Immortal V4C67: Negotiations across Time and Space.

Immortal V4C67: Negotiations across Time and Space.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Zhong Shan took Ah Da and went to Sky Prison immediately.

On the way, Zhong Shan and Ah Da quickly tore off the disguise and recovered their normal appearance.

At Sky Prison entrance, there were already two officials waiting, one of them was a ritual officer of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, there was still another one, he was the Great Yu official who had accompanied Princess Qianyou to enter Sky Prison the last time.

At this moment, the Great Yu official was revealing an impatient facial expression.

Zhong Shan took Ah Da and immediately went forward.

“Sir Qian, we meet again.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

The Great Luo official was relieved and released a long breath, then retreated to the side.

“You, are you the follower of Princess Qianyou?” The Great Yu official recalled.

“Sir Qian has a really good memory. After so long, but still actually remembers me. Today, I really want to disturb Sir Qian. By the order of the Princess, we have to enter Sky Prison again.” Zhong Shan said.

“Well, Giant Deer King has ordered that every time you enter, we must follow and report to Giant Deer King. Why did you suddenly come here this time? The birthday of His Majesty is about to begin, what do you want to do in Sky Prison?” Sir Qian asked with a frown.

“The fight of the Great Emperor is about to begin, once he wins, the princess will certainly ask Great Emperor Nalan to release my Great Luo prisoners. For the sake of insurance, the princess asked me to go in and inform the Great Luo prisoners, so that they should be cautious with their words and deeds in the future, and don’t offend the Great Emperor of Great Yu again.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Oh?” Sir Qian narrowed his eyes and said.

“Hehe, I know that Sir Qian will definitely help.” Zhong Shan said, and waved his sleeves towards Sir Qian.

Sir Qian grasped the meaning and turned his hand, a bottle of medicinal pills was handed out by Zhong Shan.

After slightly examining it, Sir Qian’s eyes lit up and immediately smiled then said: “Well, this is what I should do, please.”

“Sir Qian please.” Zhong Shan said.

Subsequently, Zhong Shan brought Ah Da and followed Sir Qian to enter Sky Prison, and the other Great Luo official was arranged to wait outside.

Sir Qian was acting on behalf of Giant Deer King, so he naturally was unobstructed. The prison warden and the prison guards, no one dared to stop them.

Wu Wanli was in his prison cell. Lu Jianping was kneeling in front of him.

“Teacher.” Lu Jianping said with a worried facial expression.

“Jianping, the time has arrived finally. The birthday of Great Emperor Nalan is today, and Princess Qianyou is going to break into the prison today. My final day has also arrived.” Wu Wanli said with a mournful smile.

“Teacher, maybe it’s all right, as long as you are not willing to go back, Princess Qianyou can’t take you off.

“Don’t go back? If I do not go back, my whole clan will be extinguished, go back? Even if I go back, my whole clan is also going to be extinguished. It is better to die now than to die on the road.” Wu Wanli said with a bitter smile.

“Teacher.” Lu Jianping called out sadly.

“Rip…. ”

Wu Wanli suddenly ripped open the clothes on his chest revealing his bare chest.

Above Wu Wanli’s chest, there was a square drawing at this moment. On top of the drawing, it was densely packed with strange and dense patterns. At first glance, it seemed to have been splashed with ink.

“In the past ten years, you have been working hard to protect me and even your unmarried wife, you still left her alone, your teacher thank you.” Wu Wanli said.

“Teacher, do not say this, everything I have is given to me by the teacher. To do the utmost of my filial duty for the teacher, Jianping has no compliant or regrets.” Lu Jianping said.

“Hehe, I ,Wu Wanli, in this life to have you as a disciple, I am also satisfied. What I should teach you, I have already taught you all. Except for those cities, above my chest, is the strongest city inside the Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, it’s first holy city in Heaven and Earth. Everything about this city inside the Ten thousand Cities treasure Mirror, was already obliterated by me. Under the heavens, there is only this, you can see it with the special method I taught you.” Wu Wanli said.

