Immortal V4C49: Water and Fire Conversion.

Immortal V4C49: Water and Fire Conversion.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Nian Youyou? It was a collection of a wild sexy appeal, and also a delicate and weak that could be bullied easily. How could these two temperaments appear on a woman at the same time? If they didn’t see Nian Youyou, almost no one would believe that the two temperaments could be perfectly combined.

“Youyou, here are the distinguished guests who I have invited. I have mentioned this to you before. you can take a look if you can recognize.” Giant Deer King said.

Nian Youyou nodded, but her manner was not submissive at all, as if she was equally on the same level as Giant Deer King. Naturally, regarding this spirit of the rare treasure, it was not the treasure of Giant Deer King. There was no reason for Nian Youyou to be too respectful.

Nian Youyou stepped on and slowly walked to the left. Looking at Han Jue, smiled lightly and said: “This is the Crown Prince of Great Guang Emperor Dynasty Prince Han Jue, unparalleled core figure, and Great Guang first. The two beside Prince Han Jue are Mr. Zuo and Mr. You?”

During the speech, Nian Youyou’s eyes became crescent-shaped, but without losing the spirit, she only saw that Mr. Zuo and Mr. You. They were nodding unceasingly, and Prince Han Jue was smiling lightly.

Seeing the facial expression of Prince Han Jue, Nian Youyou smiled charmingly and walked over to Princess Qianyou. That charming smile seemed to be a mysterious smile, although Prince Han Jue could see through the psychedelic illusion, but he couldn’t help but to be swindled, and a trace of hope flashed through his eyes.

She Come over, Princess Qianyou and Zhong Shan have been looking at her with rapt attention.

“Youyou has seen the Great Luo first wisdom princess, and the two loyal and brave Ah Da and Ah Er.” Nian Youyou said in a soft voice.

Ah Da and Ah Er nodded immediately, and Princess Qianyou smiled faintly.

“Your given name, Youyou heard Giant Deer King to raise, this is but Kai Yang Sect Zhong Shan recommended by the Seven Stars Hall elders?” Nian Youyou seemed to have suddenly become interested in Zhong Shan, and once again stared at Zhong Shan.

When he heard Nian Youyou, Zhong Shan looked tense, and the chopsticks in his hand were pinched hard and seemed to be almost broken to pieces.

“Miss Nian Youyou has a good memory.” Zhong Shan nodded immediately.

Obtaining the confirmation of Zhong Shan, the eyes of Nian Youyou suddenly flashed with a glimmer of light. But her vision did not stop at Zhong Shan, she slowly walked to the place of the previous ‘golden sand desire’.

Looking at the back of the leaving Nian Youyou , Zhong Shan had mixed feelings.

Kai Yang Sect’s Zhong Shan? How did she know that he was from the Kai Yang Sect? Did Giant Deer King say? It was obviously impossible. From the previous manner and facial expression of giant Deer King when he saw him, it revealed that he did not know his origins. Previously when he came out from Heavenly Wolf Island with Elder Zixun, they did encounter general Tie Xue on the way to Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, but still this was also impossible, at that time he at most was only an existence on the same level of ants, no one would care about him. Moreover at that time, he did not tell general Tie Xue his own name.

“What’s the matter?” Kai Yang Sect? Did She know Kai Yang Sect? Has she investigated about him? It couldn’t be, she said, ‘but Kai Yang Sect Zhong Shan, recommended by the Seven Stars Hall elders? ‘. This explains that she expected him to be Kai Yang Sect Zhong Shan, but she was not sure, it was just because of his name, so he has to confirm.

Has she investigated him? She Just didn’t know him, and she seemed to have some kind of unclear relationship with him?

Reaching this conclusion, Zhong Shan revealed extreme doubts. He didn’t know Nian Youyou. How did she recognize him? Heavenly Wolf Island and Great Zheng King Dynasty were his own privacy, did she know? Thinking of this, Zhong Shan had a cold sweat on his head and turned to look at Princess Qianyou.

