Immortal V3C64: Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill.

Immortal V3C64: Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Woke up?” Zhong Shan gently asked.

“Um.” Bao’er answered with a sleep talking voice.

“You have suffered a lot during these years.” Zhong Shan said while caressing Bao’er’s shoulder.

“No, for the sake of Master, everything is worth it. Master, I will turn Grand Pill Sect in the Great Zheng King Dynasty Imperial Institute of Medicine, and later the pills refined by Grand Pill Sect will entirely be given to Great Zheng King Dynasty.” Bao’er looked at Zhong Shan and said softly.

Looking at Bao’er in his bosom, Zhong Shan heart was full of excitement, finally these feelings turned into a tender affection for Bao’er.

“Didn’t you say that if the Three Great Elders don’t agree, it will be impossible to be done?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully.

“Master, have you not taught me before? There is nothing that can’t be done, it’s just that the chips are not enough. I have a way to convince the Three Great Elders so once the Three Great Elders agree, can the remaining Grand Pill Sect disciples turn the tide over? Moreover, each and everyone is obsessed by pill refining.” Bao’er said with a smile.

“really?” Zhong Shan said in anticipation.

“Naturally, Bao’er left for decades, was it not for Master?” Bao’er said confidently.

“Good.” Zhong Shan excitedly said.

Bao’er mentioned all the past information about Grand Pill Sect, the background of Grand Pill Sect is not small. It was an impressive sect on the Great Divine State Land. It has declined now and has arrived to Heavenly Wolf Island. But even without such a glorious history, with such an Immortal Sect joining, the development of the Great Zheng King Dynasty will be frightening.

Pill, the holy medicine of cultivation world, can cure diseases, can be used in therapy, can increase Spiritual Essence, can help in break through, especially Bao’er also got the inheritance of the previous generation Grand Pill Sect Sect Master, within her Storage Bracelet, there is large number of a certain pill. It is the Rise Again Pill that he is most eager for.

“It’s time to get up, it’s going to be noon soon, and I’ll go to see the Three Great Elders right away.” Zhong Shan gently said.

“Let Bao’er put your clothes on Master, it has already been many years since the last time I did it.” Bao’er said gently.

“Um.” Zhong Shan gently got up and stood up, letting Bao’er put his clothes on.

When the two were dressed neatly, Zhong Shan brought Bao’er to eat some cakes and pastries. At the dinner table, Zhong Shan suddenly took out Investiture of the Gods.

Looking at this Investiture of the Gods, Bao’er eyes lit up. She heard the Master mention it before, but she hasn’t seen it. So it is time to take a good look at it.

The first row: Wang, Zhong Shan.

The second row: Country Beast, wolf.

The third row: Crown Prince, Zhong Tian.


The original fixed characters suddenly swayed. The second row of the country beast, wolf was pushed back and three more rows of characters appeared.

The first row: King, Zhong Shan.

Second row: Queen, Wei Kui’er.

The third row: Queen, Gan Bao’er.

The fourth row: Queen, Tian Ling’er.

The fifth row: Country Beast, Wolf.

Looking at the suddenly three more rows of characters appearing on investiture of the Gods, Bao’er smiled. Regarding the row of Wei Kui’er in front, she didn’t feel the slightest jealousy at all, and for the Queen Tian Ling’er, Bao’er also felt no jealousy, because Zhong Shan also has told her about what happened in these past years. Regarding Ling’er, what Bao’er has in her heart, is more love and gratitude, if not Ling’er, Master perhaps already is no longer here.

Great Zheng King Dynasty Imperial Institute of Medicine.

Zhong Shan handed the memory crystal to the Grand Pill Sect Three Great Elder.

Looking at the images inside the crystal.

“Ying Wuxie.” Elder Yao Yu recognized him at a glance.

“Hidden Shadow Sect has already been destroyed, if you wait for a period of time, you will also receive the news about it.” Zhong Shan looked at the three Great Elder and said with a smile.

“It’s as you said.” Elder Yao Yu nodded.

This time, Zhong Shan’s Great Zheng King Dynasty is innocent, but World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron can’t remain here, it is the thing of Grand Pill Sect, naturally must return to Grand Pill Sect.

“Sect Master, since things are clear, we should also bring World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron back to Grand Pill Sect.” Elder Yao Yu immediately got up and said.

“Everyone, please listen to what I want to say.” Zhong Shan suddenly said.

The three elders Yao Yu, Yao Lu, and Yao Chen looked at Zhong Shan together.

“What do you think about my Great Zheng King Dynasty?” Zhong Shan stared at the three people and said with a smile.

When they heard what Zhong Shan said, the Three Great Elder frowned, with a slight strange expression, looked at Zhong Shan in front of them, Zhong Shan’s cultivation base is too low, so low that the three have a sense to neglect it. However, in these few days, the three Great Elders saw the peculiarity of this low-level King Dynasty. In a distant place, there was a Wolf Temple and unexpectedly it was guarded by a Wolf General.

Wolf Clan Supreme Di Xuansha actually formed an alliance with Great Zheng King Dynasty? And the Great Zheng Sovereign, in front of them, is actually the husband of Sect Master and this made the three Great Elder ponder deeply.

“If you have anything to say, just say it.” Elder Yao Yu said.

“Great Zheng King Dynasty, although it is very weak now, but everyone can see that Great Zheng King Dynasty has bright prospects that other Sovereign Dynasties and even some Emperor Dynasties don’t have. In the future, Great Zheng King Dynasty will surely be the strongest. Zhong Shan, here, would earnestly like to invite the three to join Great Zheng King Dynasty and create a prosperous Heavenly Dynasty with me.” Zhong Shan said very sincerely.