“Teacher.” Lu Jianping’s face suddenly revealed a panicked facial expression.

“Rip …..”

A handful of blood sprayed out, and Wu Wanli’s chest was instantly covered with blood. But on Wu Wanli’s palm, there was a piece of human skin drawing.

He gently handed the human skin drawing to Lu Jianping.

Lu Jianping was dumbfounded and he completely lost his voice.

“Take it, this is the last thing the teacher can give you.” Wu Wanli’s face showed a smile of extrication unexpectedly.

“Teacher.” Lu Jianping hugged Wu Wanli.

“After I die, don’t care about me, don’t think about my body, you are still a prison guard as before. Afterwards, no matter which Emperor Dynasty or Heavenly Dynasty you are willing to go to, I support you as your teacher.” Wu Wanli’s chest was completely covered with blood, and said in an incomparable weak condition.

Because the Spiritual Essence of Wu Wanli was sealed by a special method, he was now no different from a mortal, and was getting weaker and weaker.

“Teacher….. .”

The tears of Lu Jianping were spraying out. In his hands, Wu Wanli stuffed the human skin drawing.

“Receive it.” Wu Wanli stared and said.

“Yes.” Lu Jianping, with tears in his eyes, turned his hand and received it into the Storage Bracelet.

“What are you doing ?” Outside of Sky Prison, the angry roaring voice of Sir Qian was heard suddenly.

Zhong Shan, Ah Da and Sir Qian arrived.

Zhong Shan gave Ah Da a very clear and meaningful look, so Ah Da turned the palm of his hand and hit Sir Qian causing him to faint.

Wu Wanli looked at Zhong Shan and Ah Da outside, and smiled miserably. With the last breath, he gently crawled up. Facing Zhong Shan and Ah Da, he saluted them with the most respectful ritual and said: “Wu Wanli politely thanks the graciousness of the Great Luo Great Emperor.”

Ah Da quickly stepped forward, released his Spiritual Essence and broke the seal of Wu Wanli, so Wu Wanli restored his cultivation base.

However, the next moment Ah Da stared wide-eyed and looked at Wu Wanli who revealed a crazy yet a satisfied facial expression.

“Mister, Wu Wanli self-destructed his Nascent Soul, broke his heart veins and died.” Ah Da showed an unbelief look.

Nearby, the prison guard Lu Jianping slowly retreated to the corner and was filled with reluctant feelings. He wanted to go forward, but he looked at Ah Da and Zhong Shan, and didn’t do anything, because Lu Jianping knew that what he was going to do would be futile, and even he would get caught and disappoint the high expectations of his teacher.

“died!” Ah Da sighed slightly.

“Ah Da, you keep watching outside, and don’t let anyone disturb us, I want to talk to this Lu Jianping.” Zhong Shan frowned and said.

“Sir, are you calling me?” Lu Jianping immediately pretended to be doubtful and said immediately.

“Yes.” Ah Da immediately complied and quickly retreated.

Zhong Shan entered and set up a flag array to isolate the sound. Ah Da did not complain in the slightest, and was guarding outside.

“Sir, why are you calling me?” Lu Jianping was still pretending to be ignorant as before and said.

“Restrain and put away your teacher, then later choose a good place to bury him.” Zhong Shan sat down and said gently.

Looking at Zhong Shan in surprise, but watching Zhong Shan’s indifferent attitude, Lu Jianping’s heart was full of contradictions. Finally, still psychologically weak, he immediately stepped forward, put away the body of Wu Wanli.

“Who are you, how do you know that he is my teacher.” Lu Jianping said.

“Sit.” Zhong Shan referred to his front.

Lu Jianping stared at Zhong Shan with both eyes, he didn’t let his guard down for a moment, and he sat down.

