Immortal V4C62: Recovering Lu Family.

Immortal V4C62: Recovering Lu Family

Translated by: RedLotus.

Lu Laozi was too late to act, Young Master Zhao was too late, but it did not mean that everyone didn’t have enough time to act, at least Zhong Shan still had enough time.

When the memory crystal recorded till here, Zhong Shan’s heart was full of excitement. This group of people was really so amiable, they gave him the content that he really wanted.

When Du Na said those solemn and stirring words, Zhong Shan already felt what her next move would be, so he grabbed a stone and threw it like a ball.


The strength of the stone unexpectedly shook the long sword immediately.

Du Na was saved. Similarly, everyone revealed a surprised facial expression. What happened? Who? Who saved Du Na? In an instant, everyone turned their vision to the two towering people who were standing at the corner, Zhong Shan and Ah Da.

“Ah Da, you continue to record.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Yes.” Ah Da complied immediately and received the memory crystal.

Zhong Shan walked slowly with Ah Da, and Ah Da was recording from behind. It was a very strange scene, but these people did not know what was the thing in Ah Da’s hands.

“Who are you?” Young Master Zhao said angrily. The black-clothed people behind Young Master Zhao were also holding their swords and were ready to rush forward.

Zhong Shan coldly smiled, but did not care about them, but walked directly to the Lu Residence.

Lu Laozi was a little surprised, but was looking calmly at Zhong Shan, and Du Na stood behind Lu Laozi.

“I’m asking you, who are you?” The facial expression of Young Master Zhao slowly became cold.

Zhong Shan ignored him as before.

“kill him!” Young Master Zhao said angrily.

Turning his head, Zhong Shan stared at Young Master Zhao and turned his hand to directly hit Young Master Zhao.


Along with the hand strike, a hand-shaped Astral Qi appeared, Young Master Zhao was sent flying for more than 20 meters, and spurting out a mouthful of blood in the air. His chest was burned black and the skeleton of his whole body was broken. This life could be considered as finished!

Zhong Shan didn’t intend to continue, but he wanted to intimidate and shock everyone by one hit.

Everyone was dull staring at Zhong Shan’s hand, a palm, just one palm, Astral Qi?

The original Young Master Zhao’s thugs suddenly stopped, no one dared to rush forward.

One palm, that was the method of Zhao Family’s ancestor. Who would dare to clash? And looking at the person in front of them, it seemed he did it conveniently.

Everyone was stunned! Who was this expert and from where did he come out?

Golden Core Fourth Layer, to deal with these Houtians and Xiantians, wasn’t it just too convenient?

Looking at the one who was sent flying, Young Master Zhao who had a loathsome appearance and was vomiting blood then said: “The laws of heavens are clear. Evil will be requited by evil, and being not reported yet, it’s just the time has not arrived.”

Young Master Zhao, who had just been held, spurted out blood again because of the words of Zhong Shan. The subordinates of Young Master Zhao were even more alarmed. They didn’t know if it was better to rush forward, or to escape quickly.

“Go away!” Zhong Shan stared and called out.

Facing the anger of Zhong Shan, the people lifted Young Master Zhao, who was seriously injured, turned around to run immediately, and the sedan chair was left behind as they didn’t want it.

In an instant, they disappeared and not even a shadow was left behind.

“Many thanks senior for the life-saving.” Lu Laozi said immediately.

At this time, Zhong Shan also stopped Ah Da from continuing to record. It was already enough, depending on the content recorded a moment ago, Zhong Shan would be able to handle a lot of things.

Turning his head to look at the people of Lu Family, except for Lu Laozi and Du Na, everyone else was looking at him with worship in their eyes.

Lu Laozi still didn’t know whether Zhong Shan was an enemy or a friend, so he was shocked.

“Are you Houtian Peak?” Looking at Lu Laozi, Zhong Shan gently said.

“Yes.” Lu Laozi immediately answered.

“Eat it.” Zhong Shan took out a medicinal pill.

