Immortal V4C54: Laws doesn’t have emotions.

Immortal V4C54: Laws doesn’t have emotions.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Sky City, there was a place that was heavily guarded by a large number of Experts leading a large army, and there were various formations covering it completely to ensure its internal security.

This was the Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s Sky Prison, the place of imprisonment of the important criminals of the Great Yu Emperor Dynasty.

Princess Qianyou, Gu Lin, Shui Jing, Zhong Shan, Ah Da and Ah Er, led by several Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s officials, came to the place of Sky Prison. They were here to visit the important prisoners!

“Princess, Giant Deer King has ordered that you can visit the prisoners, but we must be present.” An official said.

“No problem, we are just going to have a look.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

Subsequently, the group of Zhong Shan, with three Great Yu Emperor Dynasty officials, entered the Sky Prison.

Above the Sky Prison, there was a group of powerful formations, and there were large houses below, separated into large number of prison cells.

“Who are you, dare to intrude into the Sky Prison?” A voice suddenly was heard.

A man with a slightly rough look and a resolute face suddenly stopped in front of everyone.

“Bold, who are you? Do you also dare to defy the Giant Deer King’s order? Did your boss not tell you?” The official next to Zhong Shan called out immediately.

“I am a Sky Prison prison guard, Lu Jianping, the boss has said that there are people from Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, but how do I know that you are the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty envoy? What if they are pretending?” The man said immediately.

“you…….” Gu Lin pointed at Lu Jianping with an ashamed and resentful facial expression.

Could it be this little prison guard was also humiliating them, The Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty envoy? Was Giant Deer King doing this intentionally? Could it be he wanted to humiliate them?

Nearby, Zhong Shan narrowed his eyes, and frowned slightly. Lu Jianping ?

“Scoundrel, being led by me, could it be still be pretending? Let your boss come to see me.” The official beside Zhong Shan immediately called out angrily.

“Jianping, what are you doing? Didn’t I explain it to you before?” At this time, another official walked out of the Sky Prison. Obviously he was the warden of Sky Prison.

“Sir, I don’t know if they are the envoys of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty. Previously some people pretended to be.” Lu Jianping said with a bitter facial expression.

“How long have you been here? what do you know? Go away, don’t stand in the way.” The prison warden scolded immediately.

“Yes, Sir.” Lu Jianping immediately retreated to the side.

“Sorry Sir, sorry, this prison guard has come to Sky Prison lately.” The prison warden immediately apologized with a smile.

“Snort.” The official beside Zhong Shan immediately flung his sleeves, obviously he was very angry.

Gu Lin and the others saw that it should not be Giant Deer King was intentionally humiliating them.

“Princess, Crown Prince, please!” The beforehand official immediately bowed and said.

Princess Qianyou nodded. As the official walked into Sky Prison.

“Sir, are these people really from the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty? Will it not be the same as the last time, deliberately pretending to deceive us, and then set of the prisoners in the prison?” Lu Jianping whispered to the prison warden.

“Nonsense, this time would they use the princess and the Crown Prince to deceive us? Moreover that day, Sky City, your sister-in-law happened to be at the city gate and saw the Great Commander personally meeting them. your sister-in-law recorded their appearance with a memory crystal, can I not recognize them? Princess Qianyou and Crown Prince Gu Lin.” The prison warden said confidently.

When he heard the prison warden, Lu Jianping’s eyes lit up and immediately said: “Sir, it is my mistake. I bumped into these people and brought you trouble. I will personally guide them to atone for my mistake by meritorious service and remove the bad impression of Sir in their hearts. ”

“Do you want to go? Haven’t you already caused me to lose face?” The prison warden stared at him and said. Obviously he didn’t allow it.

“Sir, you think, the bad impression I created will always remain in the heart, no matter how good others you will send, they will not erase the bad impression. If you want to erase it, only I can erase it. Otherwise if they mention it to Giant Deer King, the future of Sir will be bad, this little one absolutely can not harm Sir!” Lu Jianping said with a worried facial expression.

