Immortal V4C30: A person with a silver tongue.

Immortal V4C30: A person with a silver tongue.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Zhong Shan was frowning while looking at this scene. Regarding the Wolf Clan, Zhong Shan has a kind of warm feeling. After all, the wolf was the country beast of Great Zheng King Dynasty. In other words, his own identity, in front of these Fire Wolfs, was also incomparably prominent.

Yu Heng Sect, and Kai Yang Sect were allies, and they have relations with each other. Therefore, he didn’t hope for a bad matter to happen to them. In this dilemma, Zhong Shan was preparing to help, or to find out the reason and examine it to solve the problem completely and cleanly as far as possible.

In less than half incense burning time, the two men who had gone out, returned with a timid man in red clothes.

The man in red was revealing panic in his eyes, and frightened face.

“Father, father, you have to save me.” The man in red yelled to Liu Suifeng as soon as he entered the hall.

“Unfilial son, kneel down!” Liu Suifeng called out and his eyes were red.

“putong..” As if he was under an invisible pressure, the man in red suddenly fell to the ground on his knees.

“Father, father, I am your son!” The man in red called out.

“Unfilial son, snort, I ask you, what else have you hidden from me? Why are there so many wolves? Why are there so many? What have you done to annoy them to this degree? Do you want Yu Heng Sect to be buried with you?” Liu Suifeng called out.

“Father, I don’t have anything, I don’t have anything else, I said everything, I said it all!” The man in red called out in fear.

The others were quietly standing on one side, coldly watching, no one said anything. Yu Heng Sect, the great Yu Heng Sect was actually about to be extinguished because of him, and yet he didn’t want to speak, was he waiting until after its annihilation to say?

“Snort, unfilial son, if you don’t speak, I will execute you by my own hand now.” Liu Suifeng said angrily.

“Father, father, I am your son.” The man in red called out in fear. Even the tears of fear flowed down from his eyes.

“I don’t have such a son. Now the life and death of the entire sect is in your hands. You still refuse to speak?” Liu Suifeng called out loudly.

The man in red frighteningly looked at Liu Suifeng, and looked at the other people. Finally he fell to the side and sat down. He revealed signs of dementia and frighteningly said: “I can’t say that, if I said, I will die, I will definitely die, definitely.”

Seeing his son, Liu Suifeng frowned and sighed: “Anyway, say it first, if you don’t say it and the Wolf Clan attacked Yu Heng Sect. Once there is a wolf to die, the hatred will overlay, it will never stop, even Zhao Huo Wolf Commander will be alarmed. At that time, my Yu Heng Sect will be certainly extinguished and you will also die. But if you say it, there will still be a glimmer of hope. No matter what happened, there are always solutions.”

“Father, father, kill me, kill me and the Wolf Clan will leave, they will certainly leave.” The man in red seemed to be awakened, and immediately knelt down and said directly to Liu Suifeng.

“So what’s the matter? Say it.” Liu Suifeng called out.

“The wolf, the wolf I caught last time, is actually the son of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander. Zhi Huo Wolf Commander is now closing up, that is why that little Fire Wolf was alone and was caught by us. I didn’t know it at the time. If I knew, I wouldn’t dare to catch it.” The man in red frighteningly said.

“When did you know that?” Liu Suifeng said angrily.

“It was that day, when it was about to die, I took it out, and it was rescued by a man at that time. The man said that he had received the benevolence of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander. When he saw the little wolf, he recognized it at a glance and said that little wolf is the son of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander. He took the little wolf back and he also knew that I was from Yu Heng Sect. Father, I have harmed Yu Heng Sect, you kill me!” The man in red said with a panic.

“Liu Wushuang, you” Liu Suifeng called out angrily.

“What had you done to the little wolf before it was rescued by the man?” Princess Qianyou narrowed her eyes and said. When she heard this, she quickly found flaws from Liu Wushuang’s words, or a loophole, does he still want to hide?

“I …, I …” Liu Wushuang seemed that he was unable to speak.

“you still haven’t spoken, quickly speak!” Liu Suifeng called out.

“I heard some people saying that the wolf is delicious, so I set fire and prepared…”Liu Wushuang said with a look of fear.

Hearing what Liu Wushuang said, everyone was stunned. He wanted to roast a golden Core Stage wolf alive? Zhong Shan shook his head gently, ‘You may escape an untoward act of heaven, but never the evil of your own’.

Liu Wushuang said it in a dreadful manner. Originally, he was ready to be beaten by his father. However, at this moment, everyone was looking at the woman behind him.

“Elder, unfilial son is unbearable and made a big mistake. Yu Heng Sect can’t be lost. He has done these things alone. Let him bear this disaster. ”Liu Suifeng looked sad. Obviously he was ready to give up Liu Wushuang.

As for Liu Wushuang, letting Liu Suifeng to kill him before, it was only because he, psychologically, could not bear the fear. When the fear exceeds the limit, some chaotic words will be said and often that person will become extremely abnormal.

However, at this moment, when Liu Suifeng was about to give up, Liu Wushuang became once again terrified. He was sitting there and shivering.

“Sect Master.” The other four people called out.

“I have already decided, you do not need to persuade me again.” Liu Suifeng said with a frown.

Unfilial son ? Even if Liu Wushuang made such a ridiculous matter, he was still Liu Suifeng’s son, Liu Suifeng placed righteousness above loyalty to his own family, but his heart was still very uncomfortable. Who made him to be the Sect Master? Yu Heng Sect can’t be destroyed in his own hands.