“Break Restrictions Pill?” Lu Laozi said surprisedly.

Looking at the medicinal pill in Zhong Shan’s hands, Lu Laozi received it, and his previous calmness completely disappeared. His previous appearance of righteousness and facing death with a smile immediately disappeared, as if he hadn’t revealed it in general. He completely ignored what kind Zhong Shan was, he opened his mouth and swallowed it, then sat down cross-legged.

Seeing the movements of Lu Laozi, Zhong Shan smiled slightly. Seeing him, it seemed as if he saw himself in the past. Break Restrictions Pill, in the past Break Restrictions Pill was his own obsession, his own heart demon. Without the Break Restrictions Pill, he could not continue to walk into cultivation and could only forget about his life and wait for death. However with Break Restrictions Pill here, at this moment, he was crazy!

Lu Laozi was definitely the same, the hair was completely white. Just like himself in the past, he was on the verge of death.

The people of Lu Family were waiting patiently. After an hour, Lu Laozi’s hair turned black, and his whole person was much younger, as if he had become forty years old.

“Many thanks Senior.” After getting up, Lu Laozi immediately looked at Zhong Shan and respectfully said.

“I have met Lu Jianping once in Sky City, and never expected to meet his family in Qili Town.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Senior, have you seen Jianping? Is he really in Sky City?” Du Na immediately moved forward and said excitedly, and the other people of Lu Family revealed anticipating facial expressions.

“Senior, please come in.” Lu Laozi knew what matters the most, and immediately said.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded and followed Lu Laozi to enter quickly. Ah Da followed behind.

Although the Lu Family people were looking forward to the news of Lu Jianping, but the prestige of Lu Laozi for many years still made everyone to dare not be dissolute.

Lu Family, within a hall.

The servants quickly served tea for Zhong Shan, but at this time, a noise was heard from the outside.

“Ah Da, go clean it up.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Ah Da immediately complied, and quickly left with the people of Lu Family towards the entrance.

Zhao Family brought some people to revenge for Young Master Zhao.

Inside the hall, only Zhong Shan and Lu Laozi were left.

“Dare I ask Senior, is Lu Jianping in Sky City?” Lu Laozi asked.

“Good, but I think, shortly he will be in danger.” Zhong Shan thought for a moment and said.

“Danger? Why? The previous excitement of Lu Laozi was instantly turned into an anxiety.

“Why did Lu Jianping suddenly have the Cultivation Techniques? Why haven’t you heard anything from him in these years? Where did your Cultivation Techniques come from?” Zhong Shan stared at Lu Laozi and said.

“This, I don’t know.” Lu Laozi stared at Zhong Shan and shook his head.

Looking at Lu Laozi, Zhong Shan sighed and said: “The person, who gave him the Cultivation Technique, and his clan are about to be extinguished. Lu Jianping went to help him, maybe it will be extremely difficult for him not be blamed.”

Zhong Shan was purely using his own speculation.

“It won’t happen, nothing will happen to Jianping.” Lu Laozi immediately shook his head and said.

“Hehe, I can see through it, wouldn’t others see through it? Once the punishment for the crime gets down, not only Lu Jianping in Sky City, his family, that is you here, will be extinguished. The punishment for the crime is to extinguish the entire clan.” Zhong Shan suddenly said with an austere facial expression.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Lu Laozi was unceasingly struggling in his heart, then finally sighed, took a deep breath and said : “Senior, previously Lu did not tell the truth, please forgive me. Since Senior have seen through it, I am not going to conceal it anymore. Before leaving ten years ago, Jianping told me that he is going to help his teacher. However, there has been no news from him for ten years, whether he died, or couldn’t run away.”

When he heard what Lu Laozi said, Zhong Shan’s heart moved, Teacher? Helping his Teacher? Indeed, his previous guess was correct. Wu Wanli should be the teacher of Lu Jianping. Wu Wanli was the City Manufacture supervisor of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty. This Lu Jianping must also has been taught by him. Even if he couldn’t obtain Wu Wanli, Lu Jianping must be used by Great Zheng.

“Senior, Senior can know this much, you should be a person with high status, Lu respectfully asks Senior to help Jianping.” Lu Laozi immediately got up and knelt down.

Zhong Shan held him, and at the same time, his heart was moving and said: “Get up, if I don’t want to help Lu Jianping, I won’t come to you here.”

“Many thanks Senior.” Lu Laozi said.

“Let me think about it for a while” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Lu Laozi immediately stood respectfully on one side.

Zhong Shan was unceasingly analyzing the situation for a while then said: “Do you trust me?”

Looking at Zhong Shan, Lu Laozi frowned, but still immediately said: “If it were not for Senior today, Lu Family would have been extinguished now. If Senior has anything to request, Lu will do his best to do it .”

“How many people are there in your Lu Family?” Zhong Shan asked.

“In addition to Du Na, there are a total of eighty-three.” Lu Laozi said.

“Can you abandon your foundation here and leave?” Zhong Shan asked.

“Leave?” Lu Laozi surprisedly said.

“Yes, I can save Lu Jianping, but he has a big family here, so Lu Jianping will definitely refuse to leave because of you here.” Zhong Shan affirmed.

Lu Jianping, to repay the kindness of his teacher, he put himself into an extremely dangerous situation and didn’t reveal any compliant or regret for ten years. From this, Zhong Shan affirmed that Lu Jianping was an extremely sentimental person who had a clear distinction between gratitude and grudges. Would such person abandon his family?

After thinking about it, Lu Laozi revealed a determined facial expression and said: “Ok.”

“Good, I will give you four months. Here are some medicinal pills. Try your best to break through during these four months. Try to achieve the Xiantian Stage cultivation base.” Zhong Shan turned his hand and took out several bottles of medicinal pills.

“This, this, …” Lu Laozi was surprised and looked at the several bottles of medicinal pills that suddenly appeared on the table.

With a slight smile, Zhong Shan took out two Space Spirit Beads and some spatial stones: “Storage Bracelet, you should know how to do it?”

“Yes.” Lu Laozi said with a completely rosy face from the excitement.

“In four months, you must, as far as possible, stockpile more than one year of supplies that are enough for you to eat and drink, then wait for Lu Jianping to come back, and at the appointed time, everyone will leave with me.” Zhong Shan affirmed.

“Yes, senior.” Lu Laozi was already dizzy as if he had been pounded by a meat pie.

Spatial stone? Storage Bracelet? It was the treasure that Zhao Family’s ancestors had.

“During this period, for security measures, keep it as confidential matter and do not let anyone know about it as far as possible.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Yes.” Lu Laozi said excitedly.

“Four months later, you will enter the northern mountains.” Zhong Shan said.

“Northern Mountain? Senior, there are countless Monsters in the north, and we have a family of eighty-three people. Even if most of them attained the Xiantian Stage, they may still… ” Lu said worriedly.

“At the appointed time, there will be wolves to pick you up, you just need to follow the wolves.” Zhong Shan said.

“Uh, wolves?” Lu Laozi said surprisedly.

“Don’t worry, they won’t attack you, they will protect you and you need to just follow them.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Ok.” Lu Laozi nodded.

Looking at the several bottles of precious medicinal pills, Lu Laozi already never suspected that Zhong Shan would have any intent to harm them.

Subsequently in Qili town, Zhong Shan used his methods to remove the entire Zhao Family and all the hidden dangers for Lu Family, and guaranteed that for five months, Lu Family would be absolutely safe. At the same time, when he went out with Ah Da on patrol, he left Ah da for a while, he called a big wolf in the vicinity, talked to the wolf, and gave it some medicine pill as its reward, so that it would summon the nearby wolves, wait for Lu Family arrival, and escort this group of people to a distant mountain valley designated Zhong Shan. After that Zhong Shan brought Ah Da to start off.

To the birthday of Great Yu Great Emperor, there was still one month, so Zhong Shan returned to Sky City.

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