Immortal V4C56: Destroying the mountain.

Immortal V4C56: Destroying the mountain.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“What is wrong, Mister?” Princess Qianyou frowned and stared at Zhong Shan.

“Qianyou’s shoulder, can you touch it? you want to die!” Gu Lin’s eyes were fiery red from anger and said.

“Ok, Gu Lin, Mister did it unintentionally.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

Unintentionally? Unintentionally or may be not. Qianyou, you promised me!” Gu Lin became angry at once. Apparently, Zhong Shan’s unintentional little move already touched Gu Lin’s bottom line.

Zhong Shan was slightly awkward in his heart, but his mind was constantly changing. What did Gu Lin mean?

“I said it was unintentional. At that time, Mister was absent-minded, Mr. Shui Jing, Ah Da and Ah Er can testify.” Princess Qianyou said right away.

“Crown Prince, indeed, just when Zhong Shan reached out his hand, I already discovered that Zhong Shan’s eyes were unfocused and it should be unintentional.” Mr. Shui Jing immediately argued for Zhong Shan.

“Yes, Crown Prince.” Ah Da and Ah Er said immediately. Obviously the three Absolute Sovereign Realm Experts proved that Zhong Shan indeed did it unintentionally.

Gu Lin coldly looked at Zhong Shan, his appearance was as if he was going to eat him.

Zhong Shan frowned slightly, apparently very confused about Gu Lin’s attitude, but could not wait for them to continue arguing again, so he immediately said: “Princess, we can’t go to Fog Lake, it we go we are certainly going to die, it’s a sure killing trap.”

“You?” You don’t have to make excuses.” Gu Lin said angrily.

“Ok, Gu Lin, I will say it again, my matters, you don’t need to manage it, and also you have no right to manage it.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Qianyou.” Gu Lin looked at Princess Qianyou and revealed an indignant facial expression.

Apparently these words shocked Gu Lin, Princess Qianyou once again looked at Zhong Shan and said: “Mister, you explain it clearly ”

“Princess, the lower feudal official asks the princess for the first time, this has a hidden murderous intention, if we go we will certainly die. I also hope that the princess will accept the opinion of the lower feudal official.” Zhong Shan said affirmatively.

“What are the reasons?” Princess Qianyou stared at Zhong Shan and said.

“The lower feudal official can’t say it for the time being. He always feels that this is a trap. It is unusual inside and there are a lot of things we don’t know yet. Please princess believe the lower feudal official.” Zhong Shan said sincerely.

“Hahaha, you don’t know yourself, do you want to deceive us?” Gu Lin was angry. At this moment, Gu Lin eyes were red, Zhong Shan’s just one action, it seemed to ignite the raging fire in the heart of Gu Lin.

Mr. Shui Jing frowned and looked at Zhong Shan, and Princess Qianyou was also staring at Zhong Shan.

The scene became extremely cold. Except for Gu Lin’s glare, others looked at the certain expression of Zhong Shan, even if Zhong Shan still didn’t know, so where it came from.

“Good.” After being silent for a while, Princess Qianyou suddenly said.

“Thank you princess.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

Gu Lin revealed an inconceivable facial expression and looked at Princess Qianyou.

“However, I hope that Mister can prove it for me.” Princess Qianyou said solemnly.

“Yes, since it is a sure kill trap, there must be someone who wants to kill us.” Zhong Shan said.

Since already promised not going, Princess Qianyou also released a long breath.

“Who wants to kill us?” Princess Qianyou said.

“I don’t know for now, but some people will definitely not kill us.” Zhong Shan thought for a moment and said.

“Giant Deer King?” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“Yes, Giant Deer King won’t kill us, and I will also involve Prince Han Jue. I suspect that besides killing us, there must be another plot in play this time.” Zhong Shan said affirmatively.

Frowning, Princess Qianyou stared at Zhong Shan, and there were surprise and doubt in her heart. The words of Zhong Shan were getting more and more mysterious. Mr. Shui Jing was also frowning, he stopped shacking the feather fan, and was staring at Zhong Shan, as if he completely had understood Zhong Shan.

“What should we do Mister?” Princess Qianyou asked.

“We first pretend to go out of the city, then turn back and return from another gate, also Ah Da will personally go to Giant Deer King Palace to give Giant Deer King an invitation and ask him to come to the Western Garden Palace for a banquet to discuss the peaceful coexistence between the two dynasties, and Ah Er will go to the residence of Prince Han Jue to nose the residence of Prince Han Jue. As for Fog Lake, we must not go.” Zhong Shan said.

“Why can’t we go now?” Gu Lin coldly said.

“In order not to alert the enemy.” Zhong Shan said.

“Ok, let’s do as Mister said.” Princess Qianyou nodded with a frown.

“Thank you princess for your trust.” Zhong Shan said with an incomparable emotion.

“It’s the first time for Mister to ask, how Qianyou won’t save Mister’s face, I just hope that Mister will not let me down.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes, princess.” Zhong Shan said affirmatively.

Subsequently, under Gu Lin’s resentful eyes, the white clouds carrying them slowly flew out from the west gate under the vision of all the gate guards. And then they circled around Sky City, quietly returning back from the east gate.

Returning to the Western Garden Palace again.

“Ah Da, you take this invitation to the Giant Deer King Palace. You must invite Giant Deer King.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes.” Ah Da immediately complied.

