Immortal V4C36: Holy Land.

Immortal V4C36: Holy Land.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Chu Ba Māra……”

There was a loud sound in the air, and everyone looked at the direction, but at this moment, a bald monk was standing on the top of a mountain, his clothes were obliquely worn, revealing his left shoulder outside, he was revealing an accidental expression with a trace of provocation.

Large numbers of soldiers quickly gathered, however the monk ignored them, as if he did not care about these soldiers, but he was looking provocatively to the two men in black below in the mountain valley.

“Hu..…, hu..…”

Jumping for several times, Chu Ba took the youth and quickly jumped on the top of another mountain on the other side of a mountain valley.

Chu Ba Māra, obviously seemed to be a servant for the youth behind him.

“Who is so bold?”

From the mountain valley below, the loud sound of a commander was heard, and more than a hundred soldiers quickly pointed to the mountain peak with their long spears. The were ready to rush to the mountain peak at any time.


An afterimage flew from a distant place, apparently it was attracted by this sound.

The afterimage stopped on another mountain peak. It was a man dressed in a military outfit, and he was the Legion commander who had besieged Yu Heng Sect’s not long time ago.

“Greetings commander.” The soldiers immediately called out and bowed respectfully.

The legion commander waved and the soldiers retreated. The legion commander looked at the other two peaks, narrowed his eyes slightly and said: “Everyone please, I hope that you don’t destroy the plan of His Majesty.”

The people on the other two peaks looked at the legion commander, smiled slightly and didn’t look at him any more. Obviously they didn’t take him seriously.

The legion commander looked at the three people who ignored him. He frowned, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes, but he did not attack. Instead, he turned around and flew away.

Standing in the distant place, Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou and the others saw what happened in the distant place. Zhong Shan at this moment frowned slightly and looked at the top of those two peaks, who were they? He only heard a loud sound from the distant place, but he couldn’t hear any sound again.

In the distant place, Chu Ba was standing behind the youth. They were looking at the big monk on the opposite side.

“Hui Guang Arhat.” Chu Ba said faintly. However, it seemed that he was just informing the youth in front of him.

The opposite bald monk, Hui Guang Arhat’s eyes gradually turned to the youth in front of Chu Ba.

“Demon Seed Junior? Chu Ba Māra, I have never expected that you are now the Demon Seed Junior servant.” Hui Guang Arhat smiled slightly and said. His expression was not very friendly.

“Oh, it is an honor for Chu Ba to protect the young master. It is the same as you, protecting the Reincarnated Soul Junior, are you also not a servant?” Chu Ba coldly said.

“Hui Guang Arhat does not need to protect the Reincarnated Soul Junior. He is following Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, but I don’t know why has Hui Guang Arhat appeared here?” The youth suddenly asked.

“Who are you?” Hui Guang Arhat stared at the youth and said.

The youth said with an evil smile: “Didn’t you say that I am a Demon Seed Junior? I have remembered, my name is Xie Yan.”

Zhong Shan was looking at the three people who were talking in the distant place and frowned slightly.

“Shui Jing, who are they?” Gu Lin asked with a frown.

When he heard Gu Lin asking, Zhong Shan pricked his ear and listened carefully.

“That is Hui Guang Arhat of Bliss Pure Land, who has been following Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva. I don’t know why he is here.” Mr. Shui Jing frowned.

“Holy Land , Bliss Pure Land ?” Gu Lin surprisedly said.

“Yes, and the other old-fashioned man in black, I also saw his portrait in the Heavenly Dynasty, the middle-aged man’s name is Chu Ba Māra from Nether Heaven.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“Holy Land , Nether Heaven?” Gu Lin surprisedly said again.

“Um.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded.

“What is Holy Land?” Zhong Shan suddenly asked.

When they heard what Zhong Shan said, everyone looked at him with stunned expressions. Gu Lin looked at Zhong Shan as if looking at an idiot. Didn’t he know even Holy Land?

Zhong Shan naturally didn’t know. He didn’t know and he didn’t need to pretend to understand. As for the vision of Gu Lin, Zhong Shan could also directly ignore it.

Princess Qianyou took a look at Zhong Shan and said: “Cultivating Fame, the most Peak’s Luck Dynasty is Three Great Heavenly Dynasties, but Cultivating Inner Virtue, the most Peak sect, no, it is not so simple as the sect, their most Peak are Four Great Holy Lands, Bliss Pure Land and Nether Heaven are two Holy Lands. There are countless Experts in the Holy Land. Although the number of people can’t be compared with a Heavenly Dynasty, but the number of the Peak Experts is more than a Heavenly Dynasty. It’s just that the system of cultivation is different. ”

“Do they never strive for the world hegemony?” Zhong Shan asked with a frown.

“I have said that because the cultivation system is different, their cultivation, under the heavens, don’t need to strive for hegemony. They can not strive for hegemony.” Princess Qianyou solemnly said.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded.

Cultivating Fame, Three Great Heavenly Dynasties!

Cultivating Inner Virtue, Four Great Holy Lands!

What about Feng Shui? Cultivating Feng Shui, how many people are there on the Great Divine State Land?

