Immortal V3C67: Zixun Reappearance.

Immortal V3C67: Zixun Reappearance.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Ten days later, Hong Niu woke up and finally broke through. Golden Core Stage, Hong Niu felt completely comfortable. Golden Core Stage, the whole body acupoints were integrated into one, forming his Primordial Golden Core. At this moment, Hong Niu suddenly has the feeling of “look up to heaven and give a long cry.”

Golden Core Stage, this feeling was too carefree. When he opened his eyes and was about to open his mouth to give a long and loud cry, Hong Niu shut up. Because he saw the puzzling matter again.

Zhong Shan, Zhong Shan, Hong Niu opened his eyes, just as Zhong Shan poured out four Rise Again Pill from a small jade bottle, then put them into his mouth.

Hong Niu’s original excitement instantly collapsed. How can Zhong Shan have so many Rise Again Pill? And what kind of physique does he has, for these many days, how many Rise Again Pill did he eat? How many Golden Core Stage Experts can these Rise Again Pill create? Unexpectedly, they were ruined by him like this, what physique does he has? How could it be so bad?

Zhong Shan, in heart, was also extremely depressed, Rise Again Pill he had eaten it, but his body root was really bad. It wasn’t different from developing an immunity to Rise Again Pill. At the beginning of eating, there was still some little effect, but later, the effect was getting weaker and weaker, the acupoints around his body continued to connect, but in the end, it was just still almost.

Shen Xiang, this is an acupoint in the heart, a vital acupoint. What Zhong Shan has to do now is to push out all the Spiritual Essence inside the acupoints, and let 360 of the acupoints to be transformed into the Primordial state, and the Spiritual Essence to be reformed into a more advanced kind of energy and stored inside.

Shen Xiang points, in the heart, after reaching the Golden Core, the Primordial acupoints will finally draw the formed the Pure Yang Qi and store it inside the Shen Xiang acupoint.

Pure Yang Qi, is purple, is stored in the Shen Xiang cavity which is also known as the Violet Mansion.

Violet Mansion Pure Yang Qi is the source of the supernatural power and the key to release the secret Techniques after reaching the Golden Core Stage. The respective laws of the secret techniques are also released through this Pure Yang Qi.

Golden Core Stage, a large part of cultivation is to accumulate Pure Yang Qi. Zhong Shan already pushed away the internal Spiritual Essence, acupoints have become extremely mysterious. Now the Spiritual Essence inside the 360 acupoints, through the grinding of the Primordial pressure, was transformed to Pure Yang Qi.

But every time it was a little bit worse.

How many Rise Again Pill, Zhong Shan, in his heart, finally gave up this unpractical idea. Well, he can no longer count on Rise Again Pill.

Gently, Zhong Shan took out a very delicate purple marked bottle.

The nearby Hong Niu was staring with wide eyes, because he saw Zhong Shan has taken out a small jade bottle, then he opened the small jade bottle, and poured out a medicinal pill that was actually not Rise Again Pill.

Although separated by a distance, Hong Niu could still feel the surging of Spiritual Qi in that medicinal pill. Even the aura of the medicinal pill actually pushed the surrounding Spiritual Tide a little.

This, what pill is this?

Hong Niu stared with wide eyes, but the medicinal pill already was swallowed by Zhong Shan.

Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, Zhong Shan was finally no longer able to avoid using it. As for the Nascent Soul Stage, then let’s wait and see again at that time. Otherwise, if he can’t breakthrough to Golden Core Stage. What is the significance of discussing the Nascent Soul?

Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill entered his abdomen and instantly turned into an unusual energy. In a flash, the Spiritual Essence inside his body suddenly became incomparably smooth, then under the Primordial pressure quickly became a dense purple Qi that was poured into the Violet Mansion.

The Pure Yang dense Qi has been formed, has been formed finally, the enormous Spiritual Essence was poured into the acupoints. Zhong Shan continued to forcibly gather these Pure Yang Qi unceasingly. In just a few moments, the Spiritual Essence in his entire body seemed to become very thin, fortunately here the enormous Spiritual Tide was surrounding his body, so the supplement of the Spiritual Essence was also extremely quick, the enormous Pure Yang Qi was poured into violet Mansion. The Violet Mansion soon became dim, but increased to a certain extent, as if became saturated. Some pure Yang Qi returned to the acupoints again, but that little pure Yang Qi actually turned into enormous Spiritual Essence, quickly flooded the crowd acupoints.

In addition to Violet Mansion, each of the three hundred and sixty acupoints formed a small Spiritual Essence vortex, which continually was gathering the Spiritual Essence, compressing Spiritual Essence, and mixing it into each other, forming Pure Yang Qi and adding it to Violet Mansion. The stronger the Pure Yang Qi is, the greater the ability is.

Now he felt saturated, but what Zhong Shan has to do is to continuously compress, re-gather and then compress Pure Yang Qi until later compressing Pure Yang Qi into Nascent Soul.

Golden Core Stage, finally Golden Core Stage, the sidereal revolution acupoints were all unified. He had a very comfortable feeling, using his Golden Core and acupoints to absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, swallowing it and this can make Zhong Shan have enough nutrition, there is no need Eating in general.

“Hu… .”

Zhong Shan broke through, he was roaring in a carefree manner. With Zhong Shan’s roaring and Pure Yang Qi in the sound, large part of the Spiritual Tide in the whole cave suddenly shook.

For the time of ten breaths, Zhong Shan has been roaring for a ten breaths time before stopping, and his heart was full of satisfaction, has finally achieved Golden Core Stage. Although he took a Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, but it was worth it. As long as he could move forward toward immortality, paying out of any medicinal pill was worth it.

