Immortal V4C26: Fourth idea, the battle drums warning , the entire city in panic.

Immortal V4C26: Fourth idea, the battle drums warning , the entire city in panic.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Support Lord Shui, defend Unparalleled City! ”

“Support Lord Shui, defend Unparalleled City! ”

The people outside called out loudly, and the people of the 72 business districts called out loudly. This high sound was already no longer the original sound of the hired supporters from the beginning, and even the voices of those hired supporters had been covered up.

“Dong, dong, dong, dong.” A sound of drums was suddenly heard from the City South.

Today, the City Lord election, the Unparalleled City four gates were closed, and only in case of an emergency outside, there will be a sound of warning.

The warning sounded, Unparalleled City was quiet, and the 72 business district were quiet. Everyone calmed down together and looked at the south of the city. How could there be a warning at this time? Great Yu Emperor Dynasty ? Could it be the Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s army?

Everyone stared at the south of the city, and even a lot of people slowly flew up, even if it was not allowed to fly in the business districts, they all flew up.

While everyone was extremely worried, the sound of the drums of the south of the city stopped. Then the voice of the city guard came.

“There was no one to defend outside the Southern City gate, so it was attacked by an unknown beast. It was a lone beast. Now that beast has left, so you don’t need to worry. ”

After hearing this sound, everyone sighed in relief, it was not Great Yu Emperor Dynasty, it was just a little beast.

But, this time it was a little beast, what about the next time? If it wasn’t a beast? If it was really the Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s army? Everyone’s heart unconsciously trembled.

“Support Lord Shui, defend Unparalleled City! ”

This time, another person called out.

“Support Lord Shui, defend Unparalleled City! ”


After the sound of the warning battle drums in the south of the city stopped, a tsunami-like shouting sounds were heard, the shouting continued unceasingly, and it was several times stronger than before.

Unparalleled City people burst with joy, countless city people were calling out, support Lord Shui, support Lord Shui.

“Support Lord Mo.” A sudden loud voice resounded in the crowd.

This was a member of Mo Baili’s propaganda group, Mo Baili’s supporters.


That man spat saliva from his mouth.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Subsequently, the place, where this man was standing at, was covered with a cloud of smoke, and successive thunderous sounds were heard from the interior. When the sounds stopped, the smoke slowly dissipates. Only the person who was there before, at this moment, was already covered with scars, torn clothes and looked like the same as the mortal beggar. He fell there, kept twitching and was unable to climb for a long time.

When Mo Yanbing heard the shouting outside, his expression changed. Really, There was no way out?

Similarly, Mo Baili, with the officials of the Northern City Official, were standing on top of the big tigers and watching countless city people calling out: “Support Lord Shui and defend Unparalleled City! ”

Looking at countless people in the distant place with cold eyes, Mo Baili knew that he can’t take the following road anymore, and suddenly he felt cold in heart, so he ignored the crowd, quickly rushed to the City Lord’s Mansion. Garnering votes, he didn’t think about it again.

Southern City Official residence, in a secret room.

The arrow was already removed from Shui Tianya’s chest, some medicine was also applied, and his face almost restored its previous refreshing color.

Shui Wuhen was standing on the side with an excited facial expression.

“Father, how was it, is what I said good?” Shui Wuhen said.

“It didn’t have any problem, with the Mister’s plan, I, your father, don’t think it’s hard to be the City Lord. Wuhen.” Shui Tianya said.

“Yes, father.” Shui Wuhen called out immediately.

“In the future, don’t stand in the hostile side of your Junior Brother.” Shui Tianya said.

“Uh?” Shui Wuhen didn’t understand.

“Your Junior Brother, Mr. Zhong Shan, is extremely terrifying. Don’t stand in his hostile side, no matter what position he stands in the future.” Shui Tianya said again.

“Yes, father.” Shui Wuhen nodded and complied immediately.

“Well, then let’s wait, since you said it was by the end of the day, then we will go to the City Lord’s Mansion by the end of the day.” Shui Tianya said with a smile.

“Yes.” Shui Wuhen immediately complied.

Ah Da shot the arrow, then left quickly. Ah Da used the confusion, and instantly left the scene, heading straight to City Lord’s Mansion.

Ah Da arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion and revealed his token. He entered directly and went straight to Princess Qianyou.

When they saw that Ah Da has arrived, Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan, and Ah Er were all staring at him.

Ah Da smiled slightly, and the other three sighed in relief.

At this moment, Shui Wuhen’s true feelings confession suddenly came from the city, and the tragic sadness was revealed in Shui Wuhen’s words.

Some of the officials in the square were tightly clenching their fists.

“Shui Tianya was assassinated?” Gu Lin said with a surprised facial expression then he revealed a happy expression.

Seeing Gu Lin’s expression, Zhong Shan was stunned, this Crown Prince was really extraordinary. Was he happy at this time? Could it be that he thought Shui Tianya couldn’t really garner the votes again?

Subsequently, the battle drums warning in the south of the city was heard. The battle drums warning was too sudden and too timely. In the square, even some timid officials showed a look of fear. Did Great Yu Emperor Dynasty really tear up the agreement? Did they attack?

When the city gate guard announced that it was just a beast, everyone felt relieved, and Gu Lin also revealed a smiling face.

At this moment, the sounds of shouting suddenly came from the city.

