Immortal V4C29: Yu Heng Sect.

Immortal V4C29: Yu Heng Sect.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s Dynasty Capital, in the center of Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, it was quite far, but there was still a year and a half so everyone was not in a hurry, moreover the ritual officials have ready gone ahead. They will arrange everything and wait for everyone to arrive.

“Qianyou, why did you join Yu Heng Sect, isn’t that a small sect?” above the white cloud, Gu Lin asked with a frown.

“Yu Heng Sect, is a small sect, what about Seven Stars Hall?” Princess Qianyou shook her head and said.

“Seven Stars Hall, even if Seven Stars Hall is strong, why did they set up seven small sects? My father said that you are sealed as a princess. For this reason, what are the relations between Seven Stars Hall and my Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty?” Gu Lin asked with a frown.

“Relations? He he, about this you must ask your father, Great Xuan King, I don’t know.” Princess Qianyou shook her head and apparently did not want to say.

“Shui Jing, you say.” Gu Lin was perplexed, so he raised this issue immediately.

“What does Crown Prince want me to say?” Mr. Shui Jing revealed a forced smile then said.

“You tell me about Seven Stars Hall, why did they have to set up seven small sects, and scatter the Seven Alliance Sects in all directions? I have checked the information. The seven small sects have different strengths, but they don’t have deep roots in their respective places. Why should they be so far away?” Gu Lin asked.

“Scattered in all directions? Hehe, Tian Shu, Tian Xuan, Tian Ji, Tian Quan, Yu Heng, Kai Yang, Yao Guang, these seven small sects, are not scattered in all directions.” Mr. Shui Jing shook the feather fan and said.

“Isn’t this scattered in all directions? Heavenly Wolf Island, Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, and other Luck Dynasties, they absolutely are not in one place.” Gu Lin said doubtfully.

Nearby, Princess Qianyou smiled slightly, but Mr. Shui Jing sighed slightly and looked far.

“Seven Stars Hall, the locations of the Seven Alliance Sects, are not arbitrarily arranged. If Crown Prince looked at the map carefully, you will find that the positions of the Seven Alliance Sects are actually the positions of the Seven Stars of Big Dipper.” Mr. Shui Jing said.

“ Mr. Shui Jing really has a far insight.” Princess Qianyou said in praise.

“Doesn’t dare.” Mr. Shui Jing shook his head and said with a smile.

“That Yu Heng Sect, what happened this time?” Gu Lin asked with a frown.

“What happened, I don’t know yet, but according to the rules of Yu Heng Sect, to let the Sect Protector go to Seven Stars Hall to ask for the elders. There must be a huge crisis for Yu Heng Sect. If Sect Master is dead, you must ask two elders. This time, they asked for just one person, very intriguing, I will know when I get there.” Princess Qianyou thought for a while and said.

Two months later, Zhong Shan and his group arrived to Yu Heng Sect. They rested eight times during their journey.


From a very long distance, they heard a sound of a long wolf roar.

Zhong Shan looked intently, at this moment, in the large mountain valley below, there were a large number of red Wolves.

Wolves? When he saw these wolves, Zhong Shan had a kind feeling, but how could there be so many wolves? That way, it was not like the gathering place of Wolf Clan, it seemed that they were surrounding this place from all sides.

When she saw these wolves, Princess Qianyou narrowed her eyes, and the speed of the white cloud under her feet suddenly increased.

“Bang….., bang….., bang….., bang….., bang…..”

A chain of fireballs soared up to the sky and shot directly towards the white clouds in the sky, each and everyone of the fire wolves seemed to be extremely violent and angry, they were unceasingly releasing fire balls from their mouths directly towards Zhong Shan and his group of people.

However, the speed of the white clouds was too fast, and it was incomparably flexible. In a blink of an eye, it bypassed the enemy’s fireball and directly shot towards the mountain in a distant place. However, the more they moved forward, they saw great numbers of red wolves gathered there. This made Zhong Shan unconsciously think of the wild dashing of the ten thousand wolves in the wolf territory.

However, the cultivation base of the ten thousand wolves here was not like the wolf territory. The lowest cultivation base of the ten thousand wolves of the wolf territory was Golden Core Stage, but here the red wolves were mostly of the Xiantian Stage.

The more the white clouds flew, the more wolves they saw, until they reached to a huge square.

The square was like the Kai Yang Sect square, there was a huge stone tablet in the forefront of the square.

Yu Heng Sect !

Here was Yu Heng Sect. Outside the Yu Heng Sect, there was a large number of giant wolves sitting there. The biggest red wolf was about 40 meters high, its cultivation base was at least of Nascent Soul Stage Late Stage. The biggest red wolf was standing at the forefront, followed by a large number of red wolves, they were screaming at Yu Heng Sect.

The speed of the white clouds of Princess Qianyou was extremely fast, and it immediately rushed to the place of Yu Heng Sect Mountain Protector Great Array. When the wolves discovered the white clouds, the white clouds had already reached the Yu Heng Sect Mountain Protector Great Array.

“Hu……, hu……, hu……, hu……, hu……, hu……”

The tallest wolf did not move, but nearly 300 other big wolves opened their mouths released huge fireballs directly toward the white clouds.


At the moment they entered Yu Heng Sect Great Array, three hundred huge fireballs smashed into the Great Array creating a huge firestorm outside the Great Array, which made it tremble slightly.


Turning around and looking at the fire outside the Great Array, Gu Lin swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“This, what did this Yu Heng Sect do to offend so many wolves? Why have these wolves came directly to Yu Heng Sect?” Gu Lin surprisedly said.

Princess Qianyou did not speak, but frowned. The white clouds went straight to the center of Yu Heng Sect, Yu Heng Peak, Yu Heng palace.

