Immortal V3C69: You again.

Immortal V3C69: You again.

Translated by: RedLotus.

It’s him? Elder Zixun stared at Zhong Shan with wide eyes. For ten years, although she merely saw his face several times and also forced herself to forget this face. But for ten years, she has not forgotten, but also this face was like a nightmare. In general, it kept to be re-engraving in her mind unceasingly.

That night, although she was in a state of confusion, his appearance, Elder Zixun would never forget. Although he is a lot younger now, he is still that man, the man who she didn’t even know his name.

She thought that she would never meet this man again, maybe she will really forget it in a few years!

Could it be that it is the trick of heaven? Why, why did he appear again?

Elder Zixun closed her eyes, hoping after opening her eyes again she would discover that it was just hallucination. However, after opening her eyes, actually he was still that man.

Why is he, Why is he here? Kai Yang Sect? Ten years? This kind of body root can reach the Golden Core Stage in ten years?

Zhong Shan brought Hong Niu out of the dust area with a big strides. But when he just came out, the body of Zhong Shan became tight and his eyes were opened widely.

In front of Kai Yang Peak, hundreds of people were paying attention to them.

Tiansha, Nan Batian, Xuan Xinzi, Gu Shuangzi, and…., ……… .

Zhong Shan suddenly saw a familiar beautiful figure. His pupils constricted unconsciously. Is her?

After ten years, he finally saw her at Kai Yang Sect, Fairy Zixun.

However, Zhong Shan was no longer staring at her, for him Fairy Zixun was only a senior generation. The matter of that day, it will only remain as memory. Both of them were in a state of confusion, one night without a foreplay and no post-play.

Of course, Zhong Shan has another consideration, that was, the woman’s restraint. If Fairy Zixun wanted to keep it clean, she would have cut him with a sword, then the gain would not be equal to the loss. Zhong Shan was not arrogant to rely on a not good memory to conquer a woman.

Zhong Shan immediately received the great blade, he was puzzled to see more than 500 people gathered in the square. Sect Master Xuan Xinzi immediately headed toward Zhong Shan.

Elder Zixun has been staring at Zhong Shan, and her brows were picking up. Because she was paying a special attention to Zhong Shan, when Zhong Shan saw her, his pupil shrank, and this action was caught, but just to lie on herself, she immediately shifted her vision.

Zixun knew that she had been recognized. Recalling back the previous time in the forest, Zixun’s face became slightly red from shame, then suddenly a chill appeared in her eyes and in the air. But this chill, when she shifted her vision away from Zhong Shan, suddenly retreated.

Zixun’s heart was somewhat messy, somewhat hesitant. She took a deep breath, strongly suppressed the mess in her heart, then coldly looked at Zhong Shan. The initial chill in the air disappeared, what replaced it, was the ice cold expression, as if he was a stranger. However, in the eyes of everyone, Zixun Elder and Zhong Shan were originally strangers.

In just this moment, Xuan Xinzi already arrived in front of the two people and explained the general situation again.

“Sect Master, really?” Zhong Shan looked at Xuan Xinzi with surprise and said.

“Yes, go and stand in the back, don’t delay the selection of the three elders.” Xuan Xinzi immediately said.

“Yes.” Hong Niu immediately complied.

Zhong Shan also nodded and moved toward the last row of the Golden Core Stage disciples, as Xuan Xinzi said, the three elders, no, Elder Zixun, how she was going to choose, she shouldn’t choose Zhong Shan and Hong Niu, after all, these two people were the bottom Golden Core Stage, no, in the most bottom, they have just achieved Golden Core, especially Zhong Shan, with this kind of body root. It was the kind that would make them feel sad when they see it. Will such a body root no be seen by Elder Zixun? Stand in the rear of the gathering place and just watch the scene. Don’t bother the selection of the three elders. The hundreds of Golden Core Stage disciples have been still waiting.

Zhong Shan went to the last row, staring at the front, Nan Batian, and another man was selected, and there was another chance. This last chance was in the hands of Elder Zixun.

Who is she going to choose?

Zhong Shan didn’t expect to depend on the sentiment of that night to let Elder Zixun open the back door. After all, since he already decided to forget that night, naturally he won’t be too concerned. However, the Heavenly Dynasty Fifth Grade official position, this temptation was too tempting.

Zhong Shan did not only want to add to Luck, but also wanted to join a Heavenly Dynasty. In the cave of the spiritual tide, Zhong Shan had this idea. After the Golden Core Stage, he wanted to go to the Great Divine State Land to gain experience and increase his cultivation. On the other hand, to have a look at Luck Dynasty on Great Divine State Land.

Because Zhong Shan knew that the bigger the Luck Dynasty was, the harder it was to control. He must learn how to grasp the general situation more, under the heavens situation, the under the heavens layouts, that require him to constantly study. With the Shadow Body controlling the Great Zheng King Dynasty, the main body could go to Divine State to study and learn. At the time of the Great Zheng King Dynasty promotion in the future, he can adapt with the quickest speed.

Heavenly Dynasty Fifth Grade official position, this was the best shortcut, moreover and enormous Luck addition, cultivation will also be very fast.

Zhong Shan frowned forming a ‘川’ character on his forehead, and his vision was fixed on the Elder Zixun through this crowd of Senior Brothers. There was no great desire in his eyes, and there was no slight feeling. Everything goes along with reason. If she choose him, he will owe her a favor. If she don’t choose him, he will act like before and won’t be emotional about it.

