Immortal V4C63: The Heart of the Expert.

Immortal V4C63: The Heart of the Expert.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Sky City, Western Garden Palace.

Zhong Shan, Qianyou, Shui Jing, Ah Da, Ah Er and Gu Lin gathered again. More than six months of the investigations in all directions, Zhong Shan had formulated the basic route, some topographic images were taken and he was explaining it to everyone.

Although the hatred of Gu Lin towards Zhong Shan, after more than six months, was faded to a great extent, but his eyes were still releasing a cold intent.

After hearing the explanation, Princess Qianyou suddenly said: “Mister, you may know, three days ago, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva has already arrived.”

“Arrived?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully.

“Yes, at this moment he is resting in the Clear Spirit Temple to the east of Sky City. He is training, adjusting his condition and increasing his aura to reach his peak condition just before the start of the official battle with Great Emperor Nalan one month later.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“The person following him is Hui Guang Arhat who we had previously met at the Nether Spring entrance.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, is he from the Holy Land, Bliss Pure Land?” Zhong Shan asked again with a frown.

“Nonsense, we have told you the last time.” Nearby, Gu Lin sneered and said with a smile.

Zhong Shan was thinking a little, and also the others were thinking a little.

“The Holy Land, Bliss Pure Land? Perhaps the remaining one month will not be peaceful.” Zhong Shan sighed slightly and said.

“Not peaceful? What do you mean by not peaceful?” Gu Lin frowned and said.

“Crown Prince, when the Crown Prince of Great Guang, Han Jue, was there, there was a conspiracy against us. Now there is a Holy Land, wouldn’t it be more provoking to the desire of the conspirator to plot?” Mr. Shui Jing explained.

“What? Are you saying that someone is going to plot and harm us?” Gu Lin called out immediately.

“Yes.” Mr. Shui Jing worriedly said.

“Who is he? What should we do now?” Gu Lin immediately worriedly said.

Gu Lin still remembers the previous situation of Fog Lake, the sure-kill trap, it was really a sure-kill trap. Although they avoided it later by finding a scapegoat, however if there was even the slightest mistake, they would have certainly been dead without a burial ground.

“He is someone who is ready to cope with anything and resist by whatever means available. Therefore for a while, we will not move, we can not be confused because of greed or anger, and we must control ourselves well to reduce and resolve the external forces, until we leave Sky City one month later.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

Half a month later, there was still half a month to the birthday of Nalan Piaoxue.

The Imperial Palace, a side hall, Nalan Piaoxue, Giant Deer King and Yi Yan, gathered again.

“Your Majesty, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, has arrived nearly 20 days ago.” Giant Deer King said with a smile.

“I know, I can feel his Internal Qi, although we are separated by a city, but I can feel that his Internal Qi is unceasingly increasing day by day. After half a month, he will certainly reach his Peak, and at that time the battle, which I have earnestly sought, will start.” Nalan Piaoxue excitedly said.

“Reporting Your Majesty, the feudal official has an idea, it may ensure that Great Yu will be worry-free for thousand years, and also may help Your Majesty to achieve victory.” Yi Yan once again said.

“Oh?” Nalan Piaoxue was surprised. Giant Deer King was also frowning and looking at Yi Yan.

“Only now while the imposing manner of Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva has not reached the peak, the feudal official wants to create a grudge between Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva and Princess Qianyou and other people, then kill Princess Qianyou and her group of people and shift the blame on Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, hence, the aura of Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva will certainly be in disorder, then Your Majesty will achieve victory. However, in the eyes of the outsiders, Princess Qianyou and her group of people died in the hands of supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, so Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty and Bliss Pure Land will have a contradiction. At the appointed time, when the four Emperor Dynasties siege Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, Bliss Pure Land will surely send people to attack. Then at that time, the feudal official will once again cause the death of several arhat and bodhisattva, deepening the contradiction between Bliss Pure Land and the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty to reach the level of irreconcilable until death, and attracting the countless experts of Bliss Pure land into the war. At that time, the four Emperor Dynasties and Bliss Pure land will attack Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty together. With the signs of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty’s defeat, more and more people will follow to join, and the more distant Emperor Dynasties will also join to take an advantage by hitting someone when he is down, even Great Li Heavenly Dynasty and Grand Sui Heavenly Dynasty will also join, that is the so-called overturning rivers and heavens collapse, and so Great Luo will certainly be extinguished. Then, only Emperor Dynasties will remain in the east of Great Divine State Land, and Great Yu will be worry-free for a thousand years!” Yi Yan excitedly said.

At this moment, Yi Yan’s face was glowing with red light, if it was achieved, Great Yu will certainly be worry-free for thousand years.

With every word from Yi Yan, Giant Deer King’s heart would jump, and the glass of wine in his hand was shaken, what a poisonous plan! What an interlocked strategy! And it was a far-sighted one, it was covering the battle from the early stage and for a long time. The Great Commander was really a far-sighted person.

“You may not.” Nalan Piaoxue immediately refuted.

“Your Majesty!” Yi Yan called out immediately, and his eyes were full of confusion.

“Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, I have invited him for the battle with a great difficultly. I want to use the fight with Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva to make a breakthrough, to whet myself, to make a breakthrough and achieve a higher boundary. During this period, you can not make any mistake, and Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva also can not be disturbed, I don’t want to face a weak Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, I have to face the peak Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva.” Nalan Piaoxue said immediately.

“Your Majesty, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva is only an Expert, and Your Majesty is the monarch of the dynasty. If you don’t fight this expert this time. You can find one, two or ten experts in the future. However if we lose the opportunity now, we may never have it again.” Yi Yan said sincerely.

