Immortal V4C51: Later, the slave is yours.

Immortal V4C51: Later, the slave is yours.

Translated by: RedLotus.

An official still had some food remains on his face, and with a lost facial expression he was looking at Zhong Shan, who was sitting there perfectly well. Transforming water into fire? Even the Giant Deer Palace was blown up like this?

Beside this official, all the officials were staring at Zhong Shan. Speaking of it, Zhong Shan’s series of actions was simple and very simple. Any Nascent Soul Stage, no, a Golden Core Stage with a thunder cultivation technique can do it, transforming water into fire? Puzzled, if only Zhong Shan could do it, then everyone of the people here wouldn’t be as puzzled as like this, but it seems like everyone in the common people could do it, why is this? Could it be that Heaven and Earth rules are so easy to break?

On the opposite side, Prince Han Jue was no longer paying attention to Nian Youyou, although there was still some lingering feeling not to give her up, but Prince Han Jue was not a person who would be obsessed with women, to be able to give her up, this was why he was qualified to be a Crown Prince of Emperor Dynasty, otherwise why, with the great number of the imperial princes of Great Guang Emperor Dynasty, are there only a few number of Crown Princes? Surprisingly looking at Zhong Shan, Prince Han Jue’s mouth revealed a slight surprised smile.

Ah Da and Ah Er already admire Zhong Shan very much. With Zhong Shan’s superficial actions, the Giant Deer Palace was burned, and the already high image of Zhong Shan was pushed to a higher level.

The eyes of Princess Qianyou were flashing brightly, she was very excited, this mister is really mysterious, he is really extremely mysterious!

Giant Deer King, who was sitting on the top of the head position, looked up at the big hole in the roof, his eyes flashed with anger, lowered his head and looked at Zhong Shan, who was still eating the dragon liver underneath, and the cold intent that was flashing in his eyes disappeared.

“Princess Qianyou, your Mr. Zhong Shan really has a broad experience!” Giant Deer King said to Princess Qianyou.

Giant Deer King was jealous and was forced to think that this was the method that Zhong Shan knew from other places. It was impossible for him to create it.

Seeing that Giant Deer King was like this, Princess Qianyou nodded to confirm it and said with a smile: “Yes, this is the strange method that Zhong Shan once obtained from an ancient book and never expected to come in handy today.”

“Ancient book? No wonder.” Giant Deer King frowned slightly and nodded, apparently he was extremely angry at this moment, but could he couldn’t reveal it.

Standing in the center of the main hall, Nian Youyou stared at the painting that had been burned, and her eyes were revealing her surprise. Did the water transform into fire? No, what was even more amazing was that after the fire was burned, it was turned into water again. After the fire, only water was left behind? Water and fire transformation, did the fire transformed back into water again?

When Zhong Shan knew the thoughts of Nian Youyou, he was extremely shocked. After the combustion of oxygen and hydrogen, there was only water left. But this subtle molecular change, Nian Youyou actually saw it with her eyesight? How could it be? What is her cultivation base? Is her eye an ultra-high microscope?

It was like hearing the conversation behind her. Nian Youyou no longer remembered the original painting, but turned her head to Zhong Shan and walked over to Zhong Shan in front of the envious vision of everyone.

“Master, later the slave is yours!” Nian Youyou slightly bowed to Zhong Shan. Then, very well-behaved, she stood behind Zhong Shan, as a slave revealing her status.

Master ? Even if Nian Youyou was just talking, it had a lot of temptation. The surprise of the former officials who were looking at Zhong Shan, it turned to envy and hate!

Looking at Nian Youyou’s flashing smile, Zhong Shan knew that Nian Youyou was definitely doing it intentionally.

The hall was destroyed, and Giant Deer King, in the head position, stood up and watched Nian Youyou calling Zhong Shan, and his eyes were full of envy.

“King !” At this time, an Imperial Guard suddenly broke into the hall.