Princess Qianyou also revealed a doubtful facial expression.

“Everyone, Nian Youyou is the treasure spirit of the golden sand desire. Everyone has also seen it. Listening to the mysterious man who made this painting, Nian Youyou can be transformed into a real Person by only completing one more final step. Who wants to obtain the approval of Nian Youyou, the final step must be completed. At this point, Nian Youyou will recognize him as the master and can obtain her.” Giant Deer King said.

“Oh? Transform from a spirit to a real person?” Prince Han Jue was astonished and said.

Seeing the look of Prince Han Jue, Giant Deer King smiled slightly and said: “Good, she will transform from a spirit to a real person, and the mysterious man once said that this painting is not only his own merits, but there is also the intervention of the heaven. Once Nian Youyou is transformed to a real person, she must be Heavenly Cauldron Body.”

“Heavenly Cauldron? The head of the Nine Cauldrons?” Princess Qianyou narrowed her eyes and said.

“Good.” Giant Deer King nodded, and at the same time there was a craving in his eyes.

“How to complete the final step?” Prince Han Jue said immediately. Previously he just liked it a little, but when he heard the words Heavenly Cauldron, he immediately revealed a look that he must have.

Princess Qianyou was also looking at Giant Deer King, Princess Qianyou knew that Giant Deer King couldn’t be flustered at this time, Heavenly Cauldron Body?

Heavenly Cauldron? What is Heavenly Cauldron? Zhong Shan during these years also has gathered the information about the women’s physique, the best are the Nine cauldrons bodies, ‘Qian, Kun, Li, Kan, Zhen, Gen, Dui, Xun and Zhong’. A Nine cauldrons body not only her own attributes can be cultivated to an altitude that others can not even hope to reach, the more important thing is their DAO Companion. The cauldron is used for refining pills, the female for the cauldron and DAO Companion for the pill. Their DAO Companion also can because of her physique, in double cultivation, the cultivation speed will be several times faster. It can even improve the body. The Dao Companion here is not necessarily a man, even if it is a woman and during the Double Cultivation, the cultivation speed can be several times faster. This is the metamorphosis of Nine Cauldrons.

TLN: ‘Qian, Kun, Li, Kan, Zhen, Gen, Dui, xun’ they are the eight trigrams symbolizing Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Thunder, Mountain, Swamp and Wood respectively.

But the body of the Nine Cauldrons is too few to be found even in the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty.

“This step has not been completed so far, or Nian Youyou.” Giant Deer King referred to Nian Youyou.

At this moment, Nian Youyou also took the picture, waved her hand, and in the blank scroll, suddenly a large amount of water appeared. In the painting, it seemed to have a virtual space.

Gently put the painting down and placed it on the floor of the hall. Looking from afar, the water in the painting was like a square pool of water. The micro-waves were rippling on the surface of the pool of water.

“Since then Youyou can come out from this painting, and is implicated in the painting. It can only come out two hours a day. It is restricted by the painting. The person who made the painting said that only by destroying this painting, Youyou can be completely freed, but if it is destroyed by ordinary methods, Youyou will also dissipate along with the painting.” Nian Youyou said with a bitter and astringent facial expression.

With every frown and every smile, she revealed her tenderness and pity, making everyone in the hall felt a feeling of caring for her.

“It can not be destroyed by ordinary methods, is there a special method?” Prince Han Jue said.

“Yes, using the pool of water in the painting. As long as the painting is burned with this pool of water, Youyou will be relieved. Who can use this pool of water to ignite the painting and burn it, Youyou will recognize him as the master. From then on, I’m willing to be his horse.” Nian Youyou said.

Burning this painting with the pool of water? All the people who had been excited before, suddenly sighed in the heart, burning with water? Burning water with water? Isn’t this a myth?

