Immortal V4C43: His Majesty Resurrection.

Immortal V4C43: His Majesty Resurrection.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Heavenly Creed ? The blood covered general was staring at Zhong Shan with wide eyes. He was looking at the shamelessly boasting Golden Core Stage man. Your creation? Did this little Golden Core Stage dare to boast shamelessly about the shallow things that he created and even name it as ‘Heavenly Creed’?

Naturally, the general already could no longer speak, his internal organs were out, and his body was almost divided into two halves, could he live again? He could only take his unwillingness, depression and hate to close his eyes.

Heavenly Creed, the name chosen by Zhong Shan for the Blade Art was a bit arrogant, but Zhong Shan knew what it will be like in the future. Now it is just an imaginary name, but in the future, it will be worthy of the name.

Just a moment ago, if the general wanted to deliberately avoid, he could do it, but Zhong Shan used a series of actions making it too late for him to avoid. Zhong Shan first used the Red Luan bewitching Mist to make the General lose concentration, although the general sobered instantly, but it interrupted the general’s view of the overall situation. When the Thunder column appeared at first glance, the general instinctively brandished his blade to block and he became so lax under that weak blade, resulting in a blunder. As a result he did not have the opportunity for making a big mistake or even for regret.

Although this blade revealed the strength of Heavenly Creed, but it was more for the wisdom of Zhong Shan that completely revealed its honored place.

Another Nascent Soul Stage Expert was planted in the hands of Zhong Shan.

Slowly rising to the surface, Zhong Shan quickly left this place, and once again found a quiet and lonesome mountain valley. Zhong Shan found a cave to enter, and blocked the entrance with crushed stones before he started to check the newly obtained Black Jade Talisman.

Black Jade Talisman, at this moment already completely turned into a thin black jade with a weird spell above it. The pattern was very complicated. Zhong Shan was looking at it. The more he looked at the spell pattern, the more he thought about it. Gradually, Zhong Shan had a feeling of confusion.

Shaking, Zhong Shan immediately closed his eyes and started to mediate, then the extreme cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He took a deep breath before opening his eyes again, and once again he started to look at Black Jade Talisman.

This Talisman, how to hide it?

Spiritual Essence was slightly released above it.

“Buzz… “

Black Jade Talisman was gone? Zhong Shan opened his eyes widely and then his mind sank into his body, because just a moment ago, Zhong Shan felt a sudden burst of vibration in the Violet Mansion.

Inside, the Black Jade Talisman was hanging baseless at the very center and was covered by an Enormous amount of Pure Yang Qi.

“Uh?” Zhong Shan was a little surprised.

Under his mind hauling, a slight amount of Pure Yang Qi was poured into it, and Black Jade Talisman suddenly returned to his hands.

Looking at Black Jade Talisman that suddenly appeared in his hand, Zhong Shan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and knew that it was a treasure.

Once again, he hid it in the Violet Mansion, Zhong Shan’s mind quickly sank into it, but it was blocked by the special singularity of Black Jade Talisman.

Zhong Shan took a closer look and found that the Black Jade Talisman in the Violet Mansion neither absorbed Pure Yang Qi nor turning it into the talisman aura, as if it was only hidden in Violet Mansion.

Zhong Shan was not in a hurry. Since there was no interference with himself, he will examine it later.

After tidying up, Zhong Shan walked out of the cave and he didn’t plan to go back again, but he decided to go to Yu Heng Sect.

After Zhong Shan pursued the Black Jade Talisman, above the Nether Spring, Great Qin City was shaking, as the experts were fully bombarding it, but they still could not break the Great Qin City.

Bai Ye, depending only on one person, was able to stop all experts with his bloody blade.

Hui Guang Arhat, Chu Ba Māra and Mr. Shui Jing, the top three Absolute Sovereign Realm, were fully attacking but were completely blocked by the aggressive Bai Ye.


The terrifying blood light of the aggressive Bai Ye once again stopped the three major experts.

Mr. Shui Jing frowned slightly, Chu Ba Māra and Hui Guang Arhat revealed a panic-stricken facial expressions respectively, this Bai Ye was too strong.

The rear experts were still bombarding Great Qin City.

“Hu… .”

In the Great Qin City, a slight cry came suddenly, but the sound was too weak, and the outside experts were bombarding again and again, so they didn’t notice it.

The people once again bombarded Great Qin City. Suddenly, in the center of the Great Qin City, the purple jade coffin, on the pale face of His Majesty, his eyes were strangely opened widely.

Did his Majesty open his eyes? Only the eyes were completely red, just like the previous blind dragon, just red eyes with no sclera, no pupils.

The Experts were still bombarding the Great Qin City, so no abnormalities were found until His Majesty’s body suddenly stood up straight.

The body strangely stood straight.

The people who were unceasingly besieging the Great Qin City, suddenly saw a glimpse of everything. Everyone seemed to settle down. They stared at the purple jade coffin. They only felt that the fine hair of their entire bodies was erected vertically. Was His Majesty not dead?

The people attacking the city were quiet, and Bai Ye and other groups of people were quiet. They looked at Great Qin City with a weird look. When they saw that His Majesty suddenly stood up, everyone was a bit dull, and had a feeling that made the fine hair to erect vertically.

They saw His Majesty suddenly opening his mouth, revealing two bloody fangs, roaring towards the sky.

