Immortal V4C52: Killing.

Immortal V4C52: Killing.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Sky City, the most central Imperial Palace, within a side hall.

Within the side hall, there were three dining tables, and the tables were full of precious food such as dragon liver and phoenix heart.

There were two tables on the sides and one in the lead position.

The two tables on the sides, one left and one right, on the left table, at this moment, Giant Deer King was sitting on it, and Yi Yan was sitting on the right table opposite to Giant Deer King.

The two real powers in Great Yu Emperor Dynasty were sitting down but a man wearing a Golden Dragon robe was sitting on the lead table. The man had an air of arrogance and a sharp look that can penetrate the sky. His eyes were flashing with a golden light, and was exuding the absolute aura of the Top Position.

Great Yu Great Emperor, Nalan Piaoxue!

“After the banquet, have the two Ministers found something to gain?” Nalan Piaoxue looked at the two and asked.

“Your Majesty, in my little building, I organized a banquet for the Five Dynasties, I have found this Mr. Shui Jing is indeed a rare talent under the heavens talent with great abilities.” Yi Yan said first.

“Shui Jing? Shui Jing, the subordinate of Great Xuan King whom he can’t use?” Nalan Piaoxue frowned.

“Yes, Great Xuan King has not started to use him, otherwise Great Yu would have been in a mess a hundred years ago, and I don’t know what the consequences would have been.” Yi Yan frowned and said with a sigh.

“How is the talent of this man, compared to the Great Commander?” Nalan Piaoxue looked at Yi Yan and said .

“It is no less than the feudal official, not having Mr. Shui Jing is not the blessing of Great Yu.” Yi Yan sighed.

“Um.” Nalan Piaoxue frowned and nodded. Then he looked at Giant Deer King.

“Giant Deer King, I heard that your Giant Deer Palace was blown up by the people of Princess Qianyou?” Nalan Piaoxue suddenly smiled and said to Giant Deer King.

“Your Majesty , this time I wanted to create a conflict between Great Luo and Great Guang , and it was ruined by Mr. Zhong Shan, an advisor of Princess Qianyou. This person is too strange.” Giant Deer King said.

“Oh?” Nalan Piaoxue looked at Giant Deer King.

Subsequently, Giant Deer King said everything that had happened previously in the Giant Deer Palace, one by one.

During the talk, Nalan Piaoxue was smiling slightly, while Yi Yan was listening carefully to him and frowning.

“Mr. Zhong Shan, who was mentioned by the king, is he the one who has always stood on the side of Princess Qianyou, the unremarkable man with Golden Core Stage cultivation base ?” Yi Yan said with a frown.

“it’s him, he is a Gold Core Stage Fourth Layer.” Giant Deer King affirmed.

“This person last time, I have noticed. He can follow Princess Qianyou, must not be an ordinary person, but this person is too strange, I have never heard of this person. By the way, when did this person follow Princess Qianyou?” Yi Yan asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, just listening to Nian Youyou, he is a disciple of Kai Yang Sect recommended by Seven Stars Hall. This person is very lucky, actually encountered an ancient book, and learned how to turn water into fire.” Giant Deer King thought for a while and said.

“Kai Yang Sect disciple? Tie Xue said that he met Seven Stars Hall Fairy Zixun two years ago when she was taking several people to the Unparalleled City. They entered the Unparalleled City during the election campaign of the Unparalleled City City Lord. Southern City Official Shui Tianya used the pathos effect campaign to win. It can be described as a heaven-shaking great reversal. The person behind Northern City Official Mo Baili was Mr. Shui Jing, but in the end he was defeated, and Shui Tianya’s operation did not match the style of Princess Qianyou. Could it be this Mr. Zhong Shan was the one behind it?” Yi Yan suddenly surprisedly said and his eyes were flashing with bright light.

“Zhong Shan?” Nalan Piaoxue frowned.

“Everything is still unclear, even if it wasn’t him, I have to find a time to meet this Zhong Shan.” Yi Yan frowned and said.

“Your Majesty, the feudal official is ashamed.” Giant Deer King said immediately, apparently he failed in completing the mission.

“The loss of that day has nothing to do with you.” Nalan Piaoxue said indifferently.

“Your Majesty, the feudal official has a request.” Yi Yan suddenly made a solemn gift to Nalan Piaoxue.

“Oh? Yi Yan, what request do you have?” Nalan Piaoxue asked doubtfully.

“The feudal official wants to create a conflict between the Great Luo and Great Guang. While they are all in Sky City, kill Princess Qianyou and her entire group of people, and shift the blame on Prince Han Jue.” Yi Yan respectfully said.


Surprised Nalan Piaoxue, the wine glass in his hand shook.

At this moment, Giant Deer King was also looking Yi Yan in shock.

“Great Commander, the two dynasties just signed a ceasefire treaty, how can we kill the princess of the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty?” Giant Deer King frowned.

“Great Luo, Great Yu, why did they sign a ceasefire treaty? On the side of Great Yu, the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty and the two Sovereign Dynasty are constantly in state of war. If we continue the war with Great Luo, we will surely repeat the siege of the four centuries, and then the Great Yu Emperor Dynasty will be surely in danger! As for the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, it was because of the other three Emperor Dynasty restraint that they were willing to sign the ceasefire treaty with us. However, it is different now.” Yi Yan said immediately.

“What is different? Once the war begins, the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty and the other two Sovereign Dynasty will surely once again attack the Great Yu Emperor Dynasty.” Giant Deer King frowned.

