Immortal V4C28: setting out on a journey.

Immortal V4C28: setting out on a journey.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Looking at Zhong Zheng, Zhong Shan nodded with satisfaction.

The others were also excited, because of Zhong Shan’s tone, he has already started to focus on the Great Divine State Land.

“Zhong Zheng matter is the matter of Zhong Zheng, and you have your matters. Now the south of Heavenly Wolf Island is already unified. Then, we must focus on the north of Heavenly Wolf Island” Zhong Shan said.

“Granduncle, how are you going to deal with Heavenly Wolf Island?” Yinglan asked.

“In the north of Heavenly Wolf Island, there are the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, and other three King Dynasties, now they are in a sticky state, so step up the training, when the strength is enough, I will provoke a life-and-death battle between the four dynasties. In the end, my great Zheng will move out to smash and clear all the influences of Heavenly Wolf Island.” Zhong Shan said.

All influences? What about the numerous sects of the west of Heavenly Wolf Island?” Yinglan asked.

“He he, it will be the best if they are willing to join the Great Zheng King Dynasty. If they don’t want, then, how can an outsider be allowed to sleep beside my bed? I can only ask them to move and go to Divine State to develop there.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

Zhong Shan said that in an extremely optional way, so when everyone listened to it, they took it for granted. However, if this was to spread out, it will only take several days for the numerous Immortal Sects and the Northern Dynasties to surely send their people.

“Yinglan, how is your Eight Gate Golden Lock Array now? Initially, Tai Xuzi alone could trap thousands of cultivators.” Zhong Shan asked.

“Granduncle, you can rest assured that the current Eight Gate Golden Lock Array, so long as cultivators with cultivation base below Nascent Soul Stage enter, must die without doubt.” Yinglan incomparably affirmed.

“Good, if that’s the case, then you step up your training, you must reach the level of once a cultivator of Nascent Soul Stage enters, must die without doubt.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

When she heard what Zhong Shan said, Yinglan’s face changed and said: “Granduncle, you are really forcing me to do it, now regarding our cultivation base, the highest is me, Xiantian Stage. I don’t have Pure Yang Qi, so I can’t display the cultivation technique, so I can kill Golden Core Stage, it is already very good, how can I kill Nascent Soul Stage ”

“Haha, then step up your cultivation.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Lin Xiao, you try hard to train archers and train more of them. After a few years, I want my Great Zheng, equipped with Aura Breaking Arrow, so under the thousands of arrows, the Nascent Soul Stage will not have a way to escape.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Lin Xiao immediately nodded and complied.

“Taizhong, regarding the matters of Sacrificial Heavenly Alter, you have to pay more attention.” Zhong Shan looked at Wei Taizhong and said.

“Yes.” Wei Taizhong Nodded.

The Sacrificial Heavenly Alter was the thing in the “Establishing the Heavenly Court” that was necessary for receiving the mandate of the heavens. So naturally, Zhong Shan must be very attentive to it.

Subsequently, after Zhong Shan finished the arrangements of everyone, under the reluctant eyes of Yinglan, he dismissed everyone.

Inside the hall, only Zhong Shan and Gan Bao’er remained.

“An Huang.” Zhong Shan called out.

From the darkness, a dark shadow emerged slowly.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” An Huang immediately complied.

Looking at An Huang, Zhong Shan smiled slightly and said: “I have never expected that Your cultivation base would actually reach the Golden Core Stage so quickly, but it’s good, you have reached the Golden Core Stage, I can feel relieved. Moreover, you still focus primarily on assassination.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty. ”An Huang said quietly.

“It’s time to send some Shadow Guards to lurk in the northern Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty and the three King Dynasties forces, and momentarily report about the latest situations.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” An Huang immediately complied.

“By the way, there is one person, pay more attention to him for me, and be careful about this person.” Zhong Shan thought for a moment then said.

“Who?” An Huang asked.

“His name is Mr. Shi, Shadow Guards can find him in the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, this person is very strange, he is not a person of common cultivation.” Zhong Shan thought for a while and said.

“Not a person of common cultivation?” An Huang was slightly puzzled.

“Yes, I have met this person several times. Although he belongs to Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, they seem to have just a contractual relation. He is not a subordinate to Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty. Moreover, this person has a set of strange techniques so you have to be careful.” Zhong Shan solemnly said.

“What are these strange techniques?” An Huang asked.

“Control the corpse.” Zhong Shan said.

“Control the corpse?” An Huang surprisedly said.

“Yes, he can control large number of zombies, some formidable zombies, not only can fly, but also can escape to the underground, so let your people who will pay attention to him to be more careful.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” An Huang immediately complied.

Six months later, Great Divine State Land, Unparalleled City. Zhong Shan was on the floating island.

Zhong Shan martial arts room.

The martial arts room, made entirely of thunder stones. It could adjust the degree of thunder intensity due to a formation.

This martial arts room, at this moment, the thunder was sparkling inside, and releasing roaring sounds. It seemed incomparably scary.

Outside this martial arts room, Princess Qianyou was dressed in purple man’s clothes, holding a paper fan, frowning and looking at the thunder room. Behind her, Ah Da and Ah Er were standing, and their faces were revealing a hint of worried expression.

“Princess.” Ah Da said with a frown.

