Immortal V4C73: Heavenly Creed, Cleaving the Waves!

Immortal V4C73: Heavenly Creed, Cleaving the Waves!

Translated by: RedLotus.

The movements of Zhong Shan and Princess Qianyou were under the vision of General Yu. General Yu’s mouth revealed a slight sneer. Zhong Shan’s cultivation base, he saw it clearly moments ago, Golden Core Fourth Layer, only Golden Core Fourth Layer, and Princess Qianyou had a Nascent Soul Stage strength, want to hurt me? Keep dreaming!

Ah Da and Ah Er were already above the sea and their eyes were red and full of killing intent. But this time, the two did not have any hidden trump cards. Absolute Sovereign Realm, Giant Deer King and Wu’an also have Absolute Sovereign Realm cultivation base, and they were slowly dragging the two people down, so the two couldn’t go down immediately. Could it be that they wanted to bring the battlefield down?

Princess Qianyou’s strength was getting weaker and weaker. Being held in the arms of Zhong Shan, she could only wave her arm and release the rest of her strength through her arm.

Zhong Shan’s mouth was extremely close to Princess Qianyou’s ear. He was holding Princess Qianyou in one hand and grasping Princess Qianyou’s right hand with his right hand. While he was raising the arm slowly, he was intently staring at the water in front of the Restricting Divine Sphere. Zhong Shan was looking intently for the trace of the sea water vein.

Suddenly, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrank and grabbed Qianyou’s right hand and moved it personally.

“Stimulate the sword.” Zhong Shan gently said. However when he spoke, his lips just touched the ear of Princess Qianyou.

Zhong Shan didn’t notice because his mind was completely focused, but Princess Qianyou felt it because her ear was the most sensitive place. It was touched by the wet lips of Zhong Shan. Her nerves unconsciously trembled and her face became red, but she still used her greatest strength to stimulate the sword and to wave it. Waving the sword, as for where to wave, Princess Qianyou did not know.

When Princess Qianyou waved her sword, Zhong Shan suddenly used Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Art, and all of his strength also rushed into the sword at the same time. Now the two people simultaneously infused their strength into the sword, so after waving this sword, there will not be any deviation.

Heavenly Creed, Cleaving the Waves!

Using the sword to release the blade, the sword was waved upwards. After waving the sword, there was no Sword Qi released at all, there was only a huge Sword Aura of nearly 200 meters long. But still there was a long distance from the Restricting Divine Sphere. Even after waving the sword, there was no cutting force at all even including the surrounding sea water.

General Yu instinctively wanted to smile, what broken Sword Art was this?

But just as he wanted to smile, an extremely dangerous feeling suddenly appeared in his heart.

Because at that moment, Princess Qianyou’s long sword was pointed to himself, and at the tip of the Sword Aura, the enormous sea water suddenly fled to the two sides crazily, yes, fled. How could it flee?

It was incomparably inconceivable. For a moment, the whole sea seemed to be suddenly turned into a glacier. Under a great strength, a tear suddenly appeared in the glacier and started to spread from one end to the other. It was like a big cloth, which was suddenly torn from its distant end. That tear was rushing to himself at a terrifying speed.

The sea water was separated, starting from the tip of the sword of Princess Qianyou, it was crazily separating, as if was avoiding a Plague God. This sea seemed to be strangely separated.

An opening was torn from the Restricting Divine Sphere. The vast great strength of the tearing continued to spread.


With only a ‘Ci’ sound, a blood fog blasted out, and the Restricting Divine Sphere was split into two halves. General Yu, who was inside, was also split into two halves, leaving only a terrified blue Divine Soul.

The tearing of the sea water did not stop at this, but continued to the surface of the sea. The force of tearing the sea surged up with dreadful great strength.


The endless sea water soared on to the sky.


The battle above the sea suddenly stopped. Ah Da, Ah Er, Giant Deer King, and Wu’an were all unbelievably looking at the huge opening in the sea, and the endless seawater was unceasingly refilling it.

In an instant, the opening that was created by the sword of Princess Qianyou, was instantly refilled, but that sword was actually deeply buried in the hearts of everyone. This sword, the might of this sword, the four people above the sea could release it. it was a full power sword strike of Body Fusion Stage Middle Stage. But, at this moment what was the condition of Princess Qianyou? What was the cultivation base of Zhong Shan? Also the heart of Zhong Shan was full of inconceivable feeling . How could it be like this?

at this moment, Princess Qianyou was also looking at her right hand with wide opened eyes. It was the right hand that Zhong Shan was still holding with his hand. Was this her own? How could it be? What her own strength was, she was clear, but the energy that was injected into the long sword by Zhong Shan, it was clear and unreasonable, it should not be!

The four directions were quiet, only the terrified Divine Soul of General Yu fled to the top.

Extremely fearful, this Princess Qianyou was extremely fearful. Just when General Yu just rushed out of the sea, Ah Da regained his senses, turned his hand and extinguished General Yu Divine Soul. Then, his body swayed, rushed down quickly and appeared on the side of Zhong Shan.

It was the same for Ah Er, he also quickly rushed down. Wu’an and Giant Deer King also quickly pursued down.

It was a deadlocked situation again.

“Giant Deer King, do you know why Hui Guang Arhat went back so anxiously?” Zhong Shan called out.

Giant Deer King coldly smiled, Why did Hui Guang Arhat go back? Of course, Giant Deer King knew that the intention of Hui Guang Arhat was only to use the poison, and of course he went back quickly to watch the battle.

