Immortal V3C58: If heaven had emotions, it too would age.

Immortal V3C58: If heaven had emotions, it too would age.

Translated by: RedLotus.

While Zhong Shan was talking with Tian Xingzi, At the square below, the demon and the four Hidden Shadow Sect disciples were quietly looking at the Great Array.

Everyone waited for half an hour, then suddenly, the edge of the Grand Pill Sect Great Array trembled, and the demon clone came out, but the body of demon clone seemed to be stained with a large amount of blood.

The demon clone ignored the Great Array and the moment it came out, it directly rushed towards the original demon body.

“Hu… ..”

The clone and the main body combined into one, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

Subsequently, another demon clone came out, more and more clones were coming out, the large number of demon clones that had entered before, came out and quickly fused with the original body.

Zhong Shan has been watching continuously. Finally, at this moment, Zhong Shan knew why there was such a strange feeling before, main body, clone? Main body, Shadow Body? It is the same with his own ability, but the demon has a hundred clones, and he only has a Shadow Body, also Zhong Shan knew that he can only have one, no more.

At this moment, at the Great Array entrance, a group of demon clones, finally were lifting the goal of this time attack.

A cauldron, a 33 meters high cauldron, thirty-three meters, nearly ten stories high, the giant cauldron has eight wind tunnels, a faintly visible trace of fire can be seen through the wind tunnel. It seemed like this big cauldron was burning, the internal flame was more than ordinary.

The big cauldron was bronze in color, and was covered entirely in ancient and primitive Rune. The surrounding space was twisted. It looked slightly unreal, but due to Zhong Shan’s cultivation in these years, he has gradually become aware of the reasons for the space distortion around the giant cauldron. It is not a space distortion, it is Spiritual Qi, an enormous amount of spiritual Qi is absorbed by the giant cauldron. A cauldron that can absorb Spiritual Qi by itself?

Zhong Shan was staring, his eyes were wide opened. There wad a cover on the big cauldron. In addition to the exclusive Rune, there were four large characters in a circle.

“Heaven, Earth, Profound, Yellow.”

“Grand Pill Sect, World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron, they really have this cauldron, it is not a legend.” Tian Xingzi said solemnly.

“Bang… !”

World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron was carried out of the Great Array, and it was released on the ground. Then the demons clones quickly rushed to the demon body, and merged into one.

“Bring the cauldron, return to the sect.” The demon said in a sharp and mysterious sound.

“Yes” the four Hidden Shadow Sect people immediately complied.

Subsequently, he saw one of them quickly took out a piece of cloth, covered the entire thirty meters giant cauldron in front of him. In the blink of an eye, the thirty meters high cauldron was wrapped like a small hill.

“Go…….” The demon said, and turned around and flew away.

The four Hidden Shadow Sect people immediately lifted the small hill and quickly rushed in one direction.

“Teacher? Why don’t they directly receive the giant cauldron into a Storage Bracelet?” Zhong Shan asked in confusion.

“World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron, already is a treasure that has a soul just like a person, it can absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, so you can’t install it in the dead space of Storage Bracelet.” Tian Xingzi narrowed his eyes and looked at the direction where the demon was going.

“Um, Teacher, when are you going to start?” Zhong Shan asked again.

“After 25 days, the Hidden Shadow Sect Centennial Celebration, when Hidden Shadow Sect disciples must gather in Hidden Shadow Sect, then…”Tian Xingzi frowned and said with a deep and cold expression.

“Yes” Zhong Shan nodded, looked at Tian Xingzi’s crazy manner and there was a worry in his eyes.

Late in the night after twenty-five days, under the cover of Heavenly Wolf Island dense forest.

Tian Xingzi, Clay Bodhisattva, Zhong Shan, Gu Shuangzi and Xuan Xinzi, they were standing in a solemn and respectful manner.

In the distant place, there was a Great Array, in front of the square, there was a stone monument of ‘Hidden Shadow Sect’.

“Senior Brother, do you really want to use Big Dipper Great Array?” Gu Shuangzi looked at Tian Xingzi’s eyes and asked anxiously.

At this moment, Tian Xingzi seemed to be very calm, and there was no hostility in his eyes.

“Yes, only Big Dipper Great Array can kill Hidden Shadow Sect people, Wu You’s revenge, it is the time to report it, everything of Great Array bases were arranged in place. Tian Shu, Tian Xuan, Tian Ji, Tian Quan as four stars areas, asking Junior Brother and Junior Sister to occupy the Yu Heng and Kai Yang areas, as for Yao Guang main area, I will be in charge.” Tian Xingzi said to Gu Shuangzi and Xuan Xinzi.

“Senior Brother, you have to remember your promise to Wu You, don’t act rashly.” Gu Shuangzi anxiously and looked at Tian Xingzi.

“Haha, Junior Sister, you are too worried, I have to watch Ling’er grow up, how can I do stupid things, you can rest assured, this time is to revenge for Wu You finally, how many years have I waited? Moreover to destroy Hidden Shadow Sect, is not too difficult.” Tian Xingzi said with a smile immediately.

However, it was the refreshing smile of Tian Xingzi at this moment, and it felt even more abnormal. Gu Shuangzi and Xuan Xinzi did not see the abnormality. They could only nod their heads, and with a slight worry, they flew far away in the forest.

When Xuan Xinzi and Gu Shuangzi left, Tian Xingzi looked cold.

