Immortal V4C7: Mountain Square Negotiation.

Immortal V4C7: Mountain Square Negotiation.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Unparalleled City, floating restricted area with red light curtain.

Inside, there were three floating islands connected to each other. On one of the floating islands, at the foot of a mountain, there was a clear spring, next to it, there were two very elegant houses.

Zhong Shan was sitting cross-legged inside one of them, he was adjusting his breathing and cultivating unceasingly.

A few days ago, he strolled around the business district. Zhong Shan saw all kinds of Magical Treasure, which was regarded as gaining experience. However, Zhong Shan did not put out another Medicinal Pill to trade it for Magical Treasure. Medicinal Pills, one was enough, and taking out too much did not match his identity and status. At least in the eyes of others, he should have no more Medicinal Pill.

Here was the home of Shui Wuhen, one of the floating islands, the Spiritual Qi was abundant above the floating island, and the environment was elegant, it was also a mansion in the Unparalleled City.

Standing above, he could see the scenery of Unparalleled City below, Unparalleled City was too big, and it was much bigger than Kai Yang Sect. This Unparalleled City, its size was at least as large as a large-scale mountain range, it was indeed a super City.

The assignment document has yet to come down, but Zhong Shan was not in a hurry, but was waiting patiently.

Nan Batian was living in another house.

“Zhong Shan and Batian” they suddenly heard the voice of Shui Wuhen outside the house.

Zhong Shan put away his work and slowly went out.

“Did the assignment document come down? ”Nan Batian asked as he walked out of the door.

“No, but there is good news” Shui Wuhen said with a smile.

At this time, Zhong Shan came slowly.

“Good news?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully.

“Yes, maybe there will be a truce between Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty and Great Yu Emperor Dynasty. At least in the short term, there will be no war.” Shui Wuhen said.

“Uh, how do you know?” Zhong Shan asked doubtfully.

“My father said that tomorrow morning, outside the Unparalleled City above Mountain Square, there will be a discussion. At that time, almost all of the Unparalleled City various officials will go, my father must go, do you want to go?” Shui Wuhen said.

“Uh? Two dynasties mutual negotiations? can we go?” Zhong Shan frowned and said.

“No problem, we will stand at the foot of the mountain, as long as we don’t go out and add to the chaos, it won’t matter.” Shui Wuhen said.

“Of course I have to go.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Ok, I will call you at the appointed time.” Shui Wuhen said.

Inside the Unparalleled City.

Another huge floating island.

This floating island was very beautifully decorated, with a few beautiful halls, and some partial halls, where the retinues were busy, and inside the central main hall.

Shui Wuhen’s father, Southern City Official Shui Tianya, at this moment was standing respectfully below, and was bowing to the people above.

Sitting above the throne was a woman dressed in a black silk gown. The slender legs look extraordinarily eye-catching, with a flash of wisdom in her eyes, and unconsciously revealing the air of arrogance of the Top Position.

If Zhong Shan was here, he could definitely recognize her at a glance, just a few years ago, she was Princess Qianyou who appeared when they were competing for the legacy of the Eight Gate Golden Lock Array. There were two men standing behind Princess Qianyou, Ah Da and Ah Er.

Shui Tianya was respectfully bowing to Princess Qianyou.

“Shui Tianya, how is the response in Unparalleled City now?” Asked Princess Qianyou.

“Reporting Princess, temporarily, the effect is really not ideal, but the subordinate will try his best.” Shui Tianya frowned and sighed.

“Well, Great Xuan King sent his son, Gu Lin, this time to be responsible for this side operation, Gu Lin cannot be entrusted with heavy responsibilities, but Mr. Shui Jing is the rare talent under the heavens, with Mr. Shui Jing, our difficulty this time has increased, you have to always pay attention to their actions, as well as inquire about every instruction of Mr. Shui Jing.” Princess Qianyou said after thinking for a while.

“Yes.” Shui Tianya immediately complied.

“Well, this thing will temporarily be put down. Tomorrow, in ‘Mountain Square Negotiation’, we cannot loss, you shall also prepare.” Princess Qianyou said openly.

“Yes.” Shui Tianya respectfully said. Then slowly left the hall.

Sitting in the hall, Princess Qianyou frowned slightly, gently tapping on the arm of the seat, thinking then called out: “Ah Da.”

At the moment, Ah Da immediately moved forward.

“Make the ten staff members and the several officials to come over, let’s see what they are thinking of.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Yes.” Ah Da immediately complied, then quickly walked out of the hall.

Unparalleled City, another palace.

Gu Lin, who was following Princess Qianyou during the incident of Eight Gate Golden Lock Array, was sitting above the throne. Mr. Shui Jing, who was responsible for the strategies and plans, was standing beside him and holding a feather fan.

At this moment, both of them were looking at another man who bowing respectfully below.

The man was in a white robe, he was a mortal, fifty years old and seemed to be very calm.

“Mo Baili, how is the response in Unparalleled City?” Gu Lin asked.

