Immortal V3C66: Attack in Spiritual Tide.

Immortal V3C66: Attack in Spiritual Tide.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Under Kai Yang Peak, in a mountain valley, there was a cave on the side of the mountain valley connecting to Kai Yang Peak.

In this mountain valley, there were two people at this moment, one was Hong Niu who was defeated by Zhong Shan more than eight years ago, and the other was a Kai Yang Sect Golden Core Stage disciple. He just used the flying sword and brought Hong Niu to the mountain valley.

“Teacher.” Hong Niu was facing the other man.

“He he, in the future, it is Senior Brother.” The man said.

“No matter what, Hong Niu Thanks the teacher for the care of these years, otherwise I wouldn’t have the achievements of today.” Hong Niu said sincerely.

“Kai Yang Sect is like this, a person brings another person along the road of cultivation, your natural talent is extraordinary, maybe when you will grow up in the future, I will rely on you to take care of me.” The man said with a smile.

“Teacher, you don’t need to say this, Hong Niu will hold the obligations of these years in heart. No matter what happens in the future, Hong Niu will share both sweet and hardship with the teacher.” Hong Niu said.

“Good. Hong Niu, this time is also an opportunity for you. With the approaching of the Spiritual Tide of Kai Yang Sect this time, you actually have reached the Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer. This coincidence, this time, in Kai Yang Sect, only two people have achieved it, you have to grasp this opportunity to break through Xiantian Stage in one fell swoop and go straight to the realm of Golden Core.” The man said.

“Teacher, rest assured that the disciple will surely do his best.” Hong Niu said.

“He He, these years, you have called me teacher, I didn’t give you anything, but this time I will give you this medicinal pill, it will help you break through.” The other man said with an incomparable self-confidence then he turned his hand, took out a small jade bottle and handed it to Hong Niu.

Hong Niu took the jade bottle doubtfully, opened the bottle cap and looked at it. At first glance, he stared with wide eyes, his face revealed an excited and a surprised expression and said: “Teacher, is it Rise Again Pill?”

The other man said: “Yes, it is Rise Again Pill, you know the value of Rise Again Pill.”

“Yes, Hong Niu knows this Rise Again Pill, although only a Third Grade Pill, it is rarer than Fourth Grade Pill and even Fifth Grade Pill. It is a precious thing, even if it is a Sect Master in Kai Yang Sect, not necessarily, have it.” Hong Niu said with incomparable excitement.

“Yes, the teacher also got it by coincidence. A few years ago, I saved a noble person on the way. That person finally gave me a gift, and it was Rise Again Pill. You try hard to breakthrough. Anyway, for a year, if you can’t breakthrough , take Rise Again Pill.” The other man said solemnly.

“Teacher rest assured, the disciple knows.” Hong Niu was with incomparable emotions.

“Go, Substitution Sect Master will immediately seal the cave.” The other man said.

“Yes, Teacher.” Hong Niu nodded and went to the cave deep inside Kai Yang Peak.

Hong Niu’s eyes were full of excitement, pinching his fists, and his eyes flashed with firmness. He must surpass Zhong Shan, must exceed him.

After Hong Niu walked into the cave, Xuan Xinzi landed in the mountain valley with Gu Shuangzi.

“Greetings Substitution Sect Master, Greetings Substitution Sect Master Lady.” The man immediately and respectfully said.

In the past few years, Gu Shuangzi actually formed a Dao Companion with Xuan Xinzi, perhaps listening to Tian Xingzi’s words, they happily removed the obstructions.

“Have the both of them gone in?” Gu Shuangzi asked.

“Hong Niu went in. As for Zhong Shan, I didn’t see him, but a moment ago, Senior Brother said that he went in.” The man said immediately.

“Zhong Shan is inside. Don’t worry, seal the cave.” Xuan Xinzi said with a smile. Obviously Divine Sense can go directly to the inside.

“Um.” Gu Shuangzi nodded.

Moving his hand, an enormous stone was moved by two people to block the entrance of the cave, then they took out a golden Talisman and put it above the cave entrance. The two people simultaneously made some hand seals until the Talisman and the cave entrance disappeared. The cave entrance disappeared and turned into a bright and clear giant stone boulder. At this time the two people stopped the movements of their hands.

“Let’s go.” Xuan Xinzi said.

“Um.” Gu Shuangzi nodded.

Hong Niu went down and down, as if walking to the depths of the earth, in a distant place, there was the end of the passage which also appeared bright, and Hong Niu walked towards that place without hesitation.

When he reached the end of the passage, Hong Niu finally saw its internal appearance.

At the end of the passage, below the center of Kai Yang Peak, this was a circular area with a diameter of 100 meters. Inside this 100-meters circular area, there was a huge Luminescent Pearl hanging above, and a large pit below. A Very deep pit, 500 meters deep. In this circular crater, two pillars were erected, each of which was five hundred meters high. At the top of the pillars, there were just two platforms with a diameter of ten meters each.

In addition to this passage, there were another two passages, Hong Niu knew these two passages. These two passages separately lead to the underground of Flame Mountain Peak and Snow Bamboo Peak. Later, the Spiritual Tide will be poured in from these two passages.

However, these were not important. More importantly, on the platform at the top of one of the pillars, Hong Niu saw one person, an acquaintance. Zhong Shan?

Zhong Shan was sitting cross-legged on a platform. His eyes were slightly closed, his hands were buckled, his index fingers were touching each other, and they were placed on his feet. With his eyes closed, he was controlling his breathing.

