Immortal V3C62: Gamble.

Immortal V3C62: Gamble.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Slightly mentioned? Oh, I came for the small mirror.” Clay Bodhisattva said straight to the point.

When he heard what Clay Bodhisattva said, Zhong Shan brows slightly wrinkled and shook his head: “Teacher said, I can refuse. Can I know why you want to destroy that small mirror?”

Looking at Zhong Shan, Clay Bodhisattva, faintly said: “Ten-thousand Shadows Heavenly Scripture, heavenly technique, do you know how to practice it?”

“I have looked at it last night.” Said Zhong Shan.

“Looked at it? Looked at it, no one knows more about this cultivation technique than I do, because this cultivation technique has once fallen into the hands of one my ancestors. This art is very difficult to practice. Basically, no one can practice it. It is too difficult to practice people into a shadow. The requirements of its practicing are extremely harsh on this person, also did you see the appearance of Ying Wuxie?” Clay Bodhisattva asked.

“This, I will consider.” Zhong Shan was not scared by Clay Bodhisattva. After all, his Shadow Body has already practiced it. He just practiced the first layer successfully and branched out two Shadow Clones.

“Oh, you don’t know its terror, Ten-thousand Shadows Heavenly Scripture is an extremely evil art. To practice it, the person needs the blood and essence of thousands of babies and pregnant women’s placentas and at a certain time that person will be in a terrible situation, he will have a terrifying look. Even he will lose his natural disposition and turn into an extremely evil murderer.” Clay Bodhisattva said.

Zhong Shan brows slightly wrinkled, stared at Clay Bodhisattva and said after a while: “Senior, feel relieved, I will not practice it.”

Looking at Zhong Shan, Clay Bodhisattva naturally didn’t believe Zhong Shan, you won’t practice, won’t you find someone else to practice?

Sighing, Clay Bodhisattva said: “Ok, let me tell you the truth, destroying that mirror is my ancestral master’s orders. Initially, he was obsessed with it. When he started to practice it, he entered a devil like state and slaughtered millions of people. When he woke up, he realized how different and evil this art was. So he set up this ancestral rule. The disciples of the school, whenever they see it, it must be destroyed at scene. If it was not for that Tian Xingzi was about to die that day, I would have destroyed it on the spot. I hope that you can help me.”

Looking at Clay Bodhisattva, Zhong Shan narrowed his eyes and said: a Cultivation Technique is a Cultivation Technique, the mirror is the mirror, your Ancestral Master obsession in this art, at most was the reason for practicing it, but why do you have to destroy the mirror?”

“Because no one could practice the shadow clone, until my ancestral Master appeared, with his talent and God-given wisdom, with the help of countless cultivators, he collected the materials to build this mirror, the ‘Shade Mirror’, through the mirror, one can cast and separate the shadow clone. It is a Cultivation Technique that borrow a foreign object to practice, as long as the mirror is destroyed, this Cultivation Technique will become a piece of paper waste, so to keep it or not, it won’t have any significance.” Clay Bodhisattva said.

When he heard Clay Bodhisattva’s words, Zhong Shan’s eyes widened, does his Shadow Body not need this mirror? Why does the non-Shadow Body require this mirror?

“ seriously?” Zhong Shan asked again.

“I certainly didn’t lie to you.” Clay Bodhisattva affirmed.

Staring at Clay Bodhisattva, the heart of Zhong Shan was filled with an unusual feeling.

“If you destroy this mirror, I’m willing to arrange ten great Feng Shui Arrays for your Great Zheng King Dynasty and guarantee to keep it prosperous for a hundred years.” Clay Bodhisattva threw this bait.

“Maybe the senior doesn’t have a liking for my Great Zheng King Dynasty, but I have to try this out. Can I ask senior to stay and help me developing Great Zheng King Dynasty.” Zhong Shan said with incomparable sincerity.

Shaking his head, Clay Bodhisattva said: “I am going to Great Divine State Land right away. There is no chance for us to meet again in the future. How can I help you with Great Zheng King Dynasty? ”

“No, one day, Great Zheng King Dynasty, sooner or later, will also enter the Great Divine State Land. At that time we will meet certainly again.” Zhong Shan incomparably affirmed.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Clay Bodhisattva smiled slightly: “As long as I hide, no one, under the heavens, can find me.”

Looking at Clay Bodhisattva, who was extremely confident, Zhong Shan frowned slightly. Zhong Shan was certainly extremely confident in himself, pinching his fist: “Otherwise, how about I make a bet with senior?”

“OH?” Clay Bodhisattva looked at Zhong Shan.

“When I come to the Great Divine State Land in the future, if I can meet senior again, the senior will join my Great Zheng me. What do you think” Zhong Shan said with shining eyes.

“Do you have the confidence to find me?” Clay Bodhisattva shook his head and said.

“Wherever gold is, it will shine, I believe that one day, one day, I can find senior, if senior is so confident, you can bet with me. This time I will pay the chip in advance and I will destroy the mirror in front of you. So whether we can meet in the future or not, it will be according to Heaven’s Will.” Zhong Shan stared at Clay Bodhisattva and said.

Clay Bodhisattva stared at Zhong Shan and looked at him for a while and said: “Heaven’s Will? Good Heaven’s Will, Ok, as long as we meet in the Great Divine State Land, I will enter your Zheng Country.”

“Thanks.” Zhong Shan immediately and excitedly said.

Regarding Clay Bodhisattva, Zhong Shan was not afraid of him to go back on his words, because Zhong Shan was extremely confident, similarly Clay Bodhisattva was also very confident, confident that Zhong Shan will no longer be able to find him.