“What’s it?” Giant Deer King who was already angry, so he immediately said angrily.

“Someone just reported that there is a thief in the Giant Deer Palace now!” The Imperial Guard whispered.

“What?” Giant Deer King has a panic on his face.

It seemed that he suddenly thought of something important. He took a look at Princess Qianyou and then said: “Princess Qianyou, Prince Han Jue, wait for a while, this King will come back quickly.”

“Um.” Princess Qianyou complied immediately and Prince Han Jue nodded.

Then, Giant Deer King ran very anxiously.

At this moment, there was only confusion in the hall, the poorly-stated officials, and the two forces of Prince Han Jue and Princess Qianyou.

“Let’s go, we are going to wait for the Giant Deer King in the square. It’s not suitable to stay in this hall anymore.” Princess Qianyou suddenly said with a smile.

“Yeah.” Prince Han Jue nodded.

Subsequently, Princess Qianyou took the lead and took everyone out of the hall. After Nian Youyou followed Zhong Shan, she was extremely close to him that she even caught Zhong Shan’s clothes and followed him. The officials looked at this scene, each and everyone had an infinite regret. They were extremely envious of Zhong Shan. A good flower was given to a pig to follow.

Prince Han Jue smiled slightly, and he was truly worthy of being a crown prince. This kind of bearing was beyond ordinary people. He can take it up and put it down momentarily. Only Prince Han Jue’s two subordinates, Mr. Zuo and Mr. You,there was a flash on envy in their eyes.

Princess Qianyou and Prince Han Jue both left the destroyed Giant Deer palace, and of course the others followed, and quickly walked to the square.

“Princess Qianyou with Ah Da and ah Er directly went to the edge of the floating island, they were looking at the four directions, looking at the scenery everywhere. Zhong Shan found that the eyes of Ah Er, at the This moment, were extremely focused and he was watching the four directions, as if he did want to fall.

While waiting, Nian Youyou was staring at Zhong Shan with her watery tearful big eyes, even the waiting officials were about to melt because of this water, but Zhong Shan was like a wooden block, as if he didn’t discover anything at all.

After an incense stick burning time, Giant Deer King flew back again from a distant side hall, with a relieved facial expression.

“Princess Qianyou, Prince Han Jue, I am sorry for today, I have never expected that the big banquet would end so bad like this.” Giant Deer King said immediately.

“It’s no problem at all!” Princess Qianyou shook her head and said.

“No, I think it’s very substantial today.” Prince Han Jue said with a smile.

“Insufficient hospitality, you two please come back again in another day.” Giant Deer King said right away. Obviously, the meaning of his words was the end of today’s feast.

“Good.” Prince Han Jue nodded directly.

“Giant Deer King, Qianyou has a request.” Princess Qianyou suddenly said.

“Oh.” Giant Deer King looked puzzled at Princess Qianyou.

“Inside the Sky Prison of the Sky City, there are some of my great Luo criminals, and Qianyou wants to visit the prison. I also hope that Giant Deer King will allow it and make it convenient.” Princess Qianyou looked at Giant Deer King earnestly said.

Frowning and looking at Princess Qianyou, Giant Deer King, finally smiled slightly and said: “Ok, I will talk to the subordinates.”

“Many thanks.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

Zhong Shan frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Subsequently, Giant Deer King sent the two people out of the red light curtain outside the Giant Deer King Palace. It was until Princess Qianyou and Prince Han Jue flew with their own people, the smiling face of Giant Deer King suddenly turned cold, then he flung his sleeves and turned back.

Along the way, Zhong Shan did not say anything until they reached the square in front of the Western Garden Palace. When she came back, Princess Qianyou smiled at Zhong Shan: “Mister, Congratulations for obtaining a beautiful woman!”

At this moment, Nian Youyou was lowering her head with a shy appearance, with that weak and delicate body making her more pitiful.

