Immortal V4C32: Treat people with sincerity, the people will treat you with sincerity.

Immortal V4C32: Treat people with sincerity, the people will treat you with sincerity.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Slowly, Zhong Shan walked into the Great Array of Yu Heng Sect.

Upon entering the Great Array, Liu Suifeng immediately went forward: “How was it?”

Looking at Liu Suifeng with a smile, then Zhong Shan looked at everyone again, and finally said under the doubtful eyes of Princess Qianyou: “Fortunately, I didn’t fail in this mission, ten thousand wolves gave up on attacking Yu Heng Sect.”

“Hu… ” The people of Yu Heng Sect immediately sighed in relief.

“What about the chips? What are the conditions of the Ten thousand wolves?” Princess Qianyou asked immediately.

“Liu Wushuang.” Zhong Shan said quietly.

“Unfilial son.” Liu Suifeng showed a bit of pain on his face. Although he would get angry and sometimes would hate Liu Wushuang, but still he was his son. Watching his son dies, which father could accept this.

“This is already very good.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded on one side.

Gu Lin actually revealed an envy facial expression.

“Three years.” Zhong Shan suddenly said.

“Uh? Three years?” Everyone looked at Zhong Shan again. What did he mean by three years?

“Liu Wushuang tortured the Fire Wolf for three months. The Fire Wolf asked Liu Wushuang to be given to him for three years, so it would maltreat him, but he guaranteed that Liu Wushuang would not die or suffer a permanent injury after these three years.” Zhong Shan said.

“Seriously?” Liu Suifeng said surprisedly.

The other people revealed inconceivable facial expressions, really? Was it Really solved like this? Were these wolves so good to speak?

In the eyes of Liu Suifeng, maltreatment? What maltreatment, so long as he doesn’t die, moreover his son should be taught a lesson. it was already enough to save Yu Heng Sect, but also could save Wushuang’s life?

Liu Suifeng was extremely grateful to Zhong Shan.

“Well, go and talk to him. After three years, he can regain his freedom.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Ok, I will go immediately.” Liu Suifeng ran immediately and did not keep the demeanor of a master.

However, if one thought about it, he was about to send his son to be killed and destroy his own family. But suddenly, he knew that there was no need to destroy his family, only his son would be imprisoned and maltreated for three years, which father would not be excited?

Soon Liu Suifeng flew over with the excited Liu Wushuang.

Liu Wushuang’s face was flushing with anticipation and there was a trace of both disbelief and regret.

“Senior.” Under the guidance of Liu Suifeng, Liu Wushuang quickly bowed respectfully to Zhong Shan.

His Life could be saved, it was more important than anything. Three years, three years will pass very quickly. All this was thanks to Kai Yang Sect person, he just hoped that everything was true.

“I am not a senior, Liu Wushuang, let me give you one last advice before sending you out.” Zhong Shan looked at Liu Wushuang and said.

“Yes.” Liu Wushuang said respectfully.

Gu Lin showed a disdainful look, while the others were looking patiently.

“Everyone has made mistakes, but not every one person can bear the consequences after doing something wrong. You use these three years to make up for the mistakes of the past. Within three years, you may be tortured by Wolf Clan, but eventually, you have preserved your life. Without going through the storm, how to see the rainbow? After three years, whether you will go insane because of the suffering by Wolf Clan, or whet your will to make it rock-solid and have a limitless future, going insane or becoming a dragon, I hope that you can grasp this chance well.” Zhong Shan said seriously.

When they heard Zhong Shan saying that, everyone frowned slightly and nodded.

Liu Wushuang looked at Zhong Shan, and finally with austere facial expression, bowed respectfully and said: “Liu Wushuang will sincerely remember the senior’s teachings, and will certainly repay the senior’s gratitude in the future, dare to ask the given name of senior.”

At this moment, Liu Wushuang’s eyes were solemn, the man in front of him not only has the graciousness of life-saving, but also the final instructions, which were full of wisdom, will certainly make him benefit infinitely.

