Immortal V3C60: Pure Snow Lotus.

Immortal V3C60: Pure Snow Lotus.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Senior Brother, let’s go back and take a look at Kai Yang Sect.” Nearby, Gu Shuangzi looked at Tian Xingzi with great sadness and said.

Tian Xingzi looked at everyone, and looked at the distant deserted area then said: “World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron, it is the treasure of the Grand Pill Sect, it will not be long and the people of Grand Pill Sect will come and take it back.”

“Um” Everyone nodded.

Then, a white cloud carried everyone flying fast to Kai Yang Sect in the distant place.

Just as Tian Xingzi and the others left, outside the deserted area of the original Hidden Shadow Sect, a ten-meter-high wolf suddenly appeared, there was a figure standing on the top of the big wolf’s head, wearing a black imperial robe.

Zhong Shan, it was Zhong Shan, the Shadow Body Zhong Shan suddenly appeared outside the Hidden Shadow Sect. At the same time, behind Zhong Shan, there were hundreds of big wolves. On the head of each big wolf, there was a soldier standing on. They were the Great Zheng King Dynasty cavalry soldiers.

Zhong Shan pointed with a finger, the big wolf under his feet quickly rushed to the deserted area, and soon under a sand dune in the distant place, found the 33 meters high cauldron, the giant cauldron, it was still the original giant cauldron without any changes at all.

The wolf cavalry in a well trained and a specified manner, quickly covered it with something and wrapped the giant cauldron in a large box.

“Let’s go.” Zhong Shan called out gently.

Tying the giant box with a rope, holding it on top of twenty big wolves then they left quickly.

Shortly after Zhong Shan and others had left, flying swords appeared. When everyone saw the original Hidden Shadow Sect turned into a white sand and black ash, almost everyone took a deep breath, and revealed inexplicable terrified expressions on their faces.

An Immortal Sect, this was an Immortal Sect, turned to ash? What exactly has happened? What happened here?

Each and every cultivator was extremely terrified, this was too terrible. What was that about?

More and more people gathered, but the horror continued to spread until one person suddenly said that it was the Big Dipper Great Array and that made everyone suck in cold air to calm down.

Kai Yang Sect, the Immortal Sect Kai Yang Sect? Is it really so strong? Destroy another Immortal Sect in just only a few hours of time. Some of the strong schools, the people who originally thought that they could compare with Immortal Sects, took in a deep breath, burning the mountains and destroying the sect? Using the strength of the stars in the sky? The previous impulsion was extinguished instantaneously. This Immortal Sect was not only powerful, but also the foundations were extremely firm. These powerful foundations and the deep inside story were not something that other Immortal Sects can catch up in short time.

Kai Yang Sect, In front of Wu You grave.

Tian Xingzi, accompanied by everyone, all were standing on the square in front of the grave. At the same time, behind Tian Xingzi, there were two more people, Mountain Protector and Sect Protector.

Tian Xingzi looked at Wu You grave with a tender look and said: “Zhong Shan, what is the time now?”

“About 9 pm.” Zhong Shan said, there was a sorrow in his eyes.

“There is still an hour before I can see Wu You.” Tian Xingzi said and revealed a longing smile on his face.

Tian Xingzi was smiling, but the others couldn’t smile at all, each and everyone looked sad, because Tian Xingzi tempted the Seven Stars of Big Dipper with his life as a price, so his remaining life would last until the end of the day, so there was still an hour, Who can smile at a situation like this?

“Junior Brother.” Tian Xingzi suddenly looked to the nearby Xuan Xinzi and called out.

“Senior Brother.” Xuan Xinzi said with a sad face.

The saddest thing in the world is not to see the people who you care about dying, but to see the people who you care about are about to die, but you are helpless and can’t do anything about it.

Turning his hand, Tian Xingzi took out the previous big spoon.

“Seven Stars Hall, Kai Yang Sect of the Seven Alliance sects, this is the token of Kai Yang Sect Sect Master, Kai Yang Martial Spoon, I will pass it to you today. From today on, you will be Kai Yang Sect Sect Master. Wait for the disciples to return and the upper two elders to announce it officially.” Tian Xingzi said.

“Senior Brother.” Xuan Xinzi called out with hot tears in his eyes.

Passing Kai Yang Martial Spoon to Xuan Xinzi, Tian Xingzi looked at Gu Shuangzi: “Junior Sister, you will assist Junior Brother in the future. Your previous gambling, you should not be earnest about it. Life is full of changes. Like me, when I leave, don’t spend time on gambling, you will regret it when you lose.”

Gu Shuangzi covered her mouth and endured not to make noise, tears in her eyes kept dripping.

After Tian Xingzi finished talking, he looked at Sect Protector on the side: “ I will trouble you to go to Divine State, summon back the Kai Yang Sect disciples, go to Seven Stars Hall and ask for the upper elder to come to Kai Yang Sect. It must be completed within four years.”

“This matter is within my responsibilities.” Sect Protector said respectfully to Tian Xingzi, then his body disappeared instantly from the place.

“Clay Bodhisattva, what plans do you have in the future?” Tian Xingzi looked to the nearby Clay Bodhisattva and asked.

“After burying you, I will go to Great Divine State Land. This is a sad place and I will not come back here again in the future.” Said Clay Bodhisattva.

When they heard Clay Bodhisattva, everyone was staring at Clay Bodhisattva. After burying you? Is this something people would say?

But Tian Xingzi was not angry, indeed, there was still one hour before the time of his death.

“Junior Brother, you first go to Kai Yang Palace, I have something to talk about with Zhong Shan.” Tian Xingzi said to Xuan Xinzi.

