Immortal V3C65: Will of Hong Niu.

Immortal V3C65: Will of Hong Niu.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill !

These days, Zhong Shan also learned from Bao’er that it is the strongest medicinal pill in Grand Pill Sect. It has been inside the world mysterious Yellow Cauldron. It was refined by the Grand Pill Sect fourth Substitution Sect Master. It is an Eighth Grade Divine Pill, the effects are extremely mysterious, can solve ten thousands poison, can eliminate ten thousands evils, can heal ten thousands injury, can quickly supplement Spiritual Essence, and of course, these are not the most important effects. The most important effect is that it can help people break through cultivation bottleneck, it has similar effect of Break Restrictions Pill in general, can let people in a boundary peak, quickly achieve higher boundary.

As long as the Body Fusion Stage and below cultivation base.

This pill has a temperate efficacy, whether it is Xiantian, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Body Fusion, as long as in the boundary peak, it can help in the breakthrough. It is not just a possibility, it is a certain, a certain breakthrough.

The Three Great Elders cultivation base is at the Body Fusion Stage Peak. Because of the special cultivation of Grand Pill Sect, everyone cultivation is based on the achievements of Sect Master, so nowadays, the Three Great Elders are all stuck in the Body Fusion Stage.

Above Nascent Soul Stage is the Body Fusion Stage. The life span of Nascent Soul Stage is 800 years, and the life span of Body Fusion Stage is 1,600 years. The Three Great Elders at this moment, all are already over a thousand years old, and if they can not breakthrough the next stage before the date of the exhaustion of their life spans, they can only wait for their Celestial Five Waning to be turned into a yellow-earth.

Inside the World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron, initially there were eight Heavenly Yuan Divine Pills, of which the previous Substitution Sect Masters used two. Another one was recently taken by Ying Wuxie, only five pills remained and these five pills are for Bao’er to manage.

The Three Great Elder stared at Bao’er, their eyes were flickering with uncertainty. Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill? Does the Sect Master really want to give up the past ancestral instructions and give it to us?

“Three elders, what do you think? Great Zheng King Dynasty, sooner or later will be Great Zheng Sovereign Dynasty, Great Zheng Emperor Dynasty, and even Great Zheng Heavenly Dynasty, all of which require the three Great Elders to work together.” Bao’er said with a smile.

Zhong Shan was also smiling slightly. Regarding Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, Zhong Shan didn’t feel any pain. The money was used to make money. This treasure is also used to make bigger treasures. If the three Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill can be exchanged for three Great Elders or even Grand Pill Sect, then It does not matter how much it is worth.

Staring at Bao’er, the three Great Elders took a deep breath and kept thinking unceasingly.

“Fine.” Elder Yao Yu was the first one to speak.

Fine. The ‘fine’ character, it was like a big stone dropping in Zhong Shan’s heart. That‘s enough.

Zhong Shan was very excited in heart, but on the surface, he was still very calm as before.

“Ok, three elders, three Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, I will give them to you right away. So from now on, Grand Pill Sect is a part of Great Zheng King Dynasty, the original Grand Pill Sect will become the Great Pill Courtyard. Three Great Elder, there must be one stationed here in the Imperial City, the other two elders, one can start to break through, while the other is responsible for acting as a guard.” Bao’er told them the arrangement.

“Um.” The three elders nodded.

“Then please come along with me.” Bao’er said with a smile.

Bao’er was in the front, followed by the Three Great Elders, opened the door and arrived to the square. At this moment, there were more than 20 Grand Pill Sect disciples already standing in the square, they were looking at Bao’er and three Great Elder with an incomparable respect. They did not know that the current seniors has turned their hands and already sold the entire Grand Pill Sect.

On the other side, Wei Taizhong and others were waiting on one side.

In front of the eight wind tunnels of the World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron, Bao’er was examining them one by one. In front of one of the wind tunnels, she formed a strange secret art seal with he hand then hit the wind tunnel several times gently.

“Buzz… ..”

World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron trembled, then suddenly an enormous amount of Spiritual Qi gushed out from the place of the wind tunnel. The three Great Elders were all excited with pinched fists. In the Grand Pill Sect, only Sect Master knows how to open World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron. The average person can’t get the Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill from inside, otherwise the elders of the past would have already taken it out. Of course, the Three Great Elder were also very curious about how Ying Wuxie took out Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, but Ying Wuxie is dead and this matter can’t be investigated.

Spiritual Qi spurted out of the wind tunnel, then a dragon eye-size Golden Pill slowly flew out of from the inside, the Golden Pill was completely covered with fog and looked extremely different.

“Elder Yao Yu.” Bao’er called out.

“Ok.” Elder Yao Yu was excited and quickly moved her hand, no, immediately took out a small jade bottle and installed the flying Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill into it.

Yao Chen and Yao Lu looked at Elder Yao Yu with envy. They were looking at the excited and impatient Elder Yao Yu receiving and carefully putting it away, then the two elders once again looked at Bao’er.

Seeing the manner of the three elders, Bao’er smiled slightly, and quickly used the same pattern to take out the other two Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill which Yao Chen and Yao Lu joyfully collected. Although they were all over a thousand years old, most of the time they have been infatuated by pill refining, so their shrewdness was not so deep.

Three years later, Great Zheng King Dynasty, in the Imperial City, inside a palace.

Zhong Shan was sitting at the head place, Bao’er was sitting on one side, and Elder Yao Yu was sitting on the other side.

“Yao Yu, how do you feel now?” Zhong Shan asked with a smile.

“This group of wolves are looking for our heavenly material and earthly treasure. The Great Pill Courtyard people have more time for pill refining, and the materials are very complete and they are being collected much faster than before. It seems that Great Pill Courtyard will soon expand and increase the rate of the enrollment of new disciples.” Elder Yao Yu said with a smile.