Looking at Liu Wushuang’s very firm and grateful facial expression, the nearby Princess Qianyou frowned slightly, and accidentally looked at Zhong Shan.

“Oh, I am not a senior, my name is Zhong Shan. ”Zhong Shan smiled and said.

“Yes.” Liu Wushuang is in the body.

Seeing that his son suddenly became so sensible, Liu Suifeng showed a rare smile on his face. This smile was not only because the life of his son was preserved, but also because his son has grown up in an instant. Looking at his son and looking at Zhong Shan, the eyes of Liu Suifeng were completely full of gratitude.

“Let’s go.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Liu Wushuang nodded immediately, followed Zhong Shan, and walked to the outside the Yu Heng Sect Great Array, then to the ten thousand wolves gathering place.

Watching Zhong Shan leave with Liu Wushuang, Mr. Shui Jing shook the feather fan, and his eyes were full of exclamation.

Gu Lin was looking at Zhong Shan with envy. Liu Suifeng was looking at the outside and there was a reluctant flash in his eyes. Ah Da and Ah Er showed an excitement.

As for Princess Qianyou, at this moment, as she was looking at Zhong Shan, she was pinching her fist. There was a suspicion in her eyes.

Outside of the Great Array, ten thousand wolves were moving restlessly. Zhong Shan took Liu Wushuang to the center of the wolves confidently.

The son of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, its eyes were red and it was staring at Liu Wushuang behind Zhong Shan. If it was before, Liu Wushuang must have shrunk in fear, but after Zhong Shan’s enlightenment, he seemed to have a changed personality. He became calm and incomparably confident.

“Liu Wushuang, give him to you.” Zhong Shan called out to that fire wolf.


The wolf looked up and called out loudly, the ten thousand wolves moved restlessly, then slowly retreated from Yu Heng Sect. Grandiosely retreated, and Liu Wushuang followed the little Fire Wolf, and between the ten thousand wolves, went further and further.

The ten thousand wolves, with a vast imposing manner, were retreating quickly, leaving a dusty clouds behind as they were retreating toward four directions.

Zhong Shan was standing in the empty place where the wolves were, and was watching the retreating ten thousand wolves.

In Yu Heng Sect, Yu Heng Sect disciples were all excited, retreated, ten thousand wolves have retreated, Yu Heng Sect was now safe.

Liu Suifeng, along with the other four first generation of disciples, also showed an extreme excitement.

Princess Qianyou was looking at Zhong Shan, her eyes were slightly narrowed, and her eyes flashed a strange light.

Until all ten thousand wolves left completely, Zhong Shan turned and walked back.

Zhong Shan walked into the Great Array.

“Many thanks.” Liu Suifeng brought his four junior brothers and junior sisters, bowed respectfully to Zhong Shan and said.

“No need to thank me, I am a subordinate of the princess, naturally it was because of the princess.” Zhong Shan shook his head and said with a smile.

“Yes, thank you elder.” Everyone once again bowed respectfully to Princess Qianyou and said.

“Um, let’s go and enter the Yu Heng palace first then talk about why you sent Sect Protector to Seven Stars Hall this time.” Princess Qianyou nodded and said.

Subsequently, Princess Qianyou turned her hands and a white cloud appeared under her feet which carried her and Zhong Shan together and flew to the distant Yu Heng Peak.

Ah Da and Ah Er, very sensibly, flew a slightly far away behind them, but when Gu Lin saw that Princess Qianyou was carrying Zhong Shan alone, he frowned. There was a hint of resentment in his eyes, a resentment that was hard to conceal.

Mr. Shui Jing looked at Gu Lin and smiled slightly.

The five first generation disciples of Yu Heng Sect followed.

At the forefront, above the white cloud, Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan and said: “Mister, the Unparalleled City City Lord election, Mister did his best in order to just repay the benevolence of Eight Gates Mountain?”