“Elder Zixun, a moment ago, these were the disciples who were inside the Spiritual Tide cave, you can continue.” Xuan Xinzi said to elder Zixun.

The other two elders nodded and apparently did not care. Elder Zixun also nodded.

Elder Zixun stood in front of more than 500 Gold Core disciples, took a deep breath, all were Golden Core Stage disciples, all were looking at her, everyone was staring at her, in the past, Elder Zixun would not care. After all, more people were staring at what she have all the time, so what kind of scenes has she not seen?

However, among these many eyes, there were such a pair. Even if they did not have what hot desire, they seemed to radiate with the splendor of the stars that could cover everyone’s eyes.

Between the crowd of the Golden Core Stage disciples, standing at the rear, it was him!

Standing in the front, Tiansha, he suddenly had a little bit bad feeling, because after the two of them just came out a moment ago, Elder Zixun didn’t pay attention to him. Previously she was looking at him, she were ready to choose him.

Is there something go wrong?

Tiansha frowned and looked at Elder Zixun, and his eyes were flashing with anxiety.

Elder, may you have a choice?” Xuan Xinzi looked at the Elder Zixun and asked.

Elder Zixun looked at the Golden Core Stage disciples indifferently and looked at Zhong Shan indifferently. Finally, she didn’t know what she was thinking about in her mind. She pointed to Zhong Shan’s place: “It is the one who was holding the blade a moment ago.”

It is the one who was holding the blade a moment ago!

When Elder Zixun finished her words, the Golden Core Stage disciples were practically in an uproar. Naturally, this uproar was just due to the shock, but they immediately shut up and finally looked at Zhong Shan with inconceivable look.

“Zhong Shan, you come forward.” Xuan Xinzi was slightly excited and said with a smile.

Regarding Zhong Shan, maybe the relationship was like the saying ‘love the house and its crow’, he was the disciple of Tian Xingzi and he was the son-in-law of Tian Xingzi. Except Tian Ling’er, maybe he was the closest person to Tian Xingzi. Perhaps every time he sees Zhong Shan, he would think of Tian Xingzi, so Xuan Xinzi was slightly excited, so while Zhong Shan was happy, he, in heart, also silently mourned Tian Xingzi.

Zhong Shan ? His name is Zhong Shan? Elder Zixun stared at the distant Zhong Shan and thought.

Some astonished, he looked at Elder Zixun, Zhong Shan couldn’t believe that he has such a big charm, what is the idea of Elder Zixun? Why did she choose him, choose one of the ‘weakest’ between the more than 500 Golden Core Stage disciples?

With the doubts in his heart, Zhong Shan slowly walked towards the front, under the vision of the people who didn’t understand this.

Zhong Shan didn’t understand it himself. He didn’t understand why Elder Zixun has chosen himself. However, being selected was an opportunity, an opportunity that Zhong Shan absolutely was not going to give it up.

Slowly move to the front.

Nan Batian was looking at Zhong Shan with a smile. In Kai Yang Sect, Nan Batian only has two friends. Tian Ling’er and Zhong Shan, the trace of Tian Ling’er was faintly recognizable. As For Zhong Shan, Nan Batian also expected him to be a good friend.

Most of the disciples revealed a depressed facial expressions, some showed embarrassment and envy, and even more revealed a look of grievance.

Seeing that Zhong Shan was selected, Tiansha looked at Zhong Shan with hatred. This was something that should have belonged to him. It was robbed by Zhong Shan.

Robber, he is a robber!

Tiansha eyes gradually became red, and looked at Zhong Shan, he has taken away his own thing again and again, Tiansha seemed to be unable to bear it anymore, it was not just once, so the many times of grievances seemed to have erupted at this moment.

Tiansha eyes became red, and the scarlet mole on his forehead, suddenly started to give off a faint red light. At the same time, it seemed to be spreading out, slowly turning into a scarlet flame, and the eyebrows of Tiansha continued to twitch.

Tiansha eyes are red, a trend of cultivation deviation.

“It’s you, you…, why do you always fight against me, why do you always fight against me! You garbage, you robber! ”Tiansha suddenly yelled.

Tiansha’s yelling caught everyone’s attention. For a moment, everyone’s eyes were all staring at Tiansha. Each and everyone was looking at Tiansha with horror. What is First Senior Brother doing? What was he doing?

Zhong Shan arrived at the side of Nan Batian and heard the scream of Tiansha behind him. His heart became tight, his whole body fine hair suddenly stood up to its end and he felt that an extreme danger was imminent. Unfortunately, Tiansha was going to kill him.

The Kai Yang Sect disciples, three Great Elder, Sect Master were all here, does he dare to attack him?

Suddenly turned his head, Zhong Shan saw a pair of fierce red eyes, strange eyes were piercing straight into the heart of Zhong Shan, and the scarlet flame on the forehead, filled with a different sinister flavor.

This was not the most dangerous thing that Zhong Shan felt. The real danger was that Tiansha’s right hand stretched into his waist and grabbed the hilt of the black sword with a strange gesture.

Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Art !

Tiansha wanted to use Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Art against him?

“Hu… …”

Zhong Shan did not hesitate to take out the great blade Nightmare and pointed the great blade toward the direction of Tiansha.

Tiansha, who was in a devil like state, grasped the black sword hilt, he was about to unleash his Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Art. It was a life or death situation.

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