Immortal V4C68: A world shaking fight.

Immortal V4C68: A world shaking fight.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“In a hundred years, I promise that all the 83 people of your family will achieve the Golden Core Stage cultivation base. What do you think?” Zhong Shan looked at Lu Jianping and said with a smile.

Staring at Zhong Shan, Lu Jianping was surprised in his heart.

“You can think about it, for a hundred years, I will not limit your cultivation, and will give you the best support. After a hundred years, whether you are willing to leave or stay, it will be up to your heart.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Lu Jianping finally said: “Ok, as long as you ensure the safety of my family.”

Although Zhong Shan’s method of threatening Lu Jianping with the life of his family was not bright enough, after all Zhong Shan was an outsider and this matter from the beginning to the end he didn’t force his Lu Family.

“Ok, please look.” Zhong Shan took out the memory crystal and continued to play, throwing a stone to save his fiancee and severely injuring Young Master Zhao with just a palm strike.

Lu Jianping was very refreshed, and Zhong Shan was also extremely satisfied.

“What about my family?” Lu Jianping looked at Zhong Shan again and said.

“You know, we came for your teacher. Wu Wanli is dead, no matter what the result is, we will certainly be checked. I have gone to Lu Family, it will definitely be found, and when Great Yu Emperor Dynasty follows this clue, they will definitely find you. Therefore, I moved your whole family to a safe place.” Zhong Shan said.

“My entire family?” Lu Jianping surprisedly said.

“Yes, entirely. After we leave, you must immediately leave Sky City and go to the bare mountain three hundred miles north of Qili town. There will be people waiting for you to lead you to the place of the people of Lu Family.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Waiting for me ?” Lu Jianping frowned, looking at Zhao Shan in surprise, the layout of this Zhong Shan was really thorough.

“Yes, at that time, use the Luminescent Pearl as a proof, remember that no matter what it looks like, you have to believe it.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“No matter what it looks like?” Lu Jianping said doubtfully.

“You will know when you arrive, and it looks very special. Just remember to use the Luminescent Pearl.” Zhong Shan said.

“Ok.” Lu Jianping nodded after a little thinking.

“So, we will go first. As for how to deal with this Sir Qian, it’s up to you.” Zhong Shan said with a smile. Then he removed the flag array and took Ah Da quickly to leave Sky Prison.

Regarding Zhong Shan and Ah Da, no one dared to stop them, just wondering why Sir Qian did not come out.

Zhong Shan and Ah Da went out and gave the Great Luo ritual official just a look. They once again found a hidden place, put on the disguise again, and then quickly flew to the north gate, preparing to go out of the city.

Just as Zhong Shan and Ah Da were flying north, above the Sky City, Massive Luck suddenly surged crazily.

The Luck True Dragon that was originally hovering above the city, its body suddenly swayed, its eyes were shining with golden light, and it raised its head upwards, as if it was full of infinite fighting spirit.


The Luck True Dragon, actually released a vast sound of the Dragon Roaring, the entire Sky City was trembling, it had unsurpassed heavenly might. At this moment, along with the Dragon Roaring of the Luck True Dragon, all the city people of the Sky City had a feeling to kneel down on the ground, to worship the heavens.

This sound not only spread over the entire Sky City, but the vast sound of the Dragon Roaring was also heard in the endless distant places, causing these place to also tremble.

Zhong Shan and Ah Da also fell on the top of a mountain because of the imposing manner of the dragon prestige, watching the most central Imperial Palace. The center of Imperial Palace was a golden mountain. Above the palace square on the top of the mountain, at this moment, a figure, wearing a golden robe, suddenly appeared.

At that extremely distant place, it was like a sunspot, but looking at that spot, even though it was extremely far away, Zhong Shan felt a vast, an extremely vast aura from that distant place assaulting his senses, as if the Heaven and Earth had turned dark, and that spot was the only the ray of light in this dark environment, making that spot especially dazzling.

The golden figure, his air of arrogance was soaring straight into the sky, and the above Luck True Dragon also swung its huge body, achieving the same posture as that man.

“Long live my Sovereign!”

“Long live my Sovereign!”

“Long live my Sovereign!”


In Sky City, unevenly matched voices of worshipping were spreading.

Zhong Shan narrowed his eyes and stared at that distant place.

Great Yu Great Emperor, Nalan Piaoxue?

Nalan Piaoxue revealed a disdain for the approaching clouds, a wave of his fighting spirit rushed straight through the clouds. He stepped on and lightly flew up, the entire Sky City seemed to suddenly have no restrictions. As he was flying out of Sky City, the Luck above Sky City was surging, but that Luck True Dragon suddenly swung its tail and actually followed closely behind.


Under the long Dragon Roar, the Luck True Dragon rushed and entered the body of Nalan Piaoxue. Nalan Piaoxue who was flying to the east, the area of Heaven and Earth around his body suddenly became golden, radiating with a vast dreadful prestige, it was infinitely powerful!

Standing on the top of the mountain, Zhong Shan clenched his fists, although Nalan Piaoxue had already left, but the scene just now was deeply imprinted in the heart of Zhong Shan, powerful, infinitely powerful, extremely powerful compared to his own Golden Core Fourth Layer. It seemed that there was a feeling to make the soul shiver. What kind of existence was this?

Nalan Piaoxue?

