Immortal V4C74: Retiring and returning home.

Immortal V4C74: Retiring and returning home.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“What?” Giant Deer King surprisedly said.

“Princess Qianyou was rescued.” Hui Guang Arhat said angrily.

“Are you saying that Princess Qianyou has recovered?” Giant Deer King said worriedly.

“Recovered? Not necessarily, even with Pure Snow Lotus, it will take her a hundred days to recover, because the residual Defiling Spirit Aura needs to unceasingly be driven out. The current Princess Qianyou should not be more than a mortal.” Hui Guang Arhat coldly said.

“Oh? One hundred days?” Giant Deer King surprisedly said.

“Yes, it is a hundred days, now that both of her Divine Soul and Divine Sense are contaminated, so she can’t use any cultivation technique at all. She is like a common mortal. Only by unceasingly using Pure Snow Lotus to drive it out, she can only completely drive it out in a hundred days, and during this time she will also recover her strength bit by bit.” Hui Guang Arhat said.

“One hundred days, now, they should have already escaped from the range of the large army, so the hundred days is only a matter of time.” Giant Deer King shook his head and said.

“No, King, although the Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm was purified, the residual poison of Princess Qianyou will not vanish in the hundred days.” Hui Guang Arhat looked at Giant Deer King and said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Giant Deer King said with a frown.

“King, use your Divine Sense to feel this poison.” Hui Guang Arhat extended his hand that was holding the dark golden poisonous mist in front of the Giant Deer King.

Giant Deer King used his Divine Sense to examine it and suddenly stared with wide eyes.

“This poison is quite fierce!” Giant Deer King said with wide eyes.

“Yes, I have sealed this poison with a special technique. King, you may know, this poison can not only continue to injure Princess Qianyou for a hundred days, but also as long as someone uses his Divine sense to investigate the area of ten meters around Princess Qianyou, his Divine sense will be contaminated.  Although he will not be injured, however, Princess Qianyou at this moment is like a huge luminescent Pearl in the dark, and also the only one. So if the  king wants to find Princess Qianyou, it is incomparably easy. And now with the two burdens, Princess Qianyou and Zhong Shan, the four of them shouldn’t have escaped too far.” Hui Guang Arhat said.

Hearing what Hui Guang Arhat said, Giant Deer King frowned and accidentally looked at Hui Guang Arhat, but Hui Guang Arhat seemed to be just giving him a hint, and wouldn’t say more.

At this time, a group of people was approaching from a distant place. It was Great Commander Yi Yan.

Giant Deer King immediately went forward and said: “Great Commander, have you retrieved the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror?”

Yi Yan looked at Giant Deer King, shook his head and said : “Mr. Shui Jing and Gu Lin were truly lucky. They escaped.”

Listening to Yi Yan, Giant Deer King’s heart moved, nodded and didn’t say anything again, then he looked at the sky to watch the battle.

Three days later.

In a mountain valley, Mr. Shui Jing and Gu Lin were waiting quietly.

“Crown Prince, Princess Qianyou may not be willing to come.” Mr. Shui Jing said while shaking his feather fan.

“Oh, this girl’s temper is normal. Since Zhong Shan is dead, she will definitely not come to join us. She will go back alone. Let’s go, with Ah Da and Ah Er, we don’t need to worry about them.” Gu Lin said with a slight smile.

“Yes.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded.

Sky City, Imperial Palace, inside a side hall.

Yi Yan, Nalan Piaoxue and Giant Deer King gathered again.

“Your Majesty, why didn’t you behead Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva at that time!” Yi Yan said with a great pity.

“Behead? Didn’t you see the seven words on the mountain wall? ” Nalan Piaoxue said.

“Seven words? Those seven words must have been left by Zhong Shan, only he can make this shameless thing.” Yi Yan was very anxious.

Zhong Shan left behind the seven words ‘shameless! Taking advantage of someone’s precarious position’. And they indeed saved Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva at the last moment.

“Great Commander, Your Majesty won Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, this is a matter that is worth a celebration, why do you have such a  long face?” Giant Deer King said.

“Won? No, Your Majesty lost and lost the entire Great Yu Emperor Dynasty.” Yi Yan called out angrily.

“Yi Yan! What do you mean?” Nalan Piaoxue called out angrily.

“Your Majesty, it’s like this…” Giant Deer King told him about Yi Yan arranging a banquet, the poisoning of Hui Guang and that Princess Qianyou had stolen the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror.

“You, you actually defied our command. No wonder Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva couldn’t fight with his full strength. It turned out to be because of you.” Nalan Piaoxue was really angry this time.

“Your Majesty, there is a way that can be used to retrieve the the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror.” Giant Deer King suddenly said.

“Oh?” Nalan Piaoxue suddenly looked at Giant Deer King. Yi Yan was also looking at Giant Deer King.

“Now, Princess Qianyou is definitely in Great Yu. Moreover now, she is like a Luminescent Pearl, as long as Divine Sense covers her, she will definitely be found. As long as we capture Princess Qianyou, we can exchange her for the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror. Also Princess Qianyou has Pure Snow Lotus.” Giant Deer King said excitedly.

“Yes, as long as you capture Princess Qianyou, Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror can be retrieved.” Nalan Piaoxue nodded and said.

“Cannot, Your Majesty, absolutely cannot. Once we dispatch the soldiers to search for her in my Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, this will certainly attract the enemy killers and they will assassinate Princess Qianyou. We can’t shoulder this responsibility unjustly.” Yi Yan admonished once again.

“We are just looking for Princess Qianyou. Princess Qianyou has been poisoned by ‘Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm’. Even if she died, it is still the responsibility of Bliss Pure Land.” Giant Deer King immediately argued immediately.

