Immortal V4C35: The cave name, Heavenly Tribulation.

Immortal V4C35: The cave name, Heavenly Tribulation.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Three days later, there were several people standing on the summit of a mountain, Zhong Shan, Qianyou, Gu Lin, Shui Jing, Ah Da, Ah Er, Yu Heng Sect Mountain Protector, Sect Protector and the five first generation disciples.

These people were standing on the top of the mountain and looking at the distant direction. It was too far away, so according to Zhong Shan’s eyesight, he unexpectedly could not see the target to which the other people were paying attention.

Zhong Shan closed his eyes and waited. He couldn’t see it anyway, but he could imagine the distant scene.

The direction that everyone was looking at, was actually the place of Yu Heng Sect.

Yu Heng Sect now, the formation was completely removed, the mountains and rivers were exposed, so many mortals could intrude.

At this moment, in front of Yu Heng Sect, there were four experts in military outfits standing there, and there were more than 30,000 Soldiers behind them.

The four men in military outfits were the commanders of the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty Legions. When the four commanders arrived, they saw that the people of Yu Heng Sect had already left.

The four men looked at this scene.

“The people of Yu Heng Sect really don’t have any strength of spirit.” One of the commanders called out.

“They were afraid that we will kill them.” Another commander said.

“There is no one here, how are we going to complete the order of His Majesty?”

“The next sect, there are still eight left. ”

“It’s not good, Yu Heng Sect people had no strength of spirit and gave up the sect, wouldn’t the next eight sects imitate them?”

“Yes, we must do it as soon as possible, we are four people, each person will go to two sects, and hurry, we can not mess the great matter of his Majesty up.”

“Let’s go.”

With the decision of the commanders, each commander led 8,000 soldiers and left quickly. This time, they spread out, and quickly went to the other four directions.

Not long after, all the soldiers in front of Yu Heng Sect left.

The distant peak of the mountain.

“Hu… .”

Yu Heng Sect people, all breathed out a long breath of relief, left, the people of Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty really has left. They didn’t enter the sect at all, just suddenly went away.

Watching the expressions of Liu Suifeng and others, Zhong Shan could also guess how it was.

“Thank you, elder, thank you everyone.” Liu Suifeng said respectfully.

“Um.” everyone nodded.

“The matter, this time, is likely to be related to Great Ying Mountain Range, Yu Heng Sect people, don’t go back for a while, wait for me to go to Great Ying Mountain Range and have a look, then act according to the results.” Princess Qianyou thought for a while then said.

“Yes.” Liu Suifeng immediately complied.

“The Great Ye army has gone, and I have to go back with Mountain Protector.” Sect Protector suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“Do you want to go back?” Princess Qianyou frowned slightly and asked.

“Yes, the task of Mountain Protector and Sect Protector is to guard the sect. Since the army has gone, we naturally have to go back and resume our guard duty.” Sect Protector nodded and said.

“Um.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

The two old men respectfully bowed slightly to the others, then disappeared instantly, leaving an afterimage. They left toward Yu Heng Sect.

“Well, Mountain Protector and Sect Protector have to go back, with their cultivation bases, even if the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty army returns, they can completely retreat.” Liu Suifeng nodded and said.

Looking at the distant place, Princess Qianyou frowned then looked at the others and said: “Such being the case, Liu Suifeng, you five will manage and lead the Yu Heng Sect disciple. We will immediately go to the Great Ying Mountain Range, it’s not long before the full moon night. ”

“Yes.” Liu Suifeng immediately complied.

Three days later, Zhong Shan and others finally arrived to the so-called Great Ying Mountain Range.

Beside the Great Ying Mountain Range, they were standing on the top of a mountain peak, and they were staring seriously.

“Shui Jing, the prisoners in this area, this already was the tenth batch, now outside the Great Ying Mountain Range, are all the captured cultivators imprisoned here? And what about the frozen corpses? What do they want to do?” Gu Lin said with a frown.

“It’s not clear, but beside the Great Ying Mountain Range, there are endless Soldiers, it seems that the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty is gathering all of the soldiers for the plan of Jade Imperial Seal.” Mr. Shui Jing shook the feather fan and said with a frown.

Zhong Shan was looking at a distant place, an area covered by dense miasma, the mountain range, the entire mountain range, the numerous mountains and valleys, although in this broad daylight, it was still fearful and gloomy. The living creatures in the mountain range were also a quite few, only some Beasts could cultivate in this cultivation environment, with a look, he could see some black beats like jet black crows at most. Just crows, no other creatures.

“Hiss…. ” Princess Qianyou suddenly took a cold breath and revealed a panic-stricken facial expression.

“Princess ,what have you discovered?” Mr. Shui Jing asked immediately.

“It’s not right, it’s absolutely not right, it shouldn’t be!” Princess Qianyou said with her eyes were filled with astonishment.

“What’s the matter? Qianyou, what is wrong?” Gu Lin asked immediately.

“previously we guessed that this is a Heavenly Tomb, a Heavenly Dynasty Emperor’s tomb, but there is something wrong about this cave, it is not right.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Is there something wrong about this cave?” Gu Lin said doubtfully.

