Immortal V4C34: Returning to the nest after the rain, the plan of the empty city.

Immortal V4C34: Returning to the nest after the rain, the plan of the empty city.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty, this time is using the strength of the whole dynasty, exterminating the entire sect? Leaving no one alive?” Princess Qianyou thought for a while and said.

“Exterminate the sect, but do not kill everyone, the cultivators who surrender or are captured, all will be imprisoned.” Liu Suifeng said with a frown.

“Imprisoned?” Princess Qianyou said doubtfully.

“Yes, imprisoned, no one knows what Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty is doing. If it is according to the elder, for the Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, they don’t need to kill in such way. It is enough to just drive the people away.” Liu Suifeng thought for a while and said with a frown.

“Hu.” At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared outside Yu Heng palace.

It was an old man with an incomparably ordinary appearance.

“Sect Protector, has seen elder.” Once he entered the main hall, the old man immediately said.

Yu Heng Sect Sect Protector?

“Sect Protector? Where have you been?” Princess Qianyou asked.

In the sect, once there is a serious matter that requires elder intervention, Mountain Protector and Sect Protector must appear at the same time. Now Sect Protector appeared alone, this indicates that Sect Protector has just returned.

“When Sect Protector came back and saw that the ten thousand wolves had retreated, Many thanks to the elder. Sect Protector just returned from the vicinity of the Eight Extremities Sect in the north.” Sect Protector said right away.

“Sect Protector has been eavesdropping on the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty situation.” Liu Suifeng explained immediately.

After hearing Liu Suifeng’s explanation, Princess Qianyou nodded.

“How is the situation outside?” Princess Qianyou asked.

“Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty, now has already cleaned up the south, the west and the north of the Great Ying Mountain Range. Now, they are clearing up the sects of the east of the Great Ying Mountain Range one by one. Eight hours ago, the Eight Extremities Sect, the entire sect had resisted till death and was entirely annihilated. Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty army collected their corpses and stored them in ice.” Sect Protector said.

“Collecting the corpses? Storing them in ice? Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty, What are they doing?” Liu Suifeng said a strange way.

“Sixteen hours ago, the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty army destroyed the Ning You Temple completely, five hundred disciples in the Ning You Temple, three hundred of them died, the corpses were collected and stored in ice. As for the other two hundred disciples, they were captured, their Spiritual Essence was sealed, and were imprisoned. I don’t know what to do, but with that imposing manner, in just three days, the army will certainly arrive to my Yu Heng Sect.” Sect Protector was incomparably solemn and said.

“Three Days? Three days to arrive?” Liu Suifeng said with a worried facial expression.

“Yes, moreover, three days at most.” Sect Protector said solemnly.

“Sixteen hours ago it was the Ning you Temple, eight hours ago it was the Eight Extremities Sect, and you said that the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty army is merely capturing and slaughtering disciples, not for other things?” Mr. Shui Jing shook the feather fan and said doubtfully.

“Yes, not for other things, just for merely capturing people and collecting corpses.” Sect Protector said.

“What is the strength of the opposing army?” Princess Qianyou said after some thought.

“Great Ye Sovereign dynasty has thousands of years of history. Although it is only a Sovereign dynasty, but its strength is actually exceptionally frightening, because they have already exterminated the sects in the other directions, and only the east of great Ying Mountain Range remains, therefore, they gathered their strength. Out of the Great Ye Sovereign dynasty five big legions, they sent the elites of four legions, four Legion Commanders who are body Fusion Stage Experts, many nascent Soul stage experts and nearly 30,000 golden Core Stage experts, to quickly exterminate the remaining sects.” Sect Protector said.

“30,000?” Gu Lin revealed a sneer, obviously he was looking down upon them.

Looking at Gu Lin, Zhong Shan was speechless, this person was too superficial!

“Such an elite force, in the nearby area, is indeed no on can resist it, even if the surrounding sects joined their forces, it is difficult to resist. Moreover, now they are being annihilated one by one.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Yes, such a huge army lineup, once the troops come to Yu Heng Sect, it will be even more terrifying than the previous wolf disaster.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded.

“Oh, there is nothing to be afraid of, since I and Qianyou are here, what thing is Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty, naturally they won’t dare to deal with Yu Heng Sect. Qianyou is the princess of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, even if it is me, they don’t dare to offend.” Gu Lin said with a self-confident facial expression.

But Zhong Shan, Mr. Shui Jing and Princess Qianyou were looking at Gu Lin with stunned expressions, pressing them by the status?

“Crown Prince, Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty is not a subordinate Luck Dynasty of Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, so the status oppression may not work, moreover this time the actions of Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty are very strange, they won’t care about our identities. Even more, to leave no witnesses, they will kill us, destroy the corpses and leave no trace.” Mr. Shui Jing shook his head and said.

“Ah? Then What should we do? Shui Jing, you think of a way quickly.” When Gu Lin heard what Mr. Shui Jing said, he was first surprised, but subsequently, he became worried immediately.

Looking at Gu Lin, Mr. Shui Jing smiled bitterly.

“The disaster of the soldiers is no less than the disaster of ten thousand wolves. Mister, can you still negotiate with them?” Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan and said.

This time, Princess Qianyou directly called Zhong Shan as Mister, and no longer concealed his identity. Mr. Shui Jing thought that it was natural, but Gu Lin was staring doubtfully.

Zhong Shan smiled bitterly: “We could negotiate with the Beasts, even if the negotiations didn’t succeed, we still can find another way. However this time, we absolutely have only one chance, Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty is using the irresistible force to extinguish these sects, kill and capture the people, if the negotiations are useful, these many sects would not have been annihilated. Obviously Great Ye Sovereign dynasty has its own conspiracy, this conspiracy hidden in the dark. It is not so direct like the ten thousand wolves, if we want to rely on negotiations, it extremely difficult, almost there is no chance.”