“However, Hui Guang Arhat already announced that Princess Qianyou has Pure Snow Lotus ” Yi Yan said immediately.

“Has? The nonsense talk of Hui Guang Arhat , who would believe it? How could Princess Qianyou have Pure Snow Lotus? If Great Yu Emperor Dynasty wants to be powerful, we must retrieve the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror. By enforcing our cities, the dynasty strength will naturally be powerful. Your Majesty, please give the order!” After Giant Deer King finished speaking, he looked at Great Emperor Nalan.

“Un, it will be done as the minister said.” Nalan Piaoxue nodded.

Giant Deer King revealed a proud facial expression, but Yi Yan knelt down with a ‘Pu’ sound and said: “Your Majesty, we cannot, this will cause the fall of Great Yu beyond redemption.”

Coldly looking at Yi Yan, Great Emperor Nalan said: “Great Commander, it’s already decided, no need to say anything again.”

Great Commander? Yi Yan suddenly raised his head, did Great Emperor Nalan actually called him ‘Great Commander’? He used to call him Yi Yan or Minister, Great Commander? Was he ordering him? Was he suspecting him?

Suddenly, Yi Yan felt a dejected feeling. He has been wholeheartedly working for Great Yu, wholeheartedly working. In the end, doing this for what? Doing this for what?

Looking at Nalan Piaoxue, he finally said very painfully: “Your Majesty, The feudal official has been feeling unwell recently, so please allow me to retire from the position of Great Commander and return home.”

Looking at Yi Yan, Nalan Piaoxue said with a frown: “Granted!”


Yi Yan bowed three times to Nalan Piaoxue, gently took out the Great Commander tiger sign, handed it to the table in front of Nalan Piaoxue, and slowly drew back. Extremely desolate and incomparably dejected, he withdrew from the hall.

After Yi Yan left, Nalan Piaoxue revealed a dry smile and said: “Great Commander ? Henceforth, Great Yu has only me to decide everything.”

The facial expression of Nalan Piaoxue was very strange, no one could see that it was anger, joy, sadness or happiness. Then he was silent for a long time.

The heart of Giant Deer King was really full of excitement now, did Yi Yan go? Who would be the next Great Commander? I?

Looking at Nalan Piaoxue who was drinking alone, Giant Deer King said courageously: “Your Majesty, Yi Yan resigned from the position of Great Commander. Who will take it? Your Majesty make a decision quickly.”

Turning his head and stared at Giant Deer King, Nalan Piaoxue coldly said : “You go to coordinate the pursuit of Princess Qianyou.”

“Yes, that……” Giant Deer King didn’t seem to have forgotten his strong attachment to the Great Commander position.

“Go.” Nalan Piaoxue said.

“Yes.” Giant Deer King nodded immediately, then withdrew from the hall. His heart was also full of doubts, now the Great Commander position was empty, could it be that His Majesty still wants to keep it empty?

At a mountain peak, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva Bodhisattva was looking at Hui Guang Arhat in front of him. He was frowning slightly.

“Bodhisattva, Princess Qianyou also has Pure Snow Lotus.” Hui Guang Arhat said.

Looking at Hui Guang Arhat, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva took a deep breath, shook his head and said: “Hui Guang, you caused a catastrophe this time. ”

“Bodhisattva, didn’t you say that I can  use another way? Princess Qianyou poisoned me, why can’t I poison her?” Hui Guang Arhat said with a stubborn facial expression.

“I told you, it is not necessarily that Princess Qianyou is the one who used the poison. On that day, the seven words on the mountain wall saved my life, so it is not necessarily that Princess Qianyou who used the poison.” Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva shook his head and said.

“But it is still possible, it may be that Princess Qianyou is the one who poisoned me. Bodhisattva, poisoning her that day, I don’t regret it.” Hui Guang Arhat shook his head and said.

“Oh, you are a hopeless case. Hui Guang, you cultivate on your own later, don’t follow me anymore.” Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva shook his head and said with a sigh.

When Hui Guang Arhat heard that, he immediately said: “Bodhisattva, Hui Guang is wrong.”

“Go, our fate has completely reached its end. If you always follow me, you will never be a Bodhisattva. Walk away on your own and whet your impetuous temper.” Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva shook his head and said.

Looking at Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, Hui Guang Arhat knelt down and knocked his head nine times to Bodhisattva then said: “Bodhisattva, using the poison that day, Hui Guang will never regret it. Bodhisattva, take care, Hui Guang will certainly be a new Bodhisattva.”

After that, Hui Guang stood up stubbornly and turned around and flew away.

Looking at the back of Hui Guang Arhat, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva shook his head and sighed slightly.

Three days later, inside the sedan chair. Zhong Shan was again using Pure Snow Lotus to drive out the poison.

While driving out the poison, Princess Qianyou’s eyelashes suddenly moved, but Zhong Shan didn’t stop to hide the Pure Snow Lotus. After all,  this poison was still there, and he will definitely take it out later.

Slowly, Princess Qianyou opened her eyes.

In the instant of opening her eyes, Princess Qianyou just saw a white light covering Zhong Shan, and Zhong Shan seemed to be just like a god, out of the earth.

Then, Princess Qianyou thought she was dreaming, and closed her eyes again. Her eyelashes moved and she opened her eyes again.

After she opened her eyes, she saw that it was indeed Zhong Shan, and in the hands of Zhong Shan, there was a pure white lotus.

“Mister, is this Pure Snow Lotus?” Princess Qianyou unbelievably stared with her eyes wide opened.

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