Immortal V4C57: Man Proposes, God Disposes.

Immortal V4C57: Man Proposes, God Disposes.

Translated by: RedLotus.

In the Western Garden Palace, a banquet was arranged.

Princess Qianyou and Gu Lin were sitting on the two head tables. Mr. Shui Jing, Zhong Shan, Ah Da and Ah Er were sitting on the right hand. Giant Deer King was sitting on the left and taking the first place, and the Giant Deer King’s subordinates were sitting on the tables behind him, there were both men and women.

“Mister, these people following Giant Deer King are the dead-loyal old officers of Giant Deer King. They have assassinated numerous senior officials of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, can say that their hands are covered with the blood of my great Luo Heavenly Dynasty senior members.” Ah Da whispered to Zhong Shan.

Looking at the expressionless subordinates of Giant Deer King, Zhong Shan frowned and nodded.

“I don’t know what matter the princess has, why did you suddenly ask me to visit today?” Giant Deer King said with a smile. At the same time, his heart was full of anxiety. When Ah Da came, he was in a hurry, and asked him to come to the banquet immediately. Wasn’t it also too urgent?

“Giant Deer King, Great Luo and Great Yu signed a ceasefire treaty. It is hard won peaceful co-existence between the two dynasties. But recently, some people want to sabotage this friendship.” Princess Qianyou shook her head and said.

Upon hearing Princess Qianyou, Giant Deer King’s pupils shrank and immediately thought of one person, Yi Yan. Not long ago, Yi Yan suggested to start a war in front of the Great Emperor. What happened? Did the news got leaked?

“Who? Who is so bold?” Giant Deer King still said with an angry facial expression.

“Prince Han Jue.” Princess Qianyou said directly.

“Uh? Prince Han Jue?” Giant Deer King was slightly stunned, it wasn’t like his imagination, was it Prince Han Jue?

Thinking of this, Giant Deer King was shocked. Was Prince Han Jue representing Great Guang Emperor Dynasty? Could it be they want to conspire with Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty against Great Yu Emperor Dynasty ?

“Yes, this is an invitation from Prince Han Jue.” Princess Qianyou took out an invitation and handed it to Giant Deer King.

Giant Deer King, with some doubts, immediately opened and read it. Although the inside of the invitation was concealed, but it was not difficult to see the intention of forming an alliance with Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty.

Seeing here, Giant Deer King took a deep breath, his eyes were filled with anger, and somewhat accidentally looked at Princess Qianyou.

“Why did the princess give it to me?” Giant Deer King asked. In the heart of Giant Deer King, Princess Qianyou should go to the meeting to be right.

“Great Luo and Great Yu are like brothers, can they be moved by another Emperor Dynasty? Qianyou was interested in going at that time, but after being repeatedly dissuaded by Mr. Zhong Shan, I decided to speak honestly to Giant Deer King and ask Giant Deer King to have a look at this invitation.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Mr. Zhong Shan?” Giant Deer King looked at Zhong Shan surprisedly and also noticed the eyes of the others.

When he saw Gu Lin was coldly looking at Zhong Shan, Giant Deer King’s original suspicion was immediately and significantly decreased and believed it by about eight points. Yes, with such a good opportunity, the discussion between the two dynasties was actually messed up by this Zhong Shan. If he, himself, was in the place of the Crown Prince, how could he not be angry?

“Reporting Giant Deer King, my family princess believes in the righteousness. Our two dynasties have just completely abandoned the past enmity, how can we be instigated by it?” Zhong Shan said immediately.

It was good if Zhong Shan didn’t say it, but when the nearby Gu Lin heard it, he became even more angry. The original fire that had already faded away started to burn once again. My family princess? The princess became your family?

Originally it was just a matter of speech and Zhong Shan had said the same thing before, but at this moment Gu Lin was in a fit of a very bad temper, so he was very sensitive. He put the wine glass in his hand and walked into the inner chamber.

Gu Lin’s unreasonable action was seen by Giant Deer King. Seeing Gu Lin leaving in anger, he thought that Gu Lin was angry because this great opportunity was messed up by Zhong Shan, and he felt more confidence in his heart.

When Princess Qianyou saw Gu Lin leaving, she frowned slightly.

“Giant Deer King, sorry.” Princess Qianyou apologized on behalf of Gu Lin.

“No problem, the princess is a righteous person, this King can not thank you enough, will also blame you? Just, is this invitation was really sent by Prince Han Jue?” Giant Deer King stared at Princess Qianyou and said.

“Giant Deer King can send some people to investigate, Prince Han Jue is not in the city, you can also pretend to be me and go to Fog Lake to see it.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Pretending? It’s not quite good!” Giant Deer King had the an intent to move, but it seemed to be inappropriate due to the formality.

“No problem, you can let your subordinates to imitate the six of us and go to Fog Lake. Otherwise, Prince Han Jue will leave if a long time passes.” Princess Qianyou said affirmatively.

“Good.” Giant Deer King also complied immediately. Since she said it directly, he wouldn’t have anything to really affect him.

“several of you, after leaving the city, pretend to be Princess Qianyou and go to Fog Lake. After all, Fog Lake is covered with mist and your appearances can’t be seen. You go and look if Prince Han Jue is waiting there.” Giant Deer King looked at his dead-loyal officers and said.

“Yes.” The people immediately complied.

“The princess has already made me prepare clothes for everyone.” Zhong Shan immediately took out a bunch of clothes.