Zhong Shan maintained his composure, until he arrived to the behind of Princess Qianyou, and then the original smile on his face suddenly disappeared.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, seize!” Zhong Shan shouted.

While shouting, Zhong Shan was watching Nian Youyou intently. Nian Youyou seemed to quickly notice something and a look of slight fear fear and unbelief appeared on her face. Ah Da and Ah Er were also slightly startled, seize? Who was it? Seize Nian Youyou? What was Mister doing?

“Still not seizing her?” Princess Qianyou suddenly said.

“Yes.” Ah Da and Ah Er immediately complied.

Subsequently, the bodies of the both of them swayed, leaving behind only afterimages, to catch up with Nian Youyou.

“Bang…., Bang…….!”

The original body of Nian Youyou suddenly turned into a sand mist.

“Master, you really have a quite ruthless heart!” In the air, Nian Youyou body reappeared, and her face was even revealing a more bitterness facial expression.

“Nian Youyou, who are you? Why do you know me?” Zhong Shan was looking coldly at Nian Youyou in the air who was slightly covered by the fine sand.

“he he he.. , Zhong Shan, this really interesting, you are really unusual, interesting, interesting!” The facial expression of Nian Youyou in the midair changed and suddenly became like a seductress woman, and her attitude was insolent.

The personality was changing and this change was too fast. how could there be such a person? The personality is the most difficult to change, saying that how could it suddenly change?

Ah Da and Ah Er quickly flew up to quickly catch her. In midair, Nian Youyou body suddenly became two Nian Youyou.

Two Nian Youyou ? Ah Da and Ah Er were confused, and then each one of them rushed towards one body.

“Bang… .., Bang……!”

Golden sand suddenly exploded, and Nian Youyou disappeared.

“He he hee… , Zhong Shan, I will come back to find you!” Only a facetious laughter was suddenly heard in the distant sky.

Following the source of the the sound, there was only a wisp of golden sand flying fast in the distance.

Ah Da and Ah Er wanted to chase again.

“Don’t chase. ” Princess Qianyou frowned.

Ah Da and Ah Er immediately flew to the side of Princess Qianyou.

“Princess.” The two of them frowned and called out.

“You can’t catch up, she is an Immortal descendant, that is her Bloodline Inheritance ability.” Princess Qianyou frowned slightly and said.

“Yes.” Ah Da and Ah Er could only give up.

Nearby, Zhong Shan frowned and looked at the distant place, Nian Youyou? Nian Youyou ? Who is she?

“Mister, can you tell the origin of this woman?” Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan and said.

“I don’t know, but I am sure that she is not the spirit of the painting, Bloodline Inheritance, Immortal descendants?” Zhong Shan was thinking about it.

“Since you don’t know, then forget it. This woman seems to have some grudges with Mister, but not a big enmity.” Princess Qianyou looked at the golden sand that had long since disappeared, analyzed it and said.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded, but he was still confused, but he had just arrived at Great Divine State Land. Why did anyone would know him?

“Mister, in fact, before coming to Sky City this time, His Majesty gave me a secret mission.” Princess Qianyou suddenly looked at Zhong Shan and said .

Zhong Shan looked at Princess Qianyou. Although there was a speculation in his heart, he still said doubtfully: “Oh?”

“He hee, I think Mister should have guessed it long ago. Because this secret mission is special, so only I know about it, even Ah Da, Ah Er, Gu Lin and Mr. Shui Jing don’t know either.” Princess Qianyou said.

Obviously, before the departure from Unparalleled City, Zhong Shan’s loyalty, in Princess Qianyou’s heart, did not reach the high level of Ah Da and Ah Er yet.

“The princess said it at this time…?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“I want to tell Mister, I hope that Mister will help me with his advice, and I will also tell Gu Lin and Mr. Shui Jing.” Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan and said directly.

“Then let’s wait for them to come back.” Zhong Shan nodded.

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