Immortal V4C42: Heavenly Creed.

Immortal V4C42: Heavenly Creed.

Translated by: RedLotus.

What was Zhong Shan chasing? Although Zhong Shan didn’t see it, but with Zhong Shan’s fascinating wisdom, he guessed it instantly. Previously, except for Great Qin City which received a huge attack, there was no foreign object at all. It could only be the Great Qin City fragment or that piece of Black Jade Talisman.

If it was the Great Qin City fragment, it was impossible to have just this piece alone. Moreover was the Great Qin City really broken by those Experts attack? The probability was not big. As for the Black Jade Talisman, it must come out of the Great Qin City. With a single blow, it was indeed able to make it fly. The chance was extremely big. More importantly, although Zhong Shan did not see the Black Jade Talisman, he saw a flash of silver light. Before that, the moon light had completely covered the black Jade Talisman.

Zhong Shan didn’t hesitate to go anywhere near Great Qin City. Anyway he wouldn’t be able to meddle at all, so he didn’t need to worry about it. With this Black Jade Talisman, this was extremely extravagant for him.

Quickly, Zhong Shan controlled his blade and sharply pursued at a very fast speed. In the blink of an eye, he came out of the Black Qi Area, and finally saw the far-away thing. The silver light was about to disperse and it was about to restore the shape of Black jade once again, Black Jade Talisman. It was shooting to the place of the bright day.

Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Art ! Fourth Layer !

Five times the strength, his speed greatly increased, as he continued to quickly pursuing, and the Black Jade Talisman was facing the resistance of the air, so its speed was slowly slowing down. After flying over eight mountains, Zhong Shan was finally close to the Black Jade Talisman.

However, Zhong Shan did not reveal any trace of self-satisfaction as danger is always looming in security and misfortune maybe a blessing in disguise. Although there is no relationship between them, but along the cultivation for many years, Zhong Shan has slowly and firmly believed this, the danger is often lurking in the most self-satisfaction time.

While pursuing the Black Jade Talisman, Zhong Shan was observing the surroundings.

Looking around, Zhong Shan was tense in heart, and the long years of discrete caution saved him once again. Among the general who had besieged the Great Qin City before, there was actually one person who also was pursuing it.

An expert of the Nascent Soul Stage, the man was flying in the air, and he did not even step on a great blade like Zhong Shan.

In the sky, Nascent Soul Expert was looking at the flying away Black Jade Talisman, and Zhong Shan who was using the flying blade and sharply pursuing it. Flying blade? Golden Core Stage? The Nascent Soul Stage General coldly smiled and released his Divine Sense locking them quickly, but he didn’t expect the speed of this Golden Core Stage to be so fast.

Zhong Shan was also tense in the heart, the speed of the flying blade under his feet increased to its limit, as he must grab and get the Black Jade Talisman before the Nascent Soul Stage Expert.

The Black Jade Talisman was right in front of him, and it was about to fall into a great river below. Zhong Shan extended his hand to catch it, but, in the sky, the Nascent Soul Stage Expert was extremely anxious so he waved his great blade maliciously towards him.

In the air, a hundred meter long Blade Qi was released and rushed directly to the place where Zhong Shan was.

“Bang.. !”

Under the full aura cover, Zhong Shan was still slammed into the great river by this blade, and water surface of the great river was split creating huge waves.


Spouting blood, Zhong Shan sank into the river. But Zhong Shan succeeded. At the last moment, Zhong Shan had caught the Black Jade Talisman.

However, unexpectedly this Black Jade Talisman actually couldn’t be received into the Storage Bracelet?

Grasping the Black Jade Talisman, Zhong Shan revealed a surprised facial expression. He was also worried, because once the Black Jade Talisman was received into the Storage Bracelet, he would have the capital to negotiate with the Nascent Soul Stage general, and with his own wisdom, he definitely wouldn’t be killed by the general, but now he couldn’t do it, how will be able to avoid the general? He can get Black Jade Talisman by killing him.

What should he do?

While sinking toward the bottom of the river, Zhong Shan’s head was fully operational.

“A really good treasure!” On the river surface, the general was pleasantly surprised and said.

Because the general also saw the Zhong Shan’s action, the Black Jade Talisman couldn’t be received into the storage space? Needless to say, he knew it was a good treasure! The general was not anxious at all, it was just a Golden Core Stage, and his own Divine Sense has been locking him, running away? Where would he escape to?

The great river was very deep. When Zhong Shan sank to its half, he suddenly frowned, he was a slightly injured. He rushed upwards. At the same time, Red Luan Bewitching Mist was insanely being released, the enormous pink mist was being washed away and going downstream with the river.

On this day, the living creatures of this great river were destined to be in heat.

The general was not anxious and was slowly pursuing, until he reached a waterfall. The river water was pouring down into a deep pool. The water of the deep pool, once again formed a great river and went downstream. Zhong Shan was here where the pool was, there was no way to retreat.

The general smiled as he was looking where will he escape to?

Zhong Shan was not too anxious. The more dangerous it was, the more calm he would be. At the Xiantian Stage, he killed General Lei Ting of Nascent Soul Stage and now he has reached the Golden Core Stage Fourth Layer. Could it be that he no longer would be able to extinguish a Nascent Soul Stage?

The Deep pool, the deep pool was better, Zhong Shan turned around and slowly sank to the bottom of the deep pool.

The deep pool was more than two hundred meters deep, it was a rare deep pool. When he reached to the bottom, Zhong Shan found a boulder, hid under the boulder and caught the great blade Nightmare in his hand. He was staring at the top, while releasing the Red Luan Bewitching Mist of his entire body slowly, which was slowly covering the entire deep pool. Because the sky was still not bright, the color did not look very obvious.

