Immortal V4C31: The Difference Between Wolf and Dog.

Immortal V4C31: The Difference Between Wolf and Dog.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“A person with silver tongue.”

Brief words, but after Zhong Shan said it, almost everyone was slightly stunned. There was a mixture of expressions, disbelief, doubt, shock and contempt.

The five people of Yu Heng Sect were standing there, looking doubtfully at Zhong Shan. Their hearts were full of surprise and uncertainty. Does he want to go out? A person with a silver tongue? Doesn’t he want to live? As long as he leaves Yu Heng Sect Great Array, he will certainly be under the most violent attack.

Gu Lin was looking at Zhong Shan as if was looking at a fool. Go out? Go out, it would be better if he died.

Mr. Shui Jing was shaking his feather fan. He was frowning, but there was a strange flash in his eyes. Because Mr. Shui Jing believed that, Zhong Shan, since he said it, he should have no problem.

Just like Mr. Shui Jing, Ah Da, Ah Er and Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan with the same thought in their minds.

Staring at Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou frowned slightly and said: “Zhong Shan, can you speak the Wolf language?”

“I can’t speak the Wolf language, but hearing it, I can still understand one thing or two.” Zhong Shan shook his head and said with a smile. Indeed, for several years, Shadow Body has already been learning the meaning of the sounds of the exclusive Wolf language.

When they heard Zhong Shan, everyone stared with wide eyes.

The eyes of the people of Yu Heng Sect were revealing a pleasant and surprised light. Wolf language ? Could he really understand it?

But Gu Lin actually revealed an extremely stunned facial expression.

Mr. Shui Jing smiled slightly, but Princess Qianyou was obviously slightly anticipating it.

“Ok, then I will accompany you.” Princess Qianyou said. Obviously she was worried about Zhong Shan safety, after all, there were some powerful wolves on the opposite side. If she Followed him, she could guarantee that Zhong Shan will be absolutely safe.

“No, I will go alone, in negotiations, one person alone reveals more sincerity, you wait for me in Yu Heng Sect.” Zhong Shan shook his head and said.

“Good.” Princess Qianyou nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Subsequently, a group of people used white clouds and flew to the entrance of Yu Heng Sect Great Array.

Looking at this Great Array, it was exactly the same as Kai Yang Sect, Zhong Shan knew how to get in and out.

“Be careful.” Princess Qianyou finally called out.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded with a smile. Then he looked at the thousands of big wolves.

Zhong Shan adjusted his clothes and walked slowly to the outside.

Everyone else stood inside and looked at Zhong Shan with worried expressions.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, if there is danger, rescue him immediately.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes.” The two of them immediately complied.

Yu Heng Sect people had worried facial expressions, but Gu Lin was looking coldly with a mocking facial expression. Mr. Shui Jing was shaking his feathers and watching how Zhong Shan would do it. Ah Da and Ah Er were preparing to act at any moment.

Princess Qianyou was frowning deeply, at this moment, her facial expression was very complicated. When she looked at Zhong Shan, She didn’t only reveal a worried facial expression, but revealed a mixture of a worried and a very depressed facial expression.

“Hum.. ”

Zhong Shan walked out of the Great Array.

“Wheezing..” A large number of wolves, with fierce facial expressions, opened their mouths and were about to spit out the fireballs.

“Roar.. ”

The big wolf in the forefront roared, and the wolves immediately stopped and put out the fireballs in their mouths. They looked at the leading wolf with a little doubt.

“Everyone, I have come here to negotiate, let me pass.” Zhong Shan said with a loud and clear voice.

When Zhong Shan finished, the leading big wolf seemed to be frowning.

“Hum, hum…”

Unexpectedly the wolves actually made a passage very obediently. Obviously, the wolves here, like Zhong Shan, only could understand the other language, but couldn’t speak it.

In Yu Heng Sect, everyone looked at Zhong Shan with wide eyes. They couldn’t put it in words, these wolves were really obedient and made a way for him to negotiate? Were these wolves waiting for negotiations?

Zhong Shan arrived to the front, the wolves seemed to assume an air of self-approbation revealing extremely strange facial expressions.

Zhong Shan gave the biggest wolf a strange look. This look was introduced by Qing Yun Wolf Commander. This look was representing alert and caution.

The leading big wolf seemed to understand it.

“Hum, hum…” It called out several times.

Subsequently, some wolves maintained their fierce expressions and yelled at Yu Heng Sect, and more wolves let Zhong Shan walk to the center, surrounded Zhong Shan inside, and could not see any points.

“Princess.” Ah Da immediately said worriedly.

“Don’t be anxious, it is all right.” Princess Qianyou was staring at the distant scene and frowning.

Mr. Shui Jing was also looking at that distant scene with a strange look. There was a feeling in his heart that he couldn’t figure out what was going on?

Everyone was waiting.

Zhong Shan entered the center of the wolves, and the wolves showed their eccentric expressions, then each and everyone looked at Zhong Shan with a puzzled look.

“Hum.” The leading big wolf asked Zhong Shan.

Wolf language: Who are you? How do you have my Wolf Clan aura?

Zhong Shan could understand these words, so he naturally revealed a faint smile and said: “Who I am, I think that you should know who I am, Di Xuansha signed a contract with me, Wolf Clan is the country beast of my Great Zheng King Dynasty.”

Wolf language: Great Zheng King Dynasty? How could Supreme sign a contract with a King Dynasty?

Zhong Shan looked at the big wolf and smiled slightly then said: “This, you need to go to Supreme and ask him, but this contract, so long as the wolves of Wolf Clan can sense, it is certainly not false.”

When it heard what Zhong Shan said, the big wolf was silent for a while, also the other wolves were silent for a while.

