Immortal V4C69: Beacon Light.

Immortal V4C69: Beacon Light.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Yi Yan’s visit to Princess Qianyou was still seen by many people, including Hui Guang Arhat, who had been paying attention to the big tent, and Giant Deer King.

Hui Guang Arhat frowned and his body instantly disappeared from the place, but Giant Deer King was coldly smiling.

Yi Yan left with the army, Hui Guang Arhat also disappeared, Giant Deer King frowned slightly, and there was a bad premonition in his heart. Where did it come from?

As Giant Deer King was still in doubts, suddenly, a servant of the Giant Deer Palace came quickly and knelt down on one knee in front of Giant Deer King.

“Wu’an, why did you come here?” Giant Deer King stared and said.

“King, it is not good, Giant Deer Palace was robbed, Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror was stolen.” Wu An said.

“What?” Giant Deer King stared and said.

“Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, it’s lost!” Wu’an again.

Giant Deer King was surprised. He looked at the four directions and looked at Great Emperor Nalan and Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva at both ends of the sea.

“Move, return to the city.” Giant Deer King was irritated and said.

Giant Deer King Palace.

At the place of the palace, the floating island had already been collapsed above the earth, it was completely ruined. At this moment, a not far away mountain had been cut off around the middle.

Giant Deer King was unceasingly looking through the ruins, and the numerous generals were cleaning the ruins with Giant Deer King. Hui Guang Arhat stood quietly not far away and was isolated outside by the generals.

Under the ruins of the floating island, a large number of officers were forming a circle to protect a person in the center.

Yi Yan!

Yi Yan was wearing a blue-colored robe, he bent over and grabbed a stone, frowned, gently pinched, pinched it into powder, and threw it down.

“Search, search for me! Search outside the city, notify the nearby cities, dispatch all the soldiers.” Giant Deer King called out angrily.

“Giant Deer King!” Yi Yan suddenly called out lightly.

Giant Deer King was very angry now, Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, that was the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, His Majesty trusted him to keep it in his own custody, letting him find a way to break its seal. He never expected, never expected that just going out of the city for a while and it was stolen? No, it’s snatched, and it was during the day time. The Giant Deer King Palace was robbed by thieves unexpectedly? How could he explain it to His Majesty?

What was even more hateful was that he didn’t know who had stolen it. He didn’t know who were those people? Scoundrels, such a thing, Absolute Sovereign Realm, there were actually two Absolute Sovereign Realm Expert? Even in the ruins that he had just searched, there was no clue left. Scoundrels, what dignity did they make him have? How could he face His Majesty?

At this time, he suddenly heard the call of Yi Yan from far away.

With anger, Giant Deer King walked over. Looking at Yi Yan, did Yi Yan come to watch the joke?

“Giant Deer King, is the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror lost?” Yi Yan asked.

“Yes.” Giant Deer King was depressed, coldly looking at Yi Yan, he was thinking that Yi Yan was intentionally teasing him.

“Dare I ask Giant Deer King, Princess Qianyou and her people, have they ever gone to Sky Prison?” Yi Yan asked lightly.

“Sky Prison? Yes, it is Princess Qianyou, it must be them.” Giant Deer King finally determined the criminal.

“Someone come, bring me the prison history of Sky Prison, and check if Wu Wanli is still there?” Giant Deer King immediately looked at a subordinate and said.

“Yes.” That person complied immediately.

“Giant Deer King, if the people of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty want to enter Sky Prison, they must get your or my permission, they wanted to enter Sky Prison, have you, Giant Deer King, not been concerned?” Yi Yan looked at Giant Deer King and said with a sigh.

“When Princess Qianyou and the others just arrived to Sky City and after the banquet in the Giant Deer King Palace, they entered one time. After they entered, every word they said, I had it recorded. How could I think they came to Sky City prepared?” Giant Deer King said angrily.

“Only once, to enter one time is enough, or could it be that they have to go in every day to draw your attention?” Yi Yan said with a forced smile.

“So now what should we do? Are you sure that it is Princess Qianyou?” Giant Deer King was still angry and asked again.

“At the shore of Shocking Waves Sea, Princess Qianyou and the others had already left, they must have returned to Sky City, if you do not believe me, wait a moment to see the prison history.” Yi Yan shook his head and said.

“Anyway, the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror can’t be received into the Storage Bracelet, it can only be held in the hand, and there is always a withering aura above it. I will immediately inform all the city forces to search the city. As long as the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror is covered by Divine Sense, they will be able to detect it quickly.” Giant Deer King said.

“Un.” Yi Yan nodded.

“Four City Officials, you now, use the ‘ Beacon Light ‘ to inform the entire city, inside Great Yu, release the war alert. No one is allowed to leave, make the army go out of the city to search in all directions, if they find suspicious people, take them directly, use the Divine Sense to search, who discovers the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, will be rewarded with 200,000 high-grade spirit stones, and who recaptures the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, will be rewarded with 2 million high-grade spirit stones and his Great Yu’s position will be raised by a level with no limit.” Giant Deer King ordered.

“Yes.” Four City Officials immediately complied and quickly ran to the four directions.

Shortly, above a tower of a city gate of Sky City, suddenly a red light column of three meters in diameter shot rapidly toward a certain direction in the south.