“My name is Zhong Shan and now I am Princess Qianyou’s subordinate. As for knowing that you are a disciple of Wu Wanli. It is not what I said, it is your father who said it.” Zhong Shan said gently.

“Father?” Lu Jianping glared at him and immediately stood up, as if Zhong Shan had touched his bottom line with on sentence and he was going to desperately fight Zhong Shan.

Seeing the warm-blooded Lu Jianping, Zhong Shan was more satisfied. This kind of people who had feelings of gratitude and loyalty was what he needed.

“Sit down.” Zhong Shan said.

Lu Jianping sat down slowly. He was looking at Zhong Shan with an extremely unfriendly look.

“You don’t know my quality whether good or bad for the time being. It doesn’t matter, I will show you something.” Zhong Shan said.

Then, a memory crystal suddenly appeared in the hand of Zhong Shan.

Lu Jianping stared at the memory crystal, and there was an ominous premonition in his heart.

Zhong Shan released his Spiritual Essence, in the memory crystal, the scene of the Lu Residence a few months ago suddenly appeared. Zhao Family Young Master was leading numerous experts to siege Lu Family, preparing to slaughter Lu Family, Lu Laozi was standing in front to keep them off. Lu Family was about to be destroyed, at this time Lu Jianping’s fiancee suddenly wanted to kill herself to save Lu Family.

“Father, daughter-in-law is an unfortunate person, just before the wedding, Jianping suddenly disappeared, his life and death is unknown, and today because of me, the Lu Family is about to be destroyed. I am unfair to Lu Family, I am unfair to Jianping, I can not see Lu Family being destroyed because of me. However, in the daughter-in-law heart, I have already been the wife of Jianping, alive is the person of Jianping, dead is the dead person of Jianping. Father, sorry, when you see Jianping, don’t let him to feel sad for me, he must live well.”

Listening to Du Na’s solemn, stirring and heart-broken words, the whole body of Lu jianping was boiling, at this moment, all of his mind was attracted by the images in the memory crystal, his whole body was immersed in it. The father was supporting Lu Family, the fiancee was waiting for him in the empty boudoir for ten years without any complaint or regret, all of this made the heart of Lu jianping melt. However, these most important people, in front of Zhao Family young master, were forced to such a situation. Lu Jianping wanted to immediately rush to kill Young Master Zhao, to tell the father, to tell the fiancee that he was well.

Seeing Lu Jianping’s look, Zhong Shan smiled and turned his hand to receive the memory crystal.

“What happened after this? What happened after this?” Lu Jianping was anxious, the whole person was like an ant on a frying pan.

“What do you want to do later?” Zhong Shan asked with a smile.

“Kill Young Master Zhao, save Du Na, save Du Na.” Lu Jianping immediately looked at Zhong Shan with great anticipation, it seemed as if Zhong Shan nodded, Lu Family would be saved.

“Why should I save them? What if I don’t save them?” Zhong Shan asked.

“You save, you save them, I will be grateful to you, whatever you want, I will give it to you.” Lu Jianping was looking at Zhong Shan with great hopes.

It was a strange scene, this was a matter of a few months ago, but at this moment, what Zhong Shan said was like it was just happening in front of him, and only Zhong Shan could save them. As long as Zhong Shan nodded, he could go through time and space to save them.

“I only want you!” Zhong Shan solemnly said.

“Me?” Lu Jianping’s heart slowed down, because from the words of Zhong Shan, it seemed that he had already saved them.

“Good, I will save your fiancee and save your Lu Family. I only want you. As long as you follow me, listen to my orders and do your best to serve me for a hundred years.” Zhong Shan said.

Before coming, Zhong Shan knew that he would win this transaction, because Lu Jianping was a person with a clear distinction between gratitude and grudges. For his family and his fiancee, he would definitely comply, and once he complied, he must keep his commitment. As for the hundred years, in a hundred years, Zhong Shan was very confident, even if he was an extremely stubborn person, as long as he received him for a hundred years, he would have his loyalty and allegiance.

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