Wolf language: What are you doing here? Do you want to help Yu Heng Sect?

“The course of events, I have also heard about it, the son of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, let him come out, I want to discuss with him.” Zhong Shan thought for a while then said.

Staring at Zhong Shan, the leading wolf looked at him and then called out at the sky.


After hearing the sound of the wolf, there was a commotion between the ten thousand wolves, then a wolf quickly ran from a distant place, the wolf eyes were red, it seemed to be extremely angry, there was no hair on its tail, it was in an incomparably sorry state.

This wolf was fifteen meters high, even though it was a little wolf in the wolf group, but it was still a giant in front of Zhong Shan.

“Hum.. ” The wolves called out for a while, explaining the identity of Zhong Shan to the little wolf, but even if it was not explained, the little wolf could know what the identity of Zhong Shan was. At this moment little wolf eyes were red and it seemed to be extremely angry.

“Are you the son of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander?” Zhong Shan said.

“Hum.” Little wolf said.

Wolf language: Yes, you are the person selected by Supreme. I respect you, but I have an enmity with Liu Wushuang of Yu Heng Sect, I have to report it.

“Oh, I won’t stop you, I just have been thinking that by doing this, you will cause your father to lose his face, cause Supreme to lose his face, and cause the entire Wolf Clan to lose its face.” Zhong Shan said.

Wolf language: What are you talking about? I am taking my revenge, where is it shameful?

“I ask you, these ten thousand wolves, why are they attacking?” Zhong Shan asked with a smile.

Wolf language: Naturally to revenge for me.

“Then why should they avenge you? Other wolves have been killed, and they didn’t act like this, but why have you attracted ten thousand wolves to attack?” Zhong Shan asked again.

Wolf language :……

“Let me tell you, it is because Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, not because of you, ten thousand wolves are here because of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, and by doing this, you are announcing to the entire under the heavens that you don’t have the skill to take your revenge at all. When you meet setbacks, you will ask for the help of your father. Zhi Huo Wolf Commander is a matchless hero, but you, his son, are just a coward.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

Wolf language: I am not, I am not a coward. If it is a single fight, then Liu Wushuang is not my opponent at all. He led a group of people and set a trap for me, that is why I was captured.

Seeing the little wolf was anxious, Zhong Shan smiled and said: “I believe that and this is also my purpose to find you this time.”

Wolf language: Do you want to ask for leniency for Liu Wushuang?

“No, I am not her to ask for leniency for him. He may escape an untoward act of heavens, but never the evil of his own. He should be severely punished.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

Wolf language: Then why are you here?

“I am here on behalf of Yu Heng Sect to ask for leniency, Liu Wushuang can be handed over to you, but Yu Heng Sect has a relationship with me and it can’t be destroyed.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

Wolf language: Ok, great ability handles great matters, I will give you face.

When he heard the little wolf, Zhong Shan smiled slightly and said: “You are a very sensible wolf, hearing your words, I am also glad for Zhi Huo Wolf Commander to have such a sensible son. However, I want to tell you, Wolf Clan is not afraid of any situation, you are now under the shade of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, ten thousand wolves only know zhi Huo wolf Commander. If you became a Wolf Commander, ten thousand wolves will be certainly loyal to you, then you can move unhindered under the heavens. At that time, any decision you make will be the glory of the ten thousand wolves. At that time you are qualified to squander the power of the ten thousand wolves.”

Wolf language: Listen to reason!

“I ask you, how long did Liu Wushuang imprison you?” Zhong Shan asked again.

Wolf language: three months.

“Well, Liu Wushuang will be given to you for three years. After all, he is not captured by you. Within three years, so long as he doesn’t die or have a permanent disability, you can handle him as you wish. After three years, you have to let him go.” Zhong Shan earnestly said.

Wolf language: Three years?

“Yes, after three years, let him rest for a year. If you really have the skill, how about catching him again yourself? The difference between a wolf and a dog, is eating a food handed out in contempt. Dogs are being fed by other people, but wolves are different, what the wolves want is to strive for themselves, not the charity of others.” Zhong Shan said again.

Hearing the analogy of Zhong Shan, the little wolf narrowed its eyes and stared at Zhong Shan.

Wolf language: Ok, just three years! I will pay him back a bit of interest in three years. In the fifth year, I personally will catch him.

“Ok, then you wait.” Zhong Shan nodded.

Wolf language: Um.

When Zhong Shan was about to go back, suddenly turned and said: “When your father comes out from his closing up, give regards to him on my behalf, tell him, my name is Zhong Shan.”

After saying this, Zhong Shan took the way made the wolves back, and slowly moved to Yu Heng Sect Great Array.

Looking at the departing back of Zhong Shan, little wolf gradually narrowed its eyes. Although it was only one person in front of him, the little wolf felt an aura from him, an aura of a majestic imposing manner. This kind of imposing manner was only felt from his father. Was his name Zhong Shan?

“He is coming back.” Ah Da was a little excited.

The people was looking at Zhong Shan, who was slowly coming from the distant place, and the wolves did not make another trouble, moreover they were looking at Zhong Shan with an incomparable respect. Was the negotiation of Zhong Shan really so powerful? Even a group of beasts admired him?

Yu Heng Sect people showed an expression of joy, because everyone saw hope in the eyes of each other, a hope for the tranquility after the storm, they just didn’t know what the chip was.

Gu Lin revealed a ghost like facial expression, did this boy really negotiate with the wolves? Ah Da and Ah Er revealed excited facial expressions, Mr. Shui Jing shook the feather fan, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes, while Princess Qianyou was frowning and there were surprise and doubt in her eyes.

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