“Roasting wolf? Do you really think, if you were dead, the wolves will no longer target Yu Heng Sect?” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Elder, what should we do?” Liu Suifeng said worriedly.

Princess Qianyou ignored everyone, she was thinking about it, frowning deeply and walking aimlessly back and forth.

Liu Suifeng and others waited patiently, and Zhong Shan stood there without saying a word.

“Shui Jing, what means do you have?” Gu Lin immediately looked at Mr. Shui Jing said.

“Means? There are no means right now, Zhi Huo Wolf Commander is now closing up. The wolves of the Blazing Fire Mountain Range must listen to the son of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, or listen to other important wolves, but now the wolves are besieging Yu Heng Sect to avenge the little wolf, revealing that the wolves are very fond of this little wolf. The little wolf was tortured and was about to die, moreover it was grilled on the fire, will it calm down? If Zhi Huo Wolf Commander comes in person to directly negotiate with him, it may be better.” Mr. Shui Jing shook his head and said.

Someone behind Liu Suifeng said: “It’s useless. Since it’s the son of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, it’s even more hopeless. I’ve heard that Zhi Huo Wolf Commander has this male offspring with great difficultly, so the wolves of Blazing Fire Mountain Range are favoring it so much. If Zhi Huo Wolf Commander knew that the little wolf was tortured like this, he will certainly be even more mad. ”

When they heard what this person said, everyone became more worried.

“Only then, should we use the military force to force them?” Gu Lin said with a frown.

At this time, Princess Qianyou stopped and said: “Yu Heng Sect is not necessarily afraid of Zhi Huo Wolf Commander, but is it worthy to completely be enemies with Zhi Huo Wolf Commander?”

“Elder, as long as you solve the trouble of ten thousand wolves, I am willing to give up the position of Sect Master.” Liu Suifeng said right away.

Looking at Liu Suifeng, Princess Qianyou said with a frown: “Give up the position of Sect Master? This trouble of ten thousand wolves is not your doing, but it is because your improper teaching of your son.”

“Yes.” Liu Suifeng nodded.

Princess Qianyou frowned and thought for a while, then looked at Zhong Shan again. Seeing Zhong Shan was looking down, lowering his head and maintaining an aloof appearance, she was speechless.

“Zhong Shan, you are the Kai Yang Sect person, Yu Heng Sect is your allies, it is in a difficult situation, you have to help, so say what should we do?” Princess Qianyou asked immediately.

“Does he have a solution?” Gu Lin said with a sneer.

Mr. Shui Jing was also staring at Zhong Shan to see how Zhong Shan will do it.

Ah Da and Ah Er were also looking at Zhong Shan with worried expressions.

When Zhong Shan saw Princess Qianyou to directly ask him, he was no longer calm but rather mad, but took a deep breath, suddenly looking at Liu Wushuang who was kneeling on the ground and said: “Yu Heng Sect is in a difficult situation. Liu Wushuang cannot escape the blame. Although killing him is insufficient to save Yu Heng Sect, but there is a solution to everything. Although the situation is critical, it’s not impossible to solve it.”

“Oh?” Princess Qianyou accidentally looked at Zhong Shan.

There was almost no way to solve these current adverse circumstances, even she and Mr. Shui Jing also didn’t find a good way to quickly make the ten thousand wolves retreat. Although she knew that Zhong Shan has an outstanding wisdom, but could the wisdom solve this current situation? But what about this tone of Zhong Shan? Could it be that he really have a way to solve it?

“Hey, Qianyou, your subordinate is bragging too much.” Gu Lin looked at him with a sneer.

Mr. Shui Jing was surprisedly looking at Zhong Shan. There was a flash of anticipation in his eyes.

Ah Da and Ah Er deeply sighed, because the two knew that as long as Zhong Shan said that there was a way, there must be a solution.

As for Liu Suifeng and others, they were looking at Zhong Shan with anticipation. Was there really a way?

Looking at everyone, Zhong Shan said: “
When a Monster Beast reaches Xiantian Stage, it opens its spiritual wisdom, so it can communicate, let alone the so many Monster Beasts out there? As long as we can communicate with them, there will be a solution to make the ten thousand wolves retreat. It doesn’t lie in the deep the hatred of little wolf, but lies in the bargain chip and how attractive it is.”

“Chips, do you want to negotiate with these animals? Will they listen to you? Chips? The chips they need are to destroy Yu Heng Sect, can you give it to them?” Gu Lin smiled slyly.

Gu Lin’s words aroused the anger of Yu Heng Sect people, and looked at Gu Lin with annoyance.

“Then what kind of chips do you think you can use to make the ten thousand wolves retreat?” Princess Qianyou asked with a frown.

Mr. Shui Jing was also patiently watching, and there was a hint of curiosity in his eyes. Zhong Shan’s words were true, it was absolutely true, but how could this be achieved? Just like what Crown Prince said, will the wolves listen to him? Could he arrange the peaceful circumstances to negotiate with them face to face?

“What the chip is, I have to talk about it first to know, isn’t it too early to propose a chip now?” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“So, can you make the ten thousand wolves retreat?” Princess Qianyou looked at Zhong Shan and said doubtfully.

“I have worked as a merchant before, I know how to negotiate, and will lower the chip to the minimum for the princess.” Zhong Shan nodded and said.

“Haha, do you want to negotiate with the wolves? How are you going to negotiate?” Gu Lin sneered.

Not only Gu Lin, but the others also looked at Zhong Shan with doubts. He wanted to lower the chip to the minimum for the princess? How could he lower it?

“What do you need?” Princess Qianyou directly asked Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan pointed his finger at himself and said: “A person with a silver tongue. ”

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