There was a trace of worry in the eyes of Princess Qianyou, because when Yu Heng Sect was in difficult situation, Zhong Shan didn’t intend to act. If she didn’t ask him, even if Zhong Shan knew the solution, he would not reveal it. What did this mean?

This showed that Zhong Shan still wasn’t completely loyal to her like Ah Da and Ah Er. It was just like the relation between an official and the lord. Once Zhong Shan was transferred to another people, he will also move to deal with her excessively.

Unparalleled City, Zhong Shan did his best, was it originally to just repay the previous benevolence? Princess Qianyou didn’t want Zhong Shan to repay the benevolence, but even hoped that Zhong Shan to remain owing her a favor. If she couldn’t use such a capable person wholeheartedly for herself, wouldn’t that be a failure?

Turning his head to look at Princess Qianyou, there was a slight accidental flash in the eyes of Zhong Shan, but he nodded and said: “It was for that reason, but it is not all.”

For that reason, when she heard this sentence, Princess Qianyou has affirmed that Zhong Shan has not been completely subdued. He was not her own. But this was also good, at least she knew that Zhong Shan has not been subdued, so she needed more time to slowly do it, it was better than not knowing. Moreover, Zhong Shan’s tone was very honest, and this was a proof that there was still hope.

With a smile, Princess Qianyou asked: “Seeing Liu Wushuang moments ago, he seemed to change into another person. If Mister receives him for his own use, he will certainly do his best. Regarding the loyalty of Wushuang, Qianyou wants to ask, how exactly does Mister do it? In that short sentence, what kind of profound principals is there?”

He accidentally looked at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan did not expect Princess Qianyou could be so direct, also her vision was exceptional.

Taking a deep breath, Zhong Shan earnestly said : “Treat people with sincerity, the people will treat you with sincerity.”

What Zhong Shan meant: How you treat others, others will treat you in the same way.

When she heard what Zhong Shan said, Princess Qianyou pupils shrunk and then thought about the meaning of Zhong Shan. Indeed, why did Zhong Shan still benevolently treat her? Wasn’t it because she treated him benevolently?

“Qianyou will listen to the advice.” Princess Qianyou immediately bowed slightly and said.

Seeing Princess Qianyou bending down slightly, Zhong Shan frowned and immediately called out: “I don’t dare, the princess’s body is highly respected, you can’t do this again. I am just a Royal Guard. ”

Princess Qianyou stood up and shook her head slightly and said: “No, from today on, Mister is Mister, Royal Guard is just a fake duty.”

“The princess is really oversensitive, and Zhong Shan is ashamed too much.” Zhong Shan said right away. Sighed slightly, he couldn’t do anything about it, being under the leadership of other people, they would grant favors and he has to accept these favors.

“Oversensitive? It’s a matter of Qianyou. So long as doesn’t lose Mister, so why Qianyou can’t be oversensitive.” Princess Qianyou said with a smile and to treat him with sincerity, Princess Qianyou said the truth directly, without any bends.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan smiled and said: “It seems that I have been caught in my own trap!”

“Caught in your own trap? Hehe, the analogy of Mister is really exquisite, Mister rest assured, later Qianyou will certainly treat Mister with sincerity, and I hope that Mister will treat Qianyou with sincerity.” Princess Qianyou earnestly said.

“It seems that I will have thousands of enemies in the future.” Zhong Shan smiled bitterly. Obviously, the status of being the advisor of Princess Qianyou, in the future will not be concealed.

“Thousands of enemies? Hehe, the wisdom of Mister is higher than the sky, immovable like mountains, will you care about the breeze? Moreover having me, Qianyou, Mister can sleep peacefully.” Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

“The princess is just joking, but under the wind, the willow catkins sway without roots. Later, I can only take shelter under the princess, such a big tree, to block the wind.” Zhong Shan shook his head and said.

As the matters have reached this point, if Zhong Shan wanted to remain low-key, it was quite difficult, then he must assume the new identity as soon as possible.

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