The Nascent Soul Stage general stood on the surface of the pool, Divine Sense was already locking Zhong Shan, and the corner of his mouth was overflowing with a sneer.

“You can’t escape, surrender the Talisman, I will not kill you.” General coldly said.

Will Zhong Shan believe him? Here he was one person, as long as he kills him, he can engulf this Talisman, will he run away?

Zhong Shan didn’t say anything, but patiently was looking at the water in the deep pool, his eyes were slightly narrowed. He was holding the great blade in his hands and was motionless.

Zhong Shan was looking at the water in the deep pool. He didn’t look directly at the general on the pool surface. The general was slightly confused. Was he a squint? But he didn’t care too much, because Zhong Shan was always in his eyes a dead pigeon.

Lifting the blade, the general slashed toward the deep pool.


Zhong Shan’s quickly met it with his blade. With a loud bang, the enormous pool water burst out.

However, the general’s blade finally failed to achieve any results, because the strength of the attack was counter-balanced by the two hundred meters of the pool water, also Zhong Shan was at Golden Core Stage but his strength was five times for an hour.

The blade returned without achieving any results, the general eyes were cold, and Zhong Shan was still looking at the pool water like a ‘squint’. He was just looking at the pool water.

“Snort..” The general snorted, and released his aura cover to cover his body. He slowly sank into the pool water.

As soon as he entered the pool water, Zhong Shan’s mouth overflowed with a sneer.

Zhong Shan retreated to the big stone below. When the general sank to a depth of 100 meters, Zhong Shan’s pupil shrunk, he waved the great blade, the Blade Aura was released, and the 30-meter Blade Aura moved directly toward the general above.

There was no Blade Qi, only Blade Aura, the general’s mouth revealed a slight ridiculing curve. The Blade Aura was only 30 meters, but he was 100 meters away, no, already to 80 meters, this blade could not touch him, this person wasn’t only a squint or was he also a fool?

Looking at the bulging veins on Zhong Shan’s forehead as he was waving his blade, the general just continued to sneer.

The blue veins were bulging on Zhong Shan’s forehead as he was fully attacking, was he really stupid? Those who knew Zhong Shan, no one would dare to say that Zhong Shan was stupid, because those, who said that Zhong Shan was a stupid person, were the real stupid people.

Zhong Shan attacked and attacked with his full strength, but Zhong Shan was not aiming at the general, but aiming at the pool water. Previously, he did not look at the general before, but was looking for the trace of the vein of the pool water.

Zhong Shan’s self created Blade Art. Although it was not yet to reach a high degree of proficiency, but as long as there is time, as long as someone dares to ignore Zhong Shan’s blade, he will have to pay an unprecedented price.

Just as the general was sneering at Zhong Shan, the general suddenly felt that his thoughts became chaotic, and a peerless beauty suddenly appeared in his mind. With a slight concentration, the general knew that there was something wrong, a psychedelic cultivation technique?


From above of the general, a huge thunder column was rushing straight to the general. The general coldly smiled and with rapt attention, he waved the great blade upwards.


The blade annihilated the upper thunder column. At the same time, the general also grinned, because the thunder column also seemed to be almost deviated? Squint? Could such a squint be cultivated to the Golden Core Stage?

After extinguishing the thunder column, the general looked sarcastically downwards. Zhong Shan’s blade was also completely slashed.

With a blade cut, the pool water evaded the general, as if there was a huge force tearing the pool water.

Water, it is a formless substance, it has no shape at all, but Zhong Shan’s blade was actually like a blade that was able to separate the pool water, and pushed the separated water toward the two sides.

From the tip of the great blade, it looked like tearing away a piece of cloth from the top.

A weird scene, tearing the pool water was not a Blade Qi doings at all, it was as if the river itself was torn apart, like a domino, pull one hair and the whole body moves, a huge tearing force, rushed straight, straight towards the general who had just blocked the thunder column.

The general’s pupils shrank, although he didn’t know what was going on, but he felt a sudden premonition that suddenly came to tell him, it was dangerous, extremely dangerous!

After blocking the thunder column with the Great blade, the old strength was exhausted, and there was not enough time for a new strength to be poured again, so he could only quickly protect his whole body with the aura cover.

The rich and bright red aura cover quickly wrapped him inside like an egg shell.

It was just a blade of a Golden Core Stage, but he was of a Nascent Soul Stage, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. The general was constantly comforting himself in his heart, but the dangerous feeling was actually making the fine hair of his entire body to be erected vertically.

It was until the crack in the water touched the aura cover, at this moment, the general was truly afraid.

Great strength, infinite strength, the terrifying strength was tearing the aura cover. This great strength was not from the impact of the blade, but was from the pulling force of the both sides of the crack. The terrifying pulling force of two sides was crazily tearing the Aura cover.

The aura cover of Nascent Soul Stage, in just a moment, was instantly torn by the crack, and the pulling force continued to move forward as the crack extended.

The general only revealed a panic-stricken facial expression. From the right leg to the waist and then to the right arm, he was pulled by two huge forces.

At this point, the general was not willing to believe, a Golden Core Stage, he was only a Golden Core Stage, how was it possible? How could the blade be so strong? Why?

“What is this Blade Art?” The general asked in unbelief before he died.

Coldly looking at the general, Zhong Shan slowly said: “I have created it, it has yet to be named. Since it is the first time to reveal its might today, it is the time to give it a name. Remember this Blade Art’s name is ‘Heavenly Creed’.”

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