Immortal V4C58: Face to face confrontation.

Immortal V4C58: Face to face confrontation.


Translated by: RedLotus.


Giant Deer King Palace.

“Giant Deer King isn’t here?” The ritual official of Great Guang Emperor Dynasty said anxiously.

“Yes, the king went to the Western Garden Palace. He went to Princess Qianyou as he was invited to attend a banquet.” The palace steward said.

“What? Princess Qianyou? Princess Qianyou is at Western Garden Palace?” The ritual official said in shock.

“Yes, Princess Qianyou sent someone to invite the king earlier.” The Palace Steward said doubtfully.

Looking at the Palace Steward, the ritual official revealed a surprised facial expression, as if he saw a ghost, so he must go there to see what was going on.

“I will go to the Western Garden Palace to invite the king, sorry for the bothering.” The ritual official said.

“No problem!” The Palace Steward said.

Great Commander Mansion.

General Tie Xue rushed to the pavilion in the center of the pond.

“Great Commander, Prince Han Jue sent someone, saying that he was attacked by Princess Qianyou and was seriously injured.” Tie Xue said excitedly.

Throwing the fish food in his hand into the pond, Yi Yan smiled slightly and said: “Where is the he?”

“He is waiting outside, just waiting for the Great Commander.” Tie Xue said excitedly.

“Since he has invited us, naturally we must go and see, let’s go!” Yi Yan said with a smile.

“Yes.” Tie Xue said excitedly.

Western Garden Palace.

The Great Guang ritual official who rushed from the Giant Deer King Palace quickly bowed respectfully to the people in the square, and there was a strange expression in his eyes as if he had seen a ghost. He was extremely scared.

“Giant Deer King, my family Crown Prince has encountered an ambush, and he invites the king to visit.” The ritual official said.

“Prince Han Jue? Did he come back?” Giant Deer King asked with a frown.

“Yes, my family Crown Prince was ambushed and was seriously injured. He invites Giant Deer King to visit.” The ritual official said.

At this time, the ritual official did not dare to say that Princess Qianyou was the one who ambushed him.

“What? Prince Han Jue was ambushed?” Princess Qianyou frowned, then turned her head to look at Zhong Shan.

“Yes.” The ritual official immediately answered.

“Who ambushed him?” Princess Qianyou asked immediately.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, the ritual official opened mouth in awkwardness, and then said: “The lower official does not know.”

Seeing the expression of the ritual official, the other people frowned. Obviously the ritual official was insincere, but they could not force him.

“King, if you don’t mind, I will go with you to have a look.” Princess Qianyou said.

Looking at the ritual official, Giant Deer King frowned and said: It’s also good.”

Giant Deer King’s heart was full of doubts, but the hearts of Princess Qianyou and the others were the same, was Prince Han Jue seriously injured? What exactly happened?

Gu Lin came out already, but still he was looking at Zhong Shan with an extremely unfriendly look.

The people drove the white clouds and rushed toward the residence of Prince Han Jue.

Not long after, they arrived at the residence of Prince Han Jue, on the floating island.

Above the floating island, at this moment Great Commander Yi Yan had already arrived with General Tie Xue. Prince Han Jue also changed his clothes and ate some medicinal pills. It was only that the serious injury was not easy to heal completely with just a few medicinal pills.

Prince Han Jue was now very angry and was unceasingly telling how Princess Qianyou encircled to kill him.

“This time, the Crown Prince has escaped by luck, but Princess Qianyou is the princess of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty. Now, she died in the hands of the Crown Prince, so the Crown Prince must be ready.” Yi Yan said faintly.

Yi Yan’s words seemed to comfort Prince Han Jue, but there was a hidden threat between these words, a threat that you must stand with Great Yu.

When he heard Yi Yan, the facial expression of Prince Han Jue became a slightly cold and looked at Yi Yan.

At this moment, Giant Deer King and the others, who were standing on the white cloud, arrived to the square.

Standing on the white cloud, in addition to Giant Deer King, there were Princess Qianyou, Shui Jing, Gu Lin, Zhong Shan, Ah Da, and Ah Er.

