Immortal V3C68: Meeting again after ten years.

Immortal V3C68: Meeting again after ten years.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Starting from today onwards, Xuan Xinzi officially has become Kai Yang Sect Twenty Substitution Sect Master, protecting Kai Yang Martial Star, awarded by Kai Yang Martial Spoon.” The elder was very solemn and shouted, then gently handed Kai Yang Martial Spoon to Xuan Xinzi.

“Yes, the disciple will be stationed in Kai Yang, guarding the sect martial rules, and will carry forward the sect.” Xuan Xinzi took over Kai Yang Martial Spoon with great care.

“The ceremony has finished.” Protector suddenly called out.

“Greetings Sect Master.” The disciples of Kai Yang Sect in the square also congratulated.

Xuan Xinzi also slowly lifted Kai Yang Martial Spoon and turned to look at this large group of Kai Yang Sect disciples.

This group of people, Nascent Soul Stage, they were either his own Senior Brothers or junior brothers . Although they have been on the Great Divine State Land, they still came out from here, and the Golden Core Stage disciples were all his master nephews.

“Ok, Sect Master, let’s talk about the other matter, let’s start choosing people.” The elder who handed Kai Yang Martial Spoon to Xuan Xinzi said.

“Um.” Xuan Xinzi nodded. At this moment, the previous respectful behavior vanished instantaneously, although the elders were his own elders, but now, he is the Sect Master, and the sect master naturally is not subject to the generation.

“Brothers of Nascent Soul Stage, please come here, Golden Core Stage disciples, stand here and wait for the elders to pick. ”Xuan Xinzi said to everyone in front of him.

“Yes.” The disciples of Kai Yang Sect complied immediately.

The Nascent Soul Stage Experts, moved to stand behind the three elders, there was a pity in their eyes and a hint of helplessness.

More than 500 Golden Core Stage disciples stood up straight, some disciples showed a confused look, and some disciples knew the reason in general, they started to arrange themselves in high spirits, especially the first one who was standing in the first row, Kai Yang Sect Second generation First Senior Brother, Tiansha.

Tiansha’s tall and straight figure stood in the wind, his clothes were slightly fluttering with the wind. He looked incomparably natural and refined. In addition of being the first person of Kai Yang Sect Golden Core Stage, also between the more than 500 disciples, he was absolutely the most prominent one .

Standing next to Tiansha, there was a man wearing a white scholar clothes. The man was holding a paper fan with a drawing of mountains and rivers on it, but now he has folded and caught it in his hand. He also has an extraordinary bearing and a self-confident expression. He was looking straight at the three great elders. The man was standing next to Tiansha, showing that the person’s cultivation base was extraordinary, and his position in the second generation disciples was second only to Tiansha. Obviously, he has just returned from Great Divine State Land.

Nan Batian was standing at the rear and was looking straight at the three great elders, because Nan Batian also knew what the next chance would be.

After looking at the group of more than 500 Golden Core Stage disciples, Xuan Xinzi said: “Kai Yang Sect is one of Seven Stars Hall’s Seven Alliance Sects. There is an agreement between Seven Stars Hall and Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty. Every elder of the sect, every three hundred years, can recommend a Golden Core Stage disciples to enter the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty and lead the Fifth Grade official position, enjoy the Heavenly Dynasty spirit stones and be surrounded by Heavenly Dynasty Luck.”

Xuan Xinzi just finished, those disciples who were not sure, suddenly revealed an astonished facial expressions.

Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty? Fifth Grade official position? Is this true? Fifth Grade, that’s a Fifth Grade, the spirit stones are only one side, the most important thing is that Luck, the Heavenly Dynasty Fifth Grade official’s Luck, is a little bit away from the Soft Position of Heaven and Earth Virtue Position, because the Fourth Grade can enjoy the life of Soft Position, that is the main Luck of the Sovereign Dynasty, now is the job of Fifth Grade? Even if it is not the body of Soft Position, there is countless Luck, this is how big the cake is.

Almost all of the disciples of Kai Yang Sect stood up straight, with an eager facial expressions, although Kai Yang Sect, but sect does not prevent the disciples from joining Luck Dynasty. Even if someone join Luck Dynasty, he is still a disciple of Kai Yang Sect. These are two different systems, but there is no contradiction between these different systems.

Xuan Xinzi stood aside and let the three elders watch the disciples one by one.

More than 500 disciples, all of which were Golden Core Stages, and the highest was Tiansha whose cultivation base was Golden Core Stage Tenth Layer. He was just a little bit away from reaching the Nascent Soul Stage. This little bit made Tiansha catch up with this last bus. At the same time, according to the previous elders’ choice, the seven sects were going to simultaneously select some people. In order to prevent Kai Yang Sect from being disgraced, the elders generally would choose the best, and now they were the best.

The square became extremely quiet, quiet as if one could hear the sound of a needle falling.

All Golden Core Stage disciples, with a longing expressions, were looking at the three Great Elders, hoping that the Three Great Elders could choose them.

The male elder who handed Kai Yang Martial Spoon to Xuan Xinzi moments ago suddenly said: “Shui Wuhen!”

“Yes.” The man, who was wearing the white scholar clothes and was standing next to Tiansha, immediately smiled and moved forward.

