Immortal V3C59: Ten Thousands Shadows Heavenly Scripture.

Immortal V3C59: Ten Thousands Shadows Heavenly Scripture.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Almost all sect Experts on Heavenly Wolf Island suddenly raised their heads and looked up at the sky, each and everyone felt that something was unusual, although not as obvious as what Zhong Shan saw before Hidden Shadow Sect, most of the Experts on Heavenly Wolf Island felt it. The Seven Stars of Big Dipper in the sky were a bit strange, it seemed to be brighter.

To the east of Heavenly Wolf Island, Wolf Clan Supreme Di Xuansha looked at the distant starry sky and looked at the far west. The corner of his mouth showed a strange smile: “Kai Yang Sect , Big Dipper Great Array?”

North of Heavenly Wolf Island, Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, Liu Dao looked at the starry sky, a flash of fear appeared in his eyes, and then gradually frowned and said: “Kai Yang Sect ? Tian Xingzi ? Who is he going to deal with? Such a big hatred? fire purifying? ”

Other Immortal Sects have also shown their horror. Some people knew what’s going on, but more people didn’t know it. They just felt that the starry sky was a little abnormal. Then, in the distance, the direction of Hidden Shadow Sect, Spiritual Qi became extremely violent and incomprehensible. Some people in the Immortal Sects, from the beginning started to fly towards this place.

At the Hidden Shadow Sect, inside the Big Dipper Great Array, the screams were endless.

“Tian Xingzi…….”

There was an extreme anger inside the Great Array.

“Ying Wuxie, do you remember when you rushed into Kai Yang Sect? In order to obtain Kai Yang Martial Spoon, you killed my loving wife, today I want to bury the Hidden Shadow Sect with you….” Tian Xingzi in the sky was calling out loudly.

The flame continued to burn Hidden Shadow Sect. The power of the Great Array was unmatched. The people inside were trapped and couldn’t come out at all.

However, there was one thing that could come out. Last time, in Grand Pill Sect was already confirmed, Wuxie’s demon clone.

Sure enough, at this moment, ninety-nine demon clones suddenly burst out of the Great Array from a distance.

When the demons jumped out of the Great Array, there was a sudden glimmer of light on the earth. This kind of brilliance was different from the light shining from the Big Dipper Great Array, but the whole earth suddenly was shining brightly, moreover there were various the colors, there were red, yellow, green and purple.

Compass, from the entire earth under Clay Bodhisattva, suddenly a huge compass emerged. Zhong Shan and Clay Bodhisattva were standing in the Celestial Pond of the compass, and the ninety-nine demon clones that escaped from Big Dipper Great Array, all of them suddenly appeared on the compass.

Suddenly, it seemed that all foreign objects in Heaven and Earth vanished, only the huge compass remained.

“Clay Bodhisattva…..” From a distant place the sound of Ying Wuxie was calling out loudly in an alarm, and ninety-nine demon clones quickly rushed to the place of the compass Celestial Pond, as if were rushing to the Celestial Pond to tear it apart.

However, the huge compass started to revolve slowly, and the demon clones that was running on top of the compass, seemed to be very slow. After running for a long time, it moved a little distance.

Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill ? What an overbearing Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill, if I give you another month, I can’t trap your clone.” Clay Bodhisattva said coldly.

Then, with a wave of hands, the huge compass, in addition to the Celestial Pond, the seventeen wheels quickly spined up and continued to rotate, as if the mountains and the earth were following its rotation. Clay Bodhisattva was fully acting, and the pustules on his face were getting more and more, but Clay Bodhisattva did not care at all, his eyes were extremely cold and continued to stimulate the movements.


A demon clone suddenly burst, exploded and vanished thoroughly.

“Pa pa pa pa …”

The sound of continuous bursting was heard, the demon clones were destroyed one by one, as if this huge compass was a stone mill, was madly crushing the surrounding space, the area above the compass, was the field of Clay Bodhisattva. Once inside, life and death will be controlled by Clay Bodhisattva.

“No….. ……” From the Great Array, the voice of Ying Wuxie’s was calling out in an unbelievable sorrow, which was also full of grievances.

Just obtained World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron and got Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill from its interior. It was the time for breakthrough, when he was in a high spirit, this sudden Big Dipper Great Array, and the huge Feng Shui compass underground, instantly destroyed Ying Wuxie excitement. He didn’t believe what happened, unwilling, incomparable unwillingness.

Ninety-nine demon clones, after a while, were solved by Clay Bodhisattva. Clay Bodhisattva’s pustule on the left side of his face, already extended to the right side. However, Clay Bodhisattva was satisfied with the revenge for Wu You. It was just revenge, Wu You can’t wake up.

One hour, after an entire hour, the pitiful screams inside the Big Dipper Great Array disappeared completely, and the Seven Stars of Big Dipper in the sky no longer injected a light into the Great Array, the light slowly dispersed, and the three people controlling the Great Array also slowly removed the Great Array.

Zhong Shan stared at Tian Xingzi in the sky. Tian Xingzi’s hair was completely white, and his face was wrinkled. It was so pale, it seemed that he was about to die at any time, but the face of the man who was about to die was showing a satisfied smile.

“Senior Brother…….”

From a distant place, Gu Shuangzi and Xuan Xinzi called out, and in a flash, the two flew to the front and hold Tian Xingzi with faces full of sadness.

Tian Xingzi made the two people take him and fell in front of Zhong Shan and Clay Bodhisattva.

“Teacher” Zhong Shan immediately went forward to hold Tian Xingzi.

“Hahaha, look, Wu You avenged?” Tian Xingzi’s pale face actually showed a satisfied smile.

“Reported, reported, Hidden Shadow Sect already turned into ashes, Wu You avenged.” Gu Shuangzi was holding Tian Xingzi and said sadly.