Looking at Lu Jianping, he nodded intently and said: “Ok, but pay attention to it, and don’t miss it up again!”

“Yes.” Lu Jianping immediately complied, and quickly chased into Sky Prison.

Inside the Sky Prison, there were thousands of prisoners. In addition to the prisoners of the Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, there were dozens of prisoners, including six prisoners from the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty.

“Princess, Crown Prince, the little one just has eyes but can’t see, I didn’t know that you are the envoys of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, please don’t blame.” Lu Jianping immediately ran forward and said respectfully.

“No problem!” Princess Qianyou nodded and smiled.

“Although the villain has been working as a prisoner guard for a short time, but here thousands of prisoners, I know them all, who they are, what their habits are. I am clear about all these, and also more detailed than the record book, so please let the villain to guide the Princess and Crown Prince.” Lu Jianping immediately said confidently.

“More detailed than the record book?” Princess Qianyou said surprisedly.

“Yes, in the entire Sky Prison, regarding the understanding of the prisoners, if I’m second no one dares to say he is first, oh, except for the prison warden, the prison warden is not counted.” Lu Jianping said right away.

Accidentally looking at Lu Jianping, Princess Qianyou nodded and said: “Good.”

Seeing that Princess Qianyou nodded, Lu Jianping was excited and immediately said: “Who do you want to visit?”

“The six prisoners of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty.” Princess Qianyou said.

“The prisoners of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty? Ok, Princess, Crown Prince, please. This is the first one, he is… ….” Lu Jianping said right away.

Sure enough, Lu Jianping really did know about these prisoners very well, even their crimes and how they did it, he said everything carefully.

In the prison, all prisoners were wearing white prison uniforms, their True Essence was sealed so they could not resist at all. They could not cultivate, so they could only sit down daily in boredom.

The first two prisoners, Lu Jianping pointed to them and introduced everyone, so the two prisoners bowed respectfully, then Princess Qianyou just said some words of condolences.

Arriving to the prison cell of the third prisoner. There was a person lying inside, at this moment. He seemed to be asleep and was snoring.

“Princess, this man’s name is Wu Wanli, because he had offended His Majesty, he was detained here. I will wake him up.” Lu Jianping said.

Wu Wanli? The hearts of everyone was moved, it was sure enough!

“Hey, wake up.” Lu Jianping called out.

Wu Wanli’s hair was scattered, with a slight senile appearance as if he was about to die, and he opened his eyes in confusion.

“This is the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty Princess Qianyou and Crown Prince Gu Lin. They are here to visit you.” Lu Jianping said.

“Oh, have you come here to deceive me? This time actually a princess came? Tell Giant Deer King, if he wants to open Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror, it’s impossible!” Wu Wanli rolled his sleeves, as if he was too lazy to care about them. Then he lied down to continue to sleep.

“Bold.” an official beside Zhong Shan called out.

Wu Wanli ignored everyone, and Lu Jianping seemed to be anxious. He quickly stepped forward and kicked Wu Wanli’s right leg: “This time it is true, this is Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty Princess Qianyou, this is the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty Crown Prince Gu Lin, they just arrived to Sky City not long ago.”

Seeing Lu Jianping’s movement, Zhong Shan’s eyes flashed, it was because Zhong Shan saw a strange thing in Lu Jianping’s action. He was on the left side of Wu Wanli, but to remind Wu Wanli, he went to the right side of Wu Wanli to kick his right leg?

Not only Zhong Shan saw this, but also Princess Qianyou and Mr. Shui Jing saw it. As for the others, they didn’t care, but Zhong Shan, Qianyou, and Shui Jing were people with monstrous intelligence.

Sure enough, after Lu Jianping kicked him, Wu Wanli’s eyes opened widely, and immediately kneeled down and bowed respectfully to Princess Qianyou.