“What super Magical Treasure does the Holy Land Bliss Pure Land have? The Yuan Qi of Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva was severely damaged, but still he dared to accept the challenge? You come out to chase us, but Hui Guang Arhat takes the super Magical Treasure back, then Great Emperor Nalan will be in danger!” Zhong Shan called out.

Zhong Shan was also just opening his mouth to say anything. He said that just to scare him, it didn’t matter if it was right or not.

“The princess can live for ten days only. Why are you stopping us? Moreover, can you stop us? While Ah Da and Ah Er are delaying you, I can take the princess and leave.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

Sure enough, Ah Da Ah Er immediately stood in front of Zhong Shan. Giant Deer King suddenly became gloomy and uncertain.

Zhong Shan kept calling out: “Great Emperor Nalan will not die, but just in case, if Great Emperor Nalan died, who has the highest prestige in Great Yu Emperor Dynasty? By making a public appeal, who will be the new Great Emperor?”

Yi Yan, definitely Yi Yan, even if Yi Yan was about to die from illness, but the already irritated heart of Giant Deer King was provoked even more.

“Good, only ten days, princess, you take care.” Giant Deer King said.

Subsequently, leading Wu’an, Giant Deer King left to the sea surface and rushed back to Sky City charging into Shocking Waves Sea.

When the foreign enemies left, Zhong Shan took a long breath.

“Princess, rest assured, with me here, you will definitely be fine!” Zhong Shan immediately bowed his head to Princess Qianyou and said.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou revealed a weak smile, then looked to Ah Da and Ah Er.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, during my stupor, you must listen to the words of Mister.” Princess Qianyou said weakly.

“Yes.” The two immediately complied.

Nodding with satisfaction, Princess Qianyou suddenly fainted.

Looking at the princess who passed out, Zhong Shan felt tight in heart. He had to find a good place as soon as possible.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, now take us to the west, to the west with full strength. Carefully to the west.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Ah Da and Ah Er immediately complied.

After a day, in a forest deep in the mountains.

Arranging a flag array on the outside to make the outsider Divine Sense directly ignore it.

Inside, Ah Da and Ah Er stood anxiously. Zhong Shan was holding Princess Qianyou.

After a day of running away, Zhong Shan felt that it was safe. He decided to take a rest in this forest.

“What should we do, Mister? The Divine Sense and Divine Soul of the princess were completely contaminated by the Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm. After nine days, the princess will die because of Divine Soul exhaustion.” Ah Da said anxiously.

Zhong Shan took a deep breath, and turned his hand, a huge sedan chair appeared in front of everyone.

It was a large sedan chair that needed sixteen people to lift it. It was prepared by Zhong Shan at Heavenly Wolf Island in order to pick up Tian Ling’er. He never expected to be used here.

Gently holding Princess Qianyou to the inside of the sedan chair. The inside was like a small room and seemed to be very comfortable to lay down inside.

“You are not allowed to come in, guard the surroundings, do not disturb us, and do not use Divine Sense to investigate.” Zhong Shan looked at the two people and said.

“Yes.” The two immediately complied.

Then the two immediately left, but Zhong Shan still felt unsafe, then outside the sedan chair, he arranged a flag array to isolate both Divine Sense and sound.

Ah Da and Ah Er looked at each other but they said nothing.

Inside the sedan chair, Zhong Shan looked at Princess Qianyou. The heart of Zhong Shan was full of sighs. Princess Qianyou was like this because of himself. If she didn’t insist on taking him, she might have already gathered with Gu Lin and Shui Jing.

Turning his hand, Zhong Shan gently took out his Pure Snow Lotus.

In this world, there was such a coincidence. Pure Snow Lotus, under the heavens, there were only three, and he actually had one. In fact, Zhong Shan didn’t know that Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm was a poison that needed Pure Snow Lotus to be created. If Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva didn’t have Pure Snow Lotus, then he would not have this poison. And because of this, Hui Guang Arhat would use this kind of strange poison to poison Princess Qianyou.

Although Zhong Shan didn’t know the usage steps of the Pure Snow Lotus, he knew the most basic step to use it. He put the Pure Snow Lotus on the top of the head of Princess Qianyou. He pressed it with his hand stimulating it.

“Buzz….. ”

A gentle white light covered and entered into the body Princess Qianyou.

At this time, above the white light, there was something like a large dark golden silkworm, and it was crazily twisting from one side to the other.


The large silkworm exploded and the enormous dark golden energy covered Princess Qianyou again. Zhong Shan was so motivated when he saw the dark gold energy was vanishing little by little. However, it was too slow. Obviously it would take a long time to completely drive it out.

When Zhong Shan was driving out the poison, above the Shocking Waves Sea, Great Emperor Nalan and Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva were still fighting. The Shocking Waves Sea had dried up, and there were fissures spreading in all directions at the dried seabed. At this moment, the two people were fighting in the sky.

Giant Deer King and Hui Guang Arhat were standing there and were both looking at the sky.

At this moment, Hui Guang Arhat suddenly stared with wide eyes, turning his hand, and a dark golden mist appeared in his hand. There was a phantom of a silkworm inside it, but the silkworm was twisting in pain, then it dissipated.

When Hui Guang Arhat took out the Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm, Giant Deer King became on the alert.

“What’s the wrong?” Giant Deer King looked at Hui Guang Arhat and asked immediately.

“When Bodhisattva refines the Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm, it is a pair. If an expert drives one out, the second one will not be effected, but if one is refined by Pure Snow Lotus, the other one must be affected and it will dissipate.” Hui Guang Arhat said with wide opened eyes .

“What does that mean?” Giant Deer King had a bad premonition.

“Princess Qianyou also has a Pure Snow Lotus? She purified the Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm.” Hui Guang Arhat said.

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