As the white clouds were flying, five people flew quickly from a distant place. Obviously, when the wolves outside were attacking, Yu Heng Sect was also in extreme vigilance. After the white clouds came in, Yu Heng Sect’s first generation of disciples immediately flew up.

“We have seen elder.” The five people flew and immediately stood in the air, then bowed respectfully and said.

“Let’s go and enter the palace first.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Yes.” The five people immediately said, then followed the white clouds of Princess Qianyou, quickly flew to the Yu Heng palace at the distant mountain.

All the way, Zhong Shan saw that the disciples of Yu Heng Sect were in an intense alert.

When they entered the palace, Zhong Shan examined carefully these five people. Three men and two women, headed by a middle-aged man, dressed in white clothes, and the other four people were standing beside him. Obviously, this man was Yu Heng Sect Sect Master, and the other four were his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters.

“Elder.” Yu Heng Sect Sect Master said with an extremely worried facial expression.

“Liu Suifeng, what is going on? Did you send Sect Protector to Seven Stars Hall because ten thousand wolves have been attacking Yu Heng Sect?” Princess Qianyou asked with a frown.

“No, it is another thing. The attack of the ten thousand wolves just started several days ago.” Yu Heng Sect Sect Master Liu Suifeng said right away.

“Oh?” Princess Qianyou said doubtfully.

Everyone looked at Liu Suifeng at the same time.

“Elder, first we need to make these ten thousand wolves retreat, then we will talk about that matter later.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Um.” Princess Qianyou nodded. Obviously Liu Suifeng mentioned this incident first, so the other matter was not an emergency.

“What is going on outside? Wolf Clan will not attack Yu Heng Sect for no reason.” Princess Qianyou asked with a frown.

“It is the fault of my unfilial son.” Liu Suifeng said with an ashamed facial expression.

“Well, continue.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

“Unfilial son, not long ago, went out with more than 10 Yu Heng Sect second generation disciples, he caught a Golden Core Early Stage fire Wolf from somewhere in the mountains and brought it back. Unfilial son wanted to tame it, but the fire Wolf was extremely stubborn and also refused to be tamed, so unfilial son heavily injured it and when it was about to die, so unfilial son threw it out to let it die, but unexpectedly this fire wolf remained alive, and later it came with more and more wolves for revenge. Now, the wolves outside have been brought by it.” Liu Suifeng said with an ashamed facial expression.

“A Golden Core Early Stage fire wolf? Your son really has the skill.” Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

“Oh, who knew that it will lead to such a big disaster? There are more than ten Nascent Soul Stage wolves, more wolves of Golden Core Stage, and countless wolves of the Xiantian Stage. And it is still gathering.” Liu Suifeng smiled bitterly.

“Well, what about your son?” Princess Qianyou asked with an austere facial expression.

When he heard Princess Qianyou asking, Liu Suifeng’s face became slightly red.

“What’s wrong? Do you have anything else to hide?” Princess Qianyou asked with a frown.

“No, it’s just that unfilial son is too disappointing. When he saw the attack of the ten thousand wolves outside, he hid in his room alone.” Liu Suifeng said with a sigh.

When they heard what Liu Suifeng said, everyone was stunned, that was, Gu Lin at this moment was speechless.

“Your son really has a great ability, he has brought a catastrophe to Yu Heng Sect. Is it all right to hide in the room?” Princess Qianyou said with a sneer.

“Unfilial son did not live up to expectations, but now Yu Heng Sect is facing a crisis, I beg elder to help in solving this crisis for Yu Heng Sect. After the ten thousand wolves retreat, I will deliver unfilial son to elder to vent your anger.” Liu Suifeng immediately said with a sigh.

“Deliver him to vent my anger? Why do I need to vent the anger? Hand him over to Sect Protector, as for how to punish him, Sect Protector will naturally do.” Princess Qianyou said angrily.

“Yes.” Liu Suifeng immediately nodded.

“Where are these Fire wolves coming from? How could these large numbers suddenly appear here?” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“From the northwest, these wolves all came from the Blazing Fire Mountain Range.” Liu Suifeng said right away.

“Blazing Fire Mountain Range?” Princess Qianyou stared with wide-eyes and called out.

“Haven’t you gotten rid?” Princess Qianyou asked again.

“We don’t dare.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Don’t dare?” Princess Qianyou narrowed her eyes and stared at Liu Suifeng.

“When these many wolves came, I was worried, so I didn’t dare to use extreme methods to drive them away, fearing that would bring Zhi Huo Wolf Commander.” Liu Suifeng worriedly said.

“Yes, Zhi Huo Wolf Commander lives in Blazing Fire Mountain Range, but his wolf clan has never attacked Yu Heng Sect, and even if you have a life and death enmity with that fire wolf, it is impossible to convene these numbers of wolves, Liu Suifeng, what else do you have to hide the truth from me?” Princess Qianyou said angrily.

“I don’t have anything else. What I said is the truth. There is no single lie in it.” Liu Suifeng said right away.

“Elder, what Sect Master said is the full truth, he didn’t hide the slightest detail.” one person beside Liu Suifeng said.

“Yes, Elder, we testify.” The other people said.

Seeing that all five people saying this, Princess Qianyou took a deep breath then said: “Since you are not hiding anything from me, then Liu Suifeng, your son has been hiding the truth from you. He didn’t tell you the entire truth.”

When he heard what Princess Qianyou said, Liu Suifeng lifted his head and a hint irritation flashed his eyes. He looked at the other two men beside him and said: “Two Junior Brothers, I will trouble you to go and bring my unfilial son.”

“Yes, Sect Master. ”The other two men immediately complied.

Then everyone was waiting in the hall.

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