(Author note: For the relations between Holy Land and Heavenly Dynasty, please refer to the relations between Great Thunder Sound Temple and Heavenly Court in Journey to the West, but here, regarding the strength, Heavenly Dynasty is not weaker than Holy Land, even…)

“Mr. Shui Jing, why do you think they are here?” Princess Qianyou asked with a frown.

“Hui Guang Arhat is following Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva. At this moment, Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva didn’t come. He came alone, and just when he saw Chu Ba, he accidentally called out. Obviously, there is not a very important purpose. There is a great possibility that he is just passing by here.” Mr. Shui Jing analyzed.

“Yes, so ostentatiously, he can only be passing by, or maybe a nearby sect has a slight connection with Bliss Pure Land, so they brought in Hui Guang Arhat to find out.” Princess Qianyou said.

“As a result, Chu Ba Māra and Hui Guang Arhat, two peerless Experts, Great Ye Sovereign may have a headache.” Mr. Shui Jing said with a smile.

“Isn’t this better?” Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

“ Precisely, the more people, the better.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded and said. Obviously, there were many people who could fish in troubled waters. It must be know that Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty was using its powerful strength. Princess Qianyou and her group of people wanted to confront this greatest danger, which was obviously not an easy task.

As everyone was looking at the people in the distant place, they revealed smiling faces, but suddenly, Mr. Shui Jing and Princess Qianyou simultaneously frowned.

“Have we been discovered?” Princess Qianyou surprisedly said.

At this moment, Zhong Shan saw that from a distant place in the sky, a hundred black spots suddenly flew out.

The hundred black spots scattered in the sky, like raindrops and sprinkled over more than 100 different places in the Great Ying Mountain Range. One of the black spots was in the direction of Zhong Shan and others. Its speed was too fast, and it would reach them in an instant.

A mountain, it was a huge mountain peak. It was quickly pressing down in the direction of Zhong Shan, and when it came to the front, the mountain peak suddenly flashed with golden light, as if it contained a great power.


Ah Da and Ah Er yelled at the same time, the two quickly clenched their fists, leaped up and their fists slammed maliciously into the bottom of the flying mountain.


Four fists collided with the flying mountain peak making a sudden loud bang. From the collision, the extraordinary golden light was shot in all directions. However, the strength of this flying peak was too strong, no, it was not just a mountain peak. Its weight was as if there was an Expert at the top of the mountain.

Under the mountain peak, Zhong Shan only felt a formidable oppression, an invisible oppression pressing him from above. It was too strong. This momentum was like heavenly power as if it must force Zhong Shan’s legs to bend.

But how Zhong Shan could be forced to kneel down, he gritted his teeth tightly, and blue veins appeared on his forehead.

Too strong, Ah Da and Ah Er, two people of Nascent Soul Peak, could not resist. By this vast strength, pressing down from the high-altitude, the giant mountain was pounding down, it seemed that it could instantly press the people flat.

At this moment, Mr. Shui Jing frowned slightly, the feather fan in his hand was slightly shaken to the top.

Zhong Shan only saw the feathers of the feather fan suddenly released a blue light. The blue light was like a group of long whips, and it directly flung from the side of the mountain to the other side. It seemed that it didn’t touch the mountain at all.

However, under this fling, the golden light on the mountain peak dispersed, Ah Da and Ah Er seemed to suddenly have the superiority again. Under the combined strength , the mountain immediately flew to the mountain valley not far away.


The mountain peak suddenly crushed into a pile of gravel. No, Zhong Shan could see that the mountain peak was not crushed by Ah Da and Ah Er, but it was crushed by that group of blue long whips of Mr. Shui Jing. Actually, each one of them cut the mountain peak into two halves. It fell down to the Mountain Square valley as crushed stones, mostly were in strip shape, was it the feather fan of Mr. Shui Jing that crushed it?

Ah Da and Ah Er were both Nascent Soul Stage Peaks, and the two together couldn’t stop the mountain strength, but Mr. Shui Jing with his scholar appearance, just shaking his feather fan? The mountain was cut into pieces?

At the same time, Zhong Shan saw the distant place of Hui Guang Arhat and Chu Ba Māra. There were two mountain peaks pressing to the direction of the two people separately, and the two people just raised their hands respectively.

“Pa..”, “Pa…”

Two flying peaks were patted to fly away.

Arhat ? Māra? Was this the power of Arhat? The power of Māra?

There were only two places to block the flying mountain Peaks, one was their place and the other was Hui Guang Arhat, but there were more than one hundred mountain peaks were pressing down. If it was specifically aiming for the experts around the Great Ying Mountain Range, then their places could be imagined by the pressing mountain peaks.

“I haven’t seen Mr. Shui Jing getting rid for a long time, and Mister is still formidable as before.” Princess Qianyou exclaimed.

“The princess is just praising.” Mr. Shui Jing shook his head and said modestly.

“Hu.., very strong, what happened to the flying mountain moments ago?” Gu Lin breathed out in relief and said with a panicked facial expression.

“It should be Great Ye Sovereign, he personally has gotten.” Princess Qianyou frowned and said with an extremely dignified facial expression.

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