Immortal V3C57: Terrifying Demon.

Immortal V3C57: Terrifying Demon.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Zhong Shan and the others were standing on a mountain summit.

Below, to the west, there was a square with a huge stone stele on the side of the square. The three characters ‘Grand Pill Sect’ were engraved on the stele. To the north, the Grand Pill Sect was covered by dense mist. No one could see what’s inside, obviously it was an Illusionary Array.

The western area of the square, which was to the south of Grand pill sect, Zhong Shan and the others were watching it.

“Teacher, according to what you said, Grand Pill Sect disciples are rarely go out of the sect. Why are there so many going out today?” Zhong Shan frowned and asked Tian Xingzi.

“According to Grand Pill Sect rules, once every ten years, every person must go out under the heavens to be informed and experienced for at least a month to come back. If not for this sect rule, they who are infatuated with pill refining, basically will not go out. Because of this going out, inside Grand Pill Sect now, there are No more than fifty person.” Tian Xingzi looked down and said.

“Is this why the demon has selected today?” Zhong Shan frowned and asked.

“Grand Pill Sect Mountain Protector Great Array is not weaker than Kai Yang Sect, and even if it is only the Fifty person as Mountain Protectors, it is difficult to break into it.” Tian Xingzi said.

At the end of Tian Xingzi’s words, a black-robed strange figure suddenly appeared in front of Grand Pill Sect.

Zhong Shan and Tian Xingzi stopped talking abruptly, a strange figure, a black-robed figure that was so strange to peak.

Zhong Shan saw a figure, looked like a human being, and also not like a human being, because this person was black-robed and flat.

The distance between the two shoulders was less than the width of one palm, and the forehead was flat and one finger wide, the distance between the left ear and the right ear was only one finger long, and the whole head wad squeezed flat in the middle. Zhong Shan’s angle was just enough to see the looming head of the man in black-robed. It was like a fish head, his two eyes were on both sides and prominent, but they were staring at the Great Array.

Is he a human?

Zhong Shan was staring with wide eyes. How could people grow like this?

If he didn’t see the two legs and two arms, Zhong Shan would never think that he was a human being. Isn’t he a person, and also not a person, a flat person? It’s like a vertical wooden board.

Zhong Shan was swallowing his saliva, is this the demon? It’s too weird, it’s too horrible. Anyone who sees this, will definitely be scared for ten days. Vertical flat person?

“What a strange Evil Art?” Clay Bodhisattva couldn’t help but sigh and say.

Evil Art? Will people practice to look like this?

But Tian Xingzi was clenching his fists, his whole body was trembling a little, and eyes was staring and glaring at the demon was a human and not human who was a ghost and not a ghost.

Zhong Shan took a deep breath, for the first time he saw such an extremely wicked person.

But everything was not over yet. He saw the flat demon body tremble a little.

“Buzz… ”

Zhong Shan blinked frequently at once with an extremely stunned expression. As the demon body shook, Behind the flat evil demon, two more figures, two figures exactly the same as the demon, suddenly appeared. Two more demons?

Zhong Shan was staring intently, because Zhong Shan found that the two demons that appeared later were absolutely the same as the previous one, regardless of the clothes or the flat body, the facial features, even the black mole on the face, were exactly the same.

How come? Zhong Shan After rubbing his eyes, there were still three demons, three identical demons. When Zhong Shan had not recovered, the demon, in the distant place, moved again.

The bodies of the three demons trembled continuously. In an instant, nearly one hundred demons suddenly appeared on the square below. The hundred demons looked exactly the same, very strange, as if they were the same person.

“How can this group of people looks like the same?” Zhong Shan asked in surprise.

“No, this is not a group of people, it’s just one person.” Clay Bodhisattva shook his head and answered.

They were inside the Rune Great Array, the sound can’t be transmitted naturally.

“One person ? How could this be one person?” Zhong Shan was surprised and was staring with big wide eyes.

“It is one person, just because of the practice of ‘Evil Art’, there are so many clones, Ten Thousands Shadows Art, this demon is really unusual.” Clay Bodhisattva said coldly.

Tian Xingzi had never spoken, and his eyes were staring at the bottom and watching quietly.

The eyes of the demon leader were coldly looking at the Great Array in front of him, and the ninety-nine demons shadows behind him, but they stepped on and moved quickly to the Grand Pill Sect Great Array.

Zhong Shan saw that the original ninety-nine figures, before rushing to the Great Array, the body faded, and then disappeared like smoke.

“Break into the array ?” Clay Bodhisattva exclaimed.

This demon was too strange, after releasing his ninety-nine clones, the ninety-nine clones actually broke into the array, so suddenly rushed in, as if the Great Array didn’t exist.

“Yes, it is him, it is him. He, without any warning, broke into Kai Yang Sect, that is him.” Tian Xingzi’s face was red, his voice was trembling, as if he was going to eat him.

When he heard Tian Xingzi, the eyes of Clay Bodhisattva became cold, and turned his hands, the phantom-like compass appeared in his hand, and he was looking angrily at the last demon outside the Great Array. It seemed that he, momentarily, must get rid.

“Pa..” One palm fell on the shoulder of Clay Bodhisattva.

Clay Bodhisattva looked annoyed and turned his head, but Tian Xingzi hold Clay Bodhisattva’s shoulder. Tian Xingzi eyes were bloodshot and there was a malevolent aura radiating on his forehead, but he seemed to restrain himself and prevented Clay Bodhisattva from attacking.