“The criminal Wu Wanli, greetings Princess Qianyou and greetings Crown Prince Gu Lin.” Wu Wanli immediately believed.

“Wu Wanli, I am asking you, are you now a person of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty or a Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s person?” Princess Qianyou asked.

“The criminal Wu Wanli, living is a person of the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty and dying is a ghost of the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty.” Wu Wanli immediately stated his position.

“Good, such being the case, I will ask Great Yu Great Emperor to release you to return to the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty.” Princess Qianyou solemnly said.

“Thank you princess, it’s just the crime of the criminal is too Big, so Great Yu Emperor Dynasty may not let go of the criminal.” Wu Wanli knelt down and said.

“Rest assured, seven months later, the 3,000 birthday of the Great Yu Emperor and also the decisive battle Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, when he achieves victory over Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, and because of the two happy occasions, he will certainly pardon under the heavens. At that time I will plead for you.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Thank you princess.” Wu Wanli immediately kowtowed to thank her for her kindness.

“Un, ok, let’s go!” Princess Qianyou took another look as she was about to lead everyone to leave.

“Yes.” Everyone immediately complied with the way.

Subsequently, visiting the remaining three prisoners of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, then Princess Qianyou left with everyone.

In the evening, Great Yu Sky Prison.

Wu Wanli was in the prison cell, Wu Wanli was sitting on the ground and leaning against the wall, and sitting on the opposite side was the prison guard who was leading the way during the day, Lu Jianping.

“Teacher, the people of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty are here. Can they ask His Majesty to let you go, Teacher?” Lu Jianping said in a low voice.

Teacher? A solemn person guard actually called a prisoner Master?

“Jianping, what do you think?” Wu Wanli said with a bitter smile.

“I think His Majesty and Giant Deer King will absolutely not let Teacher go even if they kill Teacher.” Lu Jianping said with a worried facial expression.

“Yes, it’s impossible, but it does not prevent others from taking me away on the day of the birthday of the Emperor.” Wu Wanli said with a smile.

“Are they going to break into the prison?” Lu Jianping surprisedly said.

“Ah, did you see? Princess Qianyou has already arranged the time with me. The City Manufacture Supervisor uses a secret code, the word ‘pardon’ means ‘force’. Only I can understand it, they are going to break into the prison.” Wu Wanli revealed a bitter smile and said.

“Where the teacher is, where the disciple will follow.” Lu Jianping said immediately.

“But I can’t leave.” Wu Wanli smiled bitterly and said.

“Why?” Lu Jianping said with a surprised facial expression.

“I’m going to die here, and returning to Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty is even worse than death.” Wu Wanli sadly said.

“Teacher, didn’t you say that the City Manufacture Supervisor is very precious, even if Heavenly Dynasty is not willing to kill?” Lu Jianping worriedly said.

“They are not willing to kill me, but everything has its rules and laws, Heavenly Dynasty has it. I helped in building Great Yu cities and strengthened them. These cities belong to the enemy which means helping the enemy and betraying the country and that deserves confiscating the family’s property and exterminating the clan. Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty may change my identity, however my clansmen must be punished according to the law, confiscating the family’s property and exterminating the clan.” Wu Wanli said with a sigh.

“Why will they do it now? Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty didn’t kill your clan, why will they wait until Teacher goes back then kill them?” Lu Jianping said.

“Because I strengthened the cities for Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, despite some people knew about it, but there is no evidence, so Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty will not kill my people. Great Yu Emperor Dynasty will not provide the evidence, but as long as I arrive at Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, Great Yu Emperor Dynasty will not hesitate and will provide the evidence. At that time, my people will certainly die.” Wu Wanli sighed.

“Teacher was also forced at the beginning.” Lu Jianping said in resentment.

“Being forced is one thing, but helping the enemy and betraying the country is another thing. The laws doesn’t have emotions. The law of Heavenly Dynasty can’t be violated!” Wu Wanli looked up and revealed a very disappointed facial expression.

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