Immortal V4C1: Dragon.

Immortal V4C1: Dragon.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Volume 4: Exceptional Progress. / Chapter 1: Dragon.

Standing on white clouds with the Three Great Elders, Zhong Shan was looking at the boundless endless sea below.

As for the Elder Zixun, these days she did not explain why she chose him on that day, and she did not even talk to him. She has been looking at him with cold expression, and Zhong Shan did not dare to touch this unlucky star.

Although Shui Wuhen was the second Senior Brother, but this person had no arrogance, at least was not as arrogant as Tiansha. He was talking with Zhong Shan happily. Zhong Shan saw that Shui Wuhen did not have the heart to harm him. Moreover, from this little intersection with him, he got the feeling that, just like when he first saw Zhao Suoxiang, they might hit it off well with each other.

“Senior Brother Shui, did you have an official position in Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty before?” Nan Batian asked.

“Yes, it’s just an Eighth Grade position. I have worked as a subordinate of my father. I can have this opportunity, it’s thanks to the elders.” Shui Wuhen nodded.

While Zhong Shan, Nan Batian and Shui Wuhen were talking, from the sea below, suddenly a huge column of water directly came up fast.

The white clouds stopped, an elder suddenly departed and flew in the sky. He looked coldly at the water column that suddenly came sneak attacking.

The white clouds stopped and everyone looked down.


A huge water column once again soared on. Subsequently, from the sea, suddenly a golden giant dragon head appeared suddenly.


It was the first time for Zhong Shan to see a dragon, a real genuine dragon, a camel’s head, antlers, an ox nose and a carp mustache. The last time, when he was chasing the Hao family Third Crown Prince, most of them appeared as snakes, there was only one horned dragon, and that horned dragon only had one horn. But the dragon, in front of them, has a pair of dragon horns, it was the real dragon.

This dragon was golden in color. Through its eyes, Zhong Shan felt a bit of immaturity, right, it was immature, it looked like this dragon was still of young age.

But even this young Golden Dragon had a head that was as big as a table.

Bang, the golden dragon rushed out of the sea. Then, an extremely huge sea snake, following behind the Golden Dragon, rushed to the sea surface.

“Bang…, bang…, bang…, bang….”

It was not a sea snake, it was a Flood Dragon. It was not a single flood dragon, but a group of flood dragons. Each flood dragon had Dragon’s Beard, dragon scales, dragon claws, but no dragon horn, the the Flood Dragons revealed their heads and looked at the golden dragon.

This was not the most amazing thing. What really surprised Zhong Shan was the top of the golden dragon. At this moment, there was a little girl, in green clothes and her hair was tied in two braids, she was standing on the top of the head of the golden dragon.

The little girl was about eight or nine years old, and her face was lively and adorable. She was grabbing the dragon horn and looked excitedly at the bottom of the sea.

“Little Jin, go fast, fast…..”

The little girl called out excitedly.

The golden dragon seemed to understand the little girl. The golden dragon moved its tail on the sea surface and swam far away fast, and nearly one hundred Flood Dragons seemed to be escorting and protecting the golden dragon.

“Quickly , run fast, don’t let the old man to catch up.” The naïve and lively little girl was calling out, and her small eyes narrowed into the shape of a crescent moon. She looked incomparably adorable.

“Ang ……”

The little golden dragon shouted with its immature voice, and it seemed very excited.


Above the sea surface, a figure suddenly appeared.

An old man, the old man was in a colorful Chinese-style gown. The old man’s hair was a little white, his face has no wrinkles, and he looks very bright, but his eyes was like the eyes of shadows, which looked very sinister.

“Clever disciple! Don’t run, quickly request me to be your teacher!” The old man shouted and pursued them toward a distant place.

“I don’t want! I don’t want, there is a stinky odor on you, I don’t want that stink! Little Jin, hurry up, the old man is chasing!” The little girl, who was standing on the golden dragon head, yelled.

“Ang ……”

The little golden dragon swayed its tail, speeding up again, and the numerous Flood Dragons were also following close on. It seemed like the little golden dragon, no matter how it played, it would be alright as long as it didn’t get hurt.

“Hey, it is the odor of the efficacious medicine. I have already drove it away now, don’t run, ask me to be your teacher.” While chasing, the old man shouted anxiously.

“I don’t want! I don’t want! If you chase us again, we will return to Dragon Palace.” The little girl called out.

The dragons had already gone far away, and the sound was getting smaller and smaller.

“Little ancestors! Don’t run…” The old man let out an incomparable sorrowful sound, and slowly disappeared, with the dragons, from sight of Zhong Shan.

The crowd revealed a strange expressions, originally they thought that it was a sneak attack, but did not expect this farce to happen.

“Western Poison Sovereign, was that Western Poison Sovereign?” A male elder suddenly pointed at the figure that had disappeared in the distant place surprisedly.

“Yes, it was Western Poison Sovereign, how could it be him? How could he be here?” Another elder was extremely shocked and said with an inexplicable voice.

The two elders looked at each other and the their eyes showed an inconceivable look, Western Poison Sovereign? Could that be Western Poison Sovereign? Would he beg someone to be his disciple? Who was that little girl, what did she do to make Western Poison Sovereign act like that?

They were shocked, then they turned their attention to Elder Zixun.

“It’s West Poison Sovereign. Let’s go and we will go on our way.” Elder Zixun coldly said.