“Yes, Senior Brother.” Xuan Xinzi complied and his eyes contain hot tears.

Subsequently, everyone else left leaving Zhong Shan behind alone.

Zhong Shan looked at Tian Xingzi, and there was a trace of sadness in his eyes. Teacher, is teacher going to leave?

“Zhong Shan.” Tian Xingzi looked at Zhong Shan and called out.

“Teacher.” Zhong Shan sighed gently and said.

“I can feel the building up your strength. This building up is much stronger than my these several hundred years old man. For Ling’er to follow you, she will not suffer. In the future, I will entrust Ling’er to you.” Tian Xingzi sighed with a sad expression.

“Teacher, you can feel relieved, Ling’er is my, Zhong Shan, wife. When I reach the Nascent Soul Stage, I will bring Ling’er back, I will take care of her.” Zhong Shan affirmed.

“Oh, do you know where is Ling’er?” Tian Xingzi said with a smile.

“The disciple knows, in the Phoenix Palace. When I go to Great Divine State Land, I will definitely find the Phoenix Palace. At that time, I will certainly find Ling’er.” Zhong Shan said with a firm expression.

“Phoenix Palace? Oh, it’s not easy to bring Ling’er back. Like you, you have acquired the approval of Wolf Clan, Nie Family also have the approval of the Phoenix clan. The Blue Luan you saw with Nie Qingqing previously, it was summoned from Phoenix Palace. Nie Family is like a deep water, its strength is not something you can contact now.” Tian Xingzi shook his head and said.

“Nie Family? Teacher, rest assured that no matter where, as long as I, Zhong Shan, am alive, I will definitely bring Ling’er back.” Zhong Shan said in a very determined manner.

With a slight smile, Tian Xingzi said: “Divine State has Three Great Heavenly Dynasties, Great Luo Heavenly Dynasty, Great Li Heavenly Dynasty and Grand Sui Heavenly Dynasty and the Nie Family is the Lord of Great Li Heavenly Dynasty. Ling’er, due to her mysterious cauldron body, is probably the Princess of Great Li Heavenly Dynasty. You have to be prepared.”

“Teacher feel relieved, believe that Zhong Shan will do what he says.” Zhong Shan solemnly said.

“Good.” Tian Xingzi was staring at Zhong Shan who was incomparably confident.

Turning his hands, Tian Xingzi suddenly took out a palm-sized white lotus flower. No, it should be a flower bud.

Staring at this white lotus, Tian Xingzi took a deep breath: “Ling’er has married you, I got this Heaven and Earth treasure from Wu You, and I will give it to you as Ling’er’s dowry. You don’t have the power of Pure Yang right now so it’s not easy to use. When you reach the Gold Core Late Stage, you can study it. Remember, this thing is called ‘Pure Snow Lotus’. Unless it is absolutely essential, don’t reveal it before anyone because you don’t have the strength to protect it. ”

Pure Snow Lotus? From the Rare Treasure Pavilion, Zhong Shan knows about Sky Mountain Snow Lotus, but he doesn’t know what Pure Snow Lotus is, but from the solemn tone of Tian Xingzi, Zhong Shan can affirm how precious it is.

“Thanks, father-in-law.” Zhong Shan took the Pure Snow Lotus with an incomparable respect.

When the white lotus flower touched his hand, Zhong Shan felt a cold feeling. Turning his hand and received it into the storage Bracelet and he will study it later.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi said gently: “Some time ago, Clay Bodhisattva once said that your body root is very bad, but your fate is extremely good. Although he cultivates Feng Shui, he can also see the surface layer, as Di Xuansha approval, if you don’t have enough fate, it is impossible to have his support. Only those who has big fate, can strive for world hegemony. ”

“Yes.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“Clay Bodhisattva has no intentions to harm you, moreover you also killed Ying Wuxie, he will not attack you, but he will come to you in a few days. You have to be careful.” Tian Xingzi confessed.

“Clay Bodhisattva will be Looking for me?” Zhong Shan exclaimed in surprise.

“He wants to destroy the mirror you have just got, Ten-thousand Shadows Heavenly Scripture.” Tian Xingzi said lightly.

“Ok, the disciple will be careful.” Zhong Shan nodded immediately.

“After I leave, as husband and wife, bury me with Wu You.” Tian Xingzi finally said.

“Yes.” Zhong Shan looked at Tian Xingzi, took a deep breath and his eyes were once again filled with sorrow.

“Walk, come with me to Kai Yang Palace, I have to arrange the things to do in the sect after my death.”

Heavenly Wolf Island Western shore of North Sea.

In a red dress, Gan Bao’er, under the escort of the Grand Pill Sect three elders, finally arrived at Heavenly Wolf Island from Great Divine State Land.

Standing on a mountain on the shore of Heavenly Wolf Island, Bao’er’s face was slightly flushed, and Bao’er was so excited that she couldn’t see the slightly distant place.

“Master, Bao’er came back.” Gan Bao’er said awkwardly.

“Sect Master, it’s time to return to the sect.” Elder Yao Yu said immediately.

“Um.” Bao’er nodded. The clouds under the feet of three Great Elders, flew quickly towards the inside of the Heavenly Wolf Island.

Great Zheng King Dynasty.

Shadow Body Zhong Shan led a large number of wolf cavalry to Hidden Shadow Sect and brought back the World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron. In front of the Wolf Temple, Qing Yun Wolf General suddenly looked at him with a strange expression then looked at the thing on the back of numerous wolves.


The big box where World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron was fell on a huge square.

Qing Yun Wolf General immediately appeared in front of Zhong Shan.

World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron ? How did you get it?” Qing Yun said with wide eyes.

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