Taking a deep breath, Princess Qianyou nodded, she could also think of this fierce relation.

“Then, we have to find another way.” Princess Qianyou said.

At this time, everyone calmed down, unceasingly thinking deeply about the current situation, unceasingly thinking about how to face it. Three days later, the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty soldiers will arrive to Yu Heng Sect, it will certainly be a bloody slaughter, unless they surrender. However after surrendering, regaining their freedom was even less feasible.

What can they do?

Zhong Shan, Shui Jing and Qianyou, all three of them were thinking and the other people didn’t dare to disturb them. They were waiting for the three intellectually different people’s answers.

Gu Lin looked at Princess Qianyou, looked coldly at Zhong Shan, and looked at Mr. Shui Jing with anticipation.

The three people thought for a while, then as if they had thought of something in general, they jumped out of their self-thinking mood and looked at the others.

“Shui Jing, if you have thought of a way, say it quickly.” Gu Lin called out immediately.

As if he was afraid that Zhong Shan will be the first to take the lead.

Princess Qianyou looked at Gu Lin and frowned slightly. However Zhong Shan smiled slightly, this Gu Lin was indeed stupid.

Mr. Shui Jing shook his head and revealed a bitter smile.

“Mr. Shui Jing, since Gu Lin said it, if you have a way, please say it.” Princess Qianyou looked at Mr. Shui Jing and said with a smile.

“Yes, if you have a way, why haven’t you said it quickly?” Gu Lin immediately frowned and complained.

Slightly smiled, Mr. Shui Jing said: “Three days later, Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty will arrive, Yu Heng Sect will surely be in a deadly situation. At this time, it will be difficult to solve this predicament, so you can only jump out of this deadly situation. Abandon the sect and leave.”

“Abandon the sect?” Liu Suifeng said with a frown.

In the heart of Liu Suifeng, Yu Heng Sect was his own root. How could he abandon it as he said? Moreover Yu Heng Sect’s location was not only that simple, it can’t be moved, it was a very important point in the Seven Stars Hall establishment, a star position in the Great Divine State Land.

“Returning to the nest after the rain, the plan of the empty city?” Princess Qianyou said with a smile and Zhong Shan also nodded.

“Do We have to leave Yu Heng Sect?” Liu Suifeng said with a frown.

“Not only you have to leave, but Yu Heng Sect Great Array must be completely removed. All the things in the sect must be taken away. No, creating mess is the best, so when the people of Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty see that, they would feel that Yu Heng Sect people were scared and escaped.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“There are rules in the sect, and Yu Heng Sect definitely can not be lost.” Liu Suifeng revealed a bit of a dilemma.

“Who said that you will lose Yu Heng Sect? Now Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty is only killing and capturing people and once they couldn’t find these people, wouldn’t they go to annihilate the next sect quickly? You have to wait for this then come back, as long as your people are still there, Yu Heng Sect will still exist.” Mr. Shui Jing said self-confidently.

“Yes, the mountains are there, people are there, you will just leave for a while, so why not?” Princess Qianyou nodded.

“Where do our Yu Heng Sect people go?” Liu Suifeng sighed and nodded. He agreed. Since the elder had agreed, he didn’t have anything to say. Moreover he could only do this now.

“With such a big land, how can’t you hide? Go east, stay there and come back later.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“Um.” Liu Suifeng nodded.

Gu Lin looked smug, as if he had thought of a general approach, looking provocatively to Zhong Shan.

When Zhong Shan saw Gu Lin’s eyes, he almost rolled his eyes, stupid, a big stupid!

“What do you think Mister?” Princess Qianyou immediately looked at Zhong Shan and said.

“I think what Mr. Shui Jing said is unusually good, returning to the nest after the rain, empty city plan. However, I want to add one more thing to make up for this time psychological trauma of Yu Heng Sect disciple.” Zhong Shan thought for a while and said.

To make up for the psychological trauma of Yu Heng Sect disciples? Everyone looked at Zhong Shan, the psychological trauma? Indeed, Yu Heng Sect was the root of the disciples. Once they leave it to avoid the war disaster, they would certainly have some disappointment and sadness in their hearts. It was like a mortal being driven out of his home and was unable to go back. Who would not be upset? Although they didn’t say it, there will always be some disappointment and bitterness in their hearts.

Everyone looked at Zhong Shan eccentrically.

“Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty is rapidly killing sect people non-stop, then these annihilated sects, isn’t it out there? Most of the things inside have been clearly plundered, but there is one thing that can’t be taken away for some time. That is the Spirit Stones Mine. During this period, if your disciples have the courage, they can go to the places of these annihilated sects, where there is no one there at this moment, to dig some spirit stones, turn sadness into strength, and work harder.” Zhong Shan said very directly.

“Uh?” Everyone looked strangely at Zhong Shan.

This was fishing in the troubled water, but when it was said from the mouth of Zhong Shan, it was as if this was a very normal matter. Liu Suifeng could not accept it for a while and Gu Lin was also looking with a dull expression.

Only Princess Qianyou and Mr. Shui Jing nodded and a strange light flashed in her eyes.

Mr. Shui Jing thought of the previous Unparalleled City campaign, it is indeed that shameless person is invincible!

Princess Qianyou sighed slightly. Zhong Shan can actually turn a passive situation into active one and turn the predicament into a new starting point. In this way, Yu Heng Sect would not lose anything, but also will grab a great bargain. At least for those low-level disciples, as long as they have the courage to look, they will not only gain Spirit Stones Mine, but even some hidden Magical Treasure. They would certainly have a good harvest.

“Good, so it is decided.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

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