“Uh?” Giant Deer King was slightly stunned, these preparations were really proper.

“Take it!” Giant Deer King said.

“Yes.” A dead-loyal officer complied immediately.

“Wait until you go out of the city then change it to prevent unnecessary trouble.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Do as he said.” Giant Deer King said.

“Yes.” The officers complied immediately and quickly left the Western Garden Palace.

After that, they were calmly waiting, waiting for the final result.

After three hours. The Western Garden Palace banquet was already finished.

Giant Deer King, Princess Qianyou, Gu Lin, Mr. Shui Jing, Ah Da and Ah Er were standing on the floating island waiting for the officers to come back, but until now, no one has returned.

Giant Deer King frowned anxiously and suddenly referred to another subordinate with his finger and said: “You go quickly to Fog Lake with the maximum speed to see what is going on.”

“Yes.” The subordinate immediately complied.

A Floating Island, Great Guang Emperor Dynasty Residence.

Prince Han Jue was completely covered with blood and was seriously injured. His left arm was slightly dangled, and he was incomparably distressed. Behind him, Mr. Zuo and Mr. You, they were also seriously injured and were slowly flying back.

The faces of the three men were completely covered with resentment.

“Crown Prince, Crown Prince, what happened to you?” A Great Guang Emperor Dynasty official ran quickly and looked anxious.

“Princess Qianyou, you really have a poisonous heart, you want me to die in Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, creating a grudge between Great Yu and Great Guang, so that Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty can profit from it, Snort.” Prince Han Jue said coldly.

“Crown Prince, did Princess Qianyou set up an ambush? What about Princess Qianyou?” The official immediately said worriedly.

“At Ten Thousand Peach Forest, forced me into the mountain pass, Snort, wanted me to die, I let her die first, I led the volcano away, they couldn’t escape, they died, died, died.” Prince Han Jue said coldly.

“So now what should we do? The official said worriedly.

“Quickly, go to Giant Deer King and Great Commander and say that the Crown Prince is seriously injured. Ask them to come over as soon as possible.” Mr. Zuo said immediately.

“Yes.” The official nodded immediately.

Great Commander Mansion.

Yi Yan was feeding the fish in the pond, but his eyes were not looking at the pond, his mind was distracted, waiting for the news of General Tie Xue.

“Dong…, Dong… , Dong… .”

When Yi Yan heard the sound of footsteps on the wooden planks, Yi Yan immediately threw the rest of the fish food in his hand into the pond and turned his head. It was really, General Tie Xue.

“Great Commander, Great Commander.” General Tie Xue called out.

“How was it?” Although Yi Yan was in poor health, he was still very anxious and walked towards General Tie Xue.

Seeing Yi Yan coming, General Tie Xue rushed forward quickly to support Yi Yan.

“Great Commander, it really happened. Prince Han Jue was injured seriously, and before leaving he was calling out ‘Qianyou you villain’.” General Tie Xue said excitedly.

“What about the mountain?” Yi Yan asked immediately.

“It was blown up, the Yang Qi was soaring up, the volcano erupted, and Fog Lake disappeared. Now there is only a volcano. There is absolutely only one place left.” General Tie Xue said excitedly.

“Good, the two things were done very well. What about Princess Qianyou and her group of people? What happened to them?” Yi Yan asked again.

“Princess Qianyou and her group of people entered Fog Lake, under the cover of the mist, the officers of Qi Battle Array activated the Battle Array, they fought with all their might for a period of time, but they all died, with no living witness, Princess Qianyou and her group of people are all died.” General Tie Xue said excitedly.

“Good, good, good, but who else was with Princess Qianyou? Did Mr. Shui Jing also died inside?” Yi Yan said excitedly.

“Mr. Shui Jing? He should be inside, it should be the previous six people who I escorted from Eight Desolate City.” Tie Xue thought for a moment and said.

Hearing General Tie Xue, Yi Yan frowned and said: “What do you mean by should? This matter cannot have should, are you sure? is it true?”

“Great Commander, at that time for fear of being discovered by them, I remained so far away, and watched them from far away, the clothes of these six people were the same as the last time when I had escorted them, exactly the same, it can not be wrong.” General Tie Xue said immediately.

“The clothes were exactly the same?” Yi Yan suddenly said.

“It’s exactly the same, previously when they were in Eight Desolate City, they wore the same clothes, it’s absolutely not wrong.” General Tie Xue said.

“You mean, the six people, not a single person had any slight change in their clothes, they were very coincidentally wearing exactly the same as Eight Desolate City?” There was a slight anxiety in the expression of Yi Yan.

“Yes.” General Tie Xue seemed to realize that something was wrong, but he still nodded.

Exactly the same? When these six people were in Sky City, they changed their clothes several times. Even if the clothes were changed, it wouldn’t be exactly the same, just like that day?

It was indeed a coincidence, at that time when Zhong Shan asked everyone to give him the clothes, everyone took out the clothes which they were wearing during their journey, these clothes were travel-worn, and everyone felt that they couldn’t wear these clothes again, so they all took out that set of clothes. He never expected that Yi Yan, just by merely not having a slight flaw in the small details, discovered a big flaw.

“Cough ….., cough ….., cough ….., cough …..” Yi Yan coughed because of the worry.

“Great Commander.” General Tie Xue was immediately worried.

“What I should do, I have done it, Man Proposes, God Disposes!” After the cough stopped, Yi Yan said lightly to console himself.

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