too?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully.

“Yes, I heard this when I asked the Great Yu soldier not long ago, and I didn’t have enough time to tell. I never expected that Mister was able to guess it correctly by just depending on the dispatching of the soldiers of Great Yu.” Ah Da said in admiration.

“This is not difficult to guess.” Zhong Shan nodded and said with a smile.

Not difficult to guess? Ah Da stared vacantly.

“Mister, according to what you said before, if the soldier didn’t go back for a while, then our position should have been exposed. We should leave a bit faster.” Ah Er also said immediately.

“Un, right.., Ah Er, the Lu family that I wanted you to check before, have you found them?” Zhong Shan asked.

“They are in a near mountain valley in front of us, also Lu Jianping already arrived there. However, Mister, are you going to take them with us?” Ah Da said with an inconceivable facial expression.

“Why not?” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

Both of Ah Da and Ah Er stared with perfectly round eyes. It was hard for the four of them to move, how could they move with more than eighty burdens? Except Lu Jianping, the highest cultivation base of the others was only a Xiantian Stage, take them to leave? How could they move?

“Mister, do you really want to take them to leave with us? You are not joking, right?” Ah Da stared with wide eyes widened again and uncertainly said.

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