Immortal V4C25: Here is our root!

Immortal V4C25: Here is our root!

Translated by: RedLotus.

Of course, it was not Mo Leiwang’s shot. But that special sky blue bow and arrow, were still in the hands of Mo Leiwang.

However, the arrow that shot Shui Tianya was exactly the same as the arrow in Mo Leiwang’s hand. At least the same pattern of the one that was shot from the misty forest behind Mo Leiwang, the arrow that was shot by Ah Da.

Ah Da’s archery was extremely accurate. As for the fact that it was not discovered by Mo Leiwang, it was because Zhong Shan loaned him a Magical Treasure. This was the only Magical Treasure he got from Unparalleled City.

Fog Barrier Divine Sense Obstruction Flag.

It was the flag that Zhong Shan saw, when he first entered Unparalleled City with and Nan Batian and Shui Wuhen, in the flag store. It was the flag that he had a dispute with Mo Yanbing over.

Confusing the Divine Sense, preventing the Divine Sense to discover what’s inside, so how could Mo Leiwang discover Ah Da at situation like this?

When the arrow was shot towards Shui Tianya, Shui Tianya was waving to nearly ten thousand people behind him. Although he seemed to focus on the rear, in fact, Shui Tianya had always been paying attention to the surroundings, Divine Sense was released early, he didn’t slack at all.

He Inspected Mo Leiwang in the distant place. Shui Tianya was tense in heart at the moment when he saw Mo Leiwang jumping. However, the arrow, he was expecting for a long time, was suddenly shot.

In a blink of an eye, it arrived to the front of him.

This arrow could only hurt the Golden Core Stage, but the speed was a little faster because of the strong bow, but could it be faster than the Divine Sense of Nascent Soul Stage?

Facing the direction of the arrow, Shui Tianya adjusted his body slightly so that it could penetrate his body without hurting him. At the same time, The magical power in his body formed a shield covering his entire body to absolutely protect him from any danger.

“Boo.. ”

Intentionally releasing a weak aura cover, the Aura Breaking Arrow directly penetrated the aura cover, but its strength and speed were greatly reduced, and it directly followed the way designed by Shui Tianya and penetrated his body.


A small blood bag that he had been holding inside his mouth was immediately bitten. Shui Tianya, with a faint smiling face, got shot by the arrow, spat blood, and his body slowly fell down.

“Protect the Lord….”

There was a sound of a loud shouting behind him.

“Father… .”

Shui Wuhen also shouted very painfully, rushed to Shui Tianya above the top of the tiger head, and held Shui Tianya who was about to fall.

“Arrest the assassin….”

An official suddenly called out.

“I didn’t shoot it.” Mo Leiwang shouted in the midair.

But who would believe that. there was no one beside him, no one at all. Moreover he was holding a long arrow in his hand that was exactly the same as the long arrow in Shui Tianya’s chest. If it was not him, then who?

At this moment, it seemed as if it had been prepared for a long time in general, several experts quickly flew, and quickly surrounded Mo Leiwang, all of them had red eyes, as if they will kill Mo Leiwang at any time.

“Put down the weapon and surrender without resistance.” An official called out.

Subsequently, several people holding Aura Breaking Bows and Arrows, as if they had appeared from nowhere, were pulling the bows strings and aiming at Mo Leiwang.

Facing this scene, could Mo Leiwang do anything? He could only hope that his cousin wins. At that time, it wouldn’t be difficult to rescue him. Moreover he was indeed unjustly framed.

“I didn’t shoot the arrow! I really didn’t…” While putting down the bow and arrow at hand, Mo Leiwang was calling out. Mo Leiwang slowly descended to the ground, but dozens of bows and arrows didn’t put down the arrows until Mo Leiwang was captured.

At the same time, above the big tiger’s head, Shui Wuhen eyes were completely red, as if he had gone crazy.

“Quickly, take my father back, ask the city pill masters to save my father, quickly, quickly.” Shui Wuhen called out.

The huge black tiger seemed to know the situation, and quickly went to the Southern City Official residence.

The environment in the original place has become extremely bad. After the tigers left, the city defense guards arrested Mo Leiwang, and Shui Tianya’s heavy supporters rushed forward, they were above flying swords, flying around as if they wanted to tear Mo Leiwang.

Originally, the city defense guards who captured Mo Leiwang, suddenly became the protectors of Mo Leiwang.

Flying in the sky, there were three hundred flying swords, flying blades, flying thorns, and the scene suddenly became at daggers drawn.

“Kill him, he has assassinated Lord Shui.”

“He is Mo Leiwang, Mo Baili’s cousin.”

“Mo Baili actually killed Lord Shui and killed him for the votes. ”


Under the summon of those supporters, the people were calling out unceasingly. And Mo Leiwang could only shrink his body with a terrified facial expression.

That sudden scene could be said to be one of thousand. Somehow, at the crucial moment, someone actually recorded it with memory crystal.

Ten thousand people gathered to see off Lord Shui, Lord Shui was waving to them and when he was about to leave, Mo Leiwang shot the arrow to kill Lord Shui.

In just a very short time, there were innumerable copies of this memory crystal by Imitation, and quickly flowed into the big business districts. Each business district received a large number of the memory crystals, and countless people began to watch this thrilling scene.