“Roar… ..”

The entire Great Qin City trembled, and the numerous objects in the city trembled. Another dreadful amounts of Earthly Yin Qi gushed out of the Nether Spring below, but this time it actually avoided the Great Qin City.


In the distant place, the mountains in all directions were unceasingly shaking, the sound was too strong, it was too strong to make the Nascent Soul Stage experts cover their ears in pain.

Hundreds of Nascent Soul Stage experts outside Great Qin were screaming in the air and covering their ears.

Gu Lin’s face was also pale, if it was not for Mr. Shui Jing covering Gu Lin by some energy with one hand, Gu Lin would certainly be like the generals who were bombarded by the sound waves.

Sound waves, not only sound waves, but His Majesty’s arrogance, it seemed to shake the surrounding space and make it tremble, as if to shake everyone down. Even Princess Qianyou’s face was pale.

The sound of the loud roaring went straight through the sky, and His Majesty raised his head and roared loudly, and two huge black wings suddenly appeared from the back of his imperial robe.

A huge black wings like a bat, but the wing bones, they were completely covered with dragon scales.

As soon as the wings appeared, they quickly fanned out the Talismans on the faces of the eight Imperial Zombie Guards.

Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal and the black Saint Sword were thrown in the purple jade coffin. The huge dragon scale black wings quickly showed up. They didn’t see how he moved. Even an afterimage, they didn’t see it. The next moment, His Majesty Suddenly appeared in front of Bai Ye.

Sovereign Bai Ye didn’t have the strength to revolt at all. His Majesty extended his hand capturing him, the dragon scale wings stopped moving, then he opened his mouth, and the two bloody red fangs were inserted into Bai Ye’s neck and started to quickly extract Bai Ye’s blood.

“Run.” Mr. Shui Jing did not hesitate and grabbed Gu Lin and retreated to one side.

However, in Great Qin City, an afterimage instantly appeared in front of Mr. Shui Jing, Mr. Shui Jing raised his hand to hit.


“Pu… ..”

Along with the loud bang, Mr. Shui Jing spurted out blood, the surroundings were completely covered by Black Qi, but Mr. Shui Jing drew Gu Lin and took an advantage of the power of this palm and retreated. He fled far away.

In Great Qin City, there was not only one afterimage, but there were eight, His Majesty’s eight Imperial Guards, suddenly leaving behind only afterimages, shot in all directions.

“Bang… .!”

“Pu… .”

Chu Ba Māra raised his hand to block the palm of an Imperial Zombie Guard, spitting blood, he fled away with Xie Yan.

“Bang… !”

Hui Guang Arhat also received a palm of an Imperial Zombie Guard opponent, with a terrified facial expression, turned around and ran away.

Absolute Sovereign Realm, Shui Jing, Chu Ba, Hui Guang were all Absolute Sovereign Realm, and they didn’t dare to confront the Imperial Zombie Guards, Princess Qianyou only had a Body Fusion Stage cultivation base, what about her?

An Imperial Zombie Guard still appeared in front of Princess Qianyou.

A palm hit, Ah Er was staring with wide eyes, and the momentum of his entire body exploded. With a ruthless facial expression, he rushed to face the Imperial Zombie Guard.

As for Ah Da, he was pulling Princess Qianyou leaving only an afterimage and immediately ran away to a very distant place.

“Bang… !”


Ah Er spat out blood, and with the help of the palm strength, he quickly ran away.

Escaped, the Absolute Sovereign Realm experts escaped with their own people, but could these generals of the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty escape? Could the Generals of the Nascent Soul Stage cultivation base escape?

All of them were killed by the Imperial Zombie Guard, and even the Legion commander of the Body Fusion Stage was killed by the Imperial Zombie Guard.

After Killing everyone, the eight Imperial Guards gathered all around His Majesty.

His Majesty opened his mouth, extracted all the blood of Bai Ye and Bai Ye did not resist at all. An expert of an Absolute Sovereign Realm cultivation base, didn’t have the strength to resist at all. When the blood was completely extracted, His Majesty actually spit out a drop of golden red blood and inserted it into Bai Ye. After that Bai Ye’s body suddenly was completely covered with red light.

At this time, His Majesty slowly released Bai Ye, the original red eyes, at this moment also recovered, the sclera and the pupils completely appeared. His Majesty moved slightly, and the dragon scales wings suddenly disappeared. There was a strong excitement in his eyes.

Looking up to the sky, His Majesty laughed loudly: “Hahahahaha ….”

A burst of laughter came from the mouth of His Majesty, it was the excited sound of the resurgence of a new lease of life. The surrounding space was shaking. It only stopped after the time of twenty breaths. But on the opposite side, Bai Ye, the red light around his body slowly dissipated, opened his eyes, looked directly at His Majesty, and then in the void, directly knelt down.

“Greetings your Majesty.” Knelt down and said respectfully.

His Majesty looked at Bai Ye and looked at Great Qin City. Turning his hand to the distant place, Great Qin City seemed to suddenly shrink, and quickly flew to His Majesty. His Majesty swung his sleeve, and Great Qin City was loaded into the sleeve.

Looking up, looking at the moon that was about to disappear, the sky was going to shine.

“Move.” His Majesty said, then he stepped forward.

Bai Ye quickly got up, followed by the eight Imperial Guards, they followed His Majesty, and disappeared into a forest.

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