“What is it, Ah Da?” Princess Qianyou was looking at the thunder room and asked faintly.

“Is Mister cultivating like this? Can Mister bear such a large amount of thunder?” Ah Da asked with a worried facial expression.

“Naturally, ordinary people can’t bear it, but Mister is different. Mister is a man of great perseverance. Otherwise, do you think that with the body root of Mister, in just nine years and in the desolate Heavenly Wolf Island, he can reach to Golden Core Stage First Layer from Xiantian Stage Fourth Layer? Even if he is a rare talent and has a God-given wisdom, but doesn’t have strong will, it would be impossible to reach it with Mister’s body root.” Princess Qianyou patted the folding fan in her hand and said.

“Yes, if he is a slightly careless, he will be killed by the thunder bombarding.” Ah Da worriedly said.

“He he, Mister is more intelligent than you, how can he not think of it? Aren’t we standing outside and paying attention? How can we let Mister be killed by thunder bombarding? Moreover, Mister also has the means to resist it, it is just we don’t know it.” Princess Qianyou narrowed her eyes and looked at the thunder room.

“Yes, Ah Da understood it clearly.” Ah Da said immediately.

“He he, it seems that Ah Da is very concerned about Mister.” Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

“Ah Da is forever loyal to the princess, but these days, although I have been the sparring partner of Mister, but during the practice he would give me some instructions which has benefited me a lot, so I am grateful.” Ah Da said right away.

“Um, Mister is very good at grasping the general situation. He can also display the peak of his own strength. Naturally, he can see the strength that you can’t display at a glance.” Princess Qianyou nodded.

When Ah Da was about to say something else, the three suddenly looked a little tense and they paid attention to the thunder room again.


Inside the thunder room, suddenly they heard Zhong Shan sound.

Princess Qianyou smiled, turned her hand and a blue light rushed to the thunder room.

As soon as the blue light entered the Thunder room, the thunder suddenly disappeared from the thunder room and the room returned to the previous black stone room. The room was full of shining Runes in all directions that quickly faded moments later.

“Mister really has broken through to Golden Core Stage Third Layer.” Ah Da said with a smile.

“Passing through life and death situations, it seems that war and cultivation are also really connected.” Princess Qianyou nodded and said with a smile.

Ten days later.

Unparalleled City, 80,000 miles away from the south of the city.

Above white clouds, seven people were standing there. Following behind, there was a group of people stepping on flying swords or white clouds.

Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou, Mr. Shui Jing, Gu Lin, Ah Da, Ah Er, and more than a hundred people who were Imperial Guards and other officials.

At this moment, more than a hundred people set out on the journey to Great Yu Emperor Dynasty.

“Qianyou, why is Zhong Shan standing next to Ah Da and Ah Er?” Gu Lin looked at Zhong Shan above the white cloud and revealed a bad facial expression.

“He is my Royal Guard and naturally has to be with me.” Princess Qianyou said once again.

“He is a Golden Core Stage, what qualifications …” Gu Lin said again with a frown.

“Gu Lin, I will say it again, my matters, you don’t need to manage, I don’t need anyone to tell whom I should use.” Princess Qianyou immediately interrupted.

“I won’t say it again.” Gu Lin innocently said, and at the same time he looked at Zhong Shan with resentment. Apparently, Princess Qianyou’s displeasure to him, it was turned into an annoyance towards Zhong Shan.

Mr. Shui Jing was shaking his feather fan and smiling, but Zhong Shan’s facial expression didn’t change and remained emotionless.

“Good, Gu Lin, you take the people you brought and go to Great Yu Emperor Dynasty Dynasty Capital first. I will return to Yu Heng Sect while convenient.” Princess Qianyou thought for a while then said.

“You want to go back to Yu Heng Sect? ”Gu Lin immediately said anxiously.

“Yes, Yu Heng Sect’s Sect Protector went to Seven Stars Hall and asked for an elder to go back, so I have to go back and see what happened. You take these ritual officials and go first.”

“This, I will go with you. These ritual officials will follow us, then we will go to Great Yu Emperor Dynasty Dynasty Capital together later.” Gu Lin said immediately.

“No, it’s not good, these ritual officials can’t be delayed. The Heavenly Dynasty has the courtesy of Heavenly Dynasty. It can’t be abandoned.” Princess Qianyou shook her head and said.

“Then let them go first, I will accompany you with Shui Jing.” Gu Lin said once again.

Looking at Gu Lin, Princess Qianyou frowned slightly, then looked at Mr. Shui Jing and in the end, she seemed to have finally made her decision. She nodded and said: “Ok, but don’t make troubles for me.”

“Ok, you can rest assured.” Gu Lin said excitedly.

Subsequently, in the upper air, Princess Qianyou talked to the group of people behind her, they all complied, nodded and headed to Great Yu Emperor Dynasty Dynasty Capital.

But Princess Qianyou, Mr. Shui Jing, Ah Da, Ah Er, Gu Lin and Zhong Shan headed to the southwest.

Standing on the white cloud, Zhong Shan frowned and thought about Yu Heng Sect’s Sect Protector? There was also a Sect Protector there? Seven Stars Hall Seven Alliance Sects, what kind of existence was it? Why was it so similar?

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