“Yes, previously I didn’t think about it when I was in Yu Heng Sect, but after returning to Heavenly Dynasty, I studied a little time with Elderly Tian. Under the heavens, there are countless burial caves. Although I haven’t studied them thoroughly, but this cave, I can recognize. How could this Heavenly Dynasty Emperor choose this burial cave to bury himself? It shouldn’t be!” Princess Qianyou thought about it again and again, as if she wanted to find out the difference to dispel her thoughts.

“What is this cave?” Mr. Shui Jing said doubtfully.

“Under the heavens, the first ominous cave, the cave name, Heavenly Tribulation.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Heavenly Tribulation ? How is this possible? Princess, haven’t you made a mistake?” Mr. Shui Jing said with a surprised facial expression.

“I haven’t made a mistake! It is well known that Heavenly Tribulation is an entirely arrogant vein, and all things around must venerate it. After delivering the vein to the back of the mountain, it will pull down the initially powerful and prosperous sect and it’s a never recurring process. This is the fearful effect of Heavenly Tribulation cave. Once this cave is set, they will die without a heir, the main clan will be destroyed, and the bloodline roots will completely disappear. This is the first ominous cave under the heavens.” Princess Qianyou pointed to the front and said.

“How is this possible? That Heavenly Dynasty Emperor, How could he choose such a burial cave? Did he want his descendants to be exterminated? Could it be that it was a Feng Shui Master who deliberately deceived him?” Gu Lin said surprisedly.

“Deceived? This is a Heavenly Dynasty Emperor, how could he be deceived? Without his consent, how could the Heavenly Tomb be built here? He must agree, but what was his purpose? Heavenly Tribulation? And… “ Princess Qianyou narrowed her eyes and said.

“And what?” Gu Lin asked immediately.

“Previously Liu Suifeng said that on the full moon night, inside, there are numerous dead bodies ghosts that forced them out, then it seems that besides a Heavenly Tomb, there is another thing.” Princess Qianyou said solemnly.

“What thing?” Gu Lin said in surprise.

“Feng Shui Great Array, a Feng Shui Great Array that has existed for tens of thousands of years, such a powerful Feng Shui Great Array, only then Elderly Tian in the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, no, even Elderly Tian may not be able to arrange this Feng Shui Great Array that can last for tens of thousands of years.” Princess Qianyou was shocked when she said this speculation. Even Princess Qianyou herself was shocked.

“Princess, Feng Shui Great Array, I have heard about it, but what is the relation between Feng Shui Great Array, Battle Array and Passive Array?” Zhong Shan suddenly asked.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou was stunned for a while, but still nodded and said: “Currently, under the heavens, there are three kinds of cultivation systems, cultivating Inner Virtue, cultivating fame, cultivating Feng Shui, there are great differences between the three systems, especially Feng Shui, under the Heavens, there are few people who cultivate Feng Shui and they are a lineage of a sole line descendants. Feng Shui great array belongs to the extremely talented Feng Shui people who can arrange the great array. This great array, battle Array and Passive array are not a single system, each one, for us, is just a strange formation. Superficial Feng Shui Great Array can grantee the prosperity and decline, fortune and misfortune. The exquisiteness of the Feng Shui great Array, even I am not clear about it, however, there is one here, tomorrow night we can see it.”

“Yes.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“As the princess said, the Heavenly Dynasty Emperor tomb was built on this ominous Heavenly Tribulation cave, even outside, there is the fierce Feng Shui Great Array. This Heavenly Tomb is intriguing. The original idea of thisHeavenly Dynasty Emperor, was it also intriguing?” Mr. Shui Jing shook his feathers and frowned.

“Everything has to wait until tomorrow night, and we may be able to find clues.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Um.” Everyone nodded.

This matter, everything about it, is extremely strange!

Zhong Shan and the other people were in the north. However in the middle of a mountain valley, at this moment, there were two men in black standing in the middle of that mountain valley. A youth who was carrying a fiery red wide sword, and was looking at some passing soldiers with a cold expression. Behind the youth, there was another middle-aged man with a wide sword. However, the middle-aged man seemed to be a servant, standing behind the youth respectfully.

“Chu Ba, the gathering of the young masters this time, how many people did not go?” The youth asked quietly. He did not even look at the middle-aged man.

“Young master, in addition to you, young master, there are three young masters did not go, including young master Jian Ao.” Chu Ba said respectfully.

“Oh, Jian Ao? He is still so persistent on defeating the under the heavens heroes? Creating his own swordsmanship? In the Ten Thousand Swords Pavilion, there is no end to the Sword Arts, but he unexpectedly didn’t spare a glance to it, he wants to create an original one? With no accumulation, how to create a sword art?” The youth revealed a hint of scoffing smile and said.

“Yes, young master, young master Jian Ao will infinitely go through numerous detours and he will be getting farther and farther away from young master. It seems that the old gambling is slowly leaning towards you, young master.” Chu Ba nodded and said.

“No, although Jian Ao is so persistent, but his perception is actually extremely superb, and who among us, these young masters, is of an easy generation? You mustn’t underestimate anyone.” The youth said solemnly.

“Yes, young master, Chu Ba knew his mistakes.” Chu Ba immediately bowed respectfully and said.

“Chu Ba Māra?” In the sky, there was a sudden loud sound.

The sound was strong, it seemed to penetrate the clouds and shake the heaven. There was a slight surprise in the tone and a trace of provocation.

Chu Ba and the youth looked up at the same time.

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