Water and fire are fundamentally opposites. Can anyone let the water burn? How is this possible?

“Giant Deer King, what Nian Youyou said can be taken seriously?” Princess Qianyou asked with a frown.

“Yes, that mysterious man said so. If anyone in this room, can really burn the painting with the pool of water in this painting, he can take away Nian Youyou immediately, and this King will never stop.” Giant Deer King said with a self-confident expression.

Getting the affirmation of Giant Deer King, everyone looked at Nian Youyou again.

“Miss Nian Youyou, what kind of water is this water?” Prince Han Jue got up and looked at the pool.

“This is the purest water without any impurities. It is more pure than the water that evaporates from the river.” Nian Youyou immediately revealed an expression of longing, as if she hoped to see Prince Han Jue can release her from imprisonment.

“Let us discuss it.” the Prince Han Jue said.

“Thank you Prince.” Nian Youyou said with a delicate and weak voice.

Prince Han Jue immediately went to find the two people he brought, and the three discussed for a while.

But Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan.

“Mister, water, it becomes ice with cold, it evaporates with heat, water is water, without the addition of other things, it can never be burned like oil. Water and fire are completely opposite, in the Five Elements, water and fire are the most incompatible. Unless you have some special flames or water bodies, you can’t break this nature at all. Does the mister think what I said is right?” Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan and frowned. Obviously this was impossible. If the water can burn, it is not in line with nature and does not conform to Heavenly Dao.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan revealed a slight strange facial expression, and there was a kind of unspeakable hint in his expression.

Seeing Zhong Shan’s expression, Princess Qianyou was slightly stunned, then stared with wide eyes at Zhong Shan and said: “Mister, could it be that you…. ..”

Zhong Shan nodded, and there was a trace of a strange light in his eyes. Talking about this high society, it is still the wisdom that is sure enough, so even the person who has the absolute high cultivation base and the body root is excellent, but lack the wisdom can only be classified as a boorish fellow.

Seeing Zhong Shan nodding, Princess Qianyou first did not believe, extremely unbelievable, can Zhong Shan make the water burn? Let the water burn? How could it be? Zhong Shan was only innate stage a decade ago, which means he was only two hundred years old. Could it be that he had ‘accidentally’ seen it like the previous time?

Looking at Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou took a long breath and angrily said: “That means this woman belongs to Mister.” At the same time, she gave Zhong Shan a ruthless look.

Seeing the eyes of Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan closed his eyes and nodded. Naturally, he knew what Princess Qianyou meant.

“Miss Nian Youyou, I have a way.” Not far away, Prince Han Jue suddenly opened his mouth.

“Uh?” In the hall, everyone looked at Prince Han Jue together. Do you have a way? Zhong Shan was also amazed to see Prince Han Jue, had this Prince and his two staff really thought of a solution?

Giant Deer King was holding a wine glass in his hand, and there was a strange flash in his eyes, a little surprised, and frowned at the same time, as if he didn’t want him to have a way.

“Oh? For real?” Nian Youyou said with a surprised expression.

“Yes, as long as I put a thing into this pool of water, this pool of water will burn.” Prince Han Jue said affirmatively.

“what?” Nian Youyou stared at Prince Han Jue with wide eyes, revealing a look of an incomparable anticipation.

“Oil, as long as the oil is put into the water, using a little flame, it will burn and the painting will be destroyed in an instant.” Prince Han Jue said with a self-confident facial expressions, but an assistant behind in the back, he was touching his beard in satisfaction. This method should be what he came up with.

“Then, let me ask Prince Han Jue, what is going to burn oil or water? What is going to happen to the water inside?” Nian Youyou shook her head immediately, obviously this method was thought of.

When the oil is put into the water, it will burn up. However, only the oil is going to burn, the water will evaporate, how can it be said that it is burning? Now it is necessary to ignite the water, the water must burn, and the water must burn into fire, not the water becomes gas.

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