Immortal V3C63: Explanation.

Immortal V3C63: Explanation.

Translated by: RedLotus.

The surrounding people are watching this, watching? Let it go to hell! Emperor prestige? Let it go to hell! As long as Bao’er can come back, the lost image can be restored. I don’t care what image I have in the eyes of the others, good or bad, dignified or strict. I am still myself, Zhong Shan.

Before the Longevity Palace, the numerous dynasty feudal officials were looking from a far place, their eyes were full of gloom. Who is that? Who can let Your Majesty suddenly drop everything and fly away to meet?

Grand Pill Sect people, After initially being in a daze, each and everyone’s face became gloomy, Sect Master? Grand Pill Sect fifty three lives, what will Sect Master do about them?

Yinglan was staring enviously, and there was a glimmer of eagerness in her blurred eyes. In a distant place, Qing Yun Wolf General has not recovered from the daze. This Zhong Shan was weird. Extremely weird!

Zhong Shan was holding Bao’er as if he wanted to squeeze Bao’er into his body.

“Master, Bao’er is back.” Bao’er said with a flash of excited tears in her eyes.

Taking a deep breath and feeling the fragrance of Bao’er, Zhong Shan said: “it is good to be back, good to be back.”

Very simple words, but these simple words contained dreadful affection. A kind of affection that could split the heavens.

“Sect Master.” Yao Yu elders called out in an inappropriate time.

After this cry, Bao’er discovered how shameful she felt at this moment, and with some reluctance to leave Zhong Shan’s arms, she gently broke away from the bosom of Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan took Bao’er, gently leaped and jumped over the square.

The Grand Pill Sect people all descended to the ground. Yinglan also waved her hands to make all the Imperial Guards to withdraw.

Zhong Shan was pulling Bao’er’s hand, as if he was afraid that if he let her hand , Bao’er would disappear. Feeling the movements of Zhong Shan, Bao’er heart was happy.

“May I ask Sect Master, World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron is right here, what to do about Grand Pill Sect’s great enmity?” An elder said quietly.

When she heard the words of the elders, Bao’er frowned, and stared at the elder, enmity? Is it more important than Master?

Zhong Shan was also looking at them all the time, and was quickly analyzing the general situation in front of him. Seeing that this elder was forcing Bao’er, Zhong Shan frowned and said: “Bao’er, have you joined Grand Pill Sect?”

Bao’er ignored the elder, but very gently answered Zhong Shan’s question first: “Yes, teacher has passed her position to me, I am now the Sect Master of Grand Pill Sect. ”

Bao’er said in an extremely gentle tone, as if to show Zhong Shan that even if you killed Grand Pill Sect disciples, I will be supporting it.

Three Great Elder’s complexions were gloomy, and coldly looked at this scene.

Listening at Bao’er, seeing the expressions of the people of Grand Pill Sect, Zhong Shan frowned and a flash of happiness appeared in his eyes. He immediately distinguished the situation clearly.

“It seems that Grand Pill Sect’s great hatred, can not be reported this time. Those who slaughtered the people of the Grand Pill Sect, were entirely extinguished by Kai Yang Sect Sect Master already. This World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron, I have also found it later.” Zhong Shan said right away. On one hand, it was to explain and to dispel the hostility of the Grand Pill Sect. On the other hand, it was to make Bao’er be better accepted by everyone.

When they heard the words of Zhong Shan, the Grand Pill Sect people frowned and looked coldly at Zhong Shan. Obviously, the hatred of Grand Pill Sect fifty three lives couldn’t be dispelled by the few words of Zhong Shan.

“Who are you?” An elder looked coldly at Zhong Shan and asked.

Because the three elders have seen it, the cultivation base of Zhong Shan was just Xiantian Stage Ninth Layer, and he still has an extremely bad body root. If it wasn’t for the Sect Master’s performance, the elders would have killed him.

“I am the leader of the Great Zheng King Dynasty and the husband of your Sect Master.” Zhong Shan said a little bit.

“You..” the elder was staring at Zhong Shan as if he didn’t know what to do.

Zhong Shan looked at the Grand Pill Sect people who were filled with indignation. He looked at them and said slowly: “It is normal for everyone to have doubts about the words of just one side. However, what I said, is the truth, so everyone just wait for a while, I will provide the evidence to prove the matters of that day. ”

The facial expression of Zhong Shan relaxed a little, and that really made everyone feel a lot more comfortable, but Grand Pill Sect’s big hatred could not be changed by a merely change in the expression. Looking at Zhong Shan, everyone was uncertain.

“How can you prove it?” Elder Yao Yu asked.

“There is a memory crystal of that time, but now it is in another place. Wait a little longer, and I will send it to you. At that time, everyone can differentiate between the right and the wrong” Zhong Shan said.

Staring at Zhong Shan, looking at the Sect Master with Zhong Shan, three Great Elders took a deep breath and Elder Lao Yu said: “Good.”

Obtaining an answer from everyone, Zhong Shan smiled slightly and said: “That being the case, you can stay here for the time being, World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron is here, here is my Great Zheng King Dynasty Imperial Institute of Medicine, everyone can stay beside World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron while waiting for the memory crystal to be sent. ”

“You will live here first.” Bao’er immediately ordered.