Looking at Yi Yan, Nalan Piaoxue took a deep breath and said: “Do you know that I have been preparing for a few years in order to fight Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva?”

“Your Majesty, do you know, in order to fight with Great Luo, I have prepared for thousands of years?” Yi Yan did not yield and said.

“Yi Yan, you don’t understand.” Nalan Piaoxue suddenly said.

“Please enlighten me, your Majesty.” Yi Yan said immediately.

“You do not understand the heart of the expert, what my grandfather pursued, what my father pursued, and what I pursue, is not Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, but immortality, achievement Immortal Fate. Only by unceasingly breaking through, growing in the breakthrough, can make me go further and achieve a higher boundary to resist the heavenly power and achieve the Immortal Fate. I have been preparing for several years only for the fight half a month later. If I win, then I can go further, but if don’t fight, it will be like a punch in the air, unstoppable, but will disperse and cause internal injuries.” Nalan Piaoxue solemnly said.

“Your Majesty, Great Yu Life and death can be pinned on your thoughts. Once the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty is extinguished, with Your Majesty prestige, you can unceasingly seek for the experts to fight. At that time, you will have no worries. But now, once there is a danger, then…” Yi Yan advised once again.

“On Immortality path, you can’t give up an opportunity. If I give this battle up, I may lose my opportunity of immortality. Yi Yan, don’t say it again, I said, it’s absolutely impossible.” Nalan Piaoxue said solemnly.

Looking at Nalan the Great, Yi Yan stared, his eyes were red, such a good opportunity, could give it up? Have to give it up? Yi Yan’s face was red, you can wait, can I wait?

At this time, Giant Deer King also mysteriously said: “Great Commander, last time you didn’t respect the order of the monarch, His Majesty didn’t pursue it, this time, don’t do anything without authorization again!”


The irritated Yi Yan was irritated more by the last few words of Giant Deer King, and spit out some blood. His eyes were full of resentment. He was whole-heartily working hard for Great Yu here, and was doing his best, or else why would he come here?

“Yi Yan.” Nalan Piaoxue immediately stepped forward to support Yi Yan.

Although Yi Yan defied the command of monarch, but Great Yu could preserve till now, the merit of Yi Yan can’t be denied, and Nalan Piaoxue still doesn’t hope for Yi Yan to die.

Spitting out blood, Yi Yan slowly released the support of Nalan Piaoxue and said: “The body of the feudal official is not feeling well, I will go back first.”

“Oh, good, Yi Yan has worked hard.” Nalan Piaoxue said with a slight sigh.

However nearby, Giant Deer King was looking with a sneer.

A palace attendant came and sent Yi Yan off.

Watching Yi Yan leave, Nalan Piaoxue frowned, and Giant Deer King had already arrived behind him.

“Giant Deer King, what do you think?” Nalan Piaoxue said with a frown.

“The feudal official believes that although Great Commander has promised Your Majesty, but still he may continue to kill Princess Qianyou. Great Commander now…” Giant Deer King said half of his words and suddenly stopped.

“what is it now?” Nalan Piaoxue said .

“The feudal official can not say it.” Giant Deer King said.

“Speak, you’re forgiven!” Nalan Piaoxue said solemnly.

“Yes, the merit of the Great Commander is now shockingly high, and his prestige in the Great Yu is approaching Your Majesty. Now he unexpectedly didn’t respect the command of the monarch. He didn’t respect it once, if he did it a second time, so who is the Lord of Great Yu, the feudal official is worried… ” Giant Deer King immediately said to admonish the emperor.

“Ok!” Nalan Piaoxue interrupted immediately.

“Yes.” Giant Deer King didn’t say anything else.

Silent for a while, Nalan Piaoxue took a deep breath and said: “Yi Yan is also doing this to complete the Former Emperor’s will, although his means are radical, but after all, it’s for Great Yu, moreover his body also …”.

While Nalan Piaoxue was speaking, he was frowning tightly, and he was obviously very angry because Yi Yan didn’t respect the rituals between the rulers and ministers. However Yi Yan was working hard for Great Yu after all, and now he was on the verge of death, so Nalan Piaoxue didn’t want him to lose his dignity.

“Yes. What about Princess Qianyou and Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva?” Giant Deer King said worriedly.

“Although Yi Yan complied, but for safety, you send some experts to protect Princess Qianyou and her group of people. As for Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, you don’t have to worry about him. In the entire Sky City, except me, no one can threaten him.” Nalan Piaoxue said.

“Yes.” Giant Deer King immediately complied.

“In the next half of the month, you can’t make any mistakes. I am going to close up this time, and don’t disturb me again. After half a month, the crucial battle will begin.” Nalan Piaoxue said.

“The feudal official obeys the order.” Giant Deer King immediately said.

Great Commander Mansion.

General Tie Xue was looking anxiously at the pond Pavilion not far away. Since the Great Commander came back from the Imperial Palace, it was already the third day, he was sitting in the pavilion and watching the fish in the pond, motionless. Did not he have anything in his mind!

“Tie Xue.” Yi Yan suddenly called out.

Yi Yan’s words, like the sound of the heavenly thunder, were poured into the ears of General Tie Xue. Tie Xue rushed quickly and instantly appeared in the pavilion.

“Great Commander.” Tie Xue immediately complied.

“Prepare a banquet, I want to invite Princess Qianyou and Hui Guang Arhat for a banquet.” Yi Yan frowned and said.

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