Taking a look at Giant Deer King, Yi Yan said : “In the past two years, I have already ordered our troops to retreat from the two Sovereign Dynasty back to Great Yu. As for the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty, as long as the Princess and the Crown Prince of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty died in the hands of the Great Guang Prince, there is no need to worry about the war. Great Guang’s troops will retreat, even the Great Guang Emperor Dynasty will clean up the other two Sovereign Dynasty soldiers, making my Great Yu Emperor Dynasty to have no worries.”

“Absurd, when Princess Qianyou and her group of people were on the way, you sent troops to protect. Now, Princess Qianyou is in my Sky City, but you want to kill them here? At that time, my Great Yu Emperor Dynasty is the one to blame.” Giant Deer King immediately denied.

“What Giant Deer King said is rational.” Nalan Piaoxue nodded.

Seeing that Nalan Piaoxue was like this, Yi Yan was anxious.

“Cough ……. , cough ……., cough ……. cough …….”

Yi Yan had a tough cough, Nalan Piaoxue frowned and sighed slightly.

After the cough stopped, Yi Yan immediately said: “Your Majesty, now the other three Emperor Dynasty are in a full force war with great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, and this moment, for my great Yu, is a perfect time, ah, this treaty is like only raising tigers to create a disaster later, we should take this opportunity to hit a person when he is down and attack with the three Great Emperor Dynasties, Great Luo Heavenly dynasty will be extinguished, only with the disappearance of Great Luo Heavenly dynasty, Great Yu Emperor Dynasty can have no worries. killing Princess Qianyou and her group of people, Your Majesty can hand this over to the feudal official, the feudal official absolutely will do it silently, afterwards even Prince Han Jue himself would also believe that he killed Princess Qianyou.”

Yi Yan was looking at Nalan Piaoxue with anticipation, and Nalan Piaoxue frowned and thought about it.

“No, absolutely not, kill Princess Qianyou, but definitely not in the Sky City, even not in my Great Yu Emperor Dynasty. You can let them die outside, but they can’t die in the Sky City. Otherwise, Great Luo and Great Yu will certainly be irreconcilable until death.” Giant Deer King said right away.

When he heard the words of Giant Deer King, Nalan Piaoxue nodded, irreconcilable until death. If Princess Qianyou died in Sky City, no matter who killed her, Great Luo must be irreconcilable until death with Great Yu.

Cough ……. , cough ……., cough ……., cough …….”

Yi Yan was a coughing fiercely, apparently because of the words of Giant Deer King.

When the cough stopped, Yi Yan immediately said: “Your Majesty, our dynasty and Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty are already irreconcilable until death. Now the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty is ravaged by the other three Emperor Dynasties. Once Great Luo saves enough power, my Great Yu Emperor Dynasty will surely ruined, and when this happens, we will regret, so it is better to fight hard now. As long as the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty is destroyed, the under the heavens will be so big, this way, Great Yu will have no worries for thousands of years.”

“Great Commander, when did you become so impatient? Killing Princess Qianyou, you can do it outside, you can do it in another Luck Dynasty, why should we do it in my Great Yu Emperor Dynasty? Once Princess Qianyou is dead, then our dynasty will not even have the power to make it for the final round. Do you want to cut off the escaping route of everyone in my Great Yu and accompany you to fight for the unknown?” Giant Deer King immediately opposed it.

“Giant Deer King is right, Yi Yan, don’t think about it anymore.” Nalan Piaoxue decided right away.

Upon hearing Nalan Piaoxue’s decision, Yi Yan suddenly stared at Giant Deer King, and the dreadful anger was raging in his eyes. He pointed at Giant Deer King and called out angrily: “Ignorant man! You’re an ignorant man! The ignorant men will ruin the country ! ”

After the angry roaring of Yi Yan, Giant Deer King revealed a gloomy facial expression, even the complexion of Nalan Piaoxue at this moment was not good. Ruin the country? Didn’t that mean that he will also ruin the country?

“Cough ……., cough ……., cough ……., cough ……. ”

Yi Yan coughed again, and even took out a white handkerchief, covering him mouth, and after a series of coughs, there was a bright red stain on the handkerchief.

Looking at the blood that came out, Nalan Piaoxue’s original anger disappeared immediately, and he was looking at Yi Yan, and sighed slightly in his heart.

Western Garden Palace.

At this moment, there were only Qianyou, Gu Lin, Shui Jing, Zhong Shan, Ah Da and Ah Er, everyone else was driven out.

In the center of the crowd, there was a jade platform, and above it was a projection, which was the projection of the Giant Deer King Palace, but it was not comprehensive. This projection was not recorded at that time, Ah Er used the memory to display it with a cultivation technique. Some important things can be displayed.

“Qianyou, why are you acting so mysterious.” Gu Lin strangely said.

“I am going to tell you some things, it is His Majesty secret order, except for the six of us, we must not let anyone else know.” Princess Qianyou solemnly said.

“Yes.” Everyone nodded, and Gu Lin was immediately serious.

The secret order of His Majesty?

Looking at everyone, Princess Qianyou said: “This time, we came to the Sky City under a fake cause of the birthday congratulations and watching the battle, this time we have two purposes, one to save someone of the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, another purpose is to get back a treasure of my Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty .”

“Save someone and retrieve a treasure? Who to save, what treasure?” Gu Lin frowned.

“The former City Manifacture Supervisor of the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, Wu Wanli, and the ‘Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror’.” Princess Qianyou solemnly said.

“Wu Wanli ? Ten Thousand Cities Treasure Mirror ? Are they in the Sky City?” Gu Lin said with wide-eyes. Mr. Shui Jing also frowned slightly, Ah Da and Ah Er knew about it in advance, only then Zhong Shan, he was still unclear about value these two things!

“Yes, he is in the Sky City. Our mission this time is to bring this person back to Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty.” Princess Qianyou affirmed.

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