Turning his hand, Zhong Shan took out the small mirror. The small mirror was basically useless for himself. He has the Shadow Body so would he need the mirror? If he trade this small mirror with Clay Bodhisattva, even if he couldn’t find the shade of Clay Bodhisattva in the future, Zhong Shan thought, it has too much value.

“Senior, you get rid.” Zhong Shan said in a refreshing tone.

Clay Bodhisattva was accidentally Looking at Zhong Shan, but his eyes quickly turned to the small mirror again. Yes, it was the Shade Mirror.

Turning his hand and firmly pinching it between his fingers, Clay Bodhisattva looked at and affirmed that it was the Shade Mirror. His fist was gently pinched.

Pinching the mirror hard between his fingers and suddenly the space between his fingers seemed to be compressed in general. The next moment, the whole mirror suddenly turned into a pile of powder, spread on the stone table, flung his large sleeve, that pile of powder turned into a green smoke and disappeared.

“So, I have to say goodbye.” Clay Bodhisattva gently got up and said.

“Senior, take care.” Zhong Shan stood up to see him off.

Clay Bodhisattva nodded and turned around to leave.

Looking at the back of Clay Bodhisattva, Zhong Shan’s heart was slightly smoother as he achieved half of his purpose.

Great Zheng King Dynasty, outside the imperial city, in the air, at this moment is more than a ten figures were flying in the sky.

First, it was Bao’er with a recalling expression then behind her the Grand Pill Sect three Great Elder and several Grand Pill Sect disciples.

“Sect Master, right there, I feel it, although the outside is covered with something, but the internal aura will never change.” Elder Yao Yu pointed to a square in the Imperial Palace, and there was something covered by countless curtains.

Bao’er ignored elder Yao Yu, she was frowning deeply, her heart was filled with worry, incomparable worry, because everything was different from before.

Here should be Xuan City, Zhong Mansion, this was her home, how did it turn into this? What about master? Master, you must not have anything.

Pinching her small fist, Bao’er with an incomparable nervousness flew toward the huge square along with the others.

At the Wolf Temple, Qing Yun Wolf General opened his eyes, gently walked out of the Wolf Temple and looked up at the group of people flying in the distant sky.

A group of Immortals suddenly appeared above the Imperial City?

It quickly caught the attention of the Imperial City Guards, especially Yinglan, which was recently stationed in the Imperial City.

Yinglan recently was preparing , because she will, in a few months, start the journey to conquer the western area. Although there are wolf cavalry, it will definitely take a while to conquer the area. Also it will be a long period before she can see her granduncle again so she was running towards the palace diligently.

While Yinglan was running in the Imperial City, suddenly, Yinglan saw the panic-stricken expressions of the Imperial Guards. Seeing their expressions, Yinglan followed the vision Imperial Guards and stared straight into the sky, seeing the scene in the sky, Yinglan frowned.

Under the support of the people of Grand Pill Sect, Bao’er finally came to the square where World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron was. Near the place, Elder Yao Yu waved her hands and the cover was removed revealing the thirty-three meters high cauldron.

“Bang.., bang.. !”

Yinglan who was riding a big wolf, rushed to the square with a large number of the Imperial Guards.

“Who dares to break into the Imperial Palace?” Yinglan called out loudly, and everyone behind her rushed towards that place, even though it was a group of Immortal.

The Grand Pill Sect disciples were also extremely angry. When they saw the World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron, things became clear. The Grand Pill Sect fifty three human lives can also be reported.

Everyone glared angrily at Yinglan, who was raising her sword. But no one has attacked, waiting for Sect Master to decide.

Bao’er looked at Yinglan, and Yinglan suddenly stared at Bao’er.

The Grand Pill Sect people thought that the face of Yinglan was revealing fear, but so what, even if you were feeling fear? The blood debt must be recompensed with blood!

“Grand-aunt” Yinglan suddenly called out.

Yinglan’s cry did not matter at all, the two sides did not feel any softness in their feet, the Imperial Guards behind Yinglan almost did not retreat, but the minds of the Grand Pill Sect people also trembled slightly. This, they and the enemy, can both sides have this kind of friendship?

Grand Pill Sect people were all looking at Yinglan.

Bao’er was slightly confused.

“Grand-aunt, it is me, I am Yinglan.” Yinglan immediately received her sword and shouted.

“Yinglan? Are you Yinglan?” Bao’er immediately remembered, after all, when she left previously, Yinglan was still a child.

Qing Yun Wolf General, in front of the Wolf Temple, was ready to help, suddenly the scene has changed, and Qing Yun Wolf General suddenly felt a knot in his heart, are they really relatives?

“Master, are you Granduncle okay?” Bao’er immediately asked, her face was full of expectations.

“Sect Master.” An elder frowned and called out.

“Bao’er…..” At the Longevity Palace in the distance, Zhong Shan suddenly let out an excited shout.

Bao’er eyes instantly turned to Zhong Shan, who was running from a distance. The young appearance of Zhong Shan, Bao’er recognized it at a glance, Master, it is Master.

“Master…..” Bao’er simply ignored everyone behind her, like a flower butterfly, she moved her feet and rushed to the distant Zhong Shan.

At this moment, the Grand Pill Sect disciples were shocked, the three Great Elder were shocked, the Qing Yun Wolf General was shocked, and the Imperial City Guards were shocked. Anyway, with the exception of Yinglan, who was both envious and excited, everyone else was watching this scene with a dull expression.

Just now, both sides were at daggers drawn, but suddenly there was a heaven-shaking great reversal of the situation. The leaders of the two sides stood in front of the palace and were embracing each other.

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