Immortal V4C64: Yi Yan set up a banquet to arrange a deadlock situation.

Immortal V4C64: Yi Yan set up a banquet to arrange a deadlock situation.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Invite Princess Qianyou and Hui Guang Arhat? Is Great Commander going to violate the command of His Majesty and create a life-and-death grudge between Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty and Bliss Pure Land?” General Tie Xue said worriedly.

“What’s wrong, are you not willing?” Yi Yan turned his head to look at Tie Xue.

“No, as long as it’s the order of the Great Commander, I will do my best to the end.” Tie Xue said immediately.

“Hehe, you can relax, I alone will take the full responsibility for the offense of disobeying the order of His Majesty. Anyway, I don’t have much time left, what I can do for His Majesty, for the Great Yu, is just a little bit more.” Yi Yan revealed a bitter smile.

“No, Great Commander, Tie Xue doesn’t mean that. I just have been thinking that the last time was insufficient to kill Princess Qianyou and it’s even harder now. Listening to the report of my subordinates, Giant Deer King has also dispatched numerous experts to protect Princess Qianyou and the others, even now the Qi Battle Array will not hurt them. Moreover Princess Qianyou and the others will certainly pay more attention to their own safety. If we want to kill Princess Qianyou without revealing the traces of my Great Yu, it is too difficult!” Tie Xue said worriedly.

“Hehe, it’s not just too difficult, it’s basically impossible.” Yi Yan revealed a forced smile and said.

“Uh? That, Great Commander?” Tie Xue said doubtfully.

“Who said that I have to deal with Princess Qianyou?” Yi Yan said with a smile.

“Uh? Does Great Commander want to deal with Hui Guang Arhat and Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva? But.., but ……” General Tie Xue said in disbelief.

With a forced smile, Yi Yan shook his head and said: “His Majesty does not permit me to kill them. To kill them without the full support of his Majesty, I will be doing the same as the last time, and this time, there are incomparable restraints, even the slightest misstep, it will change the entire game. For the last time, I will set up another deadlock situation, and it will be up to destiny! Let’s see if the old heavenly blessing will bless my Great Yu or not.”

“Yes, Great Commander.” General Tie Xue nodded with a heavy heart.

In the Western Garden Palace.

Qianyou, Gu Lin, Shui Jing, Zhong Shan, Ah Da and Ah Er, they were looking at an invitation in the hands of Princess Qianyou.

“Qianyou, what’s written in this invitation?” Gu Lin asked.

“Mr. Yi Yan, he is inviting us and Hui Guang Arhat to go to the Great Commander Mansion for a banquet.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“There are still a few days left, can this Yi Yan set up another deadly trap for us?” Mr. Shui Jing frowned.

“Deadly trap? Set up another deadly trap?” Gu Lin surprisedly said.

“Reporting Crown Prince, the last Fog Lake deadly trap, it should be the doing of Yi Yan.” Mr. Shui Jing had to say it.

“What? It’s him? He wants to kill us?” Gu Lin said worriedly.

“It’s not just that he wants to kill us, he must kill us, but from the attitude of Giant Deer King, Great Emperor Nalan does not let him do it, so every time he defies the order of the monarch, he will be more restrained.” Princess Qianyou coldly said.

“What should we do?” Gu Lin said worriedly.

“What do you think, Mister?” Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan again and said.

“By my observation of Yi Yan, the layout of this person is extremely deep, rarely seen previously, in every unconventional gambit, he would put himself entirely outside and never directly get involved. The banquet in the Great Commander Mansion, we shouldn’t worry about our safety. We should be worried about what behind the banquet. Before and after the banquet.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“How do you know that he will not harm us at the banquet?” Gu Lin called out.

Seeing the facial expression of Gu Lin, Zhong Shan could only be silent. You don’t believe me and also I can’t do anything about it.

“No, it’s such as what Mr. Zhong Shan said, Yi Yan should not do it at the banquet.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“Do you also say that? Then does he really want to really harm us? I think, we shouldn’t go.” Gu Lin said.

“No, we still have our goal. At this moment, we can’t be stiff. If you are worried, then we will invite Giant Deer King to go with us. I think Giant Deer King will definitely go there.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Um.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded.

Three days later, in the afternoon, Yi Yan was on the floating island, Yi Yan brought Tie Xue to see off a group of people after the banquet.

“Thank you Mr. Yi Yan for your hospitality.” Princess Qianyou said.

“It is Yi Yan’s honor to be able to entertain the princess.” Yi Yan said with a smile.

“No matter what, today I was very happy at the Great Commander Mansion, Qianyou will leave first.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Goodbye!” Yi Yan smiled lightly.

Then, Princess Qianyou took Gu Lin, Zhong Shan, Shui Jing, Ah Da and Ah Er and left to the Western Garden Palace.

Looking at the back of Princess Qianyou, Yi Yan coldly smiled and went to the other side.

On the other side, Giant Deer King and Hui Guang Arhat were there.

“Thank you Mr. Yi Yan for your hospitality.” Hui Guang Arhat said with a smile.

“Hui Guang Arhat can come to my rustic mansion, your presence brought light to my humble dwelling. Yi Yan, here, thank you Hui Guang Arhat for coming.” Yi Yan said with a smile.

“Oh, the fight of my family Bodhisattva and Great Emperor Nalan is near, so Hui Guang can not stay too much. I will go back first.” Hui Guang Arhat said with a smile.