“Ah Er, go to the residence of Prince Han Jue and seek an interview with Prince Han Jue. If Prince Han Jue is there, give the letter to him. If he is not there, come back immediately.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes.” Ah Er immediately complied.

Subsequently, Ah Da and Ah Er immediately left the Western Garden Palace. As for Gu Lin, he was actually looking hatefully at Zhong Shan, as if Zhong Shan had stolen his wife.

“Gu Lin, if you kept looking at Mister like this, don’t follow me later.” Princess Qianyou said solemnly.

“Snort, you are still helping him. Qianyou, you’re my fiancee, only I can touch you, no one else can.” Gu Lin yelled.

“Gu Lin, from the day I became a princess, I had the right to decide my own destiny. You and I were engaged, but the engagement was cancelled on that day. I have already let you keep following, so don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch.” Princess Qianyou said angrily.

“I do not care.” Gu Lin called out angrily.

Nearby, Mr. Shui Jing didn’t dare to interrupt, but Zhong Shan was also depressed. How did he come across such a thing?

“Crown Prince, previously the lower feudal official was rude, I promise the Crown Prince that I will remain two feet away from the princess at any time in the future and will never approach.” Zhong Shan could only say this to dispel the anger of the Crown Prince.

However, when Zhong Shan said that, but also he cursed Gu Lin half-dead in his heart. As for just touching the shoulder of Princess Qianyou, and that made him extremely jealous. Promising him, he was not an important person. This promise was as worthless as a fart.

Taking a deep breath, Gu Lin coldly looked at Zhong Shan and said solemnly : “Good, I hope you remember what you said today.”

Looking at Gu Lin, Zhong Shan was speechless for a while, remember? Remember, right remember.

“Ok, let’s prepare. At this moment, no one of the officials is not allowed to take a half step out of the Western Garden Palace.” Princess Qianyou nodded. At the same time, the other people were forbidden to leave the palace to prevent any news leakage.

Great Commander House, the pond place.

While Yi Yan was standing in the pavilion feeding the fish, Tie Xue walked in excitedly.

“Great Commander, it’s really as Great Commander expected, Princess Qianyou and her group of people left from the west gate, and Prince Han Jue left from the South Gate.” General Tie Xue couldn’t wait and said.

“Did you see them clearly?” Yi Yan said while feeding the fish.

“Indeed, there is absolutely no mistakes.” General Tie Xue said.

“Hu… ..” Yi Yan threw the fish food into the pond, released a long breath and revealed a smile on his face.

“Great Commander.” General Tie Xue said doubtfully.

“Everything has variables. If His Majesty agreed, it would be better to kill them in the city and everything would be under our eyes. Now I have to keep calculating unceasingly. If there is a slight mistake, it will change the entire game.” Yi Yan said with a sigh.

“Change the entire game?” General Tie Xue said with a frown.

“Yeah, since they have already gone out of the city, there is no major problem. Man Proposes, God Disposes.” Yi Yan said.

“Yes.” Although General Tie Xue was not able to understand, but he immediately complied.

“The Qi Battle Array’s officers, did they arrange it appropriately?” Yi Yan thought for a while then said.

“Yes, the Qi Battle Array’s officers are already hidden on Fog Lake, as long as the group of Princess Qianyou arrives to the place of the Battle Array, they all will definitely die without a burial ground.” General Tie Xue said with an incomparable affirmation.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Yi Yan release a long breath and said.

“What about Prince Han Jue? Will we intentionally let him go?” Tie Xue asked again.

Yi Yan nodded and said: “Princess Qianyou will go to Fog Lake and Prince Han Jue will go to Ten Thousand Peach Forest, Fog Lake and Ten Thousand Peach Forest are separated by just the mountain. It is now two places, and as long as this matter is done, the mountain will be destroyed, and this area will become a single place. ”

“Will Prince Han Jue believe that he did it?” General Tie Xue said worriedly.

“There is an invitation from Princess Qianyou, and the flashing projection of Princess Qianyou, when it comes to it, regardless of the true and false, Prince Han Jue will definitely think it is Princess Qianyou. At that time, Prince Han Jue, to defend himself, will open the outlet of Yang Qi, to save himself, and with the death of the group of Princess Qianyou, this matter can be confirmed.” Yi Yan said solemnly.

“Right, there is an entrance of Yang Qi under this place, which causes a geothermal anomaly. The lake is covered with mist, and the fire Spiritual Qi is soaring. As long as Princess Qianyou enters Fog Lake, and the officers of Qi Battle Array open the Battle Array completely, they will definitely be able to slaughter them, no one will remain.” General Tie Xue said excitedly.

“This matter, can not have any mistake, you go to watch it carefully, if there is any slight change, immediately report.” Yi Yan said.

“Yes, Great Commander.” General Tie Xue said excitedly.

In the Western Garden Palace. Ah Da and Ah Er were standing in front of Princess Qianyou.

“Princess, Prince Han Jue went out early in the morning, no one knows where he is.” Ah Er bowed and said.

“Um.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

“Princess, Giant Deer King said that he will come to the Western Garden Palace in a short while.” Ah Da said.

“Ok, prepare the banquet.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

“Yes.” A ritual official immediately went forward and said.

Subsequently, a large number of servants cleaned up the Western Garden Palace, the tables were set, waiting for the arrival of Giant Deer King.

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