It was unimpeded all the way, the light column pierced through the clouds, and it instantly appeared in the thousands of miles away, and its speed was still increasing crazily.

At the same time, above the towers of other eight places in the Sky City also released eight columns of such light, and instantly shot infinitely to the distant places.

After a short while, in a not far away city to the south, suddenly a red light shot directly on a white wall on the top of the tower of the city gate.

The red light hit the wall and some small characters appeared on the wall. It was the order of Giant Deer King.

This method of ‘Beacon Light’ was a method to transmit the information to the not far cities, but this kind of transmitting requires a special construction between the cities to pass. Originally it was the unique technique of Heavenly Dynasty city, but Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, after Wu Wanli had reconstructed their cities, they could have this technology.

The news quickly spread in all directions of the city. The numerous city forces began to go out of the city, searching in four directions, looking for suspicious people, and using Divine Sense to cover the four directions, as they were looking for Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror. The cities at the four directions also received news, with the Great Yu war alert, no one can act rashly.

Inside Sky City.

The prison history was in front of Giant Deer King and Yi Yan, in it was all the information about Zhong Shan and Sir Qian entering the Sky Prison.

“Sure enough, it is really them!” Giant Deer King said angrily.

“Did Wu Wanli die unexpectedly?” Yi Yan eyes swears.

“Check, check for me, check where they have been in the past few months, and who they have seen.” Giant Deer King said angrily.

“Yes.” The subordinates immediately complied.

“Giant Deer King, I think we have to recapture the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror first.” Yi Yan said with a frown.

“Yes, we must take the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror back. Wu’an, come over, say, Princess Qianyou, what direction did they finally go?” Giant Deer King said immediately.

“King, when His Majesty left, Sky City was defenseless, and they went to the south.” Wu An said.

“South? The south?” Giant Deer King was surprised. He didn’t know whether Princess Qianyou and the others were just pretending to draw their attention or really were going to the south of the city. Finally, he had no choice but to look at Yi Yan.

At this moment, Yi Yan actually took out a twig and drew something on the ground.

It was a map that others couldn’t understand, then he stared and called out: “At this moment, they should be in the north of the city.”

“North of the city?” Giant Deer King stared at Yi Yan and said.

“Yes, inform the tens of thousands of troops who went out of the city to search, by using the Beacon Light in order to not be exposed, to walk conveniently to the north.” Yi Yan said with an affirmative facial expression.

“Good, this matter can not be delayed, we must take it back quickly.” Giant Deer King said.

“King, let me follow, Princess Qianyou not long ago poisoned me, I want to ask for justice.” Hui Guang Arhat immediately walked over and said.

Upon hearing Hui Guang Arhat, Giant Deer King frowned, but Yi Yan smiled slightly and said: “Since Hui Guang Arhat wants to go, King will take you.”

Giant Deer King frowned slightly and looked at Yi Yan, seeing Yi Yan’s strange look, Giant Deer King’s heart was slightly tight, and immediately knew what was going on, Yi Yan disobeyed the command of His Majesty again, but Giant Deer King was not silly to say it. It still was a good thing.

“Ok, thank you for your trouble Hui Guang Arhat.” Giant Deer King said.

“Thanks.” Hui Guang Arhat said.

To the north of Sky City, in an extremely distant place.

At the peak of a mountain.

Zhong Shan, Gu Lin, Shui Jing, Qianyou, Ah Da and Ah Er gathered in one place once again. Gu Lin was holding a sapphire jade plate with one foot length and width, and the jade plate was releasing a faint blue aura.

“Gu Lin, Mr. Shui Jing, let’s just split here.” Princess Qianyou looked at the two men and said.

“Qianyou, you…” Gu Lin said with a reluctant flash in his eyes.

“Yi Yan may have already known that we have gone north, the cities in the four directions have also dispatched their soldiers to search, so we will lead the pursuers away, and you bring the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror back. By Mr. Shui Jing protection, you should have no problem with security. On my side, you can rest assured that no one can stop us. Except for Mister slowing us a little, there is no other danger. Do it according to the plan that Mister made before.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Alright.” Gu Lin sighed slightly.

Gu Lin knew that this Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror could only be taken by two people, either Princess Qianyou, or himself. Princess Qianyou was going to lead the pursuers away, then only he could bring it back.

Subsequently, Princess Qianyou brought Ah Da, Ah Er and Zhong Shan and left to the west, but Gu Lin and Mr. Shui Jing continued their way to the north. They were acting according to the plan.

“Mister, do you think that Yi Yan’s army has been chasing us to the north?” On the way, Princess Qianyou asked Zhong Shan for confirmation.

“The princess has already guessed it correctly, why are you asking about it again?” Zhong Shan, on the white cloud, said with a smile.

“I just have some worries, and Yi Yan’s army is definitely not pursuing us anxiously, they are waiting for us to reveal some clues.” Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

“Yes, but Mr. Yi Yan has a weakness, that is he is too cautious. Being cautious is a very good thing, but being too cautious is not good. Last time at the Fog Lake, he was absolutely active and he still was cautious, but this time he is passive, so he must be cautious. As long as we act according to my plan, we will certainly be able to shake them off and safely reach to the safest zone.” Zhong Shan said self-confidently.

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