Immortal V4C33: Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal.

Immortal V4C33: Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Far behind, Gu Lin and Mr. Shui Jing were flying together in the air. Watching Zhong Shan and Princess Qianyou in the distance talking merrily, Gu Lin was looking at them with envy and hatred. Moreover, when he saw Princess Qianyou slightly bowing respectfully to Zhong Shan, he actually stared with wide-eyes and revealed a ghost like facial expression, how could it be possible? What was the identity of Zhong Shan? No, even if Zhong Shan had a prominent status, but could it be better than Qianyou? How could Qianyou slightly bow respectfully to him?

Naturally, Gu Lin wasn’t the only one to be surprised, but everyone was also astonished, but no one said anything because they didn’t have any rights to say.

Gu Lin looked at Zhong Shan, the original hatred in his eyes, suddenly turned into extreme coldness, however, Gu Lin didn’t try to hide it. When the nearby Mr. Shui Jing saw this, he shook his head and was speechless for a while.

In Yu Heng palace, everyone was standing firm once again, but this time the previous worry has already disappeared, the ten thousand wolves had retreated, so everything became calm again.

“Good, Liu Suifeng, what happened to actually make you send Sect Protector to Seven Stars Hall?” Princess Qianyou asked.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Liu Suifeng said: “Elder, do you remember, to the west of Yu Heng Sect, there is a cloudy and damp place? ”

When she heard what Liu Suifeng said, Princess Qianyou frowned and said: “Damp place? Is that the continuous mountain range that is completely covered by miasma all over the year, incomparably cold and the gathering place for evil things?”

“Yes, it is that mountain range, Great Ying Mountain Range. For ten thousand years, no, even longer, Yin Qi has been increasing again and again, gathering large numbers of savage and evil demons. But they are not strong enough, so no one cared about them.” Said Liu Suifeng.

“Um.” Princess Qianyou nodded, waiting for Liu Suifeng to continue.

“This time, the reason for asking the elder to return, is also because of it.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Oh?” Princess Qianyou said surprisedly, also everyone looked at Liu Suifeng together.

“It suddenly started eight months ago, during the full moon nights of every month, Yin Qi has been soaring in that great Ying Mountain range. Suddenly within the mountain range, there are continuous sounds of shrieking and wild howling, it is extremely gloomy and fearful. When we knew about this, I and several junior Brothers immediately went there, once we entered there, all of a sudden we saw an illusion, countless ghosts of dead bodies able to move unhindered, they forced us out, and even, in the sky above the Yin Qi, there were nine illusory black dragons dancing in the air and roaring.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Oh? Princess Qianyou said surprisedly.

The others also were looking at Liu Suifeng with astonishment.

“Right, Elder please have a look.” Liu Suifeng turned his hand and took out a memory crystal.

Princess Qianyou received it, and released a little Spiritual Essence. The images in the memory crystal were immediately mapped.

Full moon was high in the sky, a lonesome and quiet mountain range, dim moonlight, seemed a bit unreal and suddenly.


In the lonesome quiet and dark place, suddenly, there was a sound of wolf howling. The sound pierced straight through the sky and the sound was extremely gloomy and fearful. Then, from the mountain range, the entire mountain range, enormous amount of Black Qi suddenly soared on to the sky.

The Black Qi seemed to spray from the ground and go straight into the sky.

Dense black Qi completely covered the mountain range until its upper edge reached a height of a thousand meters before stopping.

In the black Qi area, there were extremely cold sounds. There were ghost crying, wolf howling, zombie exhalation and the sounds of demons resentments.

Momentarily, the entire Black Qi area was full of extremely cold aura which made the people to be absolutely terrified, it was incomparably terrifying.




The sounds of nine dragons roaring directly pierced this gloomy illusion, shocking the Heaven and Earth. Subsequently, under the sound of the dragon roaring, in the picture, the endless black fog of the Black Qi of the entire mountain range shook, and nine jet black dragons soared on, flew directly to the peak of the Black Qi area.

In the middle of Black Qi, the nine dragons dances rapidly, but facing the memory crystal at this moment, the huge dragon head was revealed. The dragon head was also black in color, but the dragon’s eyes were completely red. The pupils couldn’t been seen, the sclera couldn’t be seen at all, and the eyes were just like blood red rubies.

The memory crystal suddenly flashed and the image disappeared.

Everyone was immersed in the shock, and it took a long time for them to return to their senses.

Looking at this memory crystal, Princess Qianyou frowned. Then looked at Zhong Shan and looked at Mr. Shui Jing and said: “What do you see?”

Zhong Shan shook his head. After all, his contact with the cultivation field was too short. Where could he see it?

Looking at Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou didn’t care, after all, no one is a jack of all trades.

Mr. Shui Jing shook the feather fan, frowned slightly and said: “Nine dragons, profound boundary, princess, do you think that the nine dragons and the square black mountain range area are like what? ”

“The imperial seal of His Majesty, the Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal casted by Nine Dragons Heavenly Jade?” Princess Qianyou suddenly said surprisedly.

“Yes, it is the Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, it is almost the same, like a polar image.” Mr. Shui Jing shook the feather fan and nodded.

“This, that place is not…”Princess Qianyou suddenly paused, she revealed an inconceivable facial expression.

“It should not be wrong.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded and said with a smile.

“What are you talking about? Where is that?” Gu Lin asked immediately.

“We suspect that place is an imperial tomb, no, it is a Heavenly Tomb.” Mr. Shui Jing said right away.

“Heavenly Tomb?” Gu Lin said doubtfully.