“Um.” the two people nodded.

Zhong Shan took a deep breath, the little girl standing on the dragon head, can her family members summon the dragon?

After another half-month.

This white clouds finally crossed the sea and came to the so-called Great Divine State Land.

Standing on the top of the white clouds, Zhong Shan felt the Spiritual Qi assaulting his senses, Spiritual Qi, and it was an enormous amount of Spiritual Qi. Reaching the Golden Core Stage, Zhong Shan’s feelings for Spiritual Qi were getting deeper and deeper.

The Spiritual Qi in this ordinary area was almost twice as the Spiritual Qi of an ordinary place of Heavenly Wolf Island. Although it was not as much as Kai Yang Sect, but still the cultivation here must be much faster than the Great Zheng King Dynasty.

Great Divine State Land, a fairy place for producing outstanding people, the Spiritual Qi was exuberant, so the experts here were certainly countless.

At first glance, there were endless mountains. The height of the mountains here made Zhong Shan feel to be in the wolf territory. There were extremely dangerous steep cliffs, If someone couldn’t fly, that person was likely to be trapped in a mountain valley for a lifetime.

Occasionally he could see some figures, but the three Great Elders didn’t have any thought of stopping and continued to go northwest.

Five days later.

“We are going to enter the Heartbreak Mountain Range soon.” Shui Wuhen said softly.

“Heartbreak Mountain Range?” Nan Batian exclaimed.

“Yes, Heartbreak Mountain Range is the national border between Great Yu Emperor Dynasty and Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty. The Great Yu Emperor Dynasty’s army would often appear there. Therefore, generally speaking, it is dangerous here, so we must be careful during our flight. If you can’t fly, you can run on the ground. After all, the cultivator running speed is not necessarily weaker than flying.” Shui Wuhen said in low voice.

“Great Yu Emperor Dynasty ? Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty ? Are there frequent wars between the two countries?” Zhong Shan exclaimed.

“That is a sure thing, the border between the two countries, is it not a mutual game? Fighting for under the heavens domain? Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, one of the three strongest Luck Dynasty of the Great Divine State Land, so the surrounding Luck Dynasties are extremely jealous of it, but the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty national strength is prosperous. Also the war is almost everywhere. No matter where and when, a war would start. After all, Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty is too big.” Shui Wuhen explained.

“Release the arrows…”

While Shui Wuhen was explaining, suddenly a loud voice came from a distant place.

Suddenly, innumerable red lights came too fast.

Aura Breaking Arrows, it was Aura Breaking Arrow. When he saw the red lights, Zhong Shan recognized it at a glance. The powerful Aura Breaking Arrows that almost killed him and Bei Qingsi last time. But this time, there were thousands of people, shooting directly at the people on the white clouds.

Aura Breaking Arrows came too fast, and in a flash, thousands of Aura Breaking Arrows arrived to the front of the clouds.

Thousands of Aura Breaking Arrows, even a Nascent Soul Stage Expert, if he didn’t have Super Magical Treasure, he would also suffer under these arrows.

Although there was an absolute confidence in the three Great Elders, Zhong Shan still turned his hand and took out his great blade. Although the great blade wouldn’t play much role, or it was entirely useless, Zhong Shan still instinctively took it out. With Zhong Shan’s disposition, he did not like to put his life and death in the hands of others. Even if others were stronger and their ability was much better, but that doesn’t ensure his own security.

“Bang….., Bang….., Bang……, Bang…., Bang….”

A flash of light flashed through, and successive sounds were heard, then the thousands of Aura Breaking Arrows fell to the mountain valley below.

Suddenly, the former male elder, holding a sword in his hand, was standing in the middle of the air. He was staring, with cold eyes, at the place from which the arrows were shot. The sword was radiating a cold air and was surrounded by Sword Qi dancing in the sky, it was like countless frost snow falling down.

Countless Sword Qi was like a blizzard dancing around, then suddenly were caught and collected into the body of the male elder.

At this moment, on the top of a distant mountain, Zhong Shan saw that there were nearly 5,000 men dressed in military armors, and there were about a thousand archers among them. The archers were pointing their arrows towards the white clouds. At the same time, in the mountain valley farther away, Zhong Shan also saw a large number of tents, a large army was stationed here. The soldiers were training, their whole bodies were releasing a malevolent aura. Zhong Shan took a deep breath, the soldiers there, the lowest strength was Xiantian Stage cultivation base, moreover at least not weaker than Xiantian Sixth Layer. Sword Qi? Blade Qi, those soldiers could release weapons Qi? They were soldiers who fought in the front line on the battlefield?

Zhong Shan knew that his own line of people must have accidentally broken into the camp of the army, so they attracted the Royal Guards making them release the arrows. Moreover, these arrows were still Aura Breaking Arrows and just one round was a thousand arrows.

Zhong Shan looked at this quietly, knowing that he couldn’t meddle right now, so he could only wait for three Great Elders’ decisions.

But from the facial expression of Elder Zixun, she was not very anxious.

The former male elder who was standing in the air, in front of them, apparently the situation was solved by him.

In the distant place, when the leader of the Royal Guard soldiers saw that Aura Breaking Arrows did not achieve the desired effect, he knew that the situation was serious. Instead of releasing a second round of Aura Breaking Arrows, he quickly notified the mountain valley below.

Sure enough, after a little while, from under the mountain valley, a man came flying up and he was holding a great blade in his hand.

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