Zhong Shan, is he? Has he also reached the Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer? He is just like me, does he have such a good body root?

Hong Niu slightly frowned, but did not say anything. All of his surprise can only be turned into a firm will, must reach the Golden Core Stage earlier than Zhong Shan.

Stepping on his foot, Hong Niu jumped to the platform on the top of another stone pillar, like Zhong Shan, he sat down cross-legged.

At this time, Zhong Shan opened his eyes and looked at the other person who rushed in with himself. Zhong Shan nodded slightly to Hong Niu. He was greeting, and Hong Niu nodded.

The two didn’t speak and waited for the arrival of the Spiritual Tide.

They waited for nearly half an hour and it finally came.

Two Passages, one to Flame Mountain Peak and one to Snow Bamboo Peak. From the two passages, suddenly there was a stream of air coming from each passage respectively, which gathered at the center.

It was not an air current, it was Spiritual Qi, an enormous amount of Spiritual Qi. The Yang Spiritual Qi was coming from the Flame Mountain Peak, and the Yin Spiritual Qi was coming from the Snow Bamboo Peak.

The two Spiritual Qi continually met but didn’t mix together. The two who were sitting on top of the platforms, both Zhong Shan and Hong Niu, felt that their clothes were swaying by the air current.

Spiritual Qi, this is Spiritual Qi. How dense is it to form air current? It should be known that the Spiritual Qi is rare and invisible, even in grotto-heaven and blessed land, it is impossible to be like this.

The air current was getting stronger and stronger, Yang Spiritual Qi could be slowly seen as fiery red color, and the Yin Spiritual Qi could be slowly seen as ice blue color, seemed like flame and ice, they madly crush into each other in the center.

However, what was very strange that after the two Spiritual Qi hit together, they suddenly calmed down.

In the deep pit below the stone pillars, it constantly gathers and precipitates, gradually gather to the top. While the two were sitting down, the Yin-Yang Spiritual Qi were constantly gathering quickly forming two Yin-Yang Fish. The pattern of Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish was completely assembled by collecting the Spiritual Qi. The two, who were sitting on the top of the stone pillars, were the eyes of two Yin-Yang Fish.

Spiritual Qi, the terrifying amount of Spiritual Qi, both of them could feel that countless Spiritual Qi was madly impacting their own bodies, as if it could rush into the acupoints in a blink of an eye.

However, this Spiritual Qi still needed to be refined, so the two continued to refine and pouring it into their acupoints, which was much faster than absorbing spirit stones. Spiritual Tide, how terrifying the speed of cultivation could be here.

Kai Yang Sect can stand erect all the time, it was actually because of this Spiritual Tide. This place was a rare treasure not only for impacting the Gold Core Stage, but also impacting of the Nascent Soul Stage.

With the nourishment of the Spiritual Qi, both of then didn’t need to eat. The two only needed to fully impact the next boundary. One year, they have to grasp this good opportunity.

After half a year, Hong Niu opened his eyes gently. Feeling the enormous Spiritual Qi around, Hong Niu hesitated a bit, because Hong Niu felt that he was a step away from the Golden Core Stage a month ago, but for a month, there was no breakthrough, does he need to eat the Rise Again Pill? Hong Niu knew that he does not need Rise Again Pill because he can breakthrough to the Golden Core Stage in the next half a year. But at that time, he will be just at the initial stage of Golden Core. If he take Rise Again Pill now, he can reach the Golden Core Stage in less than ten days, and for the rest of the six months, he can continue to make new breakthroughs. With the environment here. he can reach Golden Core First Layer, no, Second Layer or even Third Layer.

Hong Niu frowned and thought about it, Hong Niu looked at the opposite place of Zhong Shan.

At the time of Hong Niu’s frowning, Zhong Shan seemed to wake up, but Zhong Shan did not look at Hong Niu. Instead, he took out a small jade bottle and poured out a grain of medicinal pill. Hong Niu was staring at this scene with wide eyes and inconceivable expression. A Rise Again Pill?

Is that Rise Again Pill? How is it possible, does he also has it?

Zhong Shan ignored Hong Niu and continued cultivation. Hong Niu was also looking at this with a panic-stricken expression.

The next day, Hong Niu had not made a decision yet. He also wanted to see what effect Zhong Shan had achieved, but when he turned his vision, he just saw Zhong Shan take out a small jade bottle. From it, poured out another Rise Again Pill?

Hong Niu’s eyes were going to come out. Does Zhong Shan have two Rise Again Pill?

On the third day, Hong Niu once again saw that Zhong Shan had poured out another Rise Again Pill, Hong Niu had a feeling of being about to go mad. How does he always see illusions?

Three months later, Hong Niu looked at Zhong Shan in the distant place with a little numbness. His eyes became a bit sluggish, is Rise Again Pill? And this time he even ate three? Is this Zhong Shan still a human? So many Rise Again Pill? Did he inadequately rob all of Grand Pill Sect’s inventory?

Gently, Hong Niu took out his little jade bottle from the Storage Bracelet and looked at the small bottle in his hand. Hong Niu had a reluctant feeling like every other day. Suddenly, the feeling of be pleased with himself, he had half a year ago, suddenly turned into a sorrowful feeling. Rise Again Pill, Rise Again Pill Is it really precious?

At this moment, Hong Niu had to choose to take Rise Again Pill, because for these three months, he was stimulated by Zhong Shan, and almost was about to cry. He was going to go crazy. To avoid cultivation deviation, he must break through quickly, can’t drag this any more.

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