Zhong Shan looked at the distant place, the original Hidden Shadow Sect has ceased to exist, there was just a vast area, the mountains were gone, the trees were gone. Just some white sand and black grey ash remained, whether it was the original people or the objects inside, all were purified cleanly. A vast expanse of land was covered with ashes and the land was deserted. It was incinerated cleanly.

Big Dipper Great Array ?

“Teacher, the demon is dead, you have avenged the teacher’s wife.” Zhong Shan said in a sad voice.

“No, there is still a light there.” Tian Xingzi’s pale face suddenly looked at a distant place.

Everyone looked together, and sure enough, there was a dune in a distant place, there was a trace of red light on it.

Seeing the red light, Tian Xingzi was distracted, his body quickly flew out, and Clay Bodhisattva rushed out faster. What happened? Big Dipper Great Array, what else can’t it burn down?

Xuan Xinzi and Gu Shuangzi also flew up and rushed to Tian Xingzi, and rushed out of the forest.

Zhong Shan was left behind in the end. When he saw this scene, Zhong Shan naturally wanted to rush out quickly, but at this moment, Zhong Shan suddenly couldn’t move, and an extremely cold intent was poured into his body from the top of Zhong Shan’s head. How can? Can’t move?

Zhong Shan had a panic-stricken feeling, this feeling, it let Zhong Shan remember the the ice poisoned undead man that he encountered in the crater with Tian Ling’er previously.

The man used his Divine Sense to imprison Zhong Shan, and now it was the same feeling.

Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Art ,Second Layer !

Zhong Shan quickly activated his full strength, three times of strength, his whole body was shaking for a while, as if can break the imprisonment at any time. He felt hope, Zhong Shan was swaying from side to side rapidly.

At this moment, suddenly appeared in front of Zhong Shan, a blue figure, transparent, like a soul, but not a soul, a strange body. It was the demon Ying Wuxie.

Zhong Shan recognized it at a glance, flat body, Ying Wuxie? He is not dead?

No, Ying Wuxie’s mortal body was purified, this was his Divine Soul, his Divine Soul escaped, but how did his Divine Soul escape? Divine Soul was even more fragile than the flesh, and it was absolutely impossible to survive the purifying light.

At the same time, Zhong Shan saw, inside of Ying Wuxie Divine Soul, an octagonal transparent small mirror. Could it be the small mirror that kept Ying Wuxie’s Divine Soul?

Zhong Shan didn’t have much time to think, and quickly twisted his body, as Ying Wuxie Divine Soul rushed quickly towards Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan was completely terrified, because Zhong Shan knew that it was a body possession, and Ying Wuxie wanted to possess his own body.

His eyes opened wildly, the Red Luan Flames in his forehead jumped fiercely, and a large amount of the Red Luan bewitching Mist was released out and went straight to Ying Wuxie’s Divine Soul.


Zhong Shan can move, Red Luan Bewitching Mist wrapped Ying Wuxie’s instantly, so Zhong Shan can move.

His body retreated back quickly, he attacked fully with the great blade Nightmare, and slashed it to the Ying Wuxie Divine Soul in Red Luan Bewitching Mist. Because Divine Soul was the most vulnerable state.

“Bang… !”

Ten meters Blade Aura directly impacted Ying Wuxie with a loud bang, the body of Ying Wuxie was madly swaying from side to side, but he wrapped in Red Luan Bewitching Mist, his Divine Soul could not escape, and it was quickly swaying inside, but it couldn’t escape.


Ying Wuxie was unwilling, and with the loud bang of Zhong Shan’s Blade Aura, he was suddenly split in two halves.

Ying Wuxie’s Divine Soul was cut off, Red Luan Bewitching Mist was quickly removed by Zhong Shan. Everyone in the distant place seemed to hear Ying Wuxie’s pitiful screams, they flew and quickly came.

When everyone arrived, they just saw a small mirror falling from the air, Zhong Shan great blade falling down, and the Divine Soul was cut into two halves. Divine Soul swayed a little then it suddenly dissipated, it had turned into a blue smoke and scattered. But Zhong Shan could feel as Divine Soul was dispersing, a huge amount of Spiritual Qi was released in all directions.

“Ying Wuxie, don’t you let me take revenge?” Tian Xingzi sadly called out with a trace of lament flashing in his eyes.

The other three people were actually looking at Zhong Shan. The three were extremely terrified. Ying Wuxie had a Divine Soul that could have a body possession, and he wanted to quickly have a body possession, it was a narrow escape. If it wasn’t just Zhong Shan annihilating him, this time, would it not be a futile effort to kill Hidden Shadow Sect? And also Zhong Shan would have died as a result.

Clay Bodhisattva gently picked up the small mirror on the floor and glanced at it then said: “Evil Art, Ten-thousand Shadows Heavenly Scripture. However, if you practice it, you will turn into a person with a ghost appearance, so even if it is a heavenly cultivation Technique, it should not exist in the world.”

“Clay Bodhisattva, Zhong Shan killed Ying Wuxie, this mirror, hand it to Zhong Shan.” Tian Xingzi suddenly said coldly.

Looking at the small mirror in his hand, Clay Bodhisattva sighed and handed it to Zhong Shan and said:”If you don’t want to be the same as Ying Wuxie, you have to destroy it immediately.”

“For Zhong Shan to destroy it or not, It is his business.” Tian Xingzi said immediately.

Gently took the mirror and looked at Tian Xingzi, Zhong Shan took a deep breath, and his eyes were full of emotions. Tian Xingzi knew that he has established King Dynasty. This art, even if he does not practice, can also make some killers to cultivate it.

“Thanks, teacher” Zhong Shan turned his hand and put away the small mirror.

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