Immortal V4C72: Zhong Shan uses a sword to release the blade.

Immortal V4C72: Zhong Shan uses a sword to release the blade.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Hui Guang Arhat took the lead to act and didn’t let Giant Deer King continue to speak again, because not only Hui Guang Arhat wanted to avenge the previous enmity, but also he was worried about Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva at the Shocking Waves Sea. He must fight a battle to force a quick decision, and go back quickly. If there was an accident, he might be able to give some help.

When Hui Guang Arhat turned his hand to grasp, a huge golden palm appeared in the sky, and it shot directly to Princess Qianyou.

Ah Da stepped forward and raised his fists to the sky.

This time, Ah Da did not hold anything back in the slightest. When the double fists were launched, a fierce tiger phantom rushed to the sky.



When the fierce tiger collided with the huge palm, a surging wave of air blew toward the four directions. The sea below sank for more than ten meters, and a large circle shaped wave surged outside for more than a kilometer.

The soldiers who were encircling them, were blown out by this wave. However, Princess Qianyou was protecting Zhong Shan and shot quickly toward the bottom.

General Yu who was looking at Zhong Shan waved his hand, and the numerous soldiers quickly retreated to a distant place. The people here were experts, peak experts, they can’t meddle.

When Hui Guang Arhat attacked, Giant Deer King was angry, but at the next moment, his eyes lit up with bright light. Yi Yan said that he couldn’t injure Princess Qianyou, but what if it was Hui Guang Arhat who injured her? For Hui Guang Arhat to kill Princess Qianyou, wasn’t that making the Holy Land and the Heavenly Dynasty be completely enemies? That was also a great achievement for himself.

Thinking of this, Giant Deer King’s mouth revealed a sinister smile and said: “Wu’an, stop Ah Er!”

“Yes.” Wu’an who was brought by Giant Deer King immediately complied.

When Hui Guang Arhat saw Giant Deer King started to act, he frowned. Although Hui Guang Arhat was anxious, he still kept an eye on Giant Deer King. Because the wisdom of Giant Deer King was not like the monster Yi Yan, it was not difficult to guess his intention correctly.

Hui Guang Arhat also revealed a strange smile, thought a little, and continued to pursue Princess Qianyou.

Hui Guang Arhat rushed down, and Ah Da stood in front of him, but suddenly another person appeared in front of Ah Da. It was Giant Deer King.

Similarly in front of Ah Er, the subordinate of Giant Deer King, Wu’an suddenly appeared.


Princess Qianyou brought Zhong Shan and sank into the sea.

Entering the sea, Zhong Shan could still see what was happening above, Ah Da, Ah Er, Giant Deer King and Wu’an were fighting above the sea. For a moment, the sea surface above seemed to be curled up into thousands of waves. Although Zhong Shan and Qianyou were sinking quickly, they could feel an undersea storm caused by the fight of the people above the sea.

The two of them only felt that the dreadful sea water was soaring on to the sky, and the two of them were going against the current. Similarly, from the surrounding distant places, a large amount of sea water was rushing towards here.

The four Experts were in a deadlock fight above the sea. However, under the sea, in addition to Princess Qianyou and Zhong Shan, there were two people chasing them. One was Hui Guang Arhat who wanted to have his revenge, but the other one was General Yu who was in the Initial Stage of Body Fusion.

Hui Guang Arhat rushed down while sneering, but General Yu was preparing to act as a fisherman, he wanted to fight an exhausted enemy to obtain benefits without efforts.

Sinking to the bottom of the sea, the heart of Zhong Shan was full of worries. He was not only worried about himself, but also worried about Princess Qianyou. What should he do?

Zhong Shan became exceptionally calm, thinking about everything, Red Luan Bewitching Mist? It was not good to use it to deal with these people unless they were very careless, otherwise it will be bad once they were discovered. Now Hui Guang Arhat was fighting, and General Yu was waiting for the unearned profit, How could  they be careless?

“Hui Guang Arhat, we have sent some people to the Shocking Waves Sea, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva will certainly be well. If the princess dies, you will certainly be the cause of enmity between the Holy Land and Heavenly Dynasty.” Zhong Shan called out.

