Immortal V3C70: Incomparably formidable Zixun.

Immortal V3C70: Incomparably formidable Zixun.

This is the last chapter of volume 3.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Zhong Shan felt like an aura locked himself up so that he was unable to make the slightest move.

Locked by Tiansha, Tiansha, Golden Core Tenth Layer, now seemed to have gone crazy. He was staring at him, holding the hilt of the sword in his hand, and his eyes were red with a cold brightness flashing in them.

“Ci… …”

At the moment of Zhong Shan’s look, Tiansha drew the sword out without any hesitation.

Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Art !

When the sword was pulled out, the Heaven and Earth became slightly dark, and Zhong Shan did not dare to hesitate.

Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Art ! Third Layer ! Four times of the strength.

Thunder Prison Pure Yang Art, Blade Art, Heaven and Earth Thunder Retribution !


From inside of the bright light, only a sound of loud bang was heard. After the sound of the loud bang, the sound of Thunder Lightning was heard.

As the bright light was dissipating, all the disciples of Kai Yang Sect who were watching this sudden farce, suddenly felt that they were unable to respond fast enough as these changes came too fast.

Kai Yang Sect Sect Rules, First Rule, fighting between the sect disciples is forbidden and the killer will be executed!

First Senior Brother has violated Sect Rules!

The bright light of the Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Art dissipated, everyone was looking at that place and revealed an expressions of shock.

Thunder Lightning, the ultimate Thunder Lightning, a Thunder Lightning light curtain appeared in front of Zhong Shan, and Zhong Shan’s slash only made the Thunder Lightning light curtain to be slightly distorted.

Zhong Shan slash was blocked by one side of the Thunder Lightning light curtain, and on the other side of the Thunder Lightning light curtain, there was one more person appeared out of thin air, Elder Zixun. Elder Zixun suddenly appeared between Tiansha and Zhong Shan, with Thunder Lightning light curtain Blocking Zhong Shan’s blow, but she actually was facing Tiansha, gently turning her slender and beautiful fingers, and gently clamped the sword of Tiansha.

too strong! Tiansha was too strong, Elder Zixun was too strong!

Tiansha’s sword could be said to be absolutely invincible under the Golden Core Stage. Even for a Nascent Soul Initial Stage expert, It was not easy to block the sword, but Elder Zixun actually caught it, and only used two fingers to gently caught it.


All the Golden Core Stage disciples took a deep breath, their eyes were full of a mix between horror and burning desire. Elder, Kai Yang Sect elder, this was the strength of Kai Yang Sect elders, facing such a strong sword of Tiansha, actually caught it with two fingers, treating it as nothing, as if lifting a light weight.

In this unfavorable situation, the blade was blocked, and a Thunder Lightning light curtain suddenly appeared in front of him. When he saw Elder Zixun in front of him, Zhong Shan frowned and quickly received the blade and retreated.

Has she saved me?

Zhong Shan received the blade, Elder Zixun in front was also frowning, a blade, was this the strength of the Golden Core Stage First Layer? No, it was at least four times bigger.

“Who keeps me off, will die! Who keeps me off, will die! ”

Tiansha’s sword was pinched by Elder Zixun, but he was still in a state of madness. He kept pulling the sword and screaming in anger.


Elder Zixun Snorted in anger and let her fingers loose and lightly flicked.


Tiansha along with his sword flew upside down suddenly . With a loud bang, Tiansha’s body slammed into a distant mountain and stopped. But due to the great force, Tiansha ‘s body still created a hole in the mountain wall.


Just a flick by Elder Zixun’s one finger, directly caused Tiansha to be seriously injured and spit out a large amount of blood!

Too strong! Too strong! At this moment, not only the disciples of Golden Core Stage, the disciples of Nascent Soul Stage, but even the other two elders, when they looked at Elder Zixun, expressed their absolute respect.

This was the absolute strength. The disciples have once again seen the strength of Kai Yang Sect. Was this one of the seven sect alliance of Seven Stars Hall?

Spitting blood out, Tiansha’s whole body seemed to calm down a lot, feeling the pain of his serious injury, Tiansha was coldly sweating, he looked at the hole created by his body on the mountain wall, then looked at Elder Zixun on the other side.

Elder Zixun? too strong.

After a glance, Tiansha expression became cold again, because he saw Zhong Shan again, and he looked back at Zhong Shan with a look of resentment. His eyes were full of grievances, thinking of what he has done moments ago, Tiansha took a deep breath, in an instant, he controlled his sword and quickly headed south to leave out from the Kai Yang Sect Great Array .

“First Senior Brother……”

There were more than ten disciples of Kai Yang Sect who chased him out. Obviously these people used to worship Tiansha.

Elder Zixun turned her hand over, the Thunder Lightning light curtain was removed, then turned to look at the other two elders and Xuan Xinzi.

“Let them prepare, we will set out three days later.” Elder Zixun said, her clothes were swaying, like creating an afterimage, then she quickly shot toward above Kai Yang Peak.

“Yes.” The other two elders have complied with the way.

Xuan Xinzi nodded.

Then the other two elders also said to Xuan Xinzi, and left quickly like the wind.

Set out three days later?