“Crown Prince rest assured, originally there wasn’t any major problem, and with mister’s advice, the situation is now very good. After the Mountain Square Negotiation, we can completely overwhelm Southern City Official Shui Tianya.” Mo Baili said respectfully.

“That’s good, my father gave me this matter, you can’t make any mistake.” Gu Lin said with a smile.

“Yes, Crown Prince rest assured that this is a ninety percent sure matter.” Mo Baili said with a smile.

“No, you must pay attention to Princess Qianyou.” Mr. Shui Jing said while shaking the feather fan.

“Yes, Qianyou, Qianyou, she is extremely intelligent, you can’t treat her lightly, or else the situation of winning will be destroyed by her, at that time I will not be able to lift my head in front of her. So I only permit victory, cannot lose.” Gu Lin stood up and said.

Accidentally looked at Gu Lin, Mo Baili said: “Crown Prince rest assured that now is just the basic trend, even if Princess Qianyou is extremely outstanding, with Mr. Shui Jing here, we will certainly win.”

“Um, that’s good, you should go ahead and prepare for tomorrow’s ‘Mountain Square Negotiation’, and wait until the Mountain Square Negotiation ends then we will talk again.” Gu Lin said after some thinking.

“Yes.” Mo Baili immediately complied then slowly left the hall.

After Mo Baili left, Gu Lin immediately looked at Mr. Shui Jing and said: “Shui Jing, my father said, if you want to impress Qianyou, this time I must win an overwhelming victory, you can not make a mistake, I only permit victory!”

“Crown Prince rest assured that Shui Jing will do his best.” Mr. Shui Jing said while shaking the feather fan.

Unparalleled City, another floating island.

Mo Yanbing entered into a hall.

“What about my father?” Mo Yanbing asked a servant.

“Master went out to manage something.” The servant answered.

“Tomorrow is Mountain Square Negotiation. Did my father go out at this time? Where did he go?” Mo Yanbing frowned and asked.

“I don’t know ” The servant said.

“Young Master, Young Master” suddenly someone appeared outside, he was the person who previously was following Mo Yanbing, Xiao San.

“Did you find out their details?” Mo Yanbing frowned then asked.

“Yes, Young Master, these two people, should be Kai Yang Sect people, and both are Shui Wuhen’s Junior Brothers.” Xiao San said.

“Oh? Is it reliable?” Mo Yanbing asked doubtfully.

“Yes, it was personally said by a servant of Shui Tianya. He also said that these two had been calling Shui Wuhen Senior Brother.” Xiao San said.

When he heard what Xiao San said, Mo Yanbing, with a ruthless intent in his eyes, said: “Ok, it turned out to be the Junior Brother of Shui Wuhen, the disciple of Kai Yang Sect of Heavenly Wolf Island that barren land? Golden Core Stage? Snort, no one dares to let me leave in such extremely ugly way and continue to live well.”

The next day, early morning.

Eight hundreds miles away from the south of Unparalleled City, It was flat and open area, with only a White Jade Mountain in the center.

The White Jade Mountain was like a human sculpture. It was about 300 meters high and square in shape. There were white jade steps on each side, South, East, North and West, so that people could walk up. This was the Mountain Square.

The open space below, there was a large number of soldiers guarding it.

There were two camps, each camp has 100,000 soldiers.

200,000 soldiers were standing on both sides, waiting quietly.

There were several big tents for the important figures of the two sides, to rest first. They were waiting for the negotiations to begin.

Zhong Shan, Nan Batian and Shui Wuhen, at this moment, were standing in a tent and quietly watching the armies of the two dynasties.

Zhong Shan was looking patiently, because Zhong Shan saw that even though there were 200,000 troops under the Mountain Square, they were standing without sending out a slight sound, just the sound of the wind, they were waiting for the negotiations to begin.

There was still half an hour till the negotiations begin.

At this time, from the other party’s big tent, suddenly one person came out.

Seeing that person, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrunk, it was general Tie Xue who they have just met before, the commander of The 1st Legion of Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, Tie Xue.

Tie Xue came out from the tent, and he was also followed by a large number of Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s generals, also some civil officials followed behind General Tie Xue. No one dared to overstep just half a step.

In the camp of the other side, it was obvious that General Tie Xue had the highest status.

From the other party’s big tent nearly forty people came out, but also from the big camp of Zhong Shan, some leading figures immediately came out.

Looking at the people who came out from the big tent at a distant place. Zhong Shan pinched his fists unconsciously, and his eyes flashed with a strange surprise.

Because Zhong Shan saw a group of acquaintances, this group of acquaintances, he met them nine years ago.

Princess Qianyou, Mr. Shui Jing, Gu Lin? Princess Qianyou ? Such a coincidence? Moreover, Shui Tianya, the civil officials and the military generals were respectfully standing behind Princess Qianyou.

Was she the princess of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty? Thinking about it, Zhong Shan frowned deeply forming a ‘川’ character on his forehead, then he sighed and revealed a bitter smile. It seemed that this Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty Fifth Grade official was not so good. At least in the future, it will be exiting because of this group of ‘acquaintances’.

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