“Goodbye!” Yi Yan sent the said.

“So, I will send Hui Guang Arhat off!” Giant Deer King said.

“Good, thank you for your trouble!” Yi Yan said with a smile.

“No problem, no problem.” Giant Deer King said.

Subsequently, standing on the floating island, Yi Yan had sent the second batch of people off.

Looking at the backs of the two sides in the distance, Yi Yan sighed. His heart was so comfortable, Tie Xue stood behind Yi Yan and watched the departure of the two parties.

In a distant place, Princess Qianyou was on white cloud.

“This Yi Yan was really willing to give up a dragon, a whole dragon, cooking the whole dragon and using it receive the guests in the banquet. So many people gathered around a table, respectively picking their favorite dragon meat, this way of eating is extremely unusual.” Gu Lin grinned and said.

Zhong Shan was standing behind Princess Qianyou, and was frowning deeply, but Red Luan Pink Lotus had no reaction at all, which proved that there was no danger at all, but Zhong Shan still had a bad feeling.

“What do you think, two misters?” Princess Qianyou said.

“It’s unusual, but there’s something not right!” Mr. Shui Jing shook his feather fan and said.

“What is it not right?” Gu Lin revealed a surprised facial expression, he couldn’t see what was wrong?

“Crown Prince, can you see that the only people who were at the banquet were Yi Yan, Tie Xue, Giant Deer King, Hui Guang Arhat, and six of us, only ten people?” Mr. Shui Jing said with a frown.

“What is wrong with having only ten people?” Gu Lin strangely said.

“There were only ten people, not even one of the servants who should serve the guests was there, and there was no one in the area around the banquet hall. There was not even a single person, and even the food was self-served.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“It’s only the ten of us, but Yi Yan said that he had some important secrets, and he feared that the servants would know!” Gu Lin said with a frown.

“Hehe, secrets? Crown Prince, would he, the Great Commander of Great Yu, tell us secrets? It’s useless to hear those things. So Yi Yan’s banquet today is very intriguing and I don’t know what it is behind it.” Mr. Shui Jing said with a frown.

“Mister, what do you think?” Shui Jing looked at Zhong Shan and said.

“It’s really intriguing, and there’s one more strange thing. It is the time.” Zhong Shan thought for a moment then said.

“Time?” Princess Qianyou frowned and seemed as if thought of something. Also Mr. Shui Jing frowned.

“What time?” Gu Lin looked at Zhong Shan with a frown.

“The time of our arrival, the time of the arrival of Hui Guang Arhat, and the time of the arrival of Giant Deer King. We arrived on time, Hui Guang Arhat was two incense sticks burning time later, and Giant Deer King was half an hour late.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes, Giant Deer King had an appointment with us, but he was half an hour late. He was picked up by Tie Xue. It should be that Tie Xue dragged him for half an hour, but why was Hui Guang Arhat late for two Incense sticks burning time? Hui Guang Arhat has never been late to a dinner before.” Mr. Shui Jing shook his feather fan and said.

“Hui Guang Arhat was not late, it was Yi Yan’s invitation, the time was different, he let us intentionally to arrive two incense burning time earlier.” Princess Qianyou suddenly said.

“Yes, he intentionally let us arrive early, and then wait in the hall where there was no one else. Then Yi Yan once again went out to meet Hui Guang Arhat, so in the hall, there were only us and the cooked dragon.” Mr. Shui Jing said with a frown.

“I think we have already been framed by Yi Yan!” Zhong Shan revealed a bitter smile and said.

“Yes, I just hope that Hui Guang Arhat can see through it, and I don’t know how Yi Yan used this two incense sticks burning time to frame us.” Mr. Shui Jing said with a forced smile.

“Then, we will stay at the Western Garden Palace, and the next a few more day are the most critical time, we can not make any mistake.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes.” everyone complied immediately .

Outside Sky City, at the top of a mountain.

“Giant Deer King, it’s just enough to send me to here, Bodhisattva doesn’t want to be disturbed.” Hui Guang Arhat said.

“Haha, good, Hui Guang Arhat take care.” Giant Deer King took a group of people to see Hui Guang Arhat off.

“Goodbye.” Hui Guang Arhat turned around and flew away.

After Hui Guang Arhat left, Giant Deer King took a long breath.

“King, why did you send Hui Guang Arhat until here?” A person behind Giant Deer King asked.

“It’s because I have been worried about Great Commander, Princess Qianyou and her group of people returned back to the Western Garden Palace in the city, it should be fine, but this Hui Guang Arhat is just a person, hehe! Ok, Hui Guang Arhat already went back anyway. I also completed the order of His Majesty, let’s go back.” Giant Deer King said.

“Yes.” The people behind Giant Deer King complied immediately.

Great Commander Mansion, in the main hall.

Yi Yan was standing with his hands crossed behind his back, and Tie Xue was standung behind him. They were looking at a round table in the center of the hall. The table was well-illuminated by numerous Luminescent Pearls. There were some plates on the edge of the table, and in the center, there was a purple Divine Dragon with a length of about ten meters.

However, this purple Divine Dragon was thoroughly cooked, but the dragon flesh has been removed from many parts of the body, and was eaten, so at this moment it was just a remnant.

However, even if it was just a remnant, the Divine Dragon was still emitting a dense purple light, and the Spiritual Qi was exceptionally abundant.

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