Tiansha left, and the three Great Elders went to rest. However, the disciples on the square still looked at Xuan Xinzi quietly. After all, this farce was just too absurd.

First Senior Brother wanted to kill Zhong Shan? No, First Senior Brother has just entered a cultivation deviation. But still he can’t kill Kai Yang Sect disciple.

Xuan Xinzi was at the forefront, and beside him was a disciple of Nascent Soul Stage.

“Senior Brother.” A disciple of Nascent Soul Stage looked at Xuan Xinzi and called out.


Xuan Xinzi was incomparably calm and said lightly. He stood in front of everyone and did not speak.

The scene became extremely oppressive, everyone was silent, everyone knew what Xuan Xinzi meant by saying wait, to wait for the Golden Core Stage disciples who just chased Tiansha to return.

One hour later, waiting for an hour, the Golden Core Stage disciples flew back in twos and threes. When they came back, they saw all disciples were waiting quietly on the square and quickly flew to the place where they originally stood.

“Yun Qian!” Xuan Xinzi called out.

“Yes, Sect Master.” Yun Qian, who has just returned, immediately went forward.

“What about Tiansha?” Xuan Xinzi asked lightly.

Everyone changed their vision to Xuan Xinzi.

“First Senior Brother went out of Kai Yang Sect and went straight to the northwest. We chased him for half an hour, but we couldn’t catch up. First Senior Brother possibly went to Great Divine State Land. Sect Master, First Senior Brother state may be caused by cultivation, cultivation deviation, it was just completely unintentional, begging Sect Master forgive him.” Yun Qian immediately said anxiously.

“We beg the Sect Master to forgive him!” Twenty people who had flown out previously, immediately knelt and pleaded for Tiansha.

However, more disciples of Kai Yang Sect were staring at Xuan Xinzi, waiting for Xuan Xinzi’s decision. Tiansha’s attack was due to envy, but regardless of the cause, it was still an attack. Kai Yang Sect Sect Rules, First Rule is to forbid the fight between the sect disciples and the killer must be executed! Even though he was in state of cultivation deviation, but Zhong Shan did not die. Still Tiansha attacked.

“Snort, First Senior Brother? starting from today, Kai Yang Sect has no Tiansha, this person again.” Xuan Xinzi said immediately.

“Yes.” Yun Qian and the other people who was kneeling immediately sighed lightly, the other disciples also sighed.

Xuan Xinzi already tried his best, Tiansha was the disciple of Tian Xingzi, but this time in front of everyone, he broke the rules of the sect. If it was someone else, must destroy his cultivation base and expel him out of the sect, or directly put him to death, but Xuan Xinzi only expelled him out of the sect, and didn’t say anything else. This also was because of Tian Xingzi again.

“The ceremony has finished, disperse.” Xuan Xinzi said to the disciples of Kai Yang Sect.

“Yes.” The Golden Core Stage disciple immediately complied and then dispersed.

Most of the Nascent Soul Stage disciples in the square left, and only a few of them waited for Xuan Xinzi with Gu Shuangzi.

Xuan Xinzi was facing Zhong Shan, Nan Batian and Shui Wuhen.

“You three prepare, three days later, you will go to Divine State with the three elders.” Xuan Xinzi said.

“Yes.” Three people simultaneously complied.

Subsequently, the three left the square together.

“Zhong Shan, this is the second Senior Brother Shui Wuhen, who used to be in the Great Divine State Land, this time, he has returned because of the ceremony.” Nan Batian said right away.

“Second Senior Brother” Zhong Shan called out.

“He he, you two, don’t call me in this way. Later, we all will be officials, so call me Shui Wuhen! Nan Batian I know, your name is Zhong Shan?” Shui Wuhen spread out his paper fan and said with a smile.

“Yes.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“I am very curious, Tiansha is so proud of himself, how did you make him look like that? I don’t believe it was because of the selection of today!” Shui Wuhen was swinging his paper fan and said. He was incomparably curious.

“Huh?” Zhong Shan slightly stopped.

Great Zheng King Dynasty, above the Five Storied Pavilion.

“Master, are you going to leave after three days?” Bao’er was a little worried.

Hugging Bao’er, Zhong Shan gently said: “Yes, the Main Body is going to leave, but the Shadow Body will stay here, at least I am still by your side, wait for me to settle down and I will come back.”

“I know, I just have some concerns about the safety of the master. If I knew about that early, I would have given all the medicinal pills to you.” Bao’er was somewhat discouraged and said.

“Haha, you have already given me so many medicinal pills, even if I eat them like eating food, I won’t be able to finish it. Even Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, you gave it to me, this will only waste my storage space.” Zhong Shan was laughing, and at the same time, he was continuously caressing Bao’er’s long hair.

“Ok, but Master, you must pay attention to your safety!” Bao’er said again.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded.

One month later, Heavenly Wolf Island, in the northwest, above the Endless Sea.

Above the white clouds, There were six figures, the three elders of Kai Yang Sect, Zhong Shan, Nan Batian and Shui Wuhen.

Standing above the white clouds, looking at the boundless Endless Sea, Zhong Shan was a little excited, Divine State, Great Divine State Land, a legendary place, I am coming, my Zhong Shan is coming!

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