“Will certainly be well?” Hui Guang Arhat stared with wide eyes and said. The body of Hui Guang Arhat stopped.

If it was really as Zhong Shan said, then he didn’t need to be the criminal of Bliss Pure Land.

When he saw Hui Guang Arhat stopped, Zhong Shan was happy in heart, because just a moment ago, when Hui Guang Arhat rushed down and his imposing manner erupted, he and Princess Qianyou were forced into the seabed, and under the locking of the Internal Qi, they couldn’t move. In this way, then the imposing manner of Hui Guang Arhat was close to that of Princess Qianyou, and the pressure that Princess Qianyou was under could be imagined.

The surrounding seawater was forced open by the imposing manner of Hui Guang Arhat moments ago.

Hui Guang Arhat hesitated, good, his hesitation was good.

When Zhong Shan wanted to speak again, Hui Guang Arhat turned his hand and a dark golden mist suddenly appeared in the palm of his hand. In the mist, there was a faint phantom of an insect like a silkworm.

Hui Guang Arhat glared, turned his hand and waved to below.


Zhong Shan was blown away , and Princess Qianyou was exposed in front of Hui Guang Arhat, and the dark golden mist rushed straight towards her.

“Hui Guang, you are courting death!” Zhong Shan called out.

At this moment Princess Qianyou, under the powerful imposing manner, was not able to move, the dark golden mist released by Hui Guang Arhat quickly rushed into the body of Princess Qianyou.


Princess Qianyou  loudly spit out blood, her face suddenly darkened, and at this time, Zhong Shan, who was blown away, suddenly was able to move, as if the imposing manner of Hui Guang Arhat had completely been restrained.

The sea water surged crazily, and Zhong Shan quickly rushed to Princess Qianyou.

Princess Qianyou was hit by Hui Guang Arhat, and her body swayed, as if she was about to be washed away by the sea water.

Zhong Shan didn’t think too much, he held Princess Qianyou who was swaying and falling.


The sound of Ah Da calling out was suddenly heard from above the sea. Although there were four people fighting above the sea, each person’s Divine Sense was still locked on the people under the sea.

The impact of the waves became even stronger, and the battle above the sea became more intense.

Zhong Shan was holding Princess Qianyou with her darkened complexion. He was suspiciously looking at Hui Guang Arhat.

At this moment, Zhong Shan once again confirmed the value of the absolute strength. Before the absolute strength, how pale and weak wisdom is. Hui Guang Arhat, at this moment Hui Guang Arhat could decide their life and death.

Zhong Shan protected himself and Princess Qianyou with an aura cover. there was a trace of blood on the corner of the mouth of Princess Qianyou and she was staring at Hui Guang Arhat with eyes full of hatred.

“Bodhisattva said that I can’t kill you, but I can still use another method, Princess Qianyou, last time you poisoned me with the Great Luo Mist, this time, try the Bliss Pure Land’s ‘Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm’. Defiling Spirit Golden Silkworm is also a  strange poison under the heavens, it is defiling soul method, it can’t be driven out without the Pure Snow Lotus, or a person with a cultivation base like Bodhisattva and he has to greatly consume his Yuan Qi to drive it our for you. Regardless of whether you send someone to save Bodhisattva or not, you poisoned me and because of this, you have this result today.” Hui Guang Arhat coldly said.

Princess Qianyou seemed to suddenly become extremely weak, but she was coldly looking at Hui Guang Arhat, her eyes were full of anger.

Hui Guang Arhat smiled at Princess Qianyou and said coldly: “Forgot to tell you, Pure Snow Lotus, under the heavens, there are only three, no, Bodhisattva’s flower was swallowed by Ghost King a short time ago, so there are only two now.”

After that, Hui Guang Arhat turned around and flew out of the sea. He coldly looked at Giant Deer King.

Do you want to frame me? Hui Guang Arhat, with self-satisfaction, left quickly to a distant place.

Hui Guang Arhat left, but Giant Deer King actually smiled. Hui Guang Arhat really thought himself was intelligent.