“Mister!” Ah Da called out from the side.

“Let’s go.” Zhong Shan returned to his senses and brought Ah Da and continued to go to the north gate.

Some people who originally did not leave the city flocked out after Nalan Piaoxue left the city.

Zhong Shan and Ah Da also followed this tide of people, and quickly left the city and went to specific location in a distant place.

Flying fast to the north.

The two people didn’t stop until they reached their destination. It was the place chosen before by Zhong Shan.

Ah Da stood behind Zhong Shan, and Zhong Shan looked to the endless distant places and exhaled a long breath.

“Mister, are you waiting for the matter on the side of the princess to happen?” Ah Da asked.

“Yes, Sky City, the Great Array above Sky City has been released, and once the Princess snatches the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, she will quickly escape and follow this route.” Zhong Shan said affirmatively.

“Ok, it is a pity that the fight between Nalan Piaoxue and Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, we don’t have the good fortune to watch it.” Ah Da said with a sigh.

“Yes!” Zhong Shan nodded as he also felt it was a pity.

Shocking Waves Sea, there were storms and raging waves, the raging waves were spreading in all directions, and were crashing towards the seashore.

Numerous cultivators gathered in the surroundings, they were waiting quietly, as the world shacking fight was about to begin. Everyone was full of excitement and anticipation.

As everyone was eagerly waiting, from the west, a figure, who was glowing with infinite golden light, suddenly was flying slowly. Looking at that figure, everyone suddenly had a strange feeling that Heaven and Earth around that person had been assimilated by a golden energy.

Great Yu Great Emperor, Nalan Piaoxue.

Nalan Piaoxue arrived first, and when Nalan Piaoxue arrived, he stood directly on the surface of the Shocking Waves Sea.

Upon standing above the Shocking Waves Sea, the storms and the raging waves suddenly stopped, the waves crashed into the sea, and the whole vast sea, suddenly became like a mirror, quiet and scary.

There was no flaw in the sea level, and there was no trace of a ripple.

All the people in the surroundings took a deep breath.

Was this Great Emperor Nalan? Did he, with just his imposing manner, force the sea submit?

At the same time, to the east of Shocking Waves Sea, in the Clear Spirit Temple, wearing a gorgeous cassock, wearing a lotus hat and holding a purple gold glazed staff, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva was also slowly coming. With every step, his body would suddenly disappear and reappear in another distant place. It was unremarkable walking way, but to suddenly disappear and reappear was infinitely strange. Meanwhile, at the temporarily dwelling of Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, the plants seemed to get a new life and were growing insanely for a while, and even some flowers buds appeared.

Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, he also went all the way to the Shocking Waves Sea.

Standing on one side of the sea, he was looking at Nalan Piaoxue on the other side.

The fight was about to begin. At the same time, the subordinates of the both sides had been unceasingly arriving.

Hui Guang Arhat arrived early, standing on a mountain in a distant place, he was coldly looking at a heavily guarded tent at the seashore.

“Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, Princess Qianyou ?” Hui Guang Arhat said with a low and hateful voice

Similarly paying attention to this place, there was another person, Great Yu Great Commander, Yi Yan.

Yi Yan looked at the closed tent and frowned, thinking for a while then he took General Tie Xue and went to the tent.

“Great Commander!” The Great Yu general who was guarding the surroundings immediately said.

“Inform Princess Qianyou, say that Yi Yan came to visit.” Yi Yan said.

The war was about to begin, why? Why was Princess Qianyou’s big tent still closed? No, it was really unreasonable.

“Yes.” The general immediately complied, and then quickly ran over.

But before the tent, the ritual official stopped him, and when the ritual official heard the notice of the general, he was surprised, and then quickly followed the general.

“Greetings Great Commander.” Great Luo ritual official said respectfully.

Yi Yan felt something was wrong when he saw the ritual official stopped the general. Because the ritual official did not inform Princess Qianyou at all, he just independently decided to stop the general. Could it be that Princess Qianyou was not there?

“I am sorry, please inform Princess Qianyou and say Yi Yan came to visit.” Yi Yan said again.

“Reporting Great Commander, just now, may be because of the imposing manner of the Great Emperor, the princess suddenly felt a slight sensibility, so she temporarily is closing up. Crown Prince and the others are protecting her, and ordered that no one can disturb them. Please also ask Great Commander for your understanding.” The ritual official said respectfully.

“Temporarily, sensibility? Yi Yan coldly smiled, eyes straight to the ritual official, and his eyes were filled with unbelief.

“Sir, what you said is true?” Yi Yan stared at the ritual official and said.

When he saw that Yi Yan didn’t believe him, there was a slight nervousness in the eyes of the ritual official, but he still affirmed and said: “As I said, every word is true and there is not a single mistake.”

Hearing what the ritual official said, Yi Yan did not wait to give the ritual official a reply, and turned around. Tie Xue was surprised and followed.

When he saw Yi Yan turning around, the ritual official was slightly surprised. What happened to this Great Commander?

After moving to a distant place, Tie Xue immediately asked: “Great Commander, what’s wrong?”

“Move the troops and follow me back to Sky City. Princess Qianyou and others has already returned to the city.” Yi Yan said immediately.

“Yes.” The eyes of Tie Xue were full of confusion, but Great Commander said that Princess Qianyou returned to the city, so she must have returned to the city.

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