“It is the tomb of an emperor of a previous Heavenly Dynasty. Only a very long time has passed and it has been buried for a long time. It has been buried deep in the Great Ying Mountain Range, but somehow, the tomb Qi has been leaking out every full moon night, creating this phenomenon.” Mr. Shui Jing said cautiously.

“The tomb of a Heavenly Dynasty Emperor? How are you sure?” Gu Lin said with a frown.

“Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, must be casted by nine Dragons Heavenly Jade, so it can deter under the heavens, but not all nine Dragons Heavenly Jade can be upgraded to Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal. However the area of the mountain range, its appearance looks like the Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, also it must has been buried for several thousands of years to create this phenomenon. Moreover just sect Master Liu said, they, with their Nascent Soul Stage cultivation bases, were forced to retreat to the outside, so I and the Princess dare to conclude that it is a Heavenly Tomb, and inside there is a Heavenly dynasty Jade Imperial Seal.” Mr. Shui Jing thought for a while then said.

“Yes, but it is a bit strange.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Oh?” Mr. Shui Jing looked at Princess Qianyou and said.

“For that Heavenly dynasty Jade Imperial Seal and that Heavenly dynasty Emperor to be buried together at the same time, this indicates that Emperor was a man with very good foresight. He knew that he could not to resist the Heavenly Power, so he had chosen the tomb place earlier. Moreover, the person responsible for the burial process didn’t embezzle his Heavenly dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, indicating that he had trusted him very much. But even so, the tomb can not be in such a gloomy place. Generally speaking, the places of Heavenly Tomb, are all Feng Shui Holy Places, Zhen Long, Zhen Sha, Zhen Xue, Zhen Shui, Zhen Xiang, even if there is a tomb Qi leakage, it should be a golden one, incomparably holy, but this one is extremely gloomy. The nine dragons are also incomparably jet black, this is strange, very strange.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Does the princess understand the Feng Shui technique?” Mr. Shui Jing looked at the princess and said with a slight surprise.

But, the nearby Zhong Shan frowned, Feng Shui technique, this was the second time he heard it. The first time was when he had met Clay Bodhisattva at Heavenly Wolf Island and he has heard it now for the second time.

“I once entangled ‘Elderly Tian’ for a while, let him teach me every day, and Elderly Tian couldn’t change my mind, so he passed a little to me, but not much, and I didn’t understand it thoroughly. I only know some superficial knowledge.” Princess Qianyou shook her head and said.

“Elderly Tian ? No wonder.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded, and there was a trace of respect in his eyes.

Elderly Tian? Zhong Shan frowned as he was listening to this conversation. Within the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, there was also a master of Feng Shui, who was called ‘Elderly Tian’.

“What is the use of guessing here, we will not know if we go to see it?” Gu Lin said.

“Yes, since it is a Heavenly Tomb, I am certainly going to check it out, Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, that is a good thing.” Princess Qianyou said with anticipation.

“Elder.” Liu Suifeng called out again.

“Uh?” Princess Qianyou turned her head to look at Liu Suifeng.

“In fact, Yu Heng Sect’s worries are not from the Great Ying Mountain Range.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Oh? Is there anything else?” Princess Qianyou asked doubtfully.

“Princess may remember that there is a Sovereign Dynasty in the northwest of Yu Heng Sect.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Sovereign Dynasty? Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty?” Princess Qianyou said doubtfully.

“It is the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty. After the phenomenon of the Great Ying Mountain Range started to appear, the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty sent troops to annihilate all the nearby sects. The north of the Great Ying Mountain Range was almost annihilated. I knew that it will not be long before they come to Yu Heng Sect. Therefore, I was worried that Yu Heng Sect will be in a difficult situation and sent Sect Protector to invite the elder to be in command.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Sovereign Dynasty ? Just a small Sovereign Dynasty, what are you afraid of?” Gu Lin shook his head and said with a smile.

“You excellency naturally are not afraid, but Yu Heng Sect can’t deal with it.” Liu Suifeng shook his head and said with a sigh.

“Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty ? Hehe, Why are they extinguishing the other sects? Do they want to snatch the Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal? Great Ye, Great Ye has existed for thousands of years. It is also in a hurry. If there is no Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, how does it advance to Emperor Dynasty? Now with that Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, the Great Ye could see the hope for promotion, and naturally they will not hesitate to snatch the Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal.” Princess Qianyou said solemnly.

“Princess, Does Luck Dynasty need Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal to be promoted?” Zhong Shan looked at Princess Qianyou and asked doubtfully.

Princess Qianyou accidentally looked at Zhong Shan and smiled slightly. She has never expected that Zhong Shan would ask her about something.

“Yes, why are there only Three Great Heavenly Dynasties under the heavens? Heavenly dynasty can not be achieved by the powerful national strength, only the emperors of the three Great Heavenly Dynasties know how to advance to Heavenly Dynasty, other Luck Dynasties do not know how to be promoted. Sovereign dynasty can be born from national strength, but Emperor Dynasty can not. Generally, regarding Emperor Dynasty, Sovereign dynasty obtains a Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, then through some other means, it may be promoted to Emperor Dynasty. However, how many Heavenly Dynasty jade Imperial Seals are there in the whole under the heaven? That is why there are numerous Sovereign Dynasties, scarce Emperor Dynasties, and there are only three Heavenly Dynasties.” Princess Qianyou explained.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded, revealing an understanding expression, but there were dreadful raging waves in his heart. He was infinitely and pleasantly surprised. How to promote to Heavenly Dynasty? Only the three emperors of the three Great Heavenly Dynasties know? No, there is also him, and his Establishing the Heavenly Court. Under the heavens, now there are four people know about it.

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