Clay Bodhisattva was waiting for Tian Xingzi, while Tian Xingzi shook his head.

“What?” Clay Bodhisattva exclaimed in anger.

“Wait again, I want to destroy his entire clan.” Tian Xingzi was suppressing his anger and said.

I want to destroy his entire clan? Zhong Shan frowned deeply, and was sure enough, Tian Xingzi was also a ruthless person.

When he heard Tian Xingzi, Clay Bodhisattva’s original anger was suppressed. Originally, Clay Bodhisattva had plans to extinguish the demon body and soul. However hearing Tian Xingzi, he thought that he still was too direct. Tian Xingzi wanted to wait for the demon to reveal his inside story, to maximize the revenge for killing Wu You.

Tian Xingzi restrained his anger forcibly, Clay Bodhisattva also endured the hate flame. They were looking together at the bottom.

Since seeing this demon, Zhong Shan had a strange feeling, very strange, especially the hundred demon bodies, this moment, Zhong Shan’s feeling was more intense. Zhong Shan recorded this in the memory crystal that was given to him by his teacher previously and recorded the specificity of the demon in the distant place, waiting to return back and study it.

The demon was staring at the Great Array in front of him. Suddenly, his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, and the demon immediately looked around, as if he felt something around him.

The demon looked around for a while, but did not see anyone. It was only a black snake in a distant place.

The demon pointed his finger, and the black snake in the distance exploded. It seemed that he was clearing the doubts in his heart, then the demon turned his eyes to the Grand Pill Sect Great Array.

At this moment, from a distance, suddenly four figures were flying in the sky.

All four were dressed in black robes, descended behind the demon. They were incomparably respectful.

“Hidden Shadow Sect?”

Tian Xingzi said these words in a hoarse voice, as he was gritting his teeth hardly. His eyes were radiating a murderous aura, a dreadful murderous aura.

When he heard Tian Xingzi, Zhong Shan frowned, Hidden Shadow Sect? One of the top five Immortal Sects?

Heavenly Wolf Island, The top five Immortal Sects, except Grand Pill Sect and Hidden Shadow Sect, the other two immortal sects have a relationship with him, the unfilial son Zhong Shijiu and the big adopted son Zhong Tian, each has joined one of those Immortal Sects.

According to Nan Batian, Hidden Shadow Sect appeared thousands of years ago. After the first Substitution Sect Master abdicated, the current Sect Master has replaced him. Despite the Hidden Shadow Sect did not exist for a long time, its strength was rapidly expanding. In the millennium, it reached the level of supreme Immortal Sects, and its origins were extremely abnormal, belonging to a Demonic Path sect.

Gently, Tian Xingzi closed his eyes and stopped looking at the demons below. He took a few deep breaths and tried to calm himself down.

Clay Bodhisattva was looking at Tian Xingzi, as if the original anger was slowly returning to normal, or the anger of the two has been upgraded to another terrible Resentment Will.

“Teacher.” Zhong Shan was looking at Tian Xingzi in worry.

However at this moment, Tian Xingzi, gently opened his eyes and smiled slightly. The anger of the previous days seemed to suddenly go with the wind.

“Don’t worry.” Tian Xingzi said lightly to comfort Zhong Shan.

Seeing his teacher suddenly became extremely calm, Zhong Shan not only did not relax, but became more nervous, staring at Tian Xingzi, Zhong Shan suddenly said: “Teacher, are you going to extinguish the demon with Hidden Shadow Sect?”

When he heard Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi’s eyes lit up, and a murderous aura suddenly appeared in his eyes. As the murderous aura flashed, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped a lot.

Staring at Zhong Shan, but Zhong Shan did not budge.

Taking a deep breath, Tian Xingzi calmed his anger, facing Zhong Shan and said: “Yes, as you said. I want to extinguish the demon, I have to destroy the entire Hidden Shadow Sect, the original demon is Hidden Shadow Sect last Substitution Sect Master, Ying Wuxie, Ying Wuxie ……”

Although the anger of Tian Xingzi has sublimated, but when Zhong Shan pointed this out, he still revealed a hint of distress.

Seeing his teacher is such a state, Zhong Shan was more worried, because Zhong Shan felt that something was wrong. associating with him for more than two years ago, the teacher was acting like preparing things to do after his death. Zhong Shan heart was full of worry.

“Teacher, when it is the time for Hidden Shadow Sect destruction, ask the teacher to bring a disciple along.” Zhong Shan said with an incomparable sincerity.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi could understand Zhong Shan’s sincerity, but still shook his head: “Your cultivation base is too low.”

“No, teacher, in these three years, the disciple has already reached Xiantian Stage Ninth Layer cultivation base, if it is dangerous, disciple can also do his best to summon the Gold Core Peak’s big wolf, even if can’t resist, it is more than enough to escape.” Zhong Shan said with a firm face.

Staring at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi looked at him for a while, and there was an emotion in his eyes, and his heart was warm.

“Ok, I will bring you there by then.” Tian Xingzi took a deep breath then said.

“Yes” Zhong Shan nodded. Although it is known to be dangerous, Zhong Shan chose to go, not because of any benefits, but for his teacher, for Ling’er’s father, for Tian Xingzi.

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