“Snort, what do you mean is, letting my Grand Pill Sect join your Great Zheng King Dynasty as a feudal official? Dismiss Grand Pill Sect from then on?” Elder Yao Yu stared at him and said.

Yao Yu stared at him, also Yao Lu and Yao Chen stared at Zhong Shan.

“No, Grand Pill Sect still is Grand Pill Sect, but I want it, as a whole and just in name, to join Great Zheng King Dynasty.” Zhong Shan said with a smile. Indeed, this matter is not a one-time action can achieve, you need to slowly accumulate and slowly devour it. Moreover, also there is Bao’er, it’s only a matter of time.

“Yes, I have already agreed.” Bao’er also affirmed at the tight time.

“Sect Master.” Yao Chen suddenly turned to Bao’er.

At this moment, the three Great Elders were all incomparably angry. Although the three are infatuated with pill refining, but they can still listen to the conspiracy from Zhong Shan’s word, and also the Sect Master was completely on the side of Zhong Shan. This, she will sell Grand Pill Sect, eternal foundations, although it has declined to this generation, but it can not be surrendered submissively.

“You don’t deserve to be Grand Pill Sect Sect Master, Grand Pill Sect has never declined to this point. Sect Master, by doing this, aren’t you letting the old Sect Master down?” Elder Yao Chen immediately said angrily.

“Hehe, Elder Yang Chen, I hope you can figure out your position. I am the Grand Pill Sect Sect Master, Grand Pill Sect ancestral instructions, have you forgotten them? In Grand Pill Sect, Sect Master orders are the greatest, even if I disband the Grand Pill Sect now, no one can object.” Bao’er suddenly said.

“You…” Elder Yao Chen suddenly was at a loss of words, his chest was fluctuating, he stared at Bao’er.

Three Great Elders knew that Great Pill Sect is different from other sects. The rights of the other sect elders are not as large as Sect Master. However, as long as the opinion of more sect elders are unified, even Sect Master can be removed. However, according to Grand Pill Sect rules, every order of the Substitution Sect Master is the biggest and can be used to destroy Grand Pill Sect at any time, because the cultivation of Grand Pill Sect is different from other sects.

The Three Great Elder can only helplessly look on how the eternal Foundation was arbitrarily wrested away by the great Zheng King Dynasty. They have no way but to be extremely angry.

“Three elders, don’t be angry, please listen to what I need to say.” Bao’er tone suddenly became gentle. Obviously, the previous big stick had its effect, so now is the time to send the radish.

Slowly she led the three elders to sit down.

But the three Great Elders, their chests were fluctuating, were still extremely angry and staring at Sect Master.

“Bao’er is indebted to the teacher, how can I destroy Grand Pill Sect? I also have my considerations, Grand Pill Sect, now, already is no longer brilliant, is the most inferior Immortal Sects, and Bao’er wants to revive it by the hands of my generation. But depending only our pill refining people, can we revive it?” Bao’er said gently.

Sure enough, when they heard the gentle words of Bao’er, they felt a lot better, frowned and looked at Bao’er, hoping that Bao’er could give them a satisfactory explanation.

“Great Divine State Land, Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, Great Li Heavenly Dynasty, Grand Sui Heavenly Dynasty, each of them has a pill refining sect attached to them, what do you think about them? Although there is a Heavenly Dynasty above, how do they compare to our Grand Pill Sect? Who were they before? Unknown small pill sects, which flourished under the Heavenly Dynasty plentiful wings, are we still qualified to laugh at them? They get the most comprehensive support, and to what extent have they grown now? Grand Pill Sect also needs a foreign aid, a springboard that can make Grand Pill Sect flourish, and that is Great Zheng King Dynasty.” Bao’er said gently.

What Bao’er said, was right, but the Three Great Elder were still frowning.

“If we are looking for Luck Dynasty, we can’t look for a small King Dynasty. Even if we can’t join Heavenly Dynasty, there are numerous Emperor Dynasty and Sovereign Dynasty in Divine State.” Elder Yao Chen said.

“Oh, are you objecting because Great Zheng King Dynasty is small?” Bao’er revealed a smile on her face. Because hearing the words of Elder Lao Chen, these words represented that the minds of the Three Great Elder started to become loose.

“Yes.” Elder Yao Chen said directly.

Bao’er smiled slightly and said: “Three elders, I am now the queen of the Great Zheng King Dynasty. Can you think of how much support and attention can my Grand Pill Sect receive from attaching to the Great Zheng King Dynasty, and how is it compared to attaching to other Luck Dynasty?”

When they heard what Bao’er said, the three Great Elder frowned. Obviously here is much better, but the Great Zheng King Dynasty is just too weak and it is the same for Zhong Shan’s cultivation base.

“Great Zheng King Dynasty is recognized by Di Xuansha, its future will surely be limitless, Sovereign Dynasty? Emperor Dynasty ? It is a sooner or later matter, if the Grand Pill Sect helps, achieving Heavenly Dynasty is not impossible. As long as there is time, time, the time of the three elders is limited, then I will double the life time of the three elders. How is it?” Bao’er suddenly said with a smile. Her smiling face was extremely bright.

“Huu…. ….”

Three Great Elder suddenly stood up and stared at Bao’er with wide eyes and expressions full of excitement and longing.

“You, you mean Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill?” Elder Yao Yu stared at Bao’er, her manner of speaking was somewhat rapid, and her breathing was uneven.

“Yes, it is my Grand Pill Sect’s ‘Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill’, according to Grand Pill Sect rules, only the Sect Master is eligible to take Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill. As long as the three elders are willing, I ,as the sect master, will take out the remaining five and give three pills to the three of you, what do you think?” Bao’er laughed with confidence and said, as if she was not afraid that they would not agree.

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