“General Yu, capture Princess Qianyou, take her back to Sky City, let everyone know that Hui Guang Arhat poisoned Princess Qianyou.” Giant Deer King called out while blocking Ah Da from going to the sea.

Sure enough, the fisherman is the one who always laughs at the end.

General Yu, with excitement, rushed quickly toward the bottom.

At this moment, Princess Qianyou was poisoned. She seemed to be incomparably weak, and Zhong Shan was far from being his opponent.

However, the most self-satisfied time is often the most dangerous time.

Princess Qianyou, who was held in Zhong Shan’s arms, turned her hand and pushed it up.

A blue ball of light rushed straight towards him, General Yu felt tight in his heart, and he waved the great blade in his hand at the blue ball of light.


The blue ball of light was divided into two halves, no, it did not divide into two halves, but simply was not touched at all. It was like a phantom, and the blade passed through it, then it suddenly and strangely quickly grew bigger. It was like a bubble, and covered General Yu inside it.

General Yu was trapped.

General Yu was completely depressed. He continued to crazily wave the great blade in his hand at the blue bubble to divide it, and the blue ball of light also started to shake, as if it was about to break at any time.

“Restricting Divine Sphere? General Yu is at the Body Fusion Stage, it will not trap him for long.” Giant Deer King called out excitedly above the sea.

“Mister, you leave quickly.” Princess Qianyou revealed a miserable smile and said.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan clenched his fists tightly, leave? At this time, could Zhong Shan leave?

“No, Princess, it was me who harmed you, I must lead you to leave.” Zhong Shan said with a firm facial expression.

“It’s not, I am the one who was too persistent, I didn’t want to lose Mister, so I can’t blame you. If disasters come from nature, something can be done to counter them. But if disasters came from one’s own making, one is done for. Mister, you leave quickly, I can finally summon a tiger of the Body Fusion Stage, it can extinguish General Yu. Even if I am going to die, I can’t become a chess piece in their conspiracy.” Princess Qianyou smiled miserably and said.

Summon? Zhong Shan’s eyes lit up, yes, when he signed the Wolf Clan contract, didn’t it say that it can be summoned by his descendants for ten generations? Could Princess Qianyou also do it?

“Summon? After the summoning, isn’t your poisoning going to be deeper?” Zhong Shan asked immediately.

“It’s too late, for ten days at most, I can insist for ten days at most, and I don’t have the time to go back to Great Luo to find someone to drive the poison out. The magical power that I can use now is only 30% of my peak power, and I am constantly being defiled. If I don’t summon now, there is no chance but to die. Never expected that I, Qianyou, would actually fall to this point.” Princess Qianyou said with a miserable smile.

Above, General Yu was about to break the Restricting Divine Sphere. Princess Qianyou stretched out her palm preparing to summon the tiger.

At this moment, Zhong Chan who was holding Princess Qianyou, grasped the right hand of Princess Qianyou that was about to cast the summon.

“Princess, do you trust me?” Zhong Shan stared at Princess Qianyou and said in an incomparably earnest voice.

Looking at Zhong Shan’s eyes, Princess Qianyou didn’t know why but the original mood of grief was somehow suddenly forgotten. She instinctively looked at Zhong Shan and nodded.

“Ok, take out your weapon, I will hold your hand and you wave it.” Zhong Shan said with extreme determination.

Princess Qianyou didn’t believe it, but she still took out a long sword.

Supporting the back of Princess Qianyou with his chest, and holding the right hand of Princess Qianyou with his right hand. They were holding the sword together. Zhong Shan at this moment was extremely focused. He was staring at the top and staring at the Restricting Divine Sphere where General Yu was located.

“I wave, you activate the sword and strike with full power. Success or failure depends on this.” Zhong Shan was very determined. Zhong Shan wanted to release the blade with the sword.

“Useless, now I only have the strength of Nascent Soul Stage, and I can’t harm General Yu, not even the breaking Restricting Divine Sphere.” Princess Qianyou shook her head and her eyes were full of sorrow.

“Trust me!” In the ear of Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan gently said.

Seeing Zhong Shan’s firm eyes, it was as if listening to the final words before dying, Princess Qianyou somehow, suddenly smiled and gently nodded.

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