“Naturally, that’s the happiness that comes from being free from worry. This group of wolves are also happily looking for these efficacious medicinal materials, after all, these low-cost medicinal pills that you refine, in addition to the supply of Great Zheng King Dynasty army, the rest will be given to these wolves, so their cultivation is also increasing a lot faster.” Zhong Shan said with a smile.

“Well, I just hope that Your Majesty can increase your cultivation base as soon as possible and lead the Great Zheng King Dynasty to be more formidable.” Elder Yao Yue said with an austere facial expression.

Looking at Elder Yao Yu, Zhong Shan smiled faintly and nodded. Although they have been together for three years, but Elder Yao Yu still couldn’t have a liking for Great Zheng King Dynasty, after all, it’s too weak.

When the nearby Bao’er saw the awkward expression of Zhong Shan, immediately got up and said: “Okay, Elder Yao Yu, you continue to teach the disciples. Master and I have something to do.”

Looking at Bao’er, Elder Yao Yu revealed a forced smile and nodded. She got up to see off Zhong Shan and Bao’er.

Zhong Shan didn’t say anything. After all the three Great Elders had their own pride. Although they joined the Great Zheng King Dynasty because of the situation and interests, the cultivation bases of the Three Great Elders were sky high. Before the breakthrough, it was the peak of Body Fusion Stage and now it became a lot more higher than before. Regarding this ‘master’ whose cultivation base was only Xiantian Stage, naturally their hearts have some obstructions.

On the road, Bao’er and Zhong Shan were walking side by side.

“Master, don’t mind, these elders are pill refining silly, do not have much of worldly wisdom.” Bao’er said gently to Zhong Shan beside her.

“Might as well, isn’t it better to be this frank? Besides, you know who I, your master, am. Will I care about these things?” Zhong Shan smiled and said.

“Um, now it’s just a King Dynasty, Luck is still too little. Although the cultivation speed of master has increased, it is still a bit slow. After three years with the aid of a large amount of medicinal pills, you have reached the Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer few days ago.” Bao’er sighed a little and said.

“Haha, three years to reach Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer, for me, the overall is very good, already is good enough, you do not know, in the Houtian boundary, your master, I , would sit alone in seclusion for a few years in order to rise a single layer.” Zhong Shan comforted her.

“Well, Master, are you going to Kai Yang Sect right away?” Bao’er was a bit reluctant and said.

“Yes, Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer, the sidereal revolution acupoints are already opened completely, I have to practice all of them as a Primordial as soon as possible, and reach the boundary of Primordial Gold Core. The Spiritual Tide of Kai Yang Sect is about to begin. This time, with the help of your Rise Again Pill and the Spiritual Tide, I will surely succeed.” Zhong Shan said with an incomparable firm expression.

Looking at Zhong Shan’s firm expression , Bao’er smiled.

“Master, the last two grains of Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, you take them with you, just in case, Rise Again Pill can not let the people to have a 100% breakthrough.” Bao’er said gently.

“Two grains? Didn’t you say that one person can only eat one Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill? The second grain will not help people to break through, at most is used for therapy and to dissolve poisons.” Zhong Shan said to Bao’er.

“Master, take them with you, you know about Bao’er’s physique, so I can’t use it, so I will just give them to master just in case.” Bao’er looked at Zhong Shan firmly and said.

He stopped static for a while, Zhong Shan stared at Bao’er, his eyes were full of tenderness and emotion, indeed the heavens didn’t treat me unkindly.

“Bao’er, the next few days, I am not going to mange the imperial court, and I will accompany you wholeheartedly.”

More than nine years ago, Hong Niu joined Kai Yang Sect. Due to his excellent body root and the continuous training of his Master, Hong Niu cultivation was extremely fast. In the second year, he was the first to reach the Xiantian Stage Fourth Layer in this batch of disciples. Among them, his cultivation speed was the fastest, but when Hong Niu was in his most high-spirited state, he was defeated by an Xiantian Stage Third Layer disciple, who was a layer weaker than himself.

Disgraced, an absolute shame, and Hong Niu was very unconvinced. So he increased his daily cultivation to be two times as hard as before. Finally, after another year, Hong Niu became the first person to achieve the Xiantian Stage Sixth Layer among the people who joined Kai Yang Sect along with him. He finally formed Spiritual Essence.

After Hong Niu formed his Spiritual Essence, the first thing that came to mind was the person who defeated him last time. Zhong Shan, he must find him to take part in martial arts contest to wipe out the previous shame, but Zhong Shan suddenly disappeared. But Six months later, Zhong Shan appeared, but after Zhong Shan appeared, he was not the first person who Zhong Shan looked for. It was actually an Expert of Xiantian Stage Ninth Layer.

He is really courting death, although Zhong Shan miraculously achieved the Xiantian Stage Sixth Layer, but the difference was three layers, how can he win? He is bringing contempt upon himself, but that battle, it made Hong Niu to be deeply shocked, Xiantian Stage Sixth Layer? Was that really a Xiantian Stage Sixth Layer? He was also an Xiantian Stage Sixth Layer, but when he saw the battle between Zhong Shan and Nan Batian, he couldn’t keep the slightest of his fighting spirit.

Hong Niu went back in shock, but after returning, this shock turned into a more powerful will, he started to train harder than before. He practiced day and night with the hope to reduce this disparity.

Finally, Hong Niu succeeded. On the time of the seven-year Kai Yang Sect Spiritual Tide, Hong Niu reached the Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer, Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer. It has been more than nine years, just over nine years, so long as he is baptized by the Spiritual Tide and with his own efforts, he will be able to reach the Golden Core Stage. At that time, what is Zhong Shan?

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