Zhong Shan was in a very good mood, and Hong Niu on the other side couldn’t feel good. Using hundreds of Rise Again Pill but couldn’t breakthrough. A grain of medicinal pill, in half a day’s time, he broke through? This, what was this pill?

With wide eyes, Hong Niu revealed an extremely inconceivable expression, but when Zhong Shan saw Hong Niu’s expression, he thought that Hong Niu was affected by his own long roaring, so he gave him an apologizing look.

But Hong Niu can only turn this shock into a depression in heart, and nodded to Zhong Shan.

When he got the forgiving of the other party, Zhong Shan no longer paid attention to Hong Niu, but started to practice the Cultivation Technique ‘Thunder Prison Pure Yang Art ‘ prepared by Tian Xingzi for himself. There were still more than two months in this spiritual environment. He hoped to make a breakthrough.

Eyes closed, Zhong Shan continued to cultivate.

Thunder Prison Pure Yang Art, was a superior cultivation technique, with a total 10-layer, after the tenth layer, one could make great strides to Nascent Soul boundary, but it was very difficult to practice. He must use the Spiritual Essence to simulate the special characteristics of Thunder and Lightning to maximize its power. Such as ‘Heaven severing Drawing Sword Art’, it was also a powerful cultivation technique. In Kai Yang Sect for thousands of years, nobody has practiced it. Tian Xingzi was not deliberately selecting a rare technique for Zhong Shan, but it was due to the combination of Zhong Shan’s physique, and also, when Zhong Shan came back after the previous incident of the Thunder Scorpion eggs, his Spiritual Essence always has a hidden trace of Thunder and Lightning. This was the best condition for practicing this Cultivation Technique.

However, during the practice, Zhong Shan felt a strange phenomenon while he was examining his own body.

Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, this Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill not only made him reach the Golden Core Stage, but after this breakthrough, Zhong Shan was surprised to discover that Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill was a comprehensive breakthrough Divine Pill.

The cultivation base broke through to the Golden Core Stage, Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Art, also suddenly reached the Third Layer!

Third Layer, this was the Third Layer, in other words, the strength could be increased to four times for an hour, four times of strength. Thinking of this, Zhong Shan was excited.

However, this was not what made him most excited. In his forehead, the Red Luan flame suddenly becomes a flat in shape. No, it should be a lotus-shaped flame embryonic form.

Red Luan Heavenly Scripture , Fourth Layer ?

Red Luan Heavenly Scripture, it saved himself in the most critical time several times. It is his most valuable Cultivation Technique. It hasn’t broken through for a long time. Finally, under this Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, It broke through to the Fourth Layer. Releasing more Red Luan Bewitching Mist? The under the heavens first drug, can not be mass produced?

Of course, Zhong Shan knew that the abnormal place of Red Luan Heavenly Scripture was not about making medicine, but it was about its Late Stage, but to reach Red Luan Heavenly Scripture Late Stage, this was a necessary stage.

It’s been a year since Xuan Xinzi closed the cave, it’s time to unseal it.

However, this day, Kai Yang Sect was extremely lively, Kai Yang Sect has achieved a condition of an unprecedented prosperity. In Kai Yang Sect, all of the experts have returned, Nascent Soul Stage Experts, about 20, the Golden Core Stage, about 500, the large number of Kai Yang Sect disciples were recalled by Sect Protector from Great Divine State Land.

Kai Yang Sect Sect Master was dead, re-election of a new Sect Master, this was an important day, even if you were so busy, there were more things to do, you must come back.

Kai Yang Sect was unprecedentedly powerful.

Under Kai Yang Peak, more than 500 Kai Yang Sect disciples, incomparably solemn, dignified and respectful were standing, even Nascent Soul Stage Expert, also stood in front of people, and were looking at the edge of Kai Yang Peak.

Mountain Protector, Sect Protector, one on left and one on right, were standing on each side. The pair of Kai Yang Sect people, who were usually most easily to neglect everything, suddenly became guardian and law-abiding and were standing incomparably solemn and silent.

In the center, there were three strange faces, two men and one woman.

These three were the elders of Kai Yang Sect who Sect Protector asked them to come back from Seven Stars Hall. The three elders stood at the forefront and looked at Xuan Xinzi, who was respectfully bowing in front of them.

Xuan Xinzi Sect Master crowning ceremony.

The Three Great Elder were responsible for it and the disciples of Kai Yang Sect were the witnesses.

The three elders were all in purple clothes, and the two men were all like a crown jade. They were very handsome, were standing there and they have a top position manner for no reason.

Another female elder, bright hair rolled up, extremely delicate face revealing a colder temperament than Bei Qingsi, many ribbons were pulling the purple robe in the wind, like a gourd-like attractive figure, she was like a collection of every beautiful thing in the world.

But this was not the most eye-catching, but the biggest bright spot was the feet of the female elder. Standing on the feet which were like white porcelain, standing barefoot on the ground. But the earth under her feet, it seemed that it was suddenly cleaned up. The seductive feet attracted the eyes of most people from the other beautiful features of the female elder.

If Zhong Shan was here, he would have been able to recognize her at a glance. Ten years ago, after the Dragon Gate Tournament, he had spent a night with her, Fairy Zixun. Kai Yang Sect Elder Fairy Zixun.

One of the male elders, standing in front of the other two elders, was very solemnly facing Xuan Xinzi, holding the spoon that initially Tian Xingzi gave to Xuan Xinzi, Kai Yang Sect Sect Master faith token, Kai Yang Martial Spoon.

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