Immortal V4C24: The third idea, the pathos effect

Immortal V4C24: The third idea, the pathos effect

Translated by: RedLotus.

Gu Lin quickly arrived under the escort of several subordinates.

With a joyful expression, he looked at Princess Qianyou.

“Gu Lin. Ah, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Princess Qianyou nodded and smiled. This kind of polite courtesy, Princess Qianyou wouldn’t mess it up.

“Yes, it has been almost a year. In this year, Qianyou has certainly used her mind completely, Shui Jing has been frowning every day because of you.” Gu Lin said.

“Oh? Mr. Shui Jing has been frowning every day?” Princess Qianyou said with a slight smile, and split her vision and took a quick look at the nearby Zhong Shan.

“Yes, especially five days ago, Shui Jing’s brows have never relaxed, you are really fierce, but now by this number of votes, Mo Baili needs only 900,000 votes to win, Qianyou, this time I have won, I’m sorry.” Gu Lin smiled proudly and said.

“Right?” Princess Qianyou said with a smile.

When he saw that Princess Qianyou didn’t have the anxious expression he imagined, Gu Lin frowned, a trace of restlessness appeared in his heart, then he looked at the two people beside Princess Qianyou.

Ah Er, Ah Da? Who is this person? It’s him?

“It’s you.” Gu Lin said, he was pointing at the crowd and calling out.

“Zhong Shan has seen Crown Prince.” Zhong Shan said to Gu Lin.

“How come you are here? You really have a great courage, you actually appeared in front of me.” Gu Lin suddenly said excitedly.

“This feudal official is the Princess Royal Guard.” Zhong Shan respectfully said.

“Royal Guard, Hahaha, with your cultivation base, can you be a Royal Guard? Oh, you have unexpectedly reached the Golden Core Stage? Moreover, you haven’t only reached the Golden Core Stage, but also you unexpectedly are Qianyou Royal Guard, you…” Gu Lin called out.

“Enough.” Princess Qianyou called out.

“Uh?” Gu Lin was interrupted by Princess Qianyou, and his eyes flashed with a little doubt as he looked at Princess Qianyou.

“First, Zhong Shan is my Royal Guard, and the elders of Seven Stars Hall have directly recommended him. From Fifth Grade, the third-class Royal Guard, if you have any opinions, you can go directly to Seven Stars Hall.” Princess Qianyou said right away.

“Uh?, Qianyou, I didn’t mean that, the key is this person’s cultivation base is too low, how can he be your Royal Guard? At least your Royal Guard must be like Ah Da and Ah Er.” Gu Lin said immediately.

“Snort, it is my matter, I don’t need you to care, as for whom I want to be my Royal Guard, that’s my choice, no one can intervene.” Princess Qianyou said.

“Good, good, I won’t say it again. I know that you are in a bad mood now, but Mo Baili will be the City Lord. It is an irreversible matter, so don’t release your anger on me.” Gu Lin said.

“Snort.” Princess Qianyou ignored Gu Lin and continued to look at the huge jade in the south.

When Gu Lin saw that Princess Qianyou ignored him, he could only give up, and then looked at Zhong Shan behind Princess Qianyou. He narrowed his eyes, and there was a slight anger in his eyes.

Zhong Shan was standing straight assuming the Royal Guard responsibility.

On the outskirts of a business area, there were many high mountains, one of which was a short mountain. It seemed as if was cut off by someone. It was very clean, flat and smooth. Around this short mountain, there was a forest, and the forest was moist all over the year. It was completely covered by dense mist, so even people with an absolutely high cultivation base would not dare to enter it.

On the flat summit of the short mountain, at this moment, there were two people standing.

One person was in red clothes and the other person was in blue. the person in red was obviously a member of the Shui Tianya propaganda group as all of them were wearing unified uniforms, while the person in blue was actually smiling.

“Mo Leiwang, you are the cousin of Mo Baili. Previously, you said that Mo Baili have seized the Magical Treasure that your ancestor had left for you. The enmity between the both of you is absolutely irreconcilable. Now, it’s time for you to take revenge.” The man in red said.

“Don’t worry, since Lord Shui has given me so many spiral stones, I naturally must help him. At the appointed time, you will see me getting rid.” The man in blue, Mo Leiwang, nodded and his eyes revealed a hidden flash which was barely noticeable.

“Um, I will go to the entrance of the business district right away to meet Lord Shui. You just need to shoot an arrow in that direction. After shooting, you can leave.” The man in red said.

“Don’t worry.” Mo Leiwang nodded.

“Ok, these are Fifth Grade bow and arrow, I will give it to you, by this my task has been also completed.” The man in red said.

“Um.” Mo Leiwang nodded, gently received the blue bow of that day. One bow and one arrow.

“Please.” The man in red said.

Mo Leiwang nodded, and the man in red walked quickly to the entrance of the business district.

Looking at the man in red leaving, Mo Leiwang coldly smiled, would he be bought by Shui Tianya? He has been waiting for this moment, according to his cousin’s instructions, as long as he could delay this, he did not need to shoot at that time, he has to decide what to do? Once his cousin becomes the City Lord, Shui Tianya would be just a fart, snort, he wouldn’t deserve to carry his shoes.

Mo Leiwang was coldly looking at the man in red in the distance.