“Support Lord Shui, defend Unparalleled City!”

“Support Lord Shui, defend Unparalleled City!”

A wave higher than the previous wave, the great sound of the loud shouting made Gu Lin’s facial expression change.

“What happened? Why is it like this?” Gu Lin called out.

At this time, on the jade of the south side, the number of votes was changing rapidly.

The number of Shui Tianya’s votes, like shooting an Aura Breaking Arrow, was directly increasing too fast, while Mo Baili’s votes was increasing too slow just like the speed of a turtle. Naturally, there were people of insight in the city, not everyone believed that it was an accident.

“How did this happen? How did this happen?” Gu Lin was calling out with wide eyes.

Princess Qianyou smiled slightly, turned to look at Zhong Shan, a look of exclamation, but Zhong Shan just gently eyes closed and nodded. Now, he was only a third-class Royal Guard, not an advisor.

“Shui Jing, Shui Jing, you have come, quickly, tell me, what is going on? Why are people in the city shouting Shui Tianya, why Shui Tianya’s votes are increasing so fast.” Gu Lin called out immediately.

Princess Qianyou immediately turned her eyes and looked at the slowly coming Mr. Shui Jing.

“Shui Jing, what is going on? Didn’t you say that we must win?” Gu Lin called out immediately.

“Crown Prince, we have lost, Princess Qianyou has won.” Mr. Shui Jing was very calm and had no regrets on his face.

“Why is it like this, why is it like this? Mo Baili, why have you come back? You tell me, what is going on?” Gu Lin immediately called out at Mo Baili who has come back again, his face was full of resentment.

Finally he was relieved, Mr. Shui Jing also turned around and started to walk towards Princess Qianyou.

When he saw Princess Qianyou, Mr. Shui Jing slightly saluted and said: “I have seen the princess.”

“Mr. Shui Jing is overly courteous.” Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

“Who is this…? Is the previous time of Eight Gates Mountain…? Zhong Shan ?” When Mr. Shui Jing saw Zhong Shan, he recognized it at a glance.

“Below Zhong Shan, third-class Royal Guard, never expected Mr. Shui Jing still remembers this unimportant person, I am disrespectful.” Zhong Shan said in neither arrogant nor servile way.

“Unimportant person? Haha, it should be that I am the one who is disrespectful, right, below Shui Jing.” Mr. Shui Jing looked at Zhong Shan and said his name again.

Looking at Mr. Shui Jing, Zhong Shan smiled slightly, Mr. Shui Jing could instantly distinguish that he was the advisor behind Princess Qianyou. This was not an exaggeration, otherwise he would not be Mr. Shui Jing. Reporting his own name was a kind of respect for him.

“Zhong Shan.” Zhong Shan replied.

“Mr. Shui Jing, Zhong Shan is just my Royal Guard.” Princess Qianyou smiled at Mr. Shui Jing and said.

Looking at Princess Qianyou, Mr. Shui Jing immediately understood the intention of Princess Qianyou, she was warning him not to reveal the identity of Zhong Shan.

“Yes, Zhong Shan is the Princess’s Royal Guard.” Mr. Shui Jing nodded and said with a smile.

In the eyes of others, the three said some unfathomable mysterious words, but in the minds of the three people, they said everything they wanted to say, and everything was explained. This was the dialogue between intelligent people. They didn’t need to be verbose, just a few simple words, they could pass on countless information.

“This time, I was so badly defeated, that Shui Jing, I, was defeated for the first time.” Mr. Shui Jing, very directly said with a smile

“Mr. Shui Jing is too modest, if it was not that Mr. Shui Jing has not done his best, it is impossible for us to win.” Princess Qianyou smiled.

At this time, Gu Lin in a distant place, with a dark expression, brought Mo Baili and came over.

“Qianyou, congratulations.” Gu Lin said that as the previous self-satisfaction has long since faded, and now his heart was full of anger. Angry because Mo Baili did not live up to expectations, angry because Mr. Shui Jing did not win, angry because Shui Tianya actually won.

In other words, except for Princess Qianyou, Gu Lin hated everyone.

Upon hearing Gu Lin’s congratulations, Princess Qianyou looked up at the distant jade.

Mo Baili: 4.45 million votes.

Shui Tianya: 5.55 million votes.

At this moment, the number of Shui Tianya’s votes increased by 2.05 million votes, while Mo Baili’s votes only increased by 50,000 votes. More than two million votes, it was more than forty times.

It was a Heaven-shaking big reversal!

It was overturning the universe!

At this moment, the magnificent changes in the number of votes really took the eyes of everyone, Shui Tianya won, Shui Tianya really won, and it was an overwhelming win.

Princess Qianyou looked at the number of votes on the distant jade and listened to the joyful sounds of Unparalleled City people. Princess Qianyou was very happy, she was not happy because of Shui Tianya’s campaign success, but was happy to gain an absolute worthy talent, one who could, in the midst of the absolute adverse circumstances, turnover the course of events.

However, Zhong Shan was standing in the back solemnly. There was no trembling in his heart. It was just a campaign. What did it have to make him be quite contented? His goal was not to enjoy the prosperity that he would get in the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, but for Great Zheng King Dynasty to rise quickly, and for himself to be formidable. The foreign objects were nothing but illusory and were as transient as fleeting clouds. Zhong Shan has a very positive attitude and he was very clear about his goals.

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