Shui Wuhen, Kai Yang Sect Second generation, second Senior Brother, cultivation base was second only to Tiansha, and because his father was an official in the Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, so he was the first one to be selected, and most people expected this. Tiansha only slightly frowned. There is not much conflict with this.

There were two more chances to choose two Golden Core Stage disciples.

At this time, another male elder opened his mouth, everyone was staring at him.

“Who is the son of Nan Wentian.” The elder said in a very direct way. Son of Nan Wentian? Obviously he was also going to be selected due to a relationship.

Tiansha frowned slightly, annoyed by the elders’ selfishness, but there was no way to prevent this, who the elders choose, others are not easy to interject, and have no right to speak.

At this time, Nan Batian came out with a trace of doubt.

“ My late father is Nan Wentian, disciple Nan Batian.” Nan Batian respectfully said to the elder.

The elder looked at Nan Batian, and the original serious expression suddenly became more gentle, as if he was an old friend of Nan Wentian, and the other two elders also were looking at Nan Batian with a gentle look.

“Good, be prepared to follow me to Divine State.” The elder said.

“Thank you elder.” Nan Batian said right away. There was an accidental slight flash in his eye, and he was touched.

In this way, the two disciples have already been selected, they was still one quota.

The disciples of Kai Yang Sect were all staring, with hope at the elder Zixun. This last chance, you must choose me.

Tiansha was also staring at this elder, and his eyes are filled with a hope.

Zixun elder frowned slightly, her eyes were looking at Kai Yang Sect disciples, and finally looked at Tiansha, indeed, this Tiansha should be the best candidate.

In Kai Yang Sect spiritual Tide cave. The spiritual tide has ended. Zhong Shan has reached the Golden Core Stage First Layer. His heart was full of excitement. He walked with Hong Niu to the entrance of the cave.

Hong Niu was continuously and strangely looking at Zhong Shan. Regarding Zhong Shan, Hong Niu was now extremely confused. What was the background of this Zhong Shan?

Looking at the sealed entrance of the cave, Zhong Shan frowned. He turned his hands and took out the great blade ‘Nightmare’.

Great blade Nightmare , at this moment also achieved the power of ‘Second Grade’ Magical Treasure, after this year’s quenching, it became even more powerful.

Holding the great blade and facing the cave wall, with cold eyes, Zhong Shan infused the Spiritual Essence into the blade, a huge Blade Aura was released and hit the cave wall with a loud bang. There was a little trace of thunder thread in the blade aura.


With a loud bang, the extremely strong blade instantly crushed into the cave wall. The seal on the cave entrance was broken and turned into a large amount of crushed stones.

The dust was everywhere, and the dazzling sunlight came in again. It has been a year, and it has been a whole year. This time, he was closing up for a year. But the harvest was eventually quite great, he achieved Gold Core First Layer!

As for the Shadow Body, Zhong Shan didn’t need to be worried. It has also reached the Gold Core First Layer. As for the Cultivation Technique, he actually got it from Grand Pill Sect. Grand Pill Sect has many pill refining Cultivation Techniques, but in the past some people used the Cultivation Technique in exchange for medicinal pill. Therefore, so they have a lot of different Cultivation Techniques, and Shadow Body has selected the ‘Abyss Specter’ Cultivation Technique.

The Main Body Zhong Shan took Hong Niu and walked out of the cave through the dust.

Elder Zixun was inspecting the Golden Core Stage Kai Yang Sect disciples. Finally, she finally set her vision on Tiansha. Indeed, this was the person that Kai Yang Sect should choose.

When Tiansha saw the eyes of Elder Zixun were fixed on him, he was excited.

Elder Zixun was about to open her mouth.

“Bang… ..!”

Beside the mountain valley, suddenly a loud bang was heard, suddenly from the mountain wall, an enormous amount of crushed stones sprayed out, soaring to the air, apparently there was a huge impact.

Some people who was living inside the sect knew that this cave was the treasure of Kai Yang Sect, the place of Spiritual Tide.

The interruption of the loud bang made Tiansha frown, the three Great Elders revealed an impatient facial expressions, and everyone shifted their vision towards the source of the sound.

Through the dust, two figures slowly came out.

The first one, a fierce man, was holding a great blade, and was walking into the sight of the crowd. The other was a little dazed and cowering, looking strangely at the fierce man.

Seeing the two people, Xuan Xinzi smiled slightly, Zhong Shan broke through, and he couldn’t completely understand his cultivation base. He broke through to Golden Core Stage, Senior Brother, your soul in heaven should also rest in peace.

Tiansha looked at Zhong Shan, narrowed his eyes, and there was a slight loathing in his eyes. This loathing was not from Zhong Shan’s cultivation base. After all, Zhong Shan now has already achieved the Golden Core Stage, but it was from the past memories. Although Tian Ling’er and Bei Qingsi both left Zhong Shan, there was a depression deeply imprinted in Tiansha’s heart.

Where was he not good? He was the most outstanding, as for this person, the cultivation base was low, the body root was extremely bad, and his future was extremely dark. Such person has unexpectedly obtained the favor of Tian Ling’er and Bei Qingsi. Even the teacher was more fond of him before his own death, snort!

The two male elders frowned and looked at the two men as they knew why they came out from the inside, but suddenly disturbing everyone, that left both male elders with a hint of unhappiness.

As for Elder Zixun, at this moment, she was completely dull!

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