Unparalleled City was completely in an uproar. On the other side, Mo Baili was riding a huge tiger, but the number of people shouting was suddenly getting less and less, leaving only his own hired supporters.

Northern City Official Department, Mr. Shui Jing was sitting in the hall, he was frowning while listening to the sounds outside. There was a bad feeling in his heart.

“Not good, it is not good, sir, sir, Mo Leiwang used the Fifth Grade bow and arrow and shot Shui Tianya dead with an arrow.” Mo Yanbing was staggering and rushed in from the outside, then said with a frightened facial expression.

“Hu. ..” Mr. Shui Jing suddenly stood up.

“What did you say?” Mr. Shui Jing stared and said in surprise.

“Sir, this is the memory crystal. Now it has been spreading in the entire Unparalleled City. I don’t know how they could pass it so quickly. In just an hour, now Unparalleled City is full of this memory crystal.” Mo Yanbing said right away.

Mr. Shui Jing grabbed it, released his Spiritual Essence and looked at it carefully.

Looking at the scene inside, suddenly, Mr. Shui Jing narrowed his eyes, because he saw that there was something wrong, the speed of the arrow was not as fast as the Fifth Grade. Shui Tianya should not be unable to react even if he was waving, would he let the arrow pierce his body? And why was his aura cover much weaker?

After watching everything, Mr. Shui Jing suddenly closed his eyes, took a deep breath and sighed.

“Sir, is Shui Tianya dead? Doesn’t this mean that we have won?” Mo Yanbing suddenly seemed to have thought of something and the original fear suddenly turned into excitement.

“Shui Tianya is not dead, he is living and living well, but we are completely defeated this time.” Mr. Shui Jing still kept his eyes closed and sighed again.

“Sir, are you saying that Shui Tianya has done this intentionally? Has he been just pretending? Deceiving all Unparalleled City people?” Mo Yanbing once again revealed a worried facial expression.

“Yes, we have been defeated, an earth shuttering defeat, thoroughly defeated.” Mr. Shui Jing said with a sigh.

“Sir, then, we also need to buy one person as before and let him shoot my father.” Mo Yanbing called out immediately.

“It’s useless, and even if you shoot dead your father, it is impossible to win again.” Mr. Shui Jing opened his eyes and said.

“No, it can’t be, but why, why?” Mo Yanbing said with a frightened facial expression.

Mr. Shui Jing shook his head and walked out of the hall, just at this moment Mr. Shui Jing’s frown relaxed, his face had a rare smile, a confidant smile, a very long-waited smile. He stepped on and flew to the City Lord’s Mansion.

“No, no, it isn’t good, I have to prevent them.” Mo Yanbing said with a cold expression. But how could he prevent it?

At the time of Mo Yanbing’s worry and fear, suddenly there was a sound coming from outside. It was the voice of Shui Wuhen, Shui Wuhen was using a Magical Treasure to transmit the sound to all parts of the city, so that people everywhere could hear his voice.

“Everybody, I am shui Wuhen, my father is Shui Tianya, my father has been under an assassination attempt, my father now sometimes would wake up and sometimes would faint, I will say a few words for my father. A Fifth Grade Aura breaking Arrow, a Fifth Grade, that is an arrow that can cut open the body of Body Fusion Stage Expert. Blue bow and arrows, at that moment we all saw that arrow, but that arrow was too fast, there was no time to stop it, Aura breaking arrow directly shot through the Aura cover, pierced the outer armor, pierced the inner armor, directly piercing his chest, and penetrating my father’s body. He fell unconscious on the spot.”

“At that time, there were 10,000 people behind us. They all have been supporting my father and supporting my father ‘war crisis’. I was born in Unparalleled City. I know that Unparalleled City and Great Yu Emperor Dynasty have been in war from year to year for thousands of years. So many people have died, is my father’s anxiety wrong? At that time, there were 10,000 people who were seeing my father off. They all are like my father. They all love Unparalleled City. They are always worried about Unparalleled City so they support my father. I could see that they also wanted to save my father, but that arrow came too fast.”

“I don’t know where the worries of my father about Unparalleled City are wrong. I only know that without the worries of the ancestors, Unparalleled City would have been lost long time ago. Why, why do some people always want to destroy this kind of worry?”

“When the pill master of the city pill division saw my father, he said that the long arrow was a freezing arrow, and it directly froze the Violet Mansion. Fortunately, the pill master treated him in time. Almost, it was almost a little bit…”

“My father only cruised 10 Business district, as for the remaining 62 , there is no chance to cruise again. The pill master said, if my father can completely be awake, it must be at the end of today, so in the remaining time, my father can no longer garner votes. In light of this, he may lose the qualifications for the competition of city Lord position, but I know my father’s determination, even if he has a breath, even if later died as a mere city guard, he vowed to defend unparalleled city. Because here is our root. ”

Shui Wuhen finished his words, and just after Shui Wuhen’s words were finished, the entire city suddenly became quiet.

“Support Lord Shui! Defend Unparalleled City!” Suddenly someone called out loudly from somewhere.

Support Lord Shui! Defend Unparalleled City! ”

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