“Yes.” The three elders looked at Zhong Shan’s frowning and complied, while the other disciples felt more peace in their minds.

“Yinglan, arrange the residence to everyone.” Zhong Shan said to Yinglan.

“Yes.” Yinglan nodded immediately.

Subsequently, Zhong Shan immediately left with Bao’er, as the husband and wife who have not seen each other for many years. Naturally, there was a lot to say.

The original pavilion of the original Zhong Mansion, even after establishing the Imperial Palace, the pavilion remained.

Above the pavilion, Bao’er nestled in Zhong Shan’s arms and watched the scenery of the Imperial City together.

“Bao’er, this is the Shadow Body, the Main Body is in Kai Yang Sect, and I will be back soon.” Zhong Shan gently said.

“Um.” Bao’er nodded happily.

The Shadow Body ability, now under the heavens, only two people know about it, one is Bao’er, the other is Kui’er, but Kui’er already is dead, only Bao’er knows, the couple is connected, even if they are thousands of miles apart, After many years of separation, Zhong Shan still believes in his wife, and she is the most trusted person in the world.

“Tell me, how did you spend these years?” Zhong Shan was stroking Bao’er’s hair and whispering.

“Um.” Bao’er seemed to enjoy this treatment and nodded.

Kai Yang Sect, the main body of Zhong Shan knew that Bao’er has returned, he immediately packed up his luggage and quickly rushed toward the outside of the sect. His heart was full of excitement, Bao’er finally has come back.

Going to the entrance of Kai Yang Sect, Zhong Shan turned his head to see the Mountain Protector. Mountain Protector was sitting in front of his hut and was drinking tea with a look of self-satisfaction.

Seeing Mountain Protector, Zhong Shan immediately went over. Regarding Mountain Protector, Zhong Shan still had a gratitude in his heart. Previously, when General Lei Ting was chasing him in front of the mountain gate, if it wasn’t for Mountain Protector, he would have been seriously injured and he wouldn’t have today. Moreover, Ling’er wouldn’t have been able to wait until Nie Qingqing arrived if it wasn’t for Mountain Protector to pour his energy into the body of Ling’er.

Zhong Shan went to the front, Mountain Protector also looked at Zhong Shan.

“Senior.” Zhong Shan said respectfully to Mountain Protector.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Mountain Protector smiled a little and said: “A miracle, with your body root, in seven years, you have actually reached the Xiantian Stage Ninth Layer, you are very good, Ling’er vision is also very good. ”

“Thank you for the praise senior.” Zhong Shan said right away.

“Are you going to go out?” Mountain Protector asked.

“Yes.” Zhong Shan answered sincerely.

“Well, go, go out and relax, four years later, the Kai Yang Sect ceremony, you must come back at that time, maybe it is an opportunity for you.” Mountain Protector thought about it foe a while then said.

“Yes.” Zhong Shan immediately complied. Four years later? Isn’t it the time for Kai Yang Sect Elders to return?

“Oh?”, I have almost forgotten, the seven years Spiritual Tide of Kai Yang Sect, it will occur three years later, if you can reach the Xiantian Stage Tenth Layer within three years, come back before that time, the Spiritual Tide is the best opportunity for you to attack the Golden Core Stage. So don’t miss it.” Mountain Protector said again.

“Spiritual Tide?” Zhong Shan said doubtfully.

“At the appointed time, you can ask Xuan Xinzi.” Mountain Protector shook his head and said in a carefree manner then closed his eyes and didn’t say anything else.

“Thanks, Senior.” Zhong Shan slightly bowed to the Mountain Protector. He rushed out quickly towards the Great Zheng King Dynasty.

Great Zheng King Dynasty, Zhong Shan, Main Body and Shadow Body combined into one.

In the Longevity Palace, the courtiers were waiting quietly, but his Majesty, who would come here at this time everyday, did not come today.

The Imperial Palace manager, entered from a side door and said: “Everyone, his Majesty is resting for today, and he will attend this meeting early tomorrow.”

The courtiers looked at Wei Taizhong and talked to each other a few times. They left in twos and threes.

At this moment, in the Zheng Palace, the palace maids and court eunuchs were cleared up and there were only two people in the palace.

Inside the warm boudoir, Zhong Shan was lying on the bed, gently looking at the treasure in his bosom, Bao’er.

Bao’er closed her eyes and fell asleep, and the Chinese flowering crabapple elegant face was revealing a sweet smile even when she was soundly asleep.

Naturally, this intoxicated facial expression was only for Bao’er, if it was another woman with the same beauty, Zhong Shan naturally would not show this facial expression, because this was mixed with Zhong Shan’s love for Bao’er. Only this love would make Zhong Shan’s rock-solid heart become exquisite and tender.

His rough big hand gently stroked the smooth white back of Bao’er, Zhong Shan took a deep breath, looked up at the above green canopy, and his eyes were full of satisfaction and relaxation. For many years, he has been living in a tight life until Bao’er’s return which made Zhong Shan feel comfortable and think what he has now, is the best.

The movements of Zhong Shan were very light, but he still woke up Bao’er. The long eyelashes shivered slightly trembled, Bao’er woke up.

Waking up, Bao’er wanted to understand the current situation. Her face was still smiling. No, she became a little crazy. Her soft palm was stroking over the wide chest of Zhong Shan.

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