“Teacher” Zhong Shan quickly knelt down on one knee and with a flustered facial expression called out.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi shook his head and said: “Zhong Shan, you do not have to persuade, I know that you know my intentions, but no one can stop me, after your teacher’s wife death, my heart also died, if not Ling’er and Wu You revenge to report, then I would have gone with Wu You, but now, I entrusted Ling’er to you, my revenge immediately also to report and the things in my heart also have been put down. So, for these decades, my heart has never been so comfortable.”

“Teacher, the deceased has passed away, restrain your grief! ”Zhong Shan urged once again.

“Hahaha, If Heaven had emotions, it too would age. Everyone has different pursuits. What the teacher is pursuing is not immortality. What the teacher wants, is to accompany Wu You. Even if he dies, he must keep Nine Springs and Wu You waited for me for a long time. I have to go. You don’t have to persuade.” Tian Xingzi immediately interrupted Zhong Shan.

“Ah, Tian Xingzi, I finally know why Wu You chose you. I don’t deserve her.” Clay Bodhisattva sighed slightly.

Zhong Shan looked at Tian Xingzi and sighed, he stood silently, no longer persuaded, because Zhong Shan can experience the feelings of Tian Xingzi, maybe dying, is the best choice for the teacher, even if in Zhong Shan’s heart, he is unwilling, he can’t change the mind of Tian Xingzi.

Looking at Clay Bodhisattva, Tian Xingzi took a deep breath and said: “if Ying Wuxie clones come out, you clean it up, and, take care of Zhong Shan for me and wait for me to return.”

Clay Bodhisattva didn’t talk, just closed his eyes and nodded.

Seeing Clay Bodhisattva nodding, Tian Xingzi took a deep breath, his body moved forward, and then flew into the sky.

Tian Xingzi turned his hand, suddenly a purple spoon appeared in his hand.

In the sky, holding the purple spoon in his hand, the body of Tian Xingzi was surrounded by a bright light, and in an instant, Tian Xingzi seems to be wrapped in a huge sun, the giant Great light ball was shining, shooting rays in all directions, illuminating everything in the surroundings brightly. At this time, the night environment in the area seemed to be suddenly turned into the daytime.

The hundred meters giant light ball shrouded Tian Xingzi. At the same time, Zhong Shan also saw that not only Tian Xingzi was surrounded, but in the distant places, in addition to Tian Xingzi, there were six other giant light balls.

The seven giant light balls, like seven stars, were radiating with an unusually dazzling light. The shape of the arrangement was like a huge spoon shape. It was exactly the same as the Seven Stars of Big Dipper in the sky.

The moment when the seven giant light balls appeared, they suddenly formed a connection, and the seven ball of light quickly formed a connection.

The area under the huge spoon was illuminated by the endless radiance.

Suddenly, the Hidden Shadow Sect Great Array was covered in bright light, seemed to form a giant flood crystal wall, Zhong Shan could see the emerging flying sword rushing out from inside the Hidden Shadow Sect.

“Dang, dang, dang ……”

After the first wave of attacks, countless flying swords were blocked and all of them were rebounded back by the crystal wall.

The Hidden Shadow Sect Great Array has been removed, almost everyone knew that this moment was not good, Great Array has withdrawn, and the Hidden Shadow Sect disciples were flying wildly, but the Crystal Wall-like Great Array made the Hidden Shadow Sect disciples couldn’t escape at all, and all rebounded back.

Zhong Shan sighed at this scene, Big Dipper Great Array? An array used in siege?

When Zhong Shan was exclaiming in surprise, the voice of Tian Xingzi came suddenly from the great giant light ball in the sky.

“Kai Yang star array, with my life as the cost, combine the Seven Stars, lunch the star fire, burn the demon.” Tian Xingzi was calling out loudly.

“No……” The voice of Xuan Xinzi was heard from afar.

“Senior Brother……..” From another place came Gu Shuangzi’s sad voice.

Zhong Shan took a deep breath, looking at it, Clay Bodhisattva was sighing with closed eyes.

“Bastard …..” From the Hidden Shadow Sect suddenly heard a roaring sound.

A black-robed figure suddenly flew out and instantly attacked the crystal wall of the Big Dipper Great Array.


At this moment, the crystal wall suddenly shattered, but in the blink of an eye, the broken area, once again formed a thicker crystal wall.

At this moment, Zhong Shan did not look at the shadow, but looked at the sky with his eyes wide opened.

In addition to the light here, the distant starry sky became suddenly dark, leaving only seven huge stars to shine brightly.

Seven Stars of Big Dipper, was the Seven Stars of Big Dipper. Zhong Shan was watching this scene and he wasn’t clear about other places, Zhong Shan knew that the starry sky he was seeing, only the Seven Stars of Big Dipper.

The Seven Stars of Big Dipper above seemed to echo with the Big Dipper Great Array below. Suddenly, the bright light descended from the stars and directly hit the Big Dipper Great Array.

The Great Array was shining brightly, under the bright light, making Zhong Shan unable to immediately see the inside clearly. It was too bright, just like the sun, the interior was full dazzling bright light.

Tempting the Big Dipper stars? Zhong Shan’s eyes opened widely, this, what is this Great Array? Battle Array ? Passive Array ? Tempting the power of the stars? Moving the stars in battle?


Within the bright light of the Great Array, suddenly there were countless sorrowful screams, the sound was fierce, as if the people inside were being burned by thousands of Heavenly Fires, endless suffering and misery.

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