The man in red had already arrived to the entrance of the business district, he stood there and didn’t leave. He was waving to him, as if giving him confidence, Mo Leiwang nodded to the man in red letting him feel at ease, but he was actually sneering in heart.

Grabbing the Fifth Grade bow and arrow, Mo Leiwang seemed to understand that Shui Tianya was really daring, and was not afraid that he would really use that arrow to shoot him dead?

Thinking about it, Mo Leiwang looked tense and thought about what his cousin had told him before, was there anyone hiding nearby?

Divine Sense was released and quickly covered several mountains nearby. Fortunately, it was not as what his cousin had been worried about, there was no one else here. Only some small animals were at the foot of the mountain, in the dense misty forest behind him, there was not even a living thing. It was just a dense misty area.

Mo Leiwang grabbed the bow and arrow, and a carefree smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Now he has to wait, wait for Shui Tianya to pass through here, and then he will do nothing. When he leaves, he would have accomplished a great merit.

Shui Tianya arrived to the tenth business district. The number of votes in the north and south was displayed.

Mo Baili: 4.4 million votes.

Shui Tianya: 3.5 million votes.

With the gap of 900,000 votes, Shui Tianya was still anxious in heart, even with Mr. Zhong Shan’s guarantee, but it was inevitable to have some concerns, but no matter how worried he was, it mustn’t expressed on his face.

Along the way, Shui Tianya had a smile on his face.

Until arriving to this tenth business district, Shui Tianya’s pupils shrunk unconsciously, his right hand was still waving to his own supporters, while the left hand was slightly pinched. He was slightly nervous to be here, it was here.

Not only Shui Tianya, but also Shui Wuhen and the several other officials at this moment were slightly nervous. Because, as the Lord said, success or failure will depend on this matter here.

When he got here, Shui Tianya seemed to instruct the black tiger under his feet to slow down. He wanted to inspect this business district for a longer time, this time it would be twice as long as the previous time.

Similarly, when it came to those who were supporting Shui Tianya, they seemed to be more crazy, while yelling and walking along with the tigers, but also leading some good people to follow them.

“Support Lord Shui, protect Unparalleled City.”

supporting Shui Tianya, they followed him toward the exit.

When Shui Wuhen arrived here, he immediately exchanged his eyes with the officials on the several big tigers.

Shui Tianya was walking in the front, and the huge tigers group behind him slowly changed into an Illusion formation. Several officials, who knew the circumstances this time, were following closely forming a semi-circle behind Shui Tianya, and those officials who didn’t know were pushed back to the rear area.

Finally, when Shui Tianya arrived to the exit, in addition to the hundreds of his supporters, there were nearly 10,000 common people following.

When he was delivered to the exit, everything was almost the same. Except for a few people, all the others stood on the edge of the exit and looked at Shui Tianya who was slowly leaving.

Only the fifty big tigers were walking in front, then they started to run that distance to arrive to the next business district.

Mo Leiwang was standing on the summit of the short mountain not far away, when he saw Shui Tianya coming, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and revealed a satisfied facial expression.

His task has been completed, delaying, he already has been delaying to the end. He delayed Shui Tianya and there was no time to choose another person to shoot.

With a satisfied facial expression, he looked at the man in red who greeted him in the distant place and smiled coldly, he impolitely snorted then turned his hands.

The arrow disappeared, but the bow was still in his hand?

“Uh? Mo Leiwang, who didn’t believe this, immediately took out the arrow again and received it in the Storage Bracelet once again. However, still there was no difference, could it be that the bow couldn’t be received? What happened? So what was that about?

This strange matter caused Mo Leiwang to suddenly realize that it was not good. The fine hair of his whole body was suddenly erected vertically. He has been framed!

He must leave, must hurry to get out of here, it must be fast.

Although he didn’t know what was wrong, but Mo Leiwang instinctively felt that he must leave here, he has fallen into a trap.

The exact moment at which Mo Leiwang jumped, from behind him, suddenly a blue flash of light was directly rushing towards Shui Tianya at the top of the tiger head.

Too fast! In the twinkling of an eye, Mo Leiwang had no time to react and became the focus of the public attention, a fast flash of light came from Mo Leiwang’s shoulder and rushed to Shui Tianya below. In the blink of an eye, it was in front of Shui Tianya.

Strange, it was too strange. Instinctively, Mo Leiwang looked behind him, but there was nothing but a forest covered with dense mist, as Divine Sense couldn’t discover anyone at all.

“Protect the lord…”

Someone above the big tiger in the rear, suddenly called out loudly. Everyone quickly rushed to the front of Shui Tianya.

However, it was too late, the flash of light was too fast, and in an instant, directly broke the shield of Shui Tianya’s aura cover, and an arrow pierced his chest.


When Shui Tianya was about to leave with everyone behind him, he turned his head and with a smiling face, he was waving, with his right han, to the thousands of common people gathered her to see him off. But, at this moment, this flash of light came and it was too late to react. In just an instant, blood spurted out and his chest was pierced by a long sky blue arrow.

It seemed as the time has stopped, and everyone’s farewell came to an abrupt end. It seemed that the Heaven and Earth were entirely stopped at this moment.

Until an anxious scream suddenly came from the midair: “I didn’t shoot it.”

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