“You have not died?” Prince Han Jue suddenly jumped from his chair as if he saw a ghost.

Not only Prince Han Jue, but also Mr. Zuo and Mr. You, who were standing bedside Prince Han Jue, were also staring with wide eyes, and revealing inconceivable facial expressions. General Tie Xue standing behind Yi Yan, was also inconceivably looking. Only Yi Yan, he frowned slightly, his pupils shrank, was only revealing a slight surprise, and also this surprise was intentionally revealed by himself. Facing a danger or a chaotic situation, you must be calm.

“Prince Han Jue, who died?” Giant Deer King immediately stepped forward and said.

“Princess Qianyou, you really have a great fate, you deceived me to go to Ten Thousand Peach Forest, you wanted to put me to death, even burning my body in that place, but I came back safe and sound.” Prince Han Jue said in a cold voice.

When she heard the words of Prince Han Jue, Princess Qianyou frowned. Mr. Shui Jing was also looking at Zhong Shan surprisedly. But Zhong Shan was standing quietly, standing behind Princess Qianyou, and he said nothing.

“Who deceived? You are the one who deceived us, today we have been with Giant Deer King the entire time, when did we put you to death?” Gu Lin said angrily.

“What? You were not in Ten Thousand Peach Forest this afternoon?” Han Jue said in surprise.

“Of course, we were in the Western Garden Palace this afternoon.” Gu Lin argued.

“Impossible, you sent an invitation, moreover I also saw you, it could not be wrong, how could you be at the Western Garden Palace?” Prince Han Jue said.

“Prince Han Jue, what Crown Prince Gu Lin said, every word is true. Princess Qianyou, Gu Lin Crown Prince, and the others behind me, we all were at the banquet in the Western Garden Palace. I can testify.” Giant Deer King said.

“How could it be? How could it be? So Who were the people I had seen?” Prince Han Jue said with an absent-minded expression.

Suddenly, it seemed that Prince Han Jue wanted to understand what was going on, and his whole body was covered with cold sweat, so he stared at Princess Qianyou with wide eyes. Previously, if it was really Princess Qianyou, and he, himself, killed the Princess of Heavenly Dynasty, then Great Guang and Great Luo will certainly have a great enmity. Was someone framing him?

Thinking of this, Prince Han Jue was shocked. However, framing? It shouldn’t be, Princess Qianyou is clearly here, how could this be framing? Did someone want to kill me? So what’s this about?

Prince Han Jue frowned.

“Prince Han Jue, actually, three days ago, I also received an invitation sent by you.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Did I send it? How could it be possible? Prince Han Jue said in disbelief.

Princess Qianyou took out the invitation and handed it to Prince Han Jue and said: “It was delivered by a ritual official of yours.”

Prince Han Jue took the invitation and also took out the invitation he received, handing it to Princess Qianyou then said: “A ritual official of yours delivered it.”

The two had doubts and looked at the invitation in their hands. After looking, they took a deep breath.

“Please point out who the ritual official is.” The two said almost at the same time.

Then, each of them found the person who originally received the invitation, and quickly went to find the to find the ritual official of the opposite side, but the ritual official of the opposite side was missing. There was no trace of them as if they were evaporated.

“It seems that the two ritual officials of the two dynasties, were eliminated to prevent a potential informant.” Yi Yan said suddenly.

Looking at Yi Yan, everyone nodded.

At this time, a figure was flying towards them from a distant place, he was the man who was sent by Giant Deer King to inspect Fog Lake.

The man came to Giant Deer King and respectfully said : “King, the six of them disappeared. The subordinate found some remnants of their weapons at the original place of Fog Lake. They were hit hard to absolutely kill them, Possibly they all died.”

“What? They died.” Giant Deer King stared and said.

“Yes, they should be all dead.” The man bowed and said.

“What do you mean by the original place of Fog Lake?” Princess Qianyou said solemnly.

“The Yang Qi below Fog Lake was drawn out, at this moment Fog Lake already doesn’t exist anymore, along with the Ten Thousand Peach Forest and the mountain separating them, the entire area turned into a volcano.” The man immediately replied.

“It was drawn out by me. At that time, it was a critical life and death situation, so I drew out the Yang Qi to kill and extinguish those bastards.” Prince Han Jue said.

Hearing this, Princess Qianyou frownd and immediately wanted to understand what happened. These people really wanted to kill her. Giant Deer King sent some people to imitate them, and these people all died and no one remained? Prince Han Jue himself admitted killing her.

What a ruthless heart, what a poisonous idea, and what a thorough plan!

Princess Qianyou stared at Prince Han Jue, her eyes flashed with a hint if admiration, but Mr. Shui Jing and the others frowned, only Gu Lin, although he was still very angry with Zhong Shan, but still his eyes flashed with a color of surprise.

The surprised look of Gu Lin when he looked at Zhong Shan, was seen by Yi Yan, Yi Yan frowned, and no one knew what he was thinking in his mind.

“Giant Deer King, why did you send some people to imitate Princess Qianyou and the others?” Yi Yan asked with a frown.

At this moment, the face of Giant Deer King was completely covered with anger, it was not easy to train a dead-loyal subordinate of his, but this time six of them died, the six were all elite.

“At that time, Princess Qianyou told me that there was something strange. I didn’t believe it. Princess Qianyou asked me to send someone to check. Later, Mr. Zhong Shan gave six sets of clothes to my subordinates.” Giant Deer King frowned.

“Mr. Zhong Shan?” Yi Yan frowned and looked at Zhong Shan.

“It was under the command of the princess.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

Prince Han Jue looked at everyone, there were doubt and surprise in his eyes, a conspiracy, it was an absolute conspiracy. While looking at everyone, there was a trace of caution in his heart.

“Giant Deer King, Great Commander.” Prince Han Jue said immediately.

“Prince Han Jue?” The two immediately looked at Prince Han Jue.

“Han Jue is seriously injured and needs to return to Great Guang right away. As for the gifts for the birthday of the Great Yu Great Emperor, I have already placed it in the west hall. I will trouble the two of you, when the Great Yu Great Emperor comes out, to apologize for me.” Prince Han Jue said immediately.

“Prince Han Jue, you are seriously injured, Great Yu will send the best pill master to treat you. There’s no need for you to go back to Great Guang.” Giant Deer King said immediately.

“There’s no need.” Prince Han Jue flatly refused.

Prince Han Jue also saw the conspiracy against him. If he doesn’t leave now, what will he be waiting for? Waiting for the conspiracy to come again?

“Oh, alright!” Giant Deer King sighed lightly.

“When will Prince Han Jue leave?” Yi Yan asked.

“After half an hour.” Prince Han Jue said immediately, as he didn’t want to wait anymore.

“I will let someone to send you off.” Giant Deer King said immediately.

Looking at Giant Deer King, Prince Han Jue thought then said: “Ok!”

Subsequently, Prince Han Jue turned around and told the others to prepare to go back.

“Princess Qianyou, is this your Mr. Zhong Shan?” Yi Yan suddenly looked at Zhong Shan and said.

Seeing Yi Yan turning his vision, Zhong Shan frowned slightly, Princess Qianyou, with an austere facial expression, also looked at Yi Yan and said: “Yes.”

“It’s really disrespectful, it’s truly fated for Yi Yan to wait until now to look closely. I wonder if Mr. Zhong Shan is willing to go to my small building for a while?” Yi Yan said to Zhong Shan, but he was looking at Princess Qianyou.

Princess Qianyou took a look at Yi Yan, did Yi Yan Just invite Zhong Shan alone? Intriguing! But she still smiled slightly and said: “Ok, since Mr. Yi Yan has spoken, then Zhong Shan, you go and have a look.”

“Yes.” Zhong Shan complied immediately.

“Then tomorrow, I will send Tie Xue to pick up Mr. Zhong Shan.